Christmas Entanglements Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: End of winter break

As Anna ate her breakfast she was feeling more than a little horny. The need was due to her mind being preoccupied with thoughts of Chris and the hot sexy things he had done with her friends.

Yesterday after she had masturbated to a fantasy of being fucked hard by Chris, Anna had started thinking about what she could do to satisfy her yearning for a body shaking orgasm. It wasn’t a particularly productive process, she couldn’t think of anything other than getting a hard fucking. Since she had no way of making that a reality, her thoughts only served to stoke her arousal and make her frustrated. Eventually Anna just had to focus her mind away from sex. After taking a shower and getting dressed, Anna distracted herself by watching some television.

Later that evening, she had met up with George and Bridget so they could talk and she could get the full story of what both of them had done with Chris. At first it was just her and George and they wondered whether Bridget was going to join them. When Bridget did show up she had a massive grin and was looking slightly worn out in a satisfied way. George had laughed in a knowing way and greeted Bridget with a joke about being glad that she could make it. For her part, Anna was intensely curious and more than a touch envious about what Bridget had done with Chris.

After some brief small talk, Bridget offered to talk about her time with Chris. George glanced at Anna and then shook her head saying that the story might as well start from the beginning.

Anna listened as George recounted how she and Bridget agreed to share Chris and then set about getting him worked up to convince him to go along with what they wanted. It was obvious to Anna that George had been the one who had led the way but it was unclear as to what had made George decide to share Chris with Bridget. That puzzle aside, it was exciting to hear how Bridget and George took turns making out with Chris which became increasingly heated.

Anna looked over at Bridget to confirm whether she agreed with what George had said. Bridget nodded and then commented on what she had been thinking while she and George made their move on Chris.

George and Bridget then resumed the story with each of them describing what they had done with Chris when they all went to his bedroom. The person who was watching then provided some observations and commentary. While George and Bridget’s escapades weren’t full on debaucherous, it was still hot enough to get Anna feeling warm.

Anna was astounded that this had all happened not that far from where she was sleeping. She recalled that she felt really tired and thought that she must have fallen dead asleep almost instantly when her head hit the pillow. It was a real disappointment to have missed out on seeing or at least hearing it all happen.

If the story of what George and Bridget did the previous night hadn’t been enough to get Anna turned on, Bridget then shared what she and Chris had got up to at her place after dropping George off. Bridget and Chris hadn’t done anything wilder than what Anna had already witnessed or been told about but Bridget’s enthusiastic descriptions painted a vivid mental picture. Anna was particularly affected by hearing how Bridget had got Chris to finish in her mouth and then swallowed his cum.

Later that night while lying in bed, Anna had been restless, her mind preoccupied with the stories she had heard and was more than capable of picturing due to the up close view she got earlier that day. In order to settle the itch of arousal, Anna ended up masturbating and bringing herself to a couple of orgasms.

Coming twice apparently hadn’t been enough. Anna had woken up horny and it seemed clear to her that being fucked and made to come hard was the only thing that was going to satisfy her.

To Anna’s mind there didn’t appear to be many options available to her to get what she needed. After some agonising she got her phone and called George.


George was drinking coffee and watching television when her phone began to ring. On seeing it was Anna she picked up her phone to answer. “Hey Anna. What’s up?”

“Hi George. Are you still going to visit Chris today?”

George paused for a brief moment. The slight hesitation in Anna’s voice had George wondering where Anna was going with this conversation. She had a faint idea but that outcome seemed unlikely. “Yes, I am.”

This time Anna paused. “I need to ask for a favour. I’d really like to see Chris today. Is it okay if I go and see him instead of you?”

A sour feeling rose in George’s stomach. “You want to sleep with him?”

“Yeah… Watching him and Bridget with you and then hearing about the other stuff that happened got me really horny. I would have gone to see Aaron but… I don’t think he could give me what I need.”

George was taken aback, Anna was apparently so in need that she was willing to cheat on her boyfriend. She knew that Aaron had to be inexperienced but just how bad was he that Anna felt she needed Ümraniye Escort to sleep with someone else? Or was it simply the case that seeing how good Chris was in bed had overwritten her principles. “Are you sure you want to do this? How is this going to affect you and Aaron?”

There was a sigh from Anna. “I’ve thought about it and I think that if I don’t get a good orgasm I’ll start to lose patience with Aaron and that will lead to me breaking up with him.”

“And you think that having sex with Chris will help you with that?”

“Yeah. Is that alright with you? It’s just that you shared Chris with Bridget.”

George had to think. She really wanted to see Chris and have sex with him one more time before he was gone. However, Anna sounded like she had a real need and her asking for something like this meant it was serious. “It’s fine with me, you go ahead and see Chris. Don’t go over right away though, he’s probably at the gym.”

Anna sighed with relief. “You’re amazing, George.”

George chuckled. “I know right? I’ll call Chris and let him know what’s happening. If there’s any problem I’ll let you know.”

“Thanks George.”

“That’s okay. You have to tell me what happens later though.”

“I will. Thanks again, catch you later.”


George put her phone down to think for a moment before picking it up again to call Chris. It took a while for Chris to answer and when he did he sounded a little out of breath. “Hey George.”

“Hi Chris. I won’t be coming over to see you today.”

“Oh. What’s up?”

There was a sense of disappointment in Chris’ tone that gave George a lift. “Well, Anna called me this morning and said she wanted to see you today instead.”

There was a pause and when Chris started to respond he sounded uncertain. “Are you saying that Anna wants to sleep with me?”


“Hmm, I’m not sure that this is a good idea. I guess I should talk to her though.”

George thought that there was a near certain chance that Chris would end up having sex with Anna but she did appreciate that he sounded genuinely unsure about it. She made a neutral sound agreeing that he should talk with Anna.

“So, are you okay with this?”

That was a question George needed time to think about. She opted for a non-committal response. “I was looking forward to seeing you but Anna sounded like she had a greater need.” George tried to add some levity. “Anyway, I’m still feeling a little sore so I don’t think I can give you a proper send off.”

He chuckled. “I don’t need some sort of marathon sex session. I would have been happy to just see you.”

“Really? In that case maybe we can meet up later today or tonight.”

“Ahh, unfortunately I’ve got plans with my mother.”

“That’s a shame. I suppose you’ve got no time tomorrow either?”

“No, but at the very least I’d like to see you in person before I leave. We can talk sometime tonight about what would work for each of us.”

“I’d like that too. I’ll talk to you later.”


Sitting in her car out the front of Chris’ place, Anna was a little jittery but that was due to nervous excitement. She didn’t have any trepidation or doubts about being there, it felt almost necessary.

She didn’t have to wait all that long before Chris’ car pulled into the driveway. A surge of excitement went through Anna as she got out of her car to greet Chris.

When Chris got out of his car, he was lightly dressed in gym clothes but didn’t seem all that bothered by the cold. He smiled when he saw her, taking that as a promising sign Anna’s pulse picked up.

“Hey Chris. I’m here..”

Chris cut off what she was saying. “George called me, I think I have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on.” He nodded toward the house. “Let’s go inside.”

Anna felt a brief sense of familiarity with the situation and hoped that the outcome would be different from the last time she had come to Chris looking to have sex.

He brought her to the dining table and they both sat down. Inside out of the cold and sitting close to him, Anna could smell hints of sweat under the scent of his deodorant. It was surprisingly kind of attractive and she was getting turned on underneath the slight apprehension she had about how this could play out. She knew that it wasn’t certain that they would be having sex. Anna nervously smiled at Chris. “Are you okay with this?”

Chris flashed a small smile in return but then his expression became thoughtful. “I said that I’d be happy to sleep with you if Aaron still didn’t want to. Is that the case here?”

It would be easy to say yes and not have to explain the real reason she had ended up here, but Anna wasn’t going to lie to Chris. She sighed and shook her head. “No, it’s not.”

“So what’s going on?”

Anna swallowed, explaining why she wanted Chris to fuck her without appearing selfish and horrible was going to be difficult thing to get right. She had already given some thought to what she might say but all her explanations seemed hollow İstanbul Escort to her now. There was nothing she could do but be open about what she wanted and why she had come to him for it.

“I need to come hard. Aaron has been getting better in bed but he’s still not there yet.”

Chris winced and Anna thought that maybe she was being a little too harsh. His expression became sympathetic but she couldn’t tell if it was for her or for Aaron.

“And you can’t think of anything else that might help you with that?”

“I’ve tried to take care of it myself but I really need to be taken and made to come. I’ve also thought about giving Aaron instructions but I don’t know if he would take the pressure well.”

Chris reached over and placed his hand on hers. It was comforting but it felt like he was going to turn her down. His expression seemed conflicted and he sighed. “I’d like you to give Aaron a chance to get better at sex and learn how to please you. You not having your needs met and getting frustrated isn’t going to help.”

Hope and excitement began to build in Anna’s stomach. “So are you saying that you’re going to help me out?”

He gave her a crooked smile. “Yeah. I think that giving you what you’re after will help you to keep being patient with Aaron and give him the experience he needs.”

Anna recognised that Chris was trying to justify having sex with her as being a good thing. That was fine with her and she latched on to his reasoning as well, because to a certain extent it was true. She had been patient with Aaron and she would continue to be, this visit with Chris wasn’t going to affect her relationship. She nodded at Chris. “That’s great, I understand that it might be somewhat awkward but I really appreciate it.”

He then smiled sheepishly. “Just so we’re clear, this isn’t all that altruistic on my part, I’m going to enjoy this as well.”

That admission made Anna feel even better and she chuckled. “I certainly hope you’ll enjoy sleeping with me.”

Chris led the way to his bedroom, letting Anna go in before him. As Anna sat down on his bed she saw that Chris was still standing in the doorway. “I’m going to take a shower first, I’ll be back shortly.”

Anna wouldn’t have minded if he didn’t shower but she was a little shy about coming across as too eager for him.

Left alone in Chris’ room for the second time in two days, the situation was quite different this time. Anna noted and was pleased that Chris had changed his sheets. Her thoughts then went to how she should present herself for when Chris returned. Following what she had heard from George and Bridget, she could strip naked but that seemed like skipping too far ahead. While Anna was eager to have Chris fuck her, she still thought there should be some foreplay. Getting naked felt like it would signal that she was ready to go and didn’t need any warming up. On the other hand she also wanted to show that she actively wanted this and didn’t need to take things too slowly. Trying to balance both of those impressions Anna decided she would strip down to her underwear.

She took her time undressing and placed her clothes in a neat pile out of the way. Looking down at her body Anna wondered if there was anything more she could do to present herself in a more attractive way. Having made the decision to come see Chris, Anna had put some thought into her clothes and was wearing some flattering underwear. They weren’t anything overly fancy or sexy though. The bra Anna was wearing gave her already perky tits a little extra boost and displayed some eye catching cleavage. Her panties were low rise, bikini style with thin side straps. Anna made some small adjustments to her underwear so that a little bit more of her body was exposed.

With nothing further she could do about her body, Anna started to consider whether she should arrange herself on the bed in some way. That seemed like it would probably be more awkward than sexy though and she ended up just sitting on the bed to wait.

When Chris came back from his shower, he only had a towel around his hips. On seeing Anna he stopped just inside the door and gave her a wide smile. “That’s an inviting image.”

Anna smiled back and any awkwardness she was feeling faded away. “I know you’ve seen better but thanks.”

“I’m not going to make comparisons. Seeing you like this is hot.”

As if to emphasise his point, Chris undid the towel and threw it to the side. Anna was confronted with the sight of Chris’ cock pointing toward her, he was maybe half hard and he already looked quite thick and long. A jolt of arousal went through Anna at the thought that soon enough that cock was going to be all hers.

Chris then moved forward and climbed onto the bed to sit beside Anna. When he placed a hand on one of her legs just above the knee, all of Anna’s intentions to play around a bit to ease them into having sex were forgotten. She felt the urge to get naked with Chris and then let it all happen.

Reaching behind her back, Anna undid her bra and Anadolu Yakası Escort then slipped the straps off of her shoulders. Taking the cups away from her breasts Anna saw that was Chris was watching her chest intently. Her boobs were a bit bigger than Bridget’s and on her shorter frame that difference appeared more pronounced. Letting her bra drop to the side of the bed, Anna then leaned forward a littIe and used her arms to push her breasts closer together.

Chris’ eyes widened with awe and he was barely blinking. His lips pursed and he whistled in appreciation as he exhaled. After a good long look he managed to break his eyes away from her breasts to meet her eyes. “Your tits are spectacular.” Supporting the sincerity of his statement, Chris’ gaze dipped back down to her breasts.

Anna revelled in Chris’ interest in her breasts for a moment but then felt the urge to move things along and moved her hands to her panties. Just as she was beginning to pull them down Chris stopped her.

“Wait, may I do that?”

The subtle tension in Anna’s core lurched, having Chris take off her panties sounded very appealing. She nodded and took her own hands away from the sides of her panties. Chris moved forward and placed his hands on the top of her thighs, his fingers just below the side bands of her panties. This was the first intimate touch she had from Chris and despite the warmth of his hands, the contact made her shiver.

In a smooth motion Chris slid his hands upward, his fingers went over the sides of her panties but with some additional pressure from his thumbs they slipped underneath the material. He curled his fingers to get a hold on Anna’s panties and began to tug gently downwards.

The process of Chris removing her panties was feeling a lot more sensuous than Anna had expected. Her body tingled from the brush of his fingers on her skin. She lifted her ass and parted her legs to help ease the downward passage of her panties. Chris dragged her panties down her legs at an unhurried pace and when he slipped them off her feet he held them up dangling from a finger and shot her a grin before letting them drop beside the bed.

Anna spread her legs apart to give Chris a clearer view of her shaved pussy. His eyes immediately went downward and she could see a flicker of hunger in them that made her ache with need. He inhaled audibly. “You’re gorgeous, Anna.”

The awe in his expression and voice was gratifying and Anna was ready for more intimate contact with him. She beckoned Chris toward her and he seemed to snap into focus.

His demeanour became more confident and commanding. Chris moved in close and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Anna eagerly kissed him back and when he started to ease her backward to lie down, she offered no resistance. When her upper body was lying flat, they broke the kiss to arrange themselves on the bed.

When their eyes met Anna and Chris grinned at each other, it broke the building intensity of the situation but it didn’t affect her arousal. Chris moved in for another kiss that quickly turned hungry with their tongues pressing against each other’s. Anna put her arms around Chris’ body and tried to pull him down to her but he kept himself apart. Chris broke the kiss and then started to trail small kisses down her jaw to her neck.

Anna was more than warmed up already but she was enjoying the attention that Chris was giving her and didn’t want to interrupt him. Chris made his way further down to her chest and then to her breasts. She hummed with pleasure when Chris captured one of her nipples in his mouth and started to lick and suck on it. He switched breasts and gave her other nipple the same kind of treatment. Anna’s breathing grew heavier and she felt like her pussy had to be leaking wet.

When Chris lifted his mouth from her breasts and went to continue moving down Anna’s body tensed slightly. She realised that Chris had to be making his way to her pussy. A couple of the boyfriends Anna had slept with had made attempts at eating her pussy but they were brief and had been awkward at best. She had some high expectations that Chris would be better but had no reference for what to expect. In order to make sure that he felt welcome to go down on her, Anna opened her legs a little wider.

As Anna had thought, Chris’ mouth made its way down her belly and pelvis before stopping just above her pussy. Chris looked up for a moment and met her watching eyes. He wasn’t looking for her to give him the go ahead, his expression told her he was going to devour her pussy. A shiver of need went through Anna’s body and without conscious thought she angled her crotch upward.

When Chris turned his attention back downward he took a second to admire her pussy before diving in. He started out with broad swipes of his tongue from the bottom to the top of her slightly parted lips, catching a lot of her leaking pussy juice. From there he began a methodical and extensive exploration of her pussy.

Anna was in no state to evaluate his pussy eating technique. She was lost in the sensation of Chris’ mouth and tongue sucking and licking her pussy. With all of the kissing and touching Chris had done, Anna’s approach to her first orgasm was well advanced and the focused stimulation to her pussy had the tension in her core building rapidly.

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