Christmas Theives

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I pulled into my garage after a long night with family celebrating Christmas. The first thing I noticed was my dogs in the backyard. I’m positive that I closed the back door when I left. Although it was an enclosed back yard and I never locked the back door, I certainly closed it each time. Second, I noticed more lights on indoors than I left on, having intentionally only left on the kitchen light for the boys. Something was amiss.

I had a webcam installed in the kitchen but my phone had died during the early evening so I wasn’t prepared for what was waiting at home for me. Unfortunately for whoever my guests were, I wasn’t what you’d call ‘normal.’

I walked into the backyard and greeted my boys. They were excited to be outside. The warmer weather this year prevented them from any danger and I was pleasantly surprised that my intruders had opted to let the dogs out versus harm them. They’d get some slack from me for that.

I kept the boys outside as I entered the kitchen through the back door. I paused for a second to listen for them and didn’t hear anyone. I searched my house and found nobody. Many things were missing including my computer, a few TVs, and lots of clothes which I found strange but I guess could make a small amount of cash on the right market.

Calling the cops should have been my next action, but as I said, I’m not exactly normal. Over the past 10 years or so I had discovered and honed some extraordinary abilities to say the least. This was one of the many times I got to exercise these powers for my own vigilante justice.

It wasn’t hard to detect the energy in the house. There had been three intruders about 4 hours ago, just after dusk had settled. They were pretty quick and had been in-and-out within 30 minutes. I could feel their aura and detect their movements, into the car in route to their hideout.

I quickly let the dogs in, fed them, and made sure they were content before pursuing my new toys for the evening.

I should say now, that although I try not to play jury and judge in everyday circumstances, I’m human. This means that my need for justice sometimes get the better of me, especially when I’ve been drinking and am, embarrassingly admittedly, horny. While I didn’t intend on pursuit to do anything sexual, catching the ‘bad guy’ is satisfying in it’s own merit.

It didn’t take me long to find the men involved. A 30 minute drive with my supernatural GPS leading the way was all it took. The men were holed up in an apartment downtown. Before knocking on the door, I cast a spell to enclose the barriers of the apartment in a soundproof shield. I wasn’t yet sure what the night would be involving, but I was guaranteed privacy to do-so as I felt fit.

I should also call out that as I’m writing this I’m binging on Fireball. While the events may be true, I’m apt to miss some details on the evening and maybe exaggerate some events. I’ll try not to, but whiskey and happy memories cloud my writing skills.

I knocked on the door.

Muffled conversation from beyond the wooden door muted and I heard footsteps approach the door. Someone clearly looked the the peep-hole and whispered, “It’s the guy from the house!”

My pictures with family and friends must have given me away. I should have worn a mask, wig or conjured a disguise. Oh well.

I raised my gaziantep escort hands, clenched my fists, and the door evaporated. The guy who whispered was still walking towards his friends when I stepped into their hideaway. I released my fists once I was through the threshold and the door re-materialized behind me, sealing the sound-proof barrier I created originally.

The next events happened pretty quickly. Basically the two men further in the apartment saw me come through behind their friend. They both reached for guns near them and told their friend to duck. He did, not quite knowing why, and bullets burst from their guns towards me. I only titled my hands towards them and each bullet turned into fun confetti spraying the room in Christmasy cheer.

It only took a couple bullets from each before they paused in shock from what was happening. That’s when I got to get a good look at what was before me. I did notice my stuff in the background, but I focused on the men. Again, there were three of them. The two ‘shooting’ at me were clearest to me since I saw their faces. One was a skinny little thing, wearing whatever, and the other was a quite defined hunk of 5’10 ish. He was wearing dark black jeans and a gray wife beater on top (classy, I know).

I looked down towards the man who was still in the process of dodging all the shots and he was a bit thicker. Still had muscle below the girth, I could tell, but not as ripped as his friend in black jeans. This chubbier man had light blue jeans on and that was all, no shirt.

I wasn’t really in the mood still and wanted to get down to brass tax.

“You all robbed my house tonight.”

“No, it wasn’t..” the muscly guy started to say. He was unable to speak once I drew my hand up.

“That wasn’t a question. You robbed my house tonight. However, you only stole material items from me, which I will be taking back. You didn’t hurt my dogs. I really do want to thank you for that. Whose idea was that?”

There was a few seconds of silence in the room before the chubbier guy spoke up from the ground a few feet ahead of me. “That was me.”

“Good, I’ll find a way to pay you back for that tonight. Let’s start with names. Who are you all?”

The muscly guy was first to speak, arrogantly, “Who the fuck are YOU?!”

“Oh, I’m going to have fun breaking you in, sir.” was all I said back. A few seconds of silence passed before the others understood they should answer my question.

The skinny guy said his name was Michael and the chubbier guy was named Dan. I said, “Sorry Michael, you’re not my type. Could be a good or bad thing, but you’re going to jail. When you get there, you’re only to explain your crime but not the location or that I was here, got it?”

He was under my spell at this point and could do nothing but comply. “Yes sir.”

I waved my hand in his direction. He began to glow and vaporized before his friend’s eyes. It was a simple teleportation spell to me, but his friends thought he had melted or something heinous.

Dan finally spoke, “What the hell did you do?! What did you do to Michael?!!?”

He was panicking, clearly. I waved my hand to cast a soothing spell on both of them and it worked just fine.

“Listen. The three of you did something bad tonight. Michael is going to pay for it the traditional way. Better or worse, you two are going to pay for it a different way. Are either of you gay?”

The muscly guy was first to throw outrage. “We’re not some fucking queers! Fuck you!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t throw around such verbs just yet. And what was your name?”

“Fuck you!” was all he said. So be it. A quick wave of my hand and some words was all it took.

“Stand up. Strip down to your underwear and tell me your fucking name.” I probably didn’t need to be so rude.

He did as he was told. All the while Dan watched in awe. One this adonis of a man was in his boxers and nothing else, he simply said “Adam.” He quickly regained control after his commandsA were through and tried to redress himself.

“Thank you, Adam. See how much easier that is? Now now, don’t touch those clothes. You want to stay in your underwear, for now.” And he did. “Dan, you gay?”

“No, I’m.. I’m not gay. I have a girlfriend!”

“That’s awesome. Good for you Dan! Tonight though, you’re gonna be gay. Are you okay with that?”

Dan was confused and couldn’t really respond with words. He just looked at me blankly.

“Okay Dan, here’s the scoop. The quick background. Neither of you are escaping tonight, and both of you will be doing things you never thought possible. That’s because you vandalized my home, and as a result, I’m going to vandalize your body. Since you didn’t hurt my dogs though, you’ll both get to walk out of here alive. And since you were the one to save my boys, you get a bit more choice tonight.”

Dan and Adam looked scared and confused, as they should be.

“You get to choose who is bottom and who is top tonight!”

The both continued their blank stare of confusion. Really, have they not heard those terms before? I feel like every body knows what they mean.

“Dan, would you like to be fucked by Adam or fuck Adam?”

Dan went pale and Adam went red with anger. He got out one “Fuck yo-” before he was unable to talk due to a twist of my wrist.

“You only have those two options Dan.”

Dan looked at Adam’s furious face and then back to me, unable to decide. I chose to pry into his thoughts to get a read on him. I was surprised and excited by what I saw. Dan was a dirty little queer under it all, and I loved it.

Dan’s inner voice: “I want to fuck Adam so badly, I always have. But I can’t say that, can I? He’ll never forgive me. Maybe if I let HIM fuck ME he’ll like it and then we could start a relationship. No, Dan. That’s stupid. He’ll never love you like that.”

I was saddened and excited. Their relationship would never actually work, but they fucking robbed me. I wasn’t looking for happy ever after for them. However since Dan did choose to not hurt my dogs, I would let him have this night. Even if it was heaven for him, it would be hell for Adam and that’s all I cared about.

I spoke first. “Well, since you guys won’t make a decision I’ve made up my mind. Adam, you’re losing your cherry tonight.”

He was still unable to speak but the beat-red his face became was clear he wasn’t a fan.

“And the first thing you can do is help your buddy Dan out with all those clothes! He had way too many on. Take it all off.”

Adam was resistant the entire time. I was impressed by his iron will. However, Dan’s clothes slowly started to end up on the floor all the same. Dan was more muscular than I thought. While he had curves to him, all of his edges where rimmed in muscle. There was a piece of me that wanted Dan to myself.

When Dan was down to just his boxer briefs, I could tell Adam was resisting as hard as he could. Dan was at least attempting to feign resistance but his obvious hard-on was giving him away to me.

“Adam, take them off.” is all I had to say.

Adam hooked his fingers in Dan’s waistband and yanked. Dan gasped as the cool air hit his cock, springing upward to face Adam. Dan was decently hung. I’d guess around 6-7 inches but pretty thick. His balls where average and all-around a good looking package. Adam wasn’t a fan of anything.

“Adam. Suck his cock like it’s your first popsicle, but hate every minute of it.”

I wanted Adam to suffer. Right, wrong, or different I felt like he was behind the whole thing and wanted him to pay the most. Also, fuck douches.

Adam placed his tongue against Dan’s length and polished each side. Dan was clearly in heaven, no mental spells needed. After Dan’s cock was coated in saliva, Adam began to (try and) deep throat it. Adam was only able to get a few inches in but that was good for a first timer.

I was started to get hard myself but decided tonight was about Adam and Dan.

As Adam bobbed up and down on Dan, I could tell he was getting close. Knowing my own powers, I decided to let Dan have this one. “Finish” is all I whispered to Dan.

Moments later he was clenching his face and body as he began to erupt into Adam’s, un-wanting mouth. “Swallow it all, Adam.” is all I said to complete the ritual. He hated each ounce but swallowed it all the same. Dan clearly had gone a while, because Adam almost chocked on the quantity.

I wanted the night to continue further but the wine and adrenaline was hitting me all too quick. I asked Dan if he would help me out, seeing as he had some gay tendencies at the very least.

Dan was eager without provocation to come undo my belt and jeans. When he released my own 7 inch giant Dan quickly engulfed it into his mouth. Embarrassingly, it only took me about 30 seconds to come into the back of his throat. Ribbon upon ribbon of white substance flowed into Dan’s accepting mouth.

Once the waves of euphoria subsided, I figured I needed to punish them even if I wasn’t in the mood to ref the involvement.

“Dan, once you regain enough steam, I want you to fuck Adam. You can use lube if you want, but I’m not requiring it. Adam, you’re going to hate every second of this but will not fight back. Once it’s over I want you each to think about what you’ve done and what it’s cost you for at least 2 hours. Adam, you can then walk to the nearest police station to turn yourself in. No clothes. Let your shame make you. Dan, you seem like you’ve been caught up in a world that isn’t you. If you’re willing to quit this thieving life for good, do so. If not, walk with Adam, naked, to the cops. At the very least you’ll have a prisoner to keep your cock warm.”

I walked out of the sound-proof apartment as Adam began his first screams of “Dan, stop! No, you don’t want to do this! Stop! Unggghh!!”

I returned home ready for sleep, but happy to share this fun story. My life has been anything but normal since I discovered these powers. And although I try to use them for good, my human instinct sometimes gets the better of me…

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