Christmas with My Family

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.


Chapter 1 — Good Morning

I wake up in a sweat, and two eyes are staring me in the face from about two inches away. Without warning, the face in front of me licks my face.

I scream out of disgust, “Brandy, go away! Ewwww.”

Brandy will have none of that. Her favorite human is around. The one that plays tug-of-war with her. Brandy is a white and brown long-haired Springer Spaniel. It’s been almost a dozen years, and the dog still remembers me. She was just a puppy when I turned eighteen and soon left to see the world.

My dad and I were best buddies. We went hunting, fishing, and football games together. We were close until he was killed in the line of duty in a traffic stop. The asshole was drunk and claims he didn’t see dad or the blinkers in his squad car. Spending five years in jail hardly made up for losing Walter, my dad.

We were close because everyone else was female. Mom, my two sisters, mom’s sister, and her two daughters. That’s eight just on our side of the family. Dad had nobody on his side. I am the oldest child in the group, and only a few years younger than my aunts, mom was the oldest sister.

So, here it is, Christmas Eve day. I came in late last night and was put up in the attic bedroom. This is always a sweatshop up here, not fit for human living. That’s how tired I was. I flew from Bombay, to Japan, to Australia, to New York, to Chicago, and finally to Kansas City. Then it was an hour’s drive to the Kansas suburbs. Home at last.

I must have looked dreadful because I was put straight to sleep. I don’t remember greeting anyone. I am guessing the others are all sharing beds, and none were left for me, I got leftovers. Some things don’t change. The sisters and cousins were always the stars of the house. It’s partially why I left, without my dad, nobody cared about me. It seems by my bed that that is still the case.

I don’t hear anyone; I bring a towel and a change of clothes to the washroom where I will take a much-needed shower. While taking my shower, I hear the door open, the toilet seat goes up, and then a stream start. Shit! The toilet flushes and instant scalding water shower. All the cold water is taken by the toilet. Slowly it returns to normal.

As the girl walks out, she says to me, “Sorry, too many people to wait. Hurry up in there.”

I had one more episode of toilet use, which made me speed up and get out. While drying off, a cute blonde, young, comes in, uses the toilet, strips, and then gets in the shower. My mouth is still open as another comes in for the toilet, I run out.

The kitchen is empty, I start the coffee. I make both the coffee maker and a kettle of water. There is a loaf of Texas-toast on the counter; I begin breaking eggs for French toast. I find some thick bacon, orange juice, grapes, and blueberries. On the top shelf is some heavy cream. That might be for pumpkin pie, but I also see a can of whip cream. I can make small dishes of blueberries, grapes, and whip cream.

Time to start on the bacon. The blond girl comes into the kitchen, sits down at the end of the table, says nothing, and stares at me with a huge grin on her face. She is wearing nothing but a bra, panties, and the huge smile on her face. I ignore her. After the bacon has all been cooked, I place it in the oven that is set low to keep things warm.

Now I take the cast iron griddle out and start making French Toast. More women come in. They are all dressed the same as the blond. They each take a cup of coffee or hot water for tea, hug me hard, then sit down. None of them are talking. Not a peep. They are all staring at me. As I finish the French Toast, I place them in the oven.

I grab seven plates, forks, knives, spoons, and place them on the table. I think they will get the hint. I then set down seven bowls, fill each with blueberries and grapes, then add a squirt of whip cream. I leave the fixings on the table, and I hear giggling and squirting of whip cream. Still, nobody is talking.

Finally, mom and her sister Bonnie come down from her bedroom. Mom and Bonnie are talking about how quiet it is. They are worried. On walking into the kitchen, both mom and Bonnie are dressed up in Christmas blouses and longer than knee-length skirts. Their hair is curled, and they are both wearing makeup. While flipping French toast, mom and Bonnie feel the need to smother me in a hug and several kisses.

The younger girls now giggle and laugh at the attention that I am receiving.

I shut them all up, “Ok, ok. Sit down, breakfast is ready. Let’s eat while it is hot.”

I pull out the bacon, French toast, butter, and syrup. We have both regular and light syrup. Mom and Karen figured out the fruit on their own, I had no doubt they would.

Mom is flustered, she has a tear in her eye and a frog in her throat as she Bycasino starts, “Girls, this is Brian. Some of you may not remember him. He left home soon after his eighteenth birthday to see the world. This is the first time in twelve years he’s been back home. My God, Brian, you sure have turned into a man. What the hell have you been doing?”

I suspected this would happen. I have a prepared speech, “Well, after dad died, I was lost in life, it had no meaning, and nobody was left for me. Dad had always wanted to travel and never got a chance. I signed up to work on freighters. I traveled the world and learned a bunch of skills like cooking, maintenance, metalworking, and singing.”

My mom quickly questions me, “Singing?”

I roll my eyes, “Yes. Singing. No radio stations out on the ocean. Batteries run out. The ability to sing and entertain your crewmates is highly sought after. My cooking and metalworking skills are also pretty good. I’m still deciding what to do with my life. I’m done exploring the world, I have seen quite a bit of it. I’ve built a big nest egg. I can start a business or search for a place I want to work at.”

Mom finally notices the sisters and cousin’s attire, “All four of you, upstairs and get dressed.”

The cute blonde, Ashley, objects, “He has already seen me naked. We’re fine.”

Mom and her sister Bonnie, scream in unison, “He what?”

Ashley smiles, “With only one washroom for us four, we share everything and are quick to swap the toilet or the shower. It never occurred to me a man would be in the shower. Well, there was one. He’s mighty nice looking as well.” Aunt Bonnie shakes a finger at her.

Ashley continues, “Hey, he took a shower, I did as well. Nobody was hurt, no feelings were ruffled, he didn’t stare. We were both surprised to see the other. He got out, I got in, and that was it.”

Mom asks with an agitated voice, “So then why are each of you wearing your best bras and panties today for breakfast? Why is it that not one of you has a shirt or shorts on?”

Gail enters the fray, “We heard there’s a hot stud in the house with minimal clothing on. You would have done the same, so don’t give us this bullshit. The difference is you knew he was here, and we didn’t.” Sarcastically, she adds, “Thanks for the warning.”

Mom has a grim look on her face, “For twelve straight years I’ve invited him. Last night at 12:30 AM, he shows up. Brandy was so cute last night. She obviously remembered him and ran for her toy. Poor Brian was almost asleep, and the dog is forcing him to play tug of war. That’s when I noticed that Brian put some muscle on. The first shake of the toy and Brandy almost went out a window. She came right back for more.

“He dialed down the strength, and she had fun pulling and growling. He is solid now, no way that dog moves him in the slightest. Now, go, get dressed. We have stuff to do today. We need to go shopping! I haven’t bought a man a Christmas present in years. I’ll go with Bonnie; I know what he ‘needs.’ You all can take the Navigator. Dress warm! I saw his duffle bag, he needs shoes, socks, pants, a good belt, shorts, shirts, and a better winter coat. Have lunch while you are out, we won’t be back until dinner time.

“After you buy what you want, use my card for the rest. Keep it under 3K. I’m making Italian for dinner tonight.”

Bonny cuts her off, “Ashley and Porsche, you pick up half of the bill, it’s the least I can do for my favorite nephew.”

The four ran upstairs to put clothes on. Mom gave me a hug for no reason, followed by Bonnie.

Bonnie says softly to me, “Enjoy today. Boys have been pushy, suggestive, and mean to them. Some girls have been downright nasty. Please let them enjoy today.” She has a tear in her eye.

I hug Bonnie back, “They’ll have fun today. They are cute, I’m surprised they’re treated so poorly. If I weren’t related to them, each of them would be on my list of potential girlfriends. Since they are family, no way.”

I could have sworn I heard mom under her breath say, “Good luck with that.”

They are related to me, nothing will happen.

Chapter 2 — Shopping

It’s only now, in the back of my mom’s Navigator, that I notice Ashley and Gail seem to be friends. Porsche and Terri seem like friends and are on either side of me with my arms around them. They are tired and want to be held. Whatever, I am tired too.

It’s now 8:00 AM, and we are pulling up to the back of the mall parking lot. Holy shit, this place is packed very early in the morning. Ashley and Gail walk in front of us, and they are holding hands. Ohhhhhhhh? Porsche and Terri are holding my hand and seem embarrassed. People are looking at us. Young people are looking at us, adults don’t care, we are just a group of teens.

A pair of probable cheerleaders, you know, cute, big tits, and outgoing personalities, came up to me. The two completely ignore my sisters and cousins.

One of the women asks me, “Hello, good looking. Want to come with us? We can show you a good time.”

I Bycasino giriş am getting the feeling that people think my sisters and cousins are lesbians. I guess they could be. I don’t know them. However, I don’t like this girl’s attitude and the way she dismissed my family so quickly and crudely.

With a smile on my lips, I ask the young ladies, “So, you think you two are capable of showing me a good time, do you?”

They both respond dreamily, “Oh yes, delicious fun.”

I pretend like I am thinking, then I say, “Well, as I see it, you’ve a big problem?” They look at me, stunned. “There are only two of you.” Their eyebrows arch. “Last night, I ate these four to three orgasms each, and then each thanked me by fucking me in different positions. I had two cougars waiting for me. These four wiped me out so badly that I had nothing left for the hot cougars. They were so pissed at us, that’s why they aren’t here.

“So, with this, why would I want you two? You aren’t better looking or have bigger boobs.” They both stand still, amazed at being talked to that way. “Hey. What can I say, I like a tight pussy. If you’re willing to put out to any cute looking guy, I don’t want any dirty, tainted, and worn out pussy. Gross! Hit the road bitch.”

The two girls run off in tears. My four, run at me, hug me, then I realize that each is laughing their asses off.

Ashley is, first to speak, “How did you know?”

I smile, “Between your … closeness, your comments, and then their comments, I just couldn’t let down my family. However, it sucked to say that. They were willing, they were fuckable, and it’s been months for me. I need them, but not with that attitude. I couldn’t let them get away with treating you like that.”

Now the four are crying their asses off. I try to hug as many of them as I can. They pull off me and clear the tears from their eyes. They are so adorable right now. They drag me into a men’s store; they have a friend that works there. Tracy looks at me like I am a sculpted Greek God. Somehow, I know she wants me. It’s the look in her eyes, she is a predator.

Tracy attacks me, both arms around my body. She can’t move me; she is about 100 pounds while I am closer to 250 pounds, mostly muscle. I did a lot of repairs and steelwork on the boats. Lots of late nights working hard. Now I practically have a bodybuilder physique. I don’t have nearly enough definition; you need to work each muscle more for that. I just have a decade of hard work.

She pulls me into a room, and the four family members follow. They never mention our relationship with Tracy. I can only assume that it’s essential for some reason.

Tracy explains to me, “I’m going to take your clothes off to see what we have to work with. Then I will come back with everything you need. Gail texted me your requirements. I’ll know your size once I see you.”

She is very professional and slow as she takes off my shoes, socks, shirt, and pants. OK, no problems, not even a boner yet. Nice. Then Tracy starts pushing down my boxers. I stop her.

Tracy says first, “Aw, how cute. I see a hundred cocks a day, and this guy thinks he is something special.”

I defend myself, “They … they will see me.”

Ashley laughs once and then says, “I have seen you already. It’s nothing special.” They all frown at her words.

Ha, little does she know. Tracy pulls down my boxers, and I turn fire engine red. I am embarrassed. Do I use my hands to hide? Tracy looks at me hard, like she is confused.

She then asks Ashley, “When did you see him? This one has lots of potential.”

Ashly is blushing now, “Brian was exiting the shower while I was jumping in. With four girls and now a man, one shower gets quite the workout.”

Without any words, just a look of knowing on Tracy’s face, she reaches forward and engulfs my cock in her mouth. Immediately she starts bobbing, and I get to show my actual size. I am a solid 7 ½ inches with generous girth. Porn star? Not a chance in hell. Plenty of guys bigger than me.

I inquire, “If I’m to test clothes on while hard, you better do it quick. I have been out to sea for the last six months. I won’t last long.”

Tracy stops on a dime and stands up, “Yes, we must get clothes and make sure they fit. Give me ten minutes to collect everything in complementary colors. A man will be in here to fit you for the suit. They don’t trust me yet. I compensate for his bulging muscles; they rely on a tape measure. They would be wrong for your … brother, cousin?”

Terri giggles, “Two of each. We haven’t seen him in twelve years. This is a lot of fun. We are all lesbians. A couple of bitches from school all but told him about us. Instead of shock, he acted like he was dating us and berated them to the point that they ran away crying. Bitches deserved it. We have been taking their shit for way too long.”

Tracy smiles and leaves. We can hear a conversation outside the door, and the man never came in. I was thankful for that. I sit down, this will be Bycasino güncel giriş a while, and I have no need to continue standing on display for them.

A good ten minutes later and Tracy is back with a cart stacked with clothes. Tracy grabs the boxers first, they fit great. It then turns into a free-for-all as each woman takes an item and tries to dress me. At one point, I have two arms in two different shirts. Each of them is gigging and having fun touching my body. Basically, they are treating me like a life-sized doll.

It didn’t take long for all of them to test fit the clothes. Everything fit perfectly, even when I flexed my chest muscles. As soon as the giggling eased up, the man came in and fit me for a suit. It was close but still needed some alterations on the pants and arm lengths. Otherwise, it too fits perfect. They each grabbed three items and had them boxed. Ashley put the rest on mom’s credit card.

It’s 1:00, lunchtime. They take me to a loud, hip restaurant. Young busty servers, low lighting, and we are seated in the back at a round table, with me in the corner. Few people are left in the place, most are in a rush to go shopping.

Ashley and Porsche are next to me, which places Gail and Terri across from me.

Porsche asks me, “Are you a fun date?” I am stunned by her question. “If you were here on a date, would you let your date have fun with you?”

Shyly, I reply, “I’ve known some wild women. Yes, in a place like this, they would have wanted to play. It’s not really my thing, though.”

Ashley puts her tongue on my earlobe and demands of me, “Take off your shorts. Now!” WHAT? NO WAY!

Ashley and Porsche each take a finger and pull my shorts down. OH FUCK! I pause. Then I sit up a tad so they can take down my shorts. Well, those greedy bitches took my boxers with them, and now I am naked under the table and red in the face. Gail and Terri are giggling, they have guessed what their cousins have done to me. I take a long drink of water to get over the embarrassment.

The two vixens aren’t done yet. Oh no. They each have a hand on my leg with a finger stroking my cock. What the hell is the matter with them? They are my cousins. They are touching my cock and have no problem with that. Soon, I have a problem. My cock is raging with excitement.

Our waitress picks that time to come back with our food. No way I can eat, they’re doing too much stroking.

The waitress has a look of concern on her face, “What have you done to that poor man?”

Porsche drops her knife on the floor and says, “Could I get new knife? I hope I don’t cut myself on the knife, it sure looks sharp.”

The waitress rolls her eyes and then gets down on the ground to get the knife. Porsche kicks the knife under the table. Right after the waitress goes under the table, we hear just loud enough, “Oh my, that is quite a … specimen.”

She yanked me twice and then came back out with a red face. She quickly leaves our table. With the commotion from the waitress, I don’t think anyone notices Gail has slipped off her chair and is under the table. At first, I thought she was just watching. However, she pulls me closer to the edge of the chair. Why would she do that? It makes no sense at all. Terri and the cousins are also in the dark.

That is when I feel two legs slide along my legs and zero in on my cock. She nails the precise angle and is speared on my cock. I say way too loudly, “Fuck.” People are staring at me. I try to make it sound like I am talking to Terri. She tries to carry on the conversation as Gail is pushing her body along my legs so that she is fucking me under the table. Yes, her back is parallel with the table-top, and she is pushing back into me and then pulling way.

The bitch is my sister, and she is fucking me in public! Not only that, she is softly moaning with each thrust back onto my cock. She loves this! My two cousins start talking with raised voices. I don’t know if they are mad, angry, embarrassed, or what. I do know they are making enough noise that nobody can hear Gail fucking me.

I am rock hard and ready to shoot within moments. I am waiting for Gail to finish, and then I will shoot on her ass as she pulls away. Unfortunately, she is tight, like virgin tight, and she feels incredible. My breathing is heavy and my face is red. The girls are nervous that we will get caught. I can see it in their eyes.

I lift my butt off the seat and try to meet Gail in the fucking, and it’s not long before she orgasms silently; thank you for minor miracles. Her pussy clamps down on my cock, and that sets me off with eight squirts of baby batter. Damn, she is going to be overflowing.

Ashley gets up and walks towards the windows. She then makes wild arm motions like she is waving to someone to come in. I don’t care what she is doing, I am glad that Gail is cleaning my cock off and the cousins help me with my pants and boxers. I lean back, exhausted.

With Ashley making a distracting commotion, Gail comes back up from under the table. She quickly drinks her water and then has the glass under the table. Oh, please, no. Gail, please don’t do what I think you are doing. No, no, no! Ashley comes back to the table, and she is not happy at all. She wants to rip Gail’s head off, although she says nothing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32