Chronicles of Danny Ch. 11

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BBRRRING! BBBBRRING! BRRRING! BRRRIING! “This is Ashley, leave a message.”

Danny sighed, this was the fourth time they called and the fourth time no one was answering. Still, they tried to not sound desperate. “Hey Ash it’s Danny, I just wanted to see how you were doing so call me back if you get a chance…or not call if you need more space…but call if you want to talk cause I want to talk but not if you need some time alone..kay bye.” They hung up and then rested their head on their brand new desk inside the BDSM club.

“Okay, I know as your friend I’m supposed to be supportive but that last one sounded the saddest.” Natasha chimed in as she poked her head out from the side of the flatscreen computer on the other side of Danny’s desk.

Danny looked up and asked, “Was it really that bad?”

Natasha looked to Mistress Victoria who sat in between both of them with her laptop sitting on her lap. “Sorry Danny, I’m going to have to go with Natasha on this.”

The laughter from both of Danny’s friends numbed the pain of not hearing from Ashley two days after the suspension. It wasn’t great but Danny would take it and laughed with them. “Okay fine, let’s get back to the sorority.” Danny said as they returned to the legal pad in their hand. The three of them had been brainstorming about the continued humiliation plan and it was the third hour.

“You two are absolutely sure you can’t sneak on campus and capture them?” Mistress Victoria asked.

“Not with the cops on Kara’s mom’s payroll.” Natasha said, “Heck, they’d see us, arrest us and take us to Kara to do it again.”

“Then where else are we going to strip them?” Danny asked, “It’s not like they ever leave the sorority house. Ashley said the only time they do is when they…” Danny trailed off as all the stories Ashley told them started coming back. “…have a volleyball game.. or a forensics debate.”

“Or in Stephanie’s case, an Equestrian showing.” Natasha added. She was always adamant about adding Stephanie to the plan since it was her that ratted Natasha out.

“What are you both talking about?” Mistress Victoria asked.

“Cammy is on the volleyball team, Kara is on the forensics team. Stephanie does Equestrian, everyone in the sorority does some extracurricular and that means pretty soon they’ll be leaving campus for these activities.” Danny said as they wrote down in their legal pad. “Away from campus means away from Mommy’s protection.”

Like tasting a nice dessert, Natasha and Mistress Victoria let smiles slowly spread across their faces. “I like that these are activities that have public audiences.” Mistress Victoria said. “The question now is how we get to them.”

Danny rested their elbows on the table, “It would take so much time to grab them, strip them and then find a way to show them in public without being caught.” at that moment a lump developed in Danny’s throat. “If Ashley were here she could at least help us locate where they’d be so we could sneak in on them.”

“And that’s when you would strip them? By ambushing them?” Mistress Victoria asked.

Natasha scratched her head and said, “No. We never did anything like that. We always snuck in to sabotage something that would make them embarrass themselves in public. Taryn had the vibrating panties that made her take her own clothes off, we wrecked Madison’s fashion show. The only time we did forcefully do it was when we had you come in Mistress.”

“Really?” Mistress Victoria said, “Then that’s where we start. We need to think of a way to sabotage Cammy’s outfit. The volleyball thing is a good lead, that means she has a uniform which means we have a specific set of clothes that we can get to.”

“We could find out where her next match is and sneak into her locker.” Danny said, ‘That won’t be hard at all, since the gym would be public. It would just take some time to get the clothes and unstitch them.”

Natasha curled her lip as she ran through ideas and thought about Cammy. Cammy, the tough tomboy who seemed to be Kara’s bodyguard what with her fearless demeanor…or was it? “Maybe we won’t need to unstitch anything if we can get her to take them off herself.”

Danny raised an eyebrow, “And how would we do that?”

“Fear.” Natasha said with a smile. “When I was tied up in the sorority house, I overheard Cammy yelling at someone for not cleaning the cobwebs. At first I thought she was just being a bully but she was really freaked out by them. I think she’s afraid of spiders.”

Mistress Victoria smiled and ran her fingers against Natasha’s shoulders, admiring her pet’s cunning. “No cobwebs means no spiders and no spiders means no way for anyone to see miss tough pants in a state of vulnerability.”

Like ice in a bucket of warm water, Danny’s melancholy from the past two days melted as the excitement in developing a new plan came to fruition. “I’m sure we could find some large spider somewhere before the next volleyball game to put in her uniform.”

“No not a large cloud storage spider.” Mistress Victoria said, “She’ll notice that too soon. Tiny spiders, ones small enough to where she won’t notice. There’s plenty crawling around here, they lived here longer than we have. You can search in the storage area upstairs. We collect a jar of them and leave them in her volleyball suit. Then she freaks when they crawl out from under her clothes.”

Danny and Natasha both shivered at the thought of all those fuzzy legs scurrying all over their bodies. Mistress Victoria laughed. “Okay you got me sold.” She said, “Now how do we get them into her bag?”

“We sneak into the dorm of course.” Danny said, “Sometime when most of them are gone.”

Mistress Victoria squinted, “You just said you couldn’t get to them on campus without the cops getting to you.”

“Yeah kidnapping another person in public is hard. But sneaking in and leaving something behind? Way easier..” Danny smiled, “We should look up when the next game is, Cammy will probably pack the day before.”

“Already on it.” Mistress Victoria said as she typed away on her laptop. She checked out the university web site and then for volleyball games to look for the schedule. Her lips curled as she read the list. “It looks like the next game is in two days. It’s an away game about forty miles away. You have some spider hunting to to.”

Danny and Natasha both looked at each other with nervous smiles. One spider wasn’t something to bat an eye at, but multiple spiders? The thought of actually trying to capture them in a jar made them shudder again. Mistress Victoria must have picked on their fear because she smiled and said, “Get to it you two. If you keep stalling I’ll make you both do it without your clothes.”

The computer desk that Danny and Natasha shared moved as they shot from their seats and ran to the storage area.


It took hours to catch a jar full of spiders. Danny never thought it would be so hard but the spiders weren’t likely to scurry out in the open. This meant that Danny and Natasha had to lift old furniture, peel back cracked pieces of the wall and on occasion, climb up and look in the corners of the ceiling.

Nevertheless, the two of them got spiders. Some were the size of a nickel while others were smaller. Some of the larger ones had killed the smaller spiders but it was still enough left to make Danny scream at the thought of them scurrying against their bodies.

After the two of them were finished, Natasha went home while Danny needed something to take the image of eight legged creatures out of their head. Danny couldn’t think of anything better than a nice cup of black coffee from Monroe’s and with a new job, this meant Danny could spend money on coffee guilt free. They drove to the tiny coffee shop in town just a few miles outside of the university.

As soon as Danny stepped outside of their car, they felt pressure on their chest or more accurately, their heart. Nothing stung like the phantom memories of better times and for Danny, these times were during the semester when Ashley and Danny would go together. Now with Ashley missing, Danny would be alone and no amount of encouragement could ignore the cold hard fact of sitting at a coffee table alone with an empty seat on the other side.

Danny took a deep breath before opening the door and walking in. To no surprise, the coffee shop was full. Most of the patrons were students, studying for finals that Danny should have been studying for. At the end of the room was a musician, a young woman wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, singing to no one but herself and the occasional interested student who would look up from their books. “Looks like it’s just you and me tonight.” Danny remarked.They stood in line and looked at the food in the glass cabinet while they waited.

They must have zoned out while looking at the sandwiches because they didn’t see the person in front of them arrive. It was the voice of a woman who startled Danny. “Hi how can I-oh…Danny…”

“Huh?” Danny said as they looked up and then froze when they saw Ashley standing on the other side of the counter. Her blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. She wore a black apron and had a green sweater on underneath. She looked just as surprised as Danny was as the two of them stared at each other as if they were in a contest to see who could stay silent the longest.

Finally, Ashley broke it. “I-I thought you were going home.”

“I got a job at the club.” Danny said. “Mistress Victoria offered it to me and I’m staying at her home until Natasha and I find a place. What are you doing here?”

Ashley’s eyes seemed to waver as she opened her mouth and slowly let the sounds pour out of it. “I got a job here…so I don’t have to go home.”

Danny forced a smile. It was forced because even though this was good news, it was news they were only finding out until now. “That’s awesome. Babe..I’m so happy for you.”

“Yeah.” cloud file storage Ashley said letting her smile fade as she sighed. “Look Danny, I’m sorry I haven’t returned your calls. It’s just that these past few days-“

“It’s okay.” Danny interrupted, “I know you-we went through a lot. I’m just glad you’re here. But, how’d you find a job so quickly?”

Before Ashley could answer, the answer came by. dressed in a button up shirt and carrying a clipboard in hand. Danny recognized the beard, what was different was that Drew from the BDSM club was dressed like normal and not the suave sleezy man who had approached Ashley before. He looked at Danny and smiled. “Look who it is. Hi Danny.”

“Hi…Drew.” Danny said, trying to maintain their cool. “What are you doing here?”

Drew smirked as he looked around the place. “I own it. It’s a good thing too, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to hire Ashley and keep her here.”

As he spoke, Ashley lowered her eyes and felt her face grow flush. This was almost as bad as being stripped. She could sense the tension between Drew and Danny and couldn’t help but feel vulnerable as Danny learned more. “That is good. Thanks Drew for helping her.”

“No problem. Ashley said you two were taking a break, I hope everything’s okay.”

“Everything’s fine.” Danny said. It was hard to string words together with Danny’s anger slowly boiling over. Still, they knew that they didn’t know the whole story but they were determined to find out.

For a few seconds, no one spoke, Ashley and Danny’s expressions were blank, as if they were total strangers. Drew looked from Ashley to Danny and tehn said to Ashley, “Danny can have one on the house. I’ll be in the back if you need me.”

Ashley nodded and waited for Drew to leave the room before leaning close to Danny and said, “Sorry about that. He was working at the desk when I came in and offered me a job.

I didn’t know what else to do.”

Danny shook their head and touched Ashley’s hand, unable to resist wanting to comfort her again. “Hey it’s fine. You need to do what you have to do to survive.”

Ashley shook her head and sighed, still having difficulty looking into Danny’s eyes. “It’s not just that. After he hired me he found out that I was homeless and he offered me the room above the shop.”

At that moment, Danny didn’t want to acknowledge what they just heard. It was like they thought Ashley was joking. “You’re staying at here? In a building he owns?”

Ashley nodded. “It’s just until I can find a cheap place to stay”

Danny was so upset at this point that even though they maintained composure, their other impulses gave in. “Stay with Natasha and me. We can find a place for three people.”

Ashley could feel her pulse increasing and found that biofeedback to be unsettling. “Danny, I…I can’t discuss this at work. Can we talk about it later?”

“Oh okay.” Danny said, deflated that this wasn’t the same dynamic that they and Ashley had before. “I’m sorry, we don’t need to talk about this. I just missed you that’s all.”

Ashley tilted her head and smiled, massaging Danny’s hand. “I miss you too. I have tomorrow off so maybe we can do dinner together okay?”

Finally a break. Danny had a genuine smile. “Ok sure. Just text me where you want to go.”

“Sure.” Ashley said. “Now what can I get for you?”

Just your love. Danny wanted to say. Instead they said, “Just a black coffee like usual. ” It was strnage to interact with Ashley like she was a stranger. Danny knew that this strangeness could all be blamed on the sorority. That anger came back and brought them back to who the next target was. “Hey Ash.”


“Umm…I don’t want to stress you out with this and if you don’t want to answer you don’t have to. But Natasha and I are still working on that project and…I was wondering if you knew off the top of your head what Cammy’s daily routine was like. Like when is she home and when isn’t she?”

Ashley felt a sickness rise in her stomach at the mentioning of Cammy. Ashley was sure that from this day on, any thought of the sorority would bring back feelings of dread after the awful experience she had. Still, she knew Danny’s intentions for asking and it amused her that Danny and Natasha were still determined to teach the sorority a lesson, even if it seemed like a bad idea. “She typically has volleyball practice in the evening.” she said, “If you hurry, she might still be gone by the time you get there.”

Danny’s eyes widened and they’re heart froze. They couldn’t wait tomorrow because that was going to be saved for Ashley, “She won’t be gone any other time?”

Ashley shook her head. “Nope. so if you want to get in there when she isn’t home, I’d head out now.”

Danny knew if they waited too long, they’d miss their chance to plant the spiders before the game. “Where is her room?”

Ashley was confused as to what was so urgent and said, ” She’s up on the second file upload floor on the west side of the building. Why what are you planning?”

Danny leaned forward and kissed Ashley, “I’ll explain later thanks. No worries on the coffee.”

Ashley was stunned by the kiss, so much so she hesitated to say “bye” as she watched Danny scurry out the door. “Be careful.” she whispered and then looked to the back room where Drew had disappeared to.


Danny drove as fast as they could to the sorority. Knowing that their car might get recognized, they parked a block away from campus before walking the rest of the way in a jacket and hoodie to cover their head.

They took a shortcut through the grass to get to the sorority house, the jar of spiders tucked away in their coat. Danny looked up at the side of the building where Cammy’s room was located and felt relieved when the lights were out. It was getting dark and there was no way Cammy would be in there, at least Danny hoped.

Fortunately for Danny, the house was not a dormitory and that meant it did not have the security measures their dorm had. Slowly they tip toed up the steps and hugged the wall of the building to get a side view of the window on the left side of the door. From their angle, Danny could see a few students in the study reading books.

The hallway was unoccupied. Breathing in deep, Danny counted to three before opening the door and gently closing it so as not to make noise. As they stepped inside, they looked up the stairs and saw nobody there. Looking left and right to make sure the coast was clear, Danny ran up the steps and tried not to make noise. Their adrenaline doubled by the time they made it up the steps and stood against the wall before turning the corner. All it would take is one person to see them and then there was no telling what humiliating endeavor Kara would put Danny through.

Danny poked their head around the corner and saw Cammy’s room at the end. The door was open. Also down the hall was the bathroom. The door was closed but Danny could see the light on. Not wanting to hesitate, Danny turned around the corner and power walked down the hall until they made it into Cammy’s room. Letting out a sigh of relief, Danny scoped the area.

Cammy’s room was fairly big, big enough to have a double bed and a dresser on the opposite side of it. Volleyball trophies lined the dresser in addition to some ribbons. Next to the dresser was an open closet with all of Cammy’s clothes. Danny scanned the inside of the closet and when they didn’t see a sports bag, they tried looking for somewhere else. It was when Danny looked down at the ground that they saw the black strap to a large ADIDAS duffel bag sticking out from under the bed.

Kneeling to the ground, Danny pulled the bag out from the bed and opened the top flap, smiling when they saw the volleyball uniform with the university’s colors on it. “Yes.” they whispered. Danny was just about to open their jacket to grab the jar when they heard a door open from the outside.

“Who the fuck used all the hot water?” it was Cammy’s voice. She was home from practice.

“Shit.” Danny hissed. They knew the bathroom was too close to have enough time to climb out the window. With no other option, Danny lay down on the ground and slid under the bed, pulling the bag with them to use it as a shield. They made it just in time as Cammy had just strolled in, wearing nothing but two towels, one for her body and the other for her hair. She closed the door and Danny mouthed a curse word once they knew they were trapped.

Thinking she was alone, Cammy threw off her towel to her hair and whipped her long blonde locks to let them fall. Next came the towel covering her body, sliding to her feet and displaying her naked body to Danny for the first time. Cammy had the perfect athletic body. Long legs extended to the ground and ran up to give her the curviest ass Danny had ever seen. It was like her lower torso formed a tear drop the way her hips rounded out in contrast to her small waist.

From the light of the moon outside, Two dimples could be seen just above her ass crack. From the side angle, Danny could see that Cammy had a flat stomach, not muscular, just flat, a smooth stomach that could easily sag if she wasn’t careful to stay in shape. Also impressive was Cammy’s breasts, at the very least they were a D cup. Gravity made them hang low, Danny’s own breasts ached at the thought of them bouncing after leaping in the air to spike a ball. Danny stared in awe at the curvy athlete, imagining how fun it would be to see it exposed in public.

Cammy rifled through her closet and reached inside to pull out a small hanger. Danny was surprised when they saw that on the hanger was a black lace bra and a black garter belt. Apparently she wasn’t going to bed. Danny hoped that maybe she would be going out if she was dressing so fancy. Taking lingerie off the hangar, Cammy lifted her right foot to step into the garter belt and then the left to pull it up her hips. Once they rested comfortably around her hourglass figure, she put the straps of her bra around each arm and lifted her breasts into the tight fitting cups, pushing them against her chest as the lacey prison held them up.

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