Cindy Ch. 06

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I woke to the sound of a strangers voice and the feel of a sleder hand that was running up and down the length of cock.

“Go ahead, feel free to have a good feel, my boys to tired to wake up, he’s been fucking me and Claire all day, the randy bastard” mum said somewhere off to my right.

I decided to keep my eyes closed, just to see what mum was up to.

“Oh god it’s so big” the female voice said. “How could you fit such a large penis like this inside you”.

Whoever this female was, her voice was full of surprise as well as shock, not to mention praise for mum.

“Just like I said, at first it wasn’t easy, to tell you truth, it hurt like hell but you get use to it, I won’t need dad anymore that’s for sure” I heard Claire say.

“And I always thought you hated your brother” the female said.

“Hell no, ever since I saw Ryan naked at the age of fifteen, standing in front of the mirror admiring himself, I’ve been in love with him….and that big cock of his” Claire said surprising the hell out of me.

“Mmmm….mmmmm….mmmmmmmmmm” I moaned, pretending to shift my weight so that I was lying on my back properly.

“Good lord…….look how it stands up in mid-air, I’ll be sore for weeks if Donald had a cock like this” the female voice said.

“Suck it and see if you can take it all down your throat” Claie said, her voice getting closer.

“Won’t he wake up”.

“I’ve suck my brother off so many times in the past…..he’s never woken once” Claire said letting me in on a secret I never knew.

Before I could think of what she said, the mouth that belonged to the voice slowly slid over the gland of my cock, inching my cock slowly into her mouth and down her throat.

I opened my eyes very slightly and looked at the face that belong to the voice. She must of been in her late thirties, jet black long hair that must of went at least down to the middle of her back. Long eyelashes and she wore rosey red lipstick. Her eyes were closed as her head slowly bobbed up and down on my cock. I closed my eyes when I let out a moan when I felt the tip of my cock push it’s way further down her throat.

“Don’t worry….he always starts to moan like that….it means his enjoying it…..he properly cum soon” mum said when I felt this woman’s head stop and look up at me.

“You never told me that you’ve been sucking him off as well” Claire said.

“Only on the nights you weren’t dear…..take your knickers Marge and see if your cunt can take it” mum said.

“Who said I wear knickers Shell” the woman said.

I heard the shuffling of material and pressure slowly being applied to the couch I was lying on. Whoever this Marge person was, she was wet, my cock sliding easily into her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm…….very…..nice…..oh…..god…..he’s……big” Marge moan as she slid up and down on my cock.

“Mmmmmm…….aaaaahhhhhh” I moaned thrusting my hips upwards.

I reached out and grabbed Marge’s hips, bringing her down on top of me forcefully so that my cock was buried deep inside Marge’s pussy.

“Oh….fucken hell” Marge whispered sitting very still on top of me.

Marge was trembling slightly and was panting heavily as she sat very still on top of me. I pushed and pulled on her hips, rocking her back and forth on my cock until she continued the motion herself. Marge now moaned louder as she rode my cock like she was riding a horse. Bucking herself back and forth as if her life depended on making herself cum. For a woman in her late thirties, she was fucken tight. Her husband Donald must of had a very small cock for her to be this tight.

“Ooooohhh….god….oooohhhhh…..god…..OOOOOHHHHH…….GOD” Marge cried as her body shook voilently on top of me, her juices flooding my cock as her orgasm took control.

When she had calmed down and her body stopped shaking, she pulled herself slowly off me, my cock making a sucking sound as it emerged from her hot pussy.

“Let’s go into the kitchen before he wakes up” mum said enthersizing the words “wakes up”.

“I can’t wait till I tell the other girls, that was brutal” Marge said I heard her say as they walked into the kitchen.

I could only hear two sets of feet walking Şirinevler Escort away from me so I slowly opened my eyes to see Claire looking down at me, a smile on her face that went from ear to ear.

“That was a good performance you gave us, pretending to be asleep while you had a woman riding your cock” Claire whispered taking my cock in her hand and stroking it gently.

“I was going to open my eyes until I heard her voice…..who is she” I replied putting my hands behind my head as Claire licked and sucked my cock clean.

“A friend” Claire replied coming up for air after deep throating my cock.

“Mmmmm….what did she mean by “I can’t wait to tell the other girls” I asked.

“Just wait and see dear brother of mine” my sister replied giving me a wicked grin as she licked the gland of my cock like it was a lollipop.

Now it didn’t long after that me to cum in her mouth as she pumped her hand up and down the shaft, sucking on the nob of my cock. When I did blow, Claire eagerly swallowed the whole entire load, sucking even harder as one hand squeezed my balls gently while her other hand squeezed the cum from out of the shaft, milking my cock for all it was worth.

“Come on, dinners ready” Claire said pushing my spent cock back into my pants.

When my sister and I walked into the kitchen, mum and Marge were setting the table. Now marge was a looker. She stood around six foot with a body of a goddess. 32C sized breasts pushing out of her tight white shirt, no bra and by what she said earlier, no knickers under a thin skirt that made it very easy to see her ass and legs when light hit it at a certain angle.

“Well we see you’re awake…..that was a fitting sleep” mum said smiling at me.

“Tight fitting” I replied smiling at Marge who went absolutely bright red.

Mum introduced me to Marge formerly and we sat down for dinner. We talked, chatted and laughed the whole way through. Marge who was sitting on my left, reached under the table quite often to run her hand over my stiff cock. The first time she did it, made me jump slightly but after she would reach under and rub her hand up and the length of my cock, giving the head a squeeze before going back to eating. Mum and my sister sat on the other side of the table. Now and again I would feel either mum’s foot or Claire’s rub up the inside of my legs. Both of them just smiled at me and Marge. I even started to wonder if mum or my sister was giving Marge the same treatment as they were giving me because Marge would slid forward in her sit now and again and moan quietly as she ate. I knew mum’s cooking was good but not that good.

After dinner we sat in the lounge sipping on glasses of wine. This was the first time mum had ever let us drink alcohol in front of her. I knew Claire drank over at Rhonda’s house with her sister Cindy while would go over to my mate’s place and drink there. Sometime I would sneak into his sister’s room and give her a quick fuck while Jason slept. His sister Terri was always willing to part her legs or her ass cheeks whenever I came in. But now I sat at home, three wonderful woman eyeing me up as we sat around and talked. Well they talked while I eyed them up anyway.

Marge would open and close her legs, giving me a perfect view of her hot pussy while mum sat with her leg over the other showing off a pair of cotton panties. Claire sat next to me in a leather mini-skirt she had changed into. The t-shirt she wore was so tight, it squeezed her breasts together, her stiff nipples poking right out of the material. Marge would look over at us when she talked but her eyes were instantly shoot down between my sister’s parted legs. It was only when I stood up to go toilet that I had the chance to see that Claire wasn’t wearing any knickers either and Marge had a perfect view of my sister’s naked pussy. Even I could see she was wet and dripping because the white material that lined the inside of her skirt was soaked around the area of her crotch.

I was enjoy a good hearty leak when the door of the bathroom opened and Marge walked. She went to the bathroom mirror and fixed her lipstick and applied a bit of face powder. The next thing I knew, her hands were sliding down the front Şirinevler Escort Bayan of stomach. She kept going, running her slender fingers through my pubic hair before wrapping themselves around the shaft of my cock. Now I love sex more than anyone, hell I had cum about nine or ten times into either mum’s or my sister’s pussies or mouths today, was I was going to let this lady down, no way, my cock got instantly hard again. With all the rubbing I was get from her hand on the outside of pants during dinner, I was ready for more action.

Marge released my cock after giving it a few strokes and grabbed my pants and yanked them down to my ankles. She then turned me around after taking my feet out of them and tossing them aside. Even though there was a few dribbles of piss in my cock, Marge hungrily sucked my cock into her mouth. Bobbing her head back and forth like there was no tomorrow. Her tongue whipped around the gland as she furiously sucked on my cock.

“Sit down” Marge said pushing me onto the toilet.

She then proceeded to do a slow striptease, humming to herself as each piece of clothing came off. Her tits were firmer than I thought, they popped out of her tight fitting bra. Her nipples were like the size of a penny, hard as rock. Her pubic mound was nearly clean shaven with only a very small triangle of black pubic hair angling up from the split of her pussylips.

The next thing she did was pounce on me like a cat. Grabbing my cock and inserting it straight into her pussy. She graoned and growled like a wild animal, thrusting herself onto my cock until it was buried deep inside her.

“Fuck me baby…..I like it rough” Marge moaned kissing me deeply, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth.

I grabbed her hips and spun us around so that she was now sitting on the toilet. I grabbed each of her stiff nipples and squeezed them hard, thrusting my cock hard into her pussy. Marge just moaned and smiled at me wickedly. Her brown eyes looked up into mine, they also had that wickedness in them too.

“You like it rough, then you’ve got it rough” I growled as I started to rammed my cock in and out of her pussy.

“OH YES…..”Marge cried out, spreading her legs wide as she held onto the back of the toilet for support as I madly pounding my cock in and out of her tight, hot pussy.

“OH FUCK ME BABY……FUCK MY PUSSY HARD……OH GOD YES……..OH THAT FEELS SO GOOD……FUCK ME……FUCK ME…..FUCK ME” Marge cried out as my cock darted in and out of her pussy.

I squeezed and pinched her nipples, making them turn dark red before digging my fingers into the flesh of her breasts. This just drove her more crazy.

“Oh baby yes….fuck me harder…..harder baby harder….fuck my pussy with that big cock….oh yeah fuck me hard” Marge moaned ramming her pussy onto my cock and meeting my thrusts halfway.

I carried on pounding her pussy. Her cries now became low moans and grunts. Her started to get watery and she started to bite her bottom lip until she finally could take it anymore and came.

“OH GOD…..OH GOD…..OH FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE” Marge cried out throwing herself towards me and wrapping her arms around my neck as her body convulsed.

She wrapped her legs around my waist to hold my cock still deep inside her hot pussy. Marge began kissing my neck and face before kissing my mouth. Her tongue darted inside my mouth to seek out mine. Her kisses were so loving like that of a teenage virgin who had just found the boy of her dreams.

“You can cum now if you want” Marge whispered as she held onto me.

With years of practice and speed, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and aimed it right for her ass. Slipping it into her before she knew what had happened. Marge let out a wail and held onto my neck tight as I pumped my cock in and out of her ass.

“Oh god…..oh….god…..fuck…..not again……nnnnooooooooo” Marge moaned kissing me madly once again as another orgasm rocked her body.

This time tears ran from her eyes and she sobbed quietly as I continued to fuck her ass.

“Cum….for……baby….please…..cum” Marge moaned.

With the feeling of her juices running through my pubic air and Escort Şirinevler over my ball, how could I let this beautiful woman down.

“You….want…it…you’ve….got….it” I moaned ramming my cock right up into her anal passage and released my hot load of cum inside her.

“I feel it baby…..I feel you cumming…cum for me….fill my ass full of cum baby….oh yeah, that the way, oh that feels good honey….oh yeah” Marge moaned as she lifted herself up and down onto me, my cock sliding easily in and out of her ass until it finally wilted enough to slip all the way out of her hot tight little ass.

Marge kissed two or three times while were dressing and held my hand as we walked back down to the lounge. To our surprise, mum and Claire were in the 69 position, hungrily sucking and licking at each others pussy. Marge and I sat on the other couch together and watched the show mum and Claire were giving us. Mum of course came first and Claire came afterwards with a bit of help from mum’s fingers which were planted firmly in my sister’s ass.

After that, we all sat around drinking wine talking about sex and our favourite position and how many boys and girls mum and my sister have had. Mum commented on the size of cocks the boys had but also said that none of them came close to the size I had, she really knew how to inflate my ego.

“To be honest, your sons cock is the biggest I have ever had, it even started to make me cry because it was so big” Marge said giving cock another squeeze on the outside of my pants.

“Well if you keep that up, you get again before you go home tonite” I said jokingly as I ran my hand up the inside of her thighs until my fingers came incontact with her pussy.

“If you can make me cum like you did tonight, I’ll let you fuck me anytime you like, hell I’ll even pay you for your time, I know young kids like you need money for school these days and I’ve got plenty of it” Marge joked back.

“Okay make it three hundred and you’ve got yourself a deal” I joked back at her as my fingers massaged her clit.

To my surprise, mum and my sister looked at us, shock written all over their faces.

“Deal” Marge said kissing me deeply to seal the bargan.

There was complete silence for a few minutes until Marge said “I need another fuck, which way is it to the bedroom”.

“This way” I said pulling Marge up off the couch and led her towards the stair again.

I stopped and looked over to mum and my sister who were watching Marge and I.

“Want to come and watch mum” I asked smiling at her.

“If this was going to be a family affair they might come and enjoy themselves as well” I thought to myself as I lead Marge up the stairs and into my bedroom.

“Do alot of video taping” Marge asked when she saw all my camera equipment.

“Yep, mainly school functions” I replied smiling at mum and Claire who stood by the door.

Most of my camera’s faced my bed and when Marge saw that, the wicked look reappeared on her face again.

“Tape us doing it” Marge said undressing quickly and laying herself on the bed, spreadeagle.

I got mum and Claire to grab a camcorder each and made sure there were spare tapes in them before I made sure my big camera had tape in it and was rolling before I undressed and climbed onto the bed with Marge.

We shot me fucking Marge from all angles. Mum and Claire got close ups of my cock plunging in and out of Marge’s pussy and ass while she was on her hands and knees. I got Marge into as many different positions as I knew and a few that I didn’t thanks to her. Marge was cumming harder with every orgasm she had, bucking wildly about on the bed as I plunged my cock in and out of her pussy or ass. In the end when it came my turn to finally cum, mum disappeared into the lounge and grabbed our wine glasses and another bottle of wine. Mum made me blow my load of cum into a half glass of wine and gave it to Marge to drink. Marge slowly drank it down for the cameras and made a show of my whits milky cum sliding from the glass and into her mouth, where she swallowed the entire load.

It was about two thirty in the morning before we called it a night and Marge left. Marge kissed me many times on the lips and promise to visit real soon. In the morning I found an envolope with a pair of dark red lipstick lips on it with my name under it underneath a glass of cold white wine, inside it was six hundred dollars and a note saying “Thank you for a night to remember”. And man, was it a night to remember all right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32