Cleveland Rocks! Ch. 01

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Jodi popped awake and rolled over to look at the clock. 5:30 a.m. Way too early to get up. Unfortunately she was far too excited to go back to sleep. She looked over at Dan, who was snoring softly. Jodi briefly entertained the idea of waking him up with a nice long blowjob, but she figured she would let him get his rest.

“He’s gonna need it tonight!” Jodi thought to herself as she quietly got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom with thoughts of the evening dancing wickedly in her mind. Several hours and a few temper tantrums from her children later, Jodi was still imagining what was going to happen that evening. She’d been waiting for months to see them again. To see her again. Feeling her naked body and licking her all over.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Dan, interrupting Jodi’s erotic daydream. He stood in front of the sink, rinsing off the lunch dishes.

“Oh, nothing,” said Jodi with a mischievous little gleam in her eye. “What are you thinking about?”

Dan smiled back at her. “Um, you getting screwed hard tonight.”

“Shhhh,” hissed Jodi, hitting Dan on the arm. “The kids will hear.”

“Sorry.” Dan resumed his washing of the lunch plates. “So, do you think they’re here yet?”

“Good question,” answered Jodi, putting some glasses away. “With the weather like this, I’m not sure how long it will take them to drive up here.” Both slowly drifted back into thinking about the events of later that evening. Dan certainly found it hard to concentrate on mundane tasks when he knew how hot it would get later that cold January evening. After getting the kids to take a rest, he sat down to watch some television. He found himself simply flipping through the channels, not really concentrating on what was on. Who could concentrate on a silly show when thought of breasts and pussies kept popping up in his head? After twenty minutes or so of channel surfing, Dan looked around and noticed that Jodi was no longer downstairs. He turned off the t.v. and went upstairs to see what she was doing. He found her in the tub, shaving her legs. Dan just watched her from the bathroom doorway for a while, staring at her large breasts and catching glimpses of her pussy every once in a while. Finally, Jodi noticed him standing there.

“Wanna join me?” shed asked. “The water feels really nice.”

“Nope. Just going to watch for a while.”

“Where are the kids?”

“Sleeping,” said Dan. “But not for much longer. It’s already,” he glanced at the clock, “3:30. Do you think they’re here yet?”

“Yes,” said Jodi, standing up and getting out of the tub. “Could you hand me that towel?”

“Sure,” said Dan, handing it to her. “How do you know?”

“Oh, I called the hotel and talked to them,” said Jodi, as she dried herself off and then walked into the bedroom. Dan followed and noticed that she had laid out a nice outfit to wear, a nice long skirt and tight beige sweater. Dan couldn’t help but noticed the little thong panties also lying on the bed. Jodi went back into the bathroom to powder and put on her makeup.


“Isn’t it kinda early to be getting ready?” asked Dan. “My mom isn’t getting here until sometime close to 7:00.” Jodi didn’t answer. She simply finished putting on her eyeliner and applied some other dabs of creams or goo or other substance that Dan knew nothing about. After several minutes she walked out and began to slide her little black thong panties up her legs.

“Did you hear me?” asked Dan.

“Yes,” said Jodi, as she pulled on a bra to cover her large breasts.


“And, I don’t think its too early at all,” said Jodi as she buttoned her long green skirt around her waist. Dan really liked the look, and it brought back memories of their first time at a swingers club when she fucked another guy.

“So, should I get ready too?’ said Dan, wondering if he should wear anything other than a button down shirt and nice pair of jeans.

“Why?” asked Jodi, coming out of her closet holding her little black boots.

“Well, because you got ready and don’t think its too early, so I guess I should too.”

“But you’re not going anywhere right now,” said Jodi as she put on her watch and went back into the bathroom to comb her long black hair.

“Um, no,” said Dan, feeling rather confused. “Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes,” said Jodi as she came back out to stand in front of Dan. “How do I look?”

“Gorgeous,” said Dan, staring at his wife and thinking how much he’s like to rip her clothes off right then. “But, where are you going?”

Jodi smiled again. “To pay off your bet,” she said. “Where else?”

“Huh?” was all Dan could say as Jodi gave him a little peck on the cheek. “Bet?”

“Oh come on. You bet and Pendik Escort lost, fair and square. Now I’m going to make the payment.” Jodi smiled and walked down the stairs. “I’m not sure when I’ll be back. Hopefully in a few hours.”

Dan just stood at the top of the stairs and thought about how lucky Jack was. Two hot horny big titted women were going to make every fantasy come true for him.

“Be good,” Jodi said, grabbing the car keys off the hook.

“You too,” said Dan, wondering what was going to happen and when she would be back.

“Oh I doubt that,” said Jodi, laughing. “I’ll see ya later honey!”

And with that, she was out the door. Dan heard the garage door open and after a few moments, his car engine rev to life. She was really going to do it. She was going to meet Jack and Stacey and have sex with them. By herself. All because of that bet.

Lucky bastard.

He couldn’t wait to hear all the details when she got back.

Then it would be time for round two.

1st Verse

Dan looked at the clock. 6:15. He’d looked at it at 6:14. And at 6:12. And at 6:09. In fact, Dan could do little else but check the clock and think. Fantasize. Wonder. What was she doing? What were they doing? What were they doing to her? The wait was, for all intents and purposes, killing him. She hadn’t called. He had no idea when she would be back. His mom had called at 5:50 and asked whether he still wanted her to come by at 7:00. Jodi wasn’t home, so Dan told her that 7:30 might be better. He hoped.


At 6:53 Dan heard the garage door open. He’d already fed the kids and was considering running a bath for them when she finally returned.


Dan literally ran down the stairs to see Jodi. She walked in the door saw Dan and smiled. He just watched as she casually took off her coat and hung it up in the closet. Jodi then walked over to a cabinet, took out a glass, went to the sink, and filled it with water. She turned and slowly drank, staring at her husband through the bottom of the glass.

“Well?” said Dan.

“Well, what?” answered Jodi, putting the cup down on the counter.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?”

“Is your mom here yet?”


“What are the kids doing?”

“Watching t.v. Why are you changing the subject? I’m dying here!”

Jodi smiled and walked out of the kitchen. “Well come upstairs with me and I’ll tell you before you expire!” The two went upstairs and into their bedroom. Dan plopped down on the bed and waited anxiously for Jodi to go over the events of the last few hours.

“Do you mind if I shower first?” Jodi asked innocently as she let her skirt drop to the floor. Dan could see that her thong was completely soaked.

“Yes!” was all Dan could say.

“O.K.” said Jodi, “I guess I could fill you in on a few details.

“Thank you,” said Dan. “Hurry because the monsters will be in here soon.”

“Well, then you would just have to wait a little longer,” said Jodi, smiling and rubbing the front of her panties.

“J-iiiiillll,” said Dan.

“Sorry. Sorry.” Jodi walked over to Dan and stood in front of him, making sure that he saw just how wet her pussy was. “Well let me see. I left here and drove over to the hotel. I was really nervous. I’m not sure why, probably because you weren’t with me. The drive seemed to last forever. I probably should have had a glass of wine before I left, but the look on your face was priceless when I walked out.

So, I got to the hotel and parked. I sat in the car for a few minutes to collect myself. I looked in the mirror, put on some lipstick, talked to myself to calm down, then went in. Jack gave me the room number – 215. It was weird walking into the lobby. Like I was a call girl or something going to meet my ‘date’ for the evening. I thought everyone was looking at me but I was probably imagining it.”

Dan shifted uncomfortably on the bed. He could feel himself getting hard already, and Jodi hadn’t even gotten into the real details!

“I walked up the stairs in the hotel and down the hallway to their room. I think I almost turned around I was so nervous. But, I went up and knocked. Jack opened the door. You should have seen him! His whole face lit up like he was about to open a birthday present! Well, I guess he was going to open a present. Anyway, Jack gave me a big hug and led me into the room. He insisted on taking my coat. He was such a gentleman. Stacey was sitting on the bed. She had on a sexy little black skirt and a tight red silk top. Very nice. Her face lit up too when she saw me. She came over and gave me a huge hug. It was really nice. I felt really comfortable and not nervous being there with them.

“Jack asked me Anadolu Yakası Escort if I wanted a drink or anything. They had a bottle of white zinfandel, so I told them I would love a glass. Well, a little plastic cup full. Soon we were drinking and catching up. We talked about kids, their drive up to Cleveland, and all sorts of general stuff. We must have talked for about 30 minutes or so. We were all kind of avoiding things. It was kind of funny, looking back at it. I was starting to get buzzed off the wine though. We started laughing about something and pretty soon I couldn’t stop. They both said that my face turned beet red. I was crying and laughing so hard that I almost peed in my pants. I don’t even remember what set me off now. All I know is that I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. I think Jack and Stacey were laughing at me because I was laughing so hard.

“I calmed down after a while. We were just talking again. I think Jack was getting antsy. Finally he just blurted out that he wondered if he could at least see a repeat of what we did at the club. I guess he was getting tired of us kind of delaying things. Stacey and I were sitting together on the bed and after he said that we just kind of looked at each other. I don’t know who moved first, but soon we were kissing each other. Softly at first, but soon we were kissing deeply. Some nice French kissing. She has an amazing tongue. And I mean amazing! But I’m getting ahead of myself. We were kissing and started running our hands over each other’s bodies. She was massaging my breasts and then she began pulling my clothes off. It was really hot. I could see Jack out of the corner of my eye. He just had this huge silly grin on his face. And a big lump in his pants. Stacey stripped off my shirt and then reached around and undid my bra. She started kissing and sucking on my naked breasts. I almost came just from that. It felt sooooo good. She told me to stand up and ran her hands up my legs and thighs. When she finally got to my thong she began to rub my ass and my pussy. I was getting really wet. She unbuttoned my skirt and let it drop to my feet. Then she started kissing my thighs. Slowly moving higher and higher. By the time she finally got to my pussy again I think I was whimpering! God, I wanted to feel her lips and tongue on me. Licking my clit. I was really, really wet. She licked and kissed me with my panties still on. Running her tongue over the silk. Then she slid them down. She pushed me back on the bed. Here I was naked in their room and both of them were still dressed! She spread my legs and just started licking me. I was getting hotter and hotter. God, her tongue was on my clit and deep in my pussy. I just started cumming and moaning. I had a HUGE orgasm from that.”

Dan found himself stroking his own hard cock in his pants. He could only imagine how hot the scene was. Jodi naked on the bed with a fully clothes Stacey licking her pussy! “So, what happened next?”

“Well, I just lay there for a while. I was so drained that I couldn’t move. A few minutes later, Stacey moved up and lay next to me. She asked me if I was o.k. I said, ‘Oooohhhhh yeah.’ Stacey giggled. I think she was concerned about, uh, doing it right. She sure did! I rested for a few minutes and then told her that it was my turn. I sat up and pulled her into a sitting position. Then I pulled her shirt off. I started massaging her big tits. She rally has a nice body. I started kissing and licking her with her bra still on. She immediately started moaning softly. I reached around and undid her bra and took it off of her. I just stared at her breasts for a minute and then started to caress and lick them again. Every once in a while I would move up and we would start kissing again. Our breasts would rub together. My nipples were getting really hard and I was getting quite wet again. I couldn’t believe how horny I was making out with her. She was really starting to get into it too, so I stood her up and pulled her skirt down. She had these cute little white thong panties on. I pulled those down too and pushed her back down on the bed. I spread her legs apart and began kissing up her thighs. I got to her pussy and began licking her. She tasted very good. I was licking and sucking and nibbling on her clit. As I was sucking on her clit I started to put some fingers into her pussy too. She really started moaning when I did that. Can you picture it Dan? I was licking Stacey’s clit as I shoved two fingers deep into her pussy. It was really freakin’ hot. Stacey was moaning and I knew that she was close. “

“D-did you make her cum?” croaked Dan. He was almost in agony because his cock was so hard.

Jodi smiled. “Well, yes, but not right then. I had an idea and a fantasy that I wanted to fulfill, İstanbul Escort first.”

“What do you mean?” asked Dan.

“Well, as Stacey and I were doing it, I told her to move up on the bed. She moved to the top of the bed and I got o, kneeling between her legs. My ass was in the air, and I spread my legs a bit. I sucked on Stacey’s clit for a bit and then turned to Jack. I said, ‘How about we really pay off that bet and you stick your cock into my pussy right now?’ He looked at me for second. I don’t think he quite understood what I said and he just stood there with this blank expression on his face. I said, ‘don’t you want to fuck me?’ That seemed to snap him out of it. You would have been impressed with how fast he was out of his clothes and behind me. I was so wet that his cock just slid right in. It felt awesome. Nice and big and thick. God, he started pumping into me and I went back to licking Stacey’s pussy. She was watching what Jack was doing and I think she really got excited watching her husband fucking my pussy. It was quite a scene. It was hard for me to keep licking Stacey because Jack started pounding into me from behind. He grabbed my hips and slammed his cock in and out of me. I was thrusting my fingers back into Stacey’s pussy and licking and she was moaning louder and louder. It was all way too hot because I started to cum again pretty quickly. I’m not sure, but I think I started to cum before Stacey did, but suddenly she started screaming that she was cumming too. Two screaming women must have been too much for Jack because he said that he was gonna cum. I told him to shoot his cum deep in my pussy. That must have really set him off and I could feel him spurting deep inside me. I had another smaller orgasm feeling him cum in me and I just collapsed onto Stacey. I think she was still coming down from her orgasm too. Jack came so hard that he kinda of pulled out of me and fell onto the floor. I think he was saying ‘Oh my God’ as he lay there.”

“Wow,” was all Dan could say. He was speechless. Horny and speechless. Extremely horny and speechless.

“Yeah, you can say that again. We all lay there for a while, but I started, um, leaking, so I asked Jack if he could get me a towel or something. He laughed and said sure. I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to get up at first. He was really wobbly. But he made it to the bathroom and got me a hand towel. We just kinda sat and didn’t say much. I guess we were all basking in post-orgasmic bliss for a bit. Stacey and I sat on the bed and Jack just sat back down on the floor. I was exhausted. We were talking and Stacey started running her hand up and down my leg really lightly. I was still very sensitive and I shuddered a bit as she caressed me. I’m not even sure what we talked about other than how hot that was, and how upset you would be to have missed it.”

“I can’t believe I missed that,” said Dan. He had unbuttoned his own pants to free his cock and was pumping it.

“Hey, none of that mister,” said Jodi as she reached over and stopped Dan from rubbing himself. “You need to be ready to go for later.”

Dan reluctantly stopped. “So, did anything else happen?”

“Well, Stacey was rubbing my leg and Jack was sitting on the floor kind of dazed. She has really soft hands and a very soft touch. I couldn’t believe it but I was starting to get horny again. I started rubbing her legs too. The Stacey said that she had a question to ask me. I told her sure. She asked if it was really my fantasy to be licking a woman’s pussy while being fucked from behind. I said it was a big one for me. So she said she had a fantasy that she wanted to fulfill. I asked her what it was. She said that she had always wanted to lick Jack’s cum out of another woman’s pussy. I just smiled and laid back on the bed. I told her that I was here to please them. She crawled between my legs and began to lick me again. It felt really good. She was moaning and licking me. Jack’s cum and my juices. Can you picture that Dan?”

“Oh yeah. Now that is really hot and dirty!”

“Yep. I think Jack’s eyes almost popped out of his head as he watched her licking me. She was sliding her fingers into my pussy and nipping my clit too. I started getting into it again and was moaning. Stacey was moaning too and I saw Jack had buried his face into her pussy and ass. He was licking her as she was licking me. Again, I think we came at about the same time. It wasn’t as big as the other orgasms I had, but it sure felt good. Stacey kind of rolled off of me and I said, ‘no more!’ She said the same thing. Jack was just smiling and sitting there. He was in heaven.”

“So what else happened.”

“Well, I looked at the clock and saw how late it was, so I pulled my clothes back on and we talked about when we would all meet up for dinner.”

“All of us,” asked Dan, not sure if he could survive being left out again.

Jodi kissed him deeply. “All of us. Now I’m going to go shower. You check on the kids and think about what Stacey and I are gong to do to you tonight!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32