Climbing Ayers Rock – Uluru

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Ayers Rock – Uluru – wasn’t somehow the way I had imagined it. It was big sure, but it didn’t tower over the landscape surrounding it, it just sat there like something sleeping. Curled up on the desert among the Spinifex and the dusky green clumps of grevillea and small shaggy desert oaks. Around its base taller twisted oak trees grew in its shady nooks and crannies.

The rock was red, the dirt was red, everything was red – except the vegetation.

“It changes colour,” Gerry was saying enthusiastically, “During the day, all the time. Sunrise and sunset are the most spectacular changes; we’ll see that this evening. And I’ve booked us on the bus for the sunrise viewing.”

We stood at the base of the rock where the climb began. But at the start of the climb there were far too many plaques put up to commemorate people who had lost their lives trying to reach the top. Jeezus, I thought, looking at them.

“I think I’ll give it a miss,” I said to Gerry. My feelings only confirmed by looking up and not being keen on the slope and the thick chain the climbers were pulling themselves up with. It was a long steep climb and a hot day.

“But that’s one of the highlights of this trip David, climbing the Rock. I mean it’s probably the highlight,” he said looking up with that awed gaze he always got at monuments. I could tell. We’d been to a lot of monuments, both natural and man made.

“Definitely,” I said in my positive voice. No way was I killing myself climbing a big red rock whatever it was called.

“You’re sure? I mean it’s an experience. You’ll miss it, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he wheedled, though he only looked at me briefly with his big soulful eyes, his mind already straining upwards as his legs were preparing to do.

I’d also miss one chance of dying high up I thought. “No. You go, you’ll get there faster without me anyway,” I said trying to sound as if it was nothing.

Gerry’s gaze was already fixed back on the challenge and he took little persuading. He certainly wasn’t going to miss out on reaching the top of Ayers Rock just because I was being unadventurous.

I watched Gerry stand for a moment at the base sizing the climb up, and then he was off, long strides high stepping him up that first steep bit to the chain. A scrawny looking European couple were right behind him, a huge camera bag bouncing on the guys skinny backside.

Gerry had some kind of weird natural affinity for wiry outdoor European couples. They often appeared at our dinner table where the three of them would regale each other with the gory details of month long jungle treks where the size of both the blisters and local insects seemed to predominate as topics of conversation. I had no doubt him and the couple climbing behind him would be firm friends by the time he returned to the hotel.

I got back onto the air-conditioned coach and enjoyed a cool if dull ride around the base of the rock. I was curious about what may have gone on at the closed off aboriginal men’s sacred sites. Some were initiation sites, including one in the caves at the foot of the huge erect penis like slab of split rock clinging tightly to the side of the main body of Uluru – Ayers Rock. Unfortunately our guide was uncommunicative when I asked for details.

I wondered too how the aboriginals had got the big white figure drawn in the recess high up at the other end of the rock. But I wasn’t really interested enough to press for information.

Back at the hotel it was still early and breakfast time for some of the tourists and I wandered out to the poolside and ordered a coffee and sat under the white sails drinking it. Some sundried and over browned local was regaling anyone who’d listen with stories of his days shooting Camels in the desert and I gazed about idly happy to do nothing for the day.

We’d climbed Kings Canyon the day before and wandered around Alice Springs the day before that, so I knew I gaziantep escort didn’t need any more exercise. Well not that kind. The other kind of exercise had been in short supply the last couple of weeks and I was starting to notice it. Definitely starting to notice it I realised, my attention suddenly latching onto a rather handsome guy sitting alone at a small table nearby.

Bloody climbing I thought; for a moment remembering the sight of Gerry’s arse determinedly making its way up the path to the chain. And it was a moment before I refocused and found I had been staring at the stranger and that he was smiling right back at me. His smile gave me a nice jag in my arousal department. Then I looked away. It was nice to be noticed but I was faithful, well I didn’t fuck outside marriage as Gerry put it. He didn’t, I didn’t, we were both just like that and we liked barebacking each other knowing it was safe. Which didn’t mean there hadn’t been an occasional something, but always short of the real thing.

Then the handsome stranger suddenly got up and came over to my table.

“Hi, I’m Max,” he said in a nice American drawl, “So you aren’t taking in any sights today?”

Up close he looked even better, and he stroked his shorts up high and smiled.

“No. No. And you?” I asked, obviously staring, quite aware that he was interested and had something pretty sizeable on offer.

The camel shooter was still droning on loudly about Camels being feral.

“No, I stayed home today,” he smiled, “I’m not really into outdoor exercise, especially in this heat. I’m more of an indoor exercise man. What about you, do you fancy indoor exercise, um. .? ” he trailed off obviously fishing for my name.

“David,” I offered, “Um, yes, I like both,” I said weakly, knowing I felt horny but still not sure how far I wanted to go. Feeling as if Gerry was watching me from somewhere high on the rock.

But I was also annoyed with Gerry, there hadn’t been any decent sex since we’d left home two weeks before. Sure he’d tried the night before, but he’d fallen asleep while we were still kissing and playing about, and that had left me even more annoyed with him.

“So, wanna come back to my room for . .some exercise?” he asked fixing me with his smile.

He was making me hot, it was hot. “I don’t know,” I said, moving in my chair my cock filling enough to need relocating to be comfortable . “My partners climbing the rock and I ‘m not sure when he’ll be back.” If I was going to mess about I sure didn’t want Gerry walking in on us or coming looking for me, and I was a bit shocked at how easily I was letting myself be drawn into considering going with Max..

“Oh,” he gave me a sharp look, “Well if he’s climbing the rock he wont be back till after 11.30. Plenty of time,” he said. It was just gone 9am. “My parties due back earlier,” he added cooly, looking about the pool at what else was available, giving me the message that if I didn’t take up his offer quickly he’d take it elsewhere.

My excitement at the thought of some decent action was making me harder while my annoyance with Gerry and my general horniness, added to the threat of seeing Max walk away, combined to undermine my resistance.

“Sure,” I’d made up my mind, “why not.” I surprised myself and nearly blocked out the gremlin in my head yelling ‘hey you’re planning on being unfaithful to Gerry’. Instead I thought back ‘Ten whole years I’m faithful, and once I’m not.’

Max’s room was bigger than ours, with a wide view to the rock itself. “Great room. . ., ” I started to say, but he had his mouth on mine and his pants unzipped and was pulling my hand to his growing cock before I could get the words out.

I had only touched Gerry’s and mine for so many years that they had worn grooves in my fist and my fingers flicked and stroked them with the expertise born of years of experience. I felt momentarily lost as my hand tried to come to terms with this new piece of meat, that didn’t fit, and I felt like laughing.

The kiss was quickly over. Then I was vaguely wondering how many hands he had as I felt my own pants fall free and his right hand was massaging my left butt cheek. Part of me wanted things to slow down, but the horny unfucked for a fortnight part was only too happy to cooperate.

“Hmm,” he grunted, “head down,” he said pushing my head down and I knelt in front of him and got lost working the long thick piece he had.

It was standing strongly, slightly curved to his belly and I started playing my tongue and mouth over his cap while my fingers went to his balls. He pushed his tool down with one hand and grasped the back of my head with the other. He knew what he wanted.

He knew exactly what he wanted and I was pulled along by his insistence, satisfying his need. He had a firm hold on my head and I had no choice but to try swallowing him as he pushed his hips forward and forced himself in further.

He was soon moaning. “Oh yes,” and groaning, “That’s great,” as I gagged and sucked on what he was feeding me, as he fucked my face.

Then he pulled out and was pulling me up and gave me a brief kiss. “Hey now the main event,” he said with a gleaming white toothy grin and I was being propelled back onto the long mirror backed dresser.

“I like to watch,” he said as he stripped off my pants and lubed me up. “You like to watch a nice big cock plowing you Dave?” he asked as he dropped his own pants and kicked them off.

Dumb question I managed to think as I widened my legs and eased my butt up on the dresser and rolled my hips under. I was leaning back on the bench and the long mirror at an angle, so Max was quarter turned to the mirror and he had my legs arranged so I could see his fingers pushing at my hairy arse and he could see everything in the mirror too.

He wrapped a hand about my cock and I was begging, “God do it. Do it,” It was a long time since I had felt so ready. “Yes, yes,” I gasped as he worked his fingers into me and spread me, me still gasping he was going so quick and even his strong thick fingers were making me open more than I did for Gerry when he fucked me.

He was doing a magic job on my tool too, his thumb working about my head, his fingers applying pressure just right. “Yes, hey fuck me,” I was grunting. And he did.

“Nice tight arse,” he said, “real nice,” I felt his fingers leaving me and looked and saw his purple cap pushing at my entrance and I wanted it inside me. I moved my hips to him and widened my thighs making it easier for him, but still whimpering as he worked in.

“Hey yes,” he grunted, and as he penetrated halfway into me I shot off , sending cream over my belly and thighs. But I continued to moan as I got my breath back and he worked his tool up in to me. I couldn’t remember if I had ever had anything so big trying to fit in me before, it sure didn’t feel like it. When he finally had it all in I was gasping with the strain and totally stuffed. It took a few moments for me to adjust to him then I still gasped and whimpered when he started to fuck me.

I was moaning and moving my hips to match Max’s rhythm when I suddenly saw Gerry’s distressed face, and realised with a stab of regret that I loved him but could never again look him in the eyes and say I’d always been faithful to him. The thought hardly lasted a moment before I nearly got lost again in the great fucking I was getting. But it was a while before I completely lost myself again, Gerry’s distressed look had taken the edge off me and I knew he was worth a dozen Max’s.

Max not only had technique and a huge tool he had stamina. I was moaning loudly and rehardened when he finally came inside me. I got my breath for a moment as he pulled out and stripped off the condom. Now it was my turn I thought. I took him by the shoulders and wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him close to me and into a kiss.

Max pulled back, “Hey man, I’m not into kissing much, just sex,” he said, and I was a bit disappointed but needed to take my turn with him too much to worry about anything else.

I turned Max and pushed him forwards; down along the bench I’d been lying back on before. He put up some resistance but I held him down, pushing his thighs apart with one of mine and wrapping my other leg around his free one. Then I was running two fingers into his entrance. He’d made it clear we were no more than two males getting our rocks off and I was back in full heat now and had no problem with it being like that.

Max’s resistance let up as I finger fucked him and then he groaned, “Hey, yes”. I knew I had the right technique for him after all, and in a little while I was in and plowing him, first with shallow strokes then deeper ones and he was moaning and rocking his hips in time with mine. We both grunted and moaned as I showed him I had a bit of stamina too before I finally pulled out and came in the small of his back. He stroked himself off with a grunt .

A few moments after he’d come Max stood up and said “Thanks man, time to clean up now. Gotta look fresh for the family.”

He handed me my clothes and it was obvious he wanted me dressed and out of there.

I didn’t argue even though it would only have taken a moment to wash the cumm off before I dressed. I returned to my room feeling that I’d missed something. But physically I felt very well satisfied and mellow so that after I ‘d showered I lay down and was asleep in moments. I woke to a buzzing noise and it took a few rings before I realised it was the hotel phone.

“Is that David X?” a man’s voice asked.

“Yes,” I replied sleepily.

“It’s Jack the manager here, you’re sharing your room with Gerry Y are you?”

“Yes,” I answered, something suddenly starting to crawl up my spine. “Yes has something happened?”

“If you can just come to reception sir.” Jack replied calmly.

“Tell me. . . ,” I started to say then just threw the phone down and took off.

All sorts of things were going through my head and the sight of the memorial plaques at the start of the climb up the rock was just one of them.

There’d been an accident they said and a car took me to the clinic next to the police station. I was shaking by now and feeling guilty. God was I feeling guilty, this would never have happened I kept thinking irrationally, if I hadn’t been fucking Max. Gerry was going to die because I’d been horny and fucked some oversexed yank.

In a flood of relief that Gerry was alive I was allowed in to see him. He looked deathly pale lying on the examination table. And bruised and cut. He looked over at me and suddenly we were both crying and I had a hold of his hand and he was mumbling incoherently.

“It’s Ok,” I said firmly, “Its OK, you’ll be fine.” I talked reassuringly having no idea what had happened, just incredibly relieved he was alive and conscious..

“I slipped. I was taking a photo for them, at the top, and I stepped back and I slipped. I thought I was going to die Dave. I did. I just felt empty, then I saw you and my hand caught in a crack in the rock, ” he managed to get out between gasps and sobs.

Then he held up his damaged hand and I wished he hadn’t, even roughly bandaged it was obvious it was a mess. And I could see the camera bag bouncing on the wiry Europeans backside at the start of the climb and could picture exactly what had happened. And wouldn’t have if I had been there.

Then the ambulance was ready to take him to the plane to Alice Springs and I was ushered out of the room while they got him ready. The wiry European couple were huddled together in the waiting room and looked up as I entered.

“He stepped back and just slid off the rock – taking our photos,” the husband stammered. “Its very smooth and curved, he just disappeared over the edge. But we got a rope and I . . . .

He talked on but I wasn’t listening any more. Inside I knew just when Gerry had stopped falling.

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