CLUB SEX 3 – The 28yo

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CLUB SEX 3 – The 28yo

Well here I am again, at the club waiting for the show to start. You can feel the anticipation from everyone as they get ready for what he hoped would be another great show. As always I made sure to look around and take note of any girl that happens to look my way. There were some hot women here. The turnout wasn’t as large as last time but there were still 25 – 30 people here.

Tonight’s show was a 28yo very beautiful; she had long black hair, about a C-cup breast size, and a beautiful ass, and was about 5’6” tall. Since I never know the star of the shows name I just call her Star.


The door opened and they brought her out. There were 5 men carrying her, 1 on each arm, 1 on each leg, and 1 supporting her back. She was already naked and was kicking and screaming out “LET ME GO, GOD DAMN IT!!!! LET ME THE FUCK GO!!” It was obvious she didn’t want to cooperate. The men holding her were a lot stronger then she was, and looked like they weren’t having that hard of a time.

She was doing her best though, yanking her arms and legs, twisting her body all over, trying to get loose. She was brought over where chains were hanging down; they secured her arms first then her legs. The chains were pretty tight and she didn’t have much room to move. Her naked body was strung up spread-eagle about 2 feet off the floor.

The next thing they brought out was what they called the horse. You straddled it like you would as if you were sitting on a horse (If you know what a Sybian is, it’s the same exact thing). On the top about center was a piece sticking up, it was long and thin with the front slanting upwards. Star was slowly lowered down, till her weight was on the horse. Someone spread her pussy lips as she came down; and centered her clit right on the upraised part.

As she came down, she was begging now “Please let me go, what are doing, stop, please stop. What are you doing to me?” No one answered her, as her weight settled; her feet were still about 6 inches off the ground. 3 women were at her side now, 1 one either side gently rubbing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. The other was behind her running her hands up and down, along her back and over her ass.

Unable to move around much, Star wasn’t sure what to do. Then the machine was turned on, you could hear a low hum as it vibrated against her open pussy. Star was asking them again to stop, as soon as she felt the vibrations. “Please stop, what you’re doing, let me go. Pl pl pl please stop. What’s ha happening to me, why are you do doing this?” You could tell her body was starting to react on its own.

Star closed her eyes, and was gritting her teeth, as her whole body was shaking. The machine was turned up; she was starting to lose control. It was turned up even more, her eyes suddenly flew open. She was thrusting her hips against the horse, forcing her clit against the nub that was sticking up. It was turned up all the way; you could tell she was about to cum. She screamed out “OH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD!” Her hips were bucking hard now as her orgasm hit. You could hear the noise from the machine as it vibrated loudly.

They left her there, her body way out of control now. She was moaning loudly, as pleasure coursed through her body over and over. She came again, not being able to resist anymore she let herself go. She came again then again, 5 or 6 times, each one washing over her. You could see the horse glistening from her pussy juice. It was quite an amazing scene.

I had my cock out, which was very hard and started stroking myself. When a woman came over to me, she had to be in her mid 30’s, was wearing a nice dress and a low cut top. She pulled her dress up and mounted me, sliding her wet pussy right down my shaft. I moved her top apart more, and took her breasts out which were a nice size, and started sucking on the nipples.

She then leaned in and kissed me hotly, moaning loudly all the time. She whispered to me, your cock looked so good I needed to fuck you. My hands were all over her breasts as she kissed me again. She stopped for a second to pull her clothes off; they had started getting in the way. Then she was right back at me, sliding up and down like she was possessed. Her wet pussy was making sucking noises as she moved faster gölcük escort and faster. I was driving my hips up as she was coming down. Her voice was getting louder, saying how good my cock felt, she was getting ready to explode. I could feel her pussy throbbing, my cock was on the verge bursting, I was just about to let loose when it hit her. She screamed as her orgasm washed over her, it triggered my own and I drove deep inside her. Her body started jerking around, when she felt my hot cum spray her insides.

I happened to look around and saw; next to us on the floor 2 women were going at it, in a 69 position. They both had their arms wrapped around each other, with their hands gripping onto the other’s ass. You could hear them moaning, their hips her humping into each other’s face.

Another scene, there was a girl going at it with 3 guys, 1 was driving into her pussy, while another was pumping away at her ass, the 3rd was face fucking her. She was going crazy, as her body reached orgasm again and again.

The woman who was riding me slowly pulled off telling me that was wonderful. She went over and sat down, another woman came over to her and buried her face right between her legs sucking away at the cum filled pussy. I watched as the 2 girls on the floor started cumming, their muffled moans got loud as they hit their peak at the same time.
The 3 guys who were going at the girl switched places, the 1 that was at her head went to her pussy, while the 1 in her pussy moved to her ass, the guy who had been ass fucking her was now putting his cock into her mouth. She didn’t even pause, as she took him in.

On stage, they had pulled Star up, and was now lowering her back down. The horse had a different piece on it now, there was a good size dildo sticking straight up. The one controlling the speed of the horse, hit the button to max for about 2 seconds just before Star was guided down onto it. You could see the toy spinning like crazy. The height of the horse had been lowered and her feet were now unshackled, she was able fuck herself now. She had totally given in to her lust; you could see the look on her face was very different.

One if the girls who had been sucking on her nipples was now kissing her. Their lips locked tightly, while Star moved her body up and down. Her excitement was building up as she came again and again, each one more powerful then the one before. The machine was at full speed now; it was buried deep inside her pussy. They let her hands loose, but stood close by just in case.

Not to far away, a guy was sitting down with a girl sucking on his cock. She had the whole thing in her mouth, then started bobbing up and down. A girl was behind her with a strap-on dildo, fucking it deep into her pussy. I could see the girl in the middle cumming; she arched her back and took the guys cock deep into her throat again. The guy had hold of her head and was thrusting forward as she went down, and it looked like he was cumming right down her throat.

The large lady was there, she was on her hands and knees. There was another large woman, lying on her back while the 1st large woman sucked and licked away at her pussy. She was moaning and playing with her huge tits, while she lifted her hips up off the floor. The 1st woman had a guy behind her, shoving his cock deep in her ass. He grabbed hold of her large ass and shoved forward, filling her ass with his cum. He pulled out, his cock was slowly going down, but he moved right over to the 2nd woman and inserted it into her mouth. She greedily sucked it in, knowing what he just been doing only made her want him more.

I was hard again, and looked around. I had so many options to choose from; I looked over at a woman who must have been in her late 60’s. She had a nice of tits, that were starting to sag, but were big enough that it didn’t matter. I went right to her, when she saw me coming over a huge smile came across her face. She had been fingering herself and was very wet. I didn’t waist any time, my cock slid right in, burying myself in 1 smooth motion. The second she felt my cock deep inside her, she came. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock then I started pumping her.

I couldn’t believe the size of her massive tits, they were a lot bigger then I originally thought. My hands and mouth went right to them; they were really nice and gebze escort soft. I felt her pussy as she was massaging my cock using her muscles. It was the most incredible feeling; I plunged my cock all the way in and held it there. She worked her pussy like magic, gripping my hard staff and milking it. When I started pumping again, a young guy with a huge cock came over; the thing must have been about 12” inches long. It was like something you’d see in a porn movie, and he just stuffed it into her mouth.

I felt her go through another orgasm as she opened her mouth and took him in. I watched as he stuffed at least half of it between her stretching lips. She grabbed hold of it with both hands and started pumping him. He held the back of her head, and forced more into her mouth. She took it without much a problem, it was unbelievable. The more he got into her mouth the more she got excited. I was getting ready to cum myself; her hips were bucking up into me. She had grabbed the guy by the ass now and was actually pulling him into her. He was moaning as she took more and more of him. I started cumming, shoving my cock in, and unloading deep in her pussy. She held onto to the guy’s ass even tighter as I shot into her pussy. She went through a huge orgasm; her hips were bucking like a bronco as she twisted her body around. I pulled out slowly and made my way back to my seat; I knew I needed a break after that. She sure as hell may have been old but she was one hell of a fuck. The second I moved away, he took over, shoving that thing deep inside her, while she wrapped her legs around him.

Back on stage, Star was now on a mattress on the floor. She had a double ended dildo, going from her pussy to her ass. A woman was licking away at her clit while she moved the toy in and out. Another woman was sitting on her face, grinding her hips down against Star’s moving tongue. She was sitting facing Star’s feet, while she had one hand rubbing and pinching her own nipple, and the other reaching down playing with Star’s breasts, going back and forth from one to the other. Star had her hands on the girl’s ass, spreading her cheeks wide.

You could tell she was moving her tongue back and forth, from ass to pussy. Her heels were dug into the mattress and she was lifting her hips way up. I don’t know how these people get chosen; they always seem to find the ones who really put on a show. This woman had been so frustrated she had started to cry when she had 1st arrived, but once she came a few times she gave in. It looked now like she couldn’t get enough; her body reached its peak then would calm down just a little before climbing back up again.

That shemale was here, she was slamming her cock into some guy’s ass, while the guy she was slamming sucked off another guy. Her tits were bouncing around as she bucked into him. The big women had switched places, now the 1st one was on her back and had her pussy mashed against the other ones face, while a different guy was plunging in and of the 2nd one’s pussy. The older woman was really fucking that guy. He was rubbing her huge tits and playing with the nipples as he drove his tree trunk in and out of her.

I relaxed and watched for about an hour, it took about 30 minutes to get hard again. I was really enjoying the show. You could hear moaning all around, women and men shouting out as they reached orgasm. I don’t know how many times I heard the words, YES, OH GOD, DON’T STOP, I’M CUMMING, OR FUCK ME. From all over, I was about to get up when 2 young women, that must have been 18 or 19 came over to me.

They both attacked my cock at once, French kissing each other with my shaft in between their lips. They were beautiful, one was brunette and the other was blond. Both with similar bodies, average breast size a nice handful, with a perfect ass. They looked in great shape, no extra body fat but not to thin either. They worked well as a team, licking at all the right spots, never letting their lips part. They slowly pulled me to the floor, never once parting from shaft. Once I was down, they finally broke from their kiss. The blond lowered her dripping pussy onto my face, while the brunette guided my cock into her own wetness.

They had positioned themselves facing each other. I grabbed the blond’s ass and started massaging it. They leaned in and started kissing each other, rubbing darıca escort bayan the other ones tits at the same time. I made sure to lick her pussy and ass; I moved one of my hands over and buried my finger in her back door then homed in on her clit. She went crazy, and then yelled out “OH MY GOD YES, I’M CUMMING!” The one fucking me was cumming also; I could feel her pussy around my driving member. When the blond hit her peak, she actually sprayed out, squirting her juice all over my face.

They got up and switched places, the brunette kissing me deeply before getting into position. The blond lowered herself down me, only she guided my cock to her ass. I could see her pussy still dripping as she let her weight down. I attacked the brunette the same way I had the blond. She responded right away, forcing her pussy against my mouth. She was pretty wet also, and once I get her ass nice lubed with my tongue which didn’t take long. I drove 2 fingers in, then I was right back at her pussy. She laid down on me so she could get at her friend. She latched her mouth onto the blond’s clit and sucked while the blond bounced up and down. I could feel I was getting ready to cum, so I doubled my efforts. I let my hips force their way up as she was coming down. All 3 of us came together, the blond sprayed out all over her friends face; the brunette (just like the blond) sprayed me down. My cock was deep in her ass when I shot my load after load into her.

They slowly moved off of me, and laid down recovering. I looked back on stage; Star was alone on the mattress. She had her hand pinching away at her nipple and the other fingering herself. 2 stage guys came over; both were black and had pretty good size dicks, one got down next to her, and she mounted him without hesitation. The other guy moved in behind her and entered her ass at the same time the other guy slid into her pussy. I decided to check on the time, it was hard to believe I’d been here already for 3 hours.

Star was loving it, when one guy came, another would take his place. She was cumming hard now about every 10 minutes. The men were holding her, as they pumped load after load deep inside her. One of the guys put his cock at head her level and she took him into her mouth sucking him in nice and deep. She was telling them over and over not to stop fucking; she said how good their cocks felt. Then she would stuff the guy’s shaft back in her mouth, deep throating him in one motion.

I watched for another hour, once every other hour they would give her a 30min break. During her last break she had started masturbating, so they moved in. She was laying down on the mattress, cum dripping out of her pussy, ass, and down the side of her cheek. She was softly moaning while she rested, I had a feeling she wouldn’t be resting for long.

The sex scenes around me were pretty intense. The last 2 women I fucked were on the floor, the brunette was on all 4’s with the blond behind her licking the cum out of her hot ass, while finger fucking her at the same time. The 2 large women had split up, but were next to each other. Both had a guy in front of them fucking their huge tits, they also each had a girl between their legs, sucking away at their pussies. The shemale had a guy sucking her cock while another guy was behind her pounding away at her ass.

There were 3 girls on the floor, each was on her back and they all had a different guy from the show. You could see the guy’s asses going up and down as they pumped away, filling the girl’s pussies. The smell of sex was everywhere; just being in the room gave you erotic energy.

The woman that had been wearing the strap-on, had taken it off and was now fucking herself with the dildo. I went right over, I was about to take over for her, plunging the toy in and out. As soon as she saw me coming over, she tossed it aside and spread her legs nice and wide for me. I moved in and she guided my cock right to her hot pussy. Once I was all the way in, she wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me tight against her body. Her hot lips found mine, and her tongue flew out as our lips met. She held me tight as she fucked up into me, thrusting her hips against mine over and over. Her tight pussy gripped my cock as she came. Her body jerked around, she going through a chain of orgasms. It was obvious she had been holding back all night and was now letting loose. She was so hot; it didn’t take that long for me. I wanted it to last, but couldn’t hold back. She felt me cumming and humped up into me even harder. I cold feel her hard nipples pressing against me, as she milked me for all I was worth.

Damn what a night as always.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32