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The year is 1974. I just turned twenty and am still living at home with my parents.

I hate it. But it’s a small town and I can’t move away until September when I start my first semester at university.

I’m still a virgin.

That being said, I walk around half hard most of the time obsessing about having sex with one of the older guys I see cruising around alone in his ancient car late at night in the small town where I live.

It is the middle of one long summer.

The night is extremely hot and it’s just so humid inside. I look at my alarm clock and it tells me it’s two o’clock in the morning. I can’t stand being inside alone in my stale bedroom any longer. I have to get out to breathe some clear air and walk off the frustration I feel about this one slightly older guy I’ve been having recurring wet dreams about for weeks.

I’m about 4 blocks away from my home.

Gradually, I start to hear an old car slowly cruising up behind me.

Holy shit! It’s the guy I’ve been jerking off and fantasizing about.

I’m shocked and feel a sense of dirty, guilty pleasure knowing he and I are alone on a deserted street with no one else around at that hour of the morning.

He looks disheveled and frustrated as though he just rolled out of bed.

I guess he can’t sleep either.

He gives me a long, piercing, intense look as he makes eye contact with me in his rear view mirror. There is no question in my mind that he has hot, male, rough sex on his mind.

His car is really old – a real junker. I’m surprised it is still on the road.

He goes past me and I look at him and the car closely. Both make me half hard.

The poorly-tuned car idles very roughly as though it is about to stall out or crap out on him at any minute. It looks like a white rusted-out ’63 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door coupe. I can see worn blue fabric and vinyl upholstery inside. I can imagine how it must feel and how it must smell with his unique scent.

He continues to check me out as he cruises by.

He forgets about his car for a second and lets his foot off the gas and it almost stalls out on him right then and there.

I get even harder thinking about it and him inside all alone and lonely, just by himself. Just like me.

He keeps on slowly going past, leaving just the rumbling, throaty sound of his old rusted out muffler behind and disappears by turning a corner about 5 blocks ahead. I hear the engine stumbling and missing and laboring as he keeps on going. And then eventually nothing, silence. I keep on walking.

A few minutes later I turn a corner and he is off by the side of the road.

He is trying to start his old car. He is bent forward with his arm crooked over the steering wheel and keeps on cranking the starter. It cranks and cranks but the old car doesn’t start.

I stop for a minute behind the car. He sees me and stops, watching me out of his rear view mirror. Such a passionate look of intense concentration, need and wanting on his face. I pretend not to notice and continue walking.

He tries to start his old car once more – this time it reluctantly coughs, stumbles, starts and idles roughly again.

I’m almost up to the back of the car now. He rolls the window down on altıparmak escort the passenger side. I get up to the window and he leans over from the driver’s seat and asks me if I want to take a little late night ride with him.

I look at him closely now – he is about 28 – 29, dark hair and clean shaven, I can tell that he is hairy and well-muscled all over. I can almost taste the musk and sweat on his body. His hair is medium length and curly and he is wearing what appears to be a fresh, new white tee shirt that outlines his pecs perfectly. I look down at his blue jeans and spot a huge straining hard-on, causing a restless bulge behind the zipper of his tight fitting pants. He reaches and jerks the door handle and the door opens up. I climb in beside him.

I can feel the rough, protesting vibrations from the engine. It’s part of the excitement… not knowing if we are going to go anywhere or maybe wind up stranded in the middle of nowhere.

He has to keep his foot on the gas to nurse his old bitch of a car along in case it stalls out. He tells me that the battery is almost drained and if we stall out again, he might not be able to get his old, cock-sucking sonofabitch going again.

He has a really rough male voice, something between gritty sandpaper and smooth velvet with a hard steel edge to it underneath… he whispers to me with that voice.

He drives on with me beside him.

He talks to the car. Come on baby, don’t fuck around with your daddy, you little shit box. Keep movin’ you fuckin’ sorry little cocksucker. The way he talks to his car makes me so excited and horny that I practically cum in my pants right then and there.

We limp out of town in his old ride and as we head west, he lights up a cigarette and slouches down in the driver’s seat. He spreads his legs wide apart to make himself more comfortable and to show off his massive bulging package to me.

All the time he keeps looking at me sideways from the corner of his eye. He keeps his booted right foot on the gas pedal trying to nurse every last bit of juice out of his engine.

I can feel the car. I can feel him. I have never felt so alive.

He has one of those pine tree air fresheners dangling down underneath the dashboard under the radio between us. I can smell the scent. And I can sense every inch of him beside me as he directs his eyes ahead, concentrating on keeping his ride going.

I reach over to turn on the radio.

He reaches over and gently puts his hand on my arm. An intense electrical shock goes through my entire body. “You don’t want to do that,” He says. “Might drain the battery even more… and I don’t know if the damned alternator is workin’ that good or not.”

A couple of minutes pass by between us in silence except for the hesitation and protests coming from under the hood of his ancient car.

“You want music?” He asks. “Well why you don’t play with my knob for a while then, kid.”

He takes my hand and puts it down into the hot, moist crevice between his legs. I can feel his powerful erection. It throbs in rhythm to his heart beat and is bigger than mine. He needs to take it out of his pants, I know. I pull on his zipper. I pull it down very slowly. I don’t bursa anal yapan escort want to pull any pubic hair or hurt him in any way. His circumcised cock pops out as I finish with the zipper.

Christ almighty, he’s not wearing any underwear at all! He’s going commando. His magnificent dick is sitting out there right in front of my eyes – and all I can smell is his pungent scent and the smell from that damned stupid air freshener.

I love his smell. It is strong, ripe, masculine and intensely erotic. It is the smell of pure desire in the middle of the night between two boned-up, horny guys needing each other to relieve their mutual frustration.

I take my tongue and taste its ripe mushroom tip. He shudders.

His car shudders at the same time. “Fuck!” He mutters under his breath. “Kid, gimme a second here to pull my ride over to the side of the road. If you’re gonna do that to me, I gotta stop this piece of shit before we stall out in the middle of the road!”

We pull over onto the shoulder. He puts his foot on the brake. I can feel his leg muscles tense as he presses down on his worn brake pedal to stop the car. The car shudders again. It keeps idling rougher and rougher and stumbles one last time as the engine goes dead.


“Motherfucker, cunt!” He says. “Baby, since we ain’t goin’ any further at the moment, you may as well finish what you started down there.”

I bend down and bury my face between his legs.

It feels so good. I can feel the rough, worn texture of the car upholstery under his legs as he moves back and forth, thrusting his thick cut shaft deep into my mouth.

The smells, the feeling of everything, his body, his personal ride, the heat, the night – it practically blows my mind to think that I am actually doing this with him.

He lifts my head up and hoarsely whispers “Just stroke it for a while babe …” I do what he says.

A minute or two passes. By now time has no meaning for me.

Just a second kid … let’s see if we can get this fuckin’ piece of shit started again. Maybe find a more private place to do this. I really want to be alone in the back seat with you. I gotta feelin’ your tight, young hole needs some manly attention tonight.”

He leans forward, shifts his butt, moves his leg and pumps the gas a couple of times. He turns the key. It cranks for a few seconds but doesn’t start. “Come on motherfucker, he pleads.” Turns the key again. Doesn’t start. “Fuck…” Turns the key one more time… the starter cranks slower and slower, battery draining gradually. One final “Fuck!” passes his lips and he is silent.

I lean up and look into his face. It is a furious mask of concentration and angry frustration.

“Just leave it alone for a while, I say to him…”

He looks down at me for a second and gently says, “Just hold off for a second baby – it’s my car – I know what to do – let me get this piece of shit started. I need to be inside you.”

He turns the key one last time… the car stumbles to life and I can feel his muscles relax throughout his body. “Yeah you fuckin’ cunt… you do what your daddy tells you to, don’t you?”

He says to me, “Keep stroking me babe… I’m gonna bursa bayan escort cum real soon if you keep that up baby…”

I bend down to trace his hairy pleasure trail with my tongue and eventually start to lick his balls. Salty and sweaty massive low hangers filled with cum… “Yeah, that’s the way… do it babe, do it now…”

He reaches up to move the gear lever to drive. He stomps on the gas and his clunker stalls out again.

“Fuck you sonofabitch poor excuse of a cock-sucking old, loser cunt of a car!”

This time he tries to start it… and it cranks slower and slower until the battery is finally dead… “Fuckin’ god dammed cock suckin’ piece a shit.”

He is some pissed off. I can feel it throughout his whole body.

“Well, if we ain’t goin’ nowhere, might as well sit back and enjoy the fuckin’ view. Suck me, suck me hard and make me cum hard and long to make up for this fuckin’ shitty excuse for a car.”

I wrap my mouth around his cock. I can feel it throbbing and vibrating. He gets closer to cumming ..,

Ahhh… Gonna cum. gonna cum right now babe. Yeah, yeah, oh fuckin’ Hell, yeah!”

He shoots his thick jizz up into my mouth and squirts a big load that washes down my throat.

“Ahhh… Hell … Fuck … Yeahhhhhhhh!”

Minutes pass until he says to me, “Baby – whoa that was fuckin’ amazing – incredible!

“Just gimme a second now while I get out and take a piss – man that was fuckin’ unbelievable, Be right back kid.”

I wait inside the car for him.

Three minutes…five minutes… nothing. Alone. I keep listening for him to come back.

Then I hear the sound of his footsteps getting closer to the car…

Suddenly, I hear running – he is at the driver’s side of the door and hops in really quickly. “Gotta get the fuck outta here, right now kid.” “You won’t believe what I just saw.”

He tries to start his car. Of course it won’t turn over for him.

Pissed is a mild word to describe how angry he is.

“You slide over here baby into my driver’s seat… I’m gonna get out and lift the hood to see if we can get this piece of fuckin’ shitbox rollin’… just do what I tell ya… OK?”

“OK,” I say.

I’m in his seat. I can feel the heat and the stained impressions his hairy man ass has made in the driver’s side seat of his car over the years he has driven this ancient thing. I can still smell him here.

It feels so right for me to be sitting where I am right now… Christ! That wonderful masculine overpowering heat. His man heat!

Yeah… “OK, pump it good kid and crank it now!” He yells back to me.

I do it and nothing happens… I can’t see him because the hood is jacked up.

I just know he’s out there… alone, frustrated, angry and very, very freaked about what, I don’t know… I keep on turning the key, nothing, nothing, nothing…

All I can concentrate on is getting his old shit box to start. I just know that if I can’t get his goddamned old car to turn over, something bad is going to happen – and – I might never get to do this with this hot guy again…

I keep on pumping the accelerator the way I watched him to it – nothing, flooded, nothing… Ah fuck! Sounds of his cursing and the fading, dying cranking of the ignition…

My desperation reaches a peak.

I start to wake up at this point and begin to realize the irony of this is that it’s all been one hot and boned up young man’s wet dream.

I wake up in a sweat at about this time having ejaculated all over myself in bed…

The dream felt so real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32