Coach Made My Mouth Water

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I sat there in the quiet locker room in just a towel which was wrapped around my sexy six pack waist. I stood up and flushed my hand through my short blond hair. Only about an inch long, still damp from the sweat of practice. My whole body was glistening with shiny sweat as I walked over to the shower hall.

The shower hall was open, no booths. There were jest expandable shower heads you could remove from the holders for a sharper clean. As my hand touched the silver wall handle to turn on the shower, Coach Jason walked into the locker room. I didn’t know who it was until he made his way to the shower hall with a pair of knee long black shorts and a tight shirt to show off his athletic physique. The shirt was tight enough to make his muscles stick out just a tad bit more, and even show off a silhouette of his abs.

This guy had black short black, and he liked to keep it spiked. He had distinguishing teal eyes and believe it or not, our coach wasn’t that old. In fact, he was actually 25, and this was his third year coaching. He was considered god divine gorgeous because of his relatively sexy looks, and I got to say, even as a very heterosexual male, he was quite… handsome.

“Mason, you’re still here? I thought all the players had left already. You need to hurry the hell up next time.” He demanded in a slightly disappointed tone.

“Sorry coach, just trying to reflect over tomorrow’s game. I’m a tad bit worried. We’re playing the best team in the district you know?” I replied.

He had one of those manly short laughs, and he replied in high school grammar “Don’t sweat it. Just be confident and you’ll kick ass tomorrow.”

I smiled. The coach really new how to cheer us up and make us feel good about ourselves. Mainly due to the fact that he was a football player himself, star running back to be precise. On top of that, he may have been 25, but he acted like an 18 year old. So clearly, he knew high school lingo, but he was also strict.

I then took off my towel and hung it against the hooks on the wall opposite gaziantep escort to ones the showers were on, which were about 7 feet away. Narrow space. I turned on the hot water and let the heat run through my body, healing the soars and pains of practice. Coach Jason stripped himself and started taking a shower. I admired his body a tad bit, seeing that it was equal to mine. Then he turned around and I saw his cock, unaware of his look on me. That thing was fucking huge. I held up a proud 6 inches when hard but this guy practically held up a rough 6 inches when soft. Wonder how big it would get if it was completely hard.

Without looking up to see the smirk on his face, I turned around and continued my shower. Coach Jason on the other hand, witnessed my face of awe when I looked at his cock, and I was completely unaware of that. I ended my shower and decided to get dressed and lave.

I placed the towel around me and exited the shower hallway, when I reached the end, I heard coach Jason say “Hey, Meet me in my office in 5 will yea. Just enter in and sit there. I’ll be out quick.”

I replied with a confident sure, got dressed, then headed for his office. The place was neat, nicely organized and pretty much in place. It was small though, not bigger than a jail cell. There was a chair right in front of his desk and a chair at his desk. Guess which one I sat in before he came in. I decided to see what it felt like, so i sate in the coaches chair and put my feet up at his desk. Only for a second though, and then took a seat back at my place.

Coach Jason walks in with the same clothes he wore before going into the shower. His hair was damp, laid flat and slightly moist. It looked wet and unruly, making him look kind of cool.

“You wanted so see me coach?” I asked

“Yup” he replied.

“What can I do for you?” I asked.

He then looked at me, a smirk on his face. “Mason, I saw you looking at my big cock in the locker room. You stared at it in awe, with your jaw dropping. And here’s the funniest part is that shit between your legs started twirling and you didn’t even recognize. So quick question for you. Are you a gay boy?”

I just sat there in shock. I didn’t know he noticed, and I didn’t even know i got a hardon. Now what was I supposed to say… or even do for that matter. All that spilled out of me was “Well… I.. Uhh… I… Ummm”

“Well what Mason? Hey, why don’t we put this little matter to the test? Strip!” He said in a stern voice.

I did what he said, or else i knew I’d face his consequences, which were not in the least bit pretty.

“Ok, your cock seems fine, and soft. Now if it gets hard when you suck mine, you’re a fag boy. If not, than you can go, and I’ll never speak of this again.” He continued. He then pulled down his black knee length gym shorts to see his erect 8 inch cock in front of my face. He walked up to me, put his hand on my shoulder and forced my body on my knees by applying a little force. He then squeezed my shoulder a little, and a let out a cry. At that point he jammed his cock into my mouth.

My lips immediately wrapped around them and I put one hand on the cock. I started to suck and suck, bobbling my head up and down. I tasted his penis, and it tasted great. The coach’s knees started trembling. He moaned and groaned, while one of his hands on the back of my head enjoying the oral pace. “Oh dear fuck. That’s a fucking blow job. A fucking GREAT blow job!”

He opened his eyes and looked at my cock, ripening in its 6 inch glory. “You, you are a queer!” he said. But to be honest, I don’t really think he cared about that at the moment. All he could do was try to stand while my blow job was going to make him fucking blow.

His balls started slowly quenching up, but before orgasm point, he took his cock out of my mouth. “Oh freaking hell. You give a blow job like a fucking pro. Have you ever done it before?” The coach asks in surprise.

I reply “Hell No!”, but secretly, I was kind of pleased that he was happy. He then pulled me up and got on his knees. He held my cock in his hand. His eye’s glittering at its sight. He knelt closer and closer in.

“Coach! What the fuck are you doing?” I ask in surprise.

“Returning the favor dumb ass!” He replied. Then coach got to work. His lips first kissed my cock. Then his tongue slid out and licked around my piss slit. His licks kept discovering though, as he went lower and lower. His tongue traveled from tip to shaft just exploring my cock. Then he got serious. He slid back to tip, and then wrapped his whole mouth against my cock. He slid down, and in the first, consumed my whole cock into his mouth. I could feel my tip at his throat. Then he let out, and my hands were forced to the back of his head to push back into deep throat. I just loved the feeling of my cock in his throat.

He slid back again, and I pushed again. As this pattern continued, it also picked up pace and soon, I was face fucking him. The speed became more rapid, and so did the moans that seeped through my mouth, acknowledging his superior skills in cock sucking. The room was intensified only with moans: And then I splattered all in his mouth, 1… 2… 3… 4! 4 squirts came pouring out with the final moan.

“Coa… Coach! How did you do that so… so well?” I asked.

He did not reply, all he did was pull up my boxers and shorts that were both around my ankles, up to my waist. He then stood up and rubbed his lips against mine, pressing a little harder after a second, and planted a kiss on me. I could taste a small sample of my think and salty jizz that I had shot into his mouth.

“Lets keep this between you and me, or else I’ll make your sports life hell. Deal?” he demanded.

I nodded my head and left the room, heading straight for home. I can’t believe the coach and I just swapped cum. So much shit was running through my head, I couldn’t think straight. Luckily that didn’t affect my drive home. I came up to my apartment door step, taking out my keys and opening the door. I stepped in, headed straight for the computer and started to look up some straight porn. Just watching with open eyes, noticing there was no stiffness in my pants…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32