Cobalt Blue Ch. 07

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Stewie stood in the kitchen, checking first the contents of kitchen shelves and then the fridge and freezer. As he straightened to stand upright, a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist to hold him to a broad, powerful chest.

“Thanks, love,” Jaze’s voice husked in his ear.

“No need for thanks, Jaze,” Stewie assured leaning trustingly into the bigger body. He tilted his neck, silently inviting a kiss and was rewarded by teeth and lips nibbling on his exposed throat. Lips pressed gently to kiss in a soft, loving caress before trailing open mouthed bites down to his jaw.

“The whole surveillance thing has fouled up the timing,” Jaze bristled.

“I’ve got it covered, love,” Stewie smiled. “Leo, Shaz and I have got it arranged so you only need do one afternoon stint while your friend is staying and all your nights are free.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you, baby,” Jaze whispered. “You take such good care of me. It’s been a couple of years since I last saw Karl. But he pops up every so often and it’s nice to see someone from when I was younger.”

“It must be nice to have someone who is a part of your past,” Stewie said. Although his words were bright, his turquoise eyes spoke another story.

“I’m sorry you had such a bad childhood, baby,” Jaze said nuzzling his beautiful mate. He nipped then laved the small earlobe relishing the shiver through the slender body. “I can’t change the past, baby, but we have each other now. Right?”

“Right,” Stewie gasped. Any further sound was smothered by Jaze’s knowledgeable tongue sliding effortlessly into Stewie’s mouth to taste and tease in equal measure.

Both men jumped at the sound of the doorbell and reluctantly parted. Stewie swatted at hard, muscular buttocks.

“Go,” he said laughingly as Jaze dithered between reclaiming Stewie’s lips and answering the door. Receiving a swift kiss to his lips, Stewie watched as Jaze strode purposefully to the door. He hoped these days would go well. They had only been a couple for a few months and Karl would be the first outside their mutual circle to know of the relationship. Stewie was now an orphan without siblings. Jaze still had a father and younger brother. As yet it was still in the planning stages to ‘meet the parent’. With a soft sigh, Stewie switched on the coffee maker and then taking a deep breath, went to meet Karl Townsman.

Good natured hugs and back-slapping were still taking place. Stewie stood back, quietly regarding Jaze’s friend. Karl was almost as tall and broad as Jaze, but blond and clean shaven. Stewie also thought that Karl was starting to run a little to fat. The green eyes seemed cold and calculating and then Stewie shivered. The eyes had moved to regard him and held another look: one Stewie had seen before but didn’t expect in the eyes of a friend. The eyes darkened with lust and lingered over Stewie’s slim form, hovering pointedly over Stewie’s groin.

“And who is this?” Karl asked, the voice sounding patronising to Stewie’s ears. Suddenly Stewie wished to be anywhere but under the lustful scrutiny.

“This is Stewie,” Jaze said. The pride was evident in the bigger man’s voice. “My partner.”

“Very nice,” Karl purred and clasped Stewie’s hand tightly. Too tightly. Karl smiled at the suppressed wince as he gripped the slender hand hard. “I always took you for the predicable wife and half dozen kids man, Jaze,” Karl said. The tone was light but his eyes were hard as he finally released his grip. “Never saw him as a pretty-boy type,” he whispered loud enough only for Stewie’s ears and smiled at the colour that stained Stewie’s cheeks. “Do I know his family, Jaze?” he asked over his shoulder.

“No,” said Jaze. A frown marred his brow. He didn’t like the way Karl seemed to be crowding his smaller lover.

“He’s a bit of rough?” Karl laughed, looking again at Stewie as though he was a prime piece of meat.

“He’s my *partner*,” Jaze said forcefully, pushing past Karl to wrap an arm around Stewie’s shoulders. “His background is of no interest to me. I love him and we are partners, equals. Understand, Karl?” he added pointedly.

“Sorry, Jaze,” Karl said in a contrite tone. “We ok?”

“Sure, Karl.”

Stewie noted that when in Jaze’s sight, the calculating looks disappeared. He gave a mental sigh. This was going to be a long couple of days.

The rest of the evening went smoothly enough. Karl engaged Jaze in much reminiscing about time in their Universities and their sporadic meetings over the years. Stewie felt comforted by the way Jaze sat next to him demonstrating their closeness. Stewie periodically went to refill the coffee pot, Karl especially drinking the strong brew, or to top up the glasses of wine. He couldn’t contribute much. He’d not been able to go to University and, as a couple they were only just beginning to learn about each other’s pasts. He was also aware of the hooded-eyed scrutiny from Karl. He was relieved that an early night was proposed as Stewie had his surveillance shift the next day.

In their bed, Jaze tenderly stroked Stewie’s soft skin, kissing gently as nilüfer escort they caressed lovingly.

“You don’t like Karl,” Jaze voiced. The tone was that of a statement not a question.

“He did make me feel …uncomfortable,” Stewie hedged. “But it’s not unusual for two people who care deeply for a third not to be particularly close themselves.”

“Karl does like you,” Jaze said sincerely. “He apologised to me for the way he acted this morning. He has been under some financial pressures and it was a long trip. He spoke without thinking. I know he can be a bit pretentious or snobbish…”

Soft warm lips halted any further words. Stewie knew he couldn’t tell Jaze of the salacious leers, the licking of lips, the hand moving across his groin when Karl looked at Stewie. It was just something the blond decided he would have to tolerate for the sake of the man he loved. As he gazed into loving hazel eyes, Stewie just couldn’t tell his lover he thought his friend a sleaze.

“Maybe things will be better tomorrow when he’s relaxed a little,” Stewie smiled. “However, my handsome hunk, I do not wish Karl to be a third party in our bed. But I do wish to be loved into oblivion by the man I adore.”

With a wordless growl, Jaze rolled to loom over his diminutive lover. He nibbled at each of the enticing cinnamon nubs in turn until they had peaked. He then sucked each, nipping before laving the small hurt with his tongue until Stewie writhed moaning wordlessly with pleasure beneath him. Continuing his oral assault down Stewie’s body Jaze cupped Stewie’s sac in a large palm, allowing the precious orbs within to press together then apart. The pinpoint precision of touch causing Stewie to thrash between Jaze’s spread thighs.

“Want to be in you,” Jaze murmured huskily.

“Want you, need you, in me,” Stewie begged throatily.

Moving to spread wide his lover’s smooth, slender limbs, Jaze then stretched to reach their favourite lube. Whilst a slick finger teased at Stewie’s tiny entrance, Jaze nibbled up and down the crease of thigh and groin. He lapped at the enticing beads of pre-come adorning Stewie’s toned abdomen as he slid his first finger into molten heat. He took the weeping tip of Stewie’s arousal into his mouth as his second finger began to scissor and twist to stretch the slender channel. Jaze engulfed the smooth, hard rod, scenting musk and arousal in the small nest of blond curls as three fingers pumped in and out of Stewie’s undulating body.

“In me, Jaze. Please I need you in me.” Stewie’s voice was a soft mewl of desire and need.

“As you wish, love,” came the dark, gravelly reply.

Jaze pressed one toned thigh to the bed, whilst pulling the other around his waist. He wanted to watch his sex slide into his lover’s body. He looked at the trusting young man who trembled wantonly with need. He pressed forward sliding into slick, tight heat. He felt seared by the channel rippling around his throbbing organ as well as by the look of love in Stewie’s eyes. He began a series of long deep thrusts, almost pulling completely out before plunging back inside. He watched as Stewie lifted his hips to match Jaze’s rhythm and then could no longer resist kissing his mate. As his flesh slid effortlessly in desirable heat, his lips covered Stewie’s. He swallowed his mate’s soft moan of pleasure. Jaze’s tongue plundered the sweet mouth just as his length possessed his lover’s body. He moved a hand to begin to pump Stewie slowly, trying to prolong their mutual pleasure. Stewie’s roll of his hips now allowed the older man to thrust more deeply whilst pushing his own need into Jaze’s strong grip. With a groan, Jaze’s movements began to increase in speed. Heat, pooled in their bodies, began to spiral outwards. Jaze’s thrusts became insistent, demanding and Stewie was unable to deny him his desire. With a muted cry of Jaze’s name Stewie spilled his seed over Jaze’s hand. The tightening and spasming of the slender channel pushed Jaze over the edge. He came explosively, deep in his beloved blond’s welcoming body.

Finally spent, Jaze collapsed, trying to keep some of his weight on his arms and off his smaller lover. He nuzzled into Stewie’s neck to suck a small mark of possession.

“I love you, Jaze,” Stewie panted.

“Love you, too, babe,” Jaze affirmed.

Jaze licked his hand clean and then cleansed their bodies as Stewie lay sated and boneless. It thrilled Jaze to know he was the only one to ever see Stewie naked, satiated and vulnerable in his post-coital bliss. He knew Stewie would be asleep very quickly and positioned them both comfortably.

“Sleep well, my sweet,” Jaze whispered in Stewie’s ear.

“You, too,” came a breathless whisper.

Karl’s behaviour didn’t improve the next morning. It became apparent to Stewie that in Jaze’s presence, hearing or sight, Karl would be a model of decorum. But when certain Jaze could neither see nor hear Stewie was victim to crude comments, innuendo and leering looks. Stewie resolutely ignored them. He loved Jaze and Jaze loved him and that was all that mattered. görükle escort Although it was with relief rather than regret that he left for his surveillance shift.

Returning home later that night, Stewie was surprised to find the house empty. Jaze had promised to fix the evening meal for them whilst Stewie was working. Stewie spotted the note in the kitchen and tears pricked at his eyes.


Have nipped out for a couple of drinks with Karl. Won’t be late.

Jaze x’

Stewie sighed. If they’d gone to drink, they wouldn’t have eaten when out. He went to shower and change. He made the spaghetti bolognaise as had been planned and then went to sit in their den. With each passing endless minute, Stewie’s appetite incrementally decreased. It was now close to midnight and Jaze hadn’t even called. Stewie was both angry and upset. He wouldn’t have wanted to go with them, but he didn’t think it was too much to hope for a call. On trying himself, Stewie had discovered Jaze’s phone to be switched off. Something the bigger man didn’t normally do. A noise at the door had him hurrying out.

Stewie stood in disbelief as Jaze, a drunken Jaze, weaved towards him.

“Hey, baby,” Jaze slurred.

Jaze never got drunk.

In all the time Stewie had known the big detective, Jaze never got drunk. He spared a glance as Karl who seemed oddly quiet behind Jaze.

“Jaze,” Stewie gasped as the big man all but fell into his arms.

“Sorr, babe, stayed a bit longery…” Jaze frowned at his disjointed words.

“It’s ok, don’t worry,’ Stewie assured. “Let’s get you upstairs.”

“Need a hand…babe,” a sibilant voice hissed quietly behind him.

Glancing back, Stewie could see Karl was nowhere near as drunk as Jaze. In face he wondered if Karl was drunk at all. He gave a venomous look at the other blond.

“I don’t know what your game is, Karl,” he hissed back angrily. “But keep away from Jaze.”

As Stewie assisted Jaze upstairs he yelped as a large hand cupped his buttocks through the thin leisure pants.

“Need a hand, Jaze?” Karl gave an affected giggle.

“Thanks, Karl,” Jaze grinned happily.

“Stop it, Karl,” Stewie growled as the hand began to caress.

“I’ll fetch some water and aspirin, Jaze,” Karl said.

Stewie breathed a sigh of relief as the unwanted touch left his body. He manoeuvred Jaze into their bedroom and onto the bed. He couldn’t strip his lover, but removed shoes and socks, undid pants and shirt and ensured Jaze was propped on his side with supporting pillows. Satisfied he had done as much as he could Stewie went outside to see where Karl had left the water and pills.

A glass and tablets were at the side of the door. He glanced over at Karl who stood naked to the waist, wearing pyjama pants and with a towel over his arm.

“Why?” Stewie asked, convinced Karl would know exactly what he was asking.

“To show you I could. To show you how much influence I have over Jaze. He didn’t come running home for all his ‘We can’t leave Stewie alone too long’ and ‘We have to get back, Stewie will be waiting’. The other reason was to make sure that tonight you won’t be getting any; unless it’s from me.”

It took a few seconds for Stewie to register the lewd remark as Karl shortened the distance between them and to see Karl had moved the towel to display the erect flesh that jutted through the fly of the pyjama pants.

With a growl of disgust, Stewie moved hard and fast and his punch knocked Karl to the floor.

“I’m nobody’s whore,” he said angrily. “I don’t sleep around. I’m Jaze’s *partner*. You’re *supposed* to be his friend. Don’t mess with me again, Karl.”

Karl watched the outline of taut buttocks as Stewie bent to retrieve the water and pills. Despite the pain in his jaw, Karl smiled.//Bad move, babe// he thought. //Nothing will stop me having a piece of you before I leave here// A malevolent smile broke out over the hard features as Karl stood.

In their bedroom Stewie sat curled in the armchair, watching Jaze sleep, tears sliding silently down his cheeks.

Jaze awoke slowly. He felt worse than he had done for many years. Worse than he deemed what he had drunk should have warranted. He noted the glass and tablets as he sat up from the pillows that had kept him supported. He could see that Stewie’s half of the bed was untouched. His heart sank to think his lover hadn’t slept with him. Since becoming a couple, they had slept entwined at every opportunity. As he swallowed the tablets, guilt flooded the older man. ‘Just a couple of drink, Jaze’ he heard Karl’s insidious voice in his mind. “The kid doesn’t like me or maybe he’s jealous of what we have. Let’s just go for a couple of drinks where we don’t have to worry about the kid sulking or skulking.’ Jaze knew he should have defended Stewie more, but he had wanted to enjoy Karl’s company. Since Stewie didn’t seem to care for the other man, it had seemed a good idea. Just a couple of drinks. Jaze groaned as he eased himself to stand. It certainly didn’t feel like just a couple.

A bursa escort glance at the armchair had Jaze groaning with sadness rather than pain. A rumpled cover and Stewie’s leisure suit lay on it. Jaze realised that his lover had spent the night in the chair, doubtless keeping an eye on the older man. Tears burned in Jaze’s eyes. He’d let his lover down badly. Glancing at the clock, Jaze realised he didn’t have much time before he was due on his surveillance shift. However, the most important thing on Jaze’s mind right now was to find his beloved boy and apologise. He moved silently downstairs, thinking Stewie may be in the kitchen. A tear slid down a chiselled cheek as he saw Stewie had made the meal he had promised to do and they way it sat cold and untouched. A vision of Stewie sitting cold and untouched in the bedroom armchair rose hauntingly in his mind.

Moving swiftly to their den, Jaze quietly opened the door and looked inside. Stewie sat huddled in one of Jaze’s large sweatshirts looking like a small lost child. His eyes were closed and Jaze could see the dark smudges beneath them and the tear tracks on sculptured cheeks. In a couple of strides, he was at his lover’s side enveloping him in an embrace and incoherently begging for forgiveness as his own tears fell. Jaze felt Stewie’s arms wrap around him and the soothing sounds from the sweet lips helped him regain a measure of control. Finally he leant back to gaze into Stewie’s face.

“I’m so very sorry, Stewie,” he said. “I don’t know how I got so drunk.”

Stewie had a good idea, but couldn’t bring himself to give voice to the thought. What he was going to say was going to be hard enough.

“Jaze,” he began, his voice hoarse from crying. “I know Karl’s your friend, but last night he made a pass at me.”

“No,” Jaze’s denial was little more than an exhalation of air. “We were drunk, Stewie. Are you sure it wasn’t just the drink?”

“Yes I’m sure,” Stewie said trying to keep his voice steady. “Karl was nowhere near as drunk as you.”

“Where is he?” Jaze asked.

“Gone out.” Stewie handed Jaze a note.

‘Hey Jaze,

Have gone out for the day. Think I was stupid with the kid and he’s mad at me. Keeping my distance.


“He thinks he upset you?” Jaze asked wishing the pounding in his head would go. This was so difficult when he had no memory of the events.

“His wandering hands and disgusting offer upset me,” Stewie said his voice finally cracking. “Don’t you believe me?”

Jaze couldn’t bear the look of fear and hurt in Stewie’s eyes or the desolate tone in the voice. He pulled the young man close. This was Stewie, his lover, his mate. The man he loved. There was no contest.

“Of course I do. Of course I do. I love you, baby,” Jaze assured. “When Karl comes back tonight I’ll have him leave. I’ll pay for a hotel for him, but our friendship is finished for hurting you.”

Stewie felt the heavy weight compressing his heart lift. He sobbed into Jaze’s shoulder in relief. He had been so afraid that Karl would have been believed over him in Jaze’s eyes.

Jaze felt the tightness ease from the slender blond in his arms. He realised how much courage it had taken for Stewie to be honest. It was clear that Stewie had feared Karl had would have had more influence over Jaze as to whose version of events would be believed.

Slowly the men moved from comforting to kissing. Both needed the physical connection after the emotional outpouring. The kisses were soft, sweet and designed by each man to convey the depths of love they had for the other. As they slowly parted Stewie smiled. It was a pale imitation of his normal smile, but to Jaze it was as though the sun had suddenly blazed through thick black clouds. Jaze caressed Stewie’s cheek.

“I need to shower, love,” he said his own voice husky from emotion. “Will you join me?”

“Yes,” was whispered back and Stewie’s smile gathered a little more intensity.

In the shower the two men touched and caressed as they cleansed. Each knew it was too soon for anything more demanding. What was needed now was mutual assurance of the place of each in the other’s heart and how much they were loved.

Jaze dressed as Stewie prepared a light meal for them both. Stewie had offered to take Jaze’s surveillance, but the bigger man had insisted Stewie relax at home. He would only be gone a few hours, thanks to Stewie’s organisation. Stewie smiled as he felt the cold empty feeling that had seeped into his very bones dissipated. When Jaze joined him, they sat close together, touching, kissing and feeding each other. When Leo arrived, Jaze lovingly kissed his mate in their doorway. Stewie melted into his lover’s arms and sighed his pleasure.

“Keep safe and come home soon, love,” he whispered tenderly.

“Rest well, baby,” Jaze growled. “You’ll need all your energy tonight.

Shutting their door, Stewie sighed. He decided that if Jaze was going to be true to his words, then the bedding would need changing. He went upstairs, his nose wrinkling in distaste at the lingering odour of alcohol and tobacco. Even though neither he nor Jaze smoked, it was almost impossible to avoid being tainted when out. He shoved the sheets into the oversized hamper in the built in wardrobe. He’d worry about washing them later. Firstly he wanted to make up the bed and make his own preparations to the room.

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