Cocklust Ch. 25

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Our sex tape was surprisingly easy to edit. We had plenty of usable footage, so we mostly just had to decide which angles we liked best. We even cheated a little: we showed some of the same moments from different points of view, which made it look like we’d fucked longer than we actually had. I’d seen that technique used in professional porn, especially for cumshots, and my first instinct was to pooh-pooh it. But after trying it out myself, I found it did make the video hotter.

By that point, it almost seemed normal to watch myself having sex. It was kind of an out-of-body experience, though that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was like that time Chad and I had fucked at the gym, surrounded by mirrors, so we’d seen our own bodies in much the same way. The difference was that our gym sex was fleeting, so once it was over, the only place to replay it was in our minds. Whereas our sex tape had captured it all for posterity, so we could relive the fun wherever and whenever we wanted.

My favorite part was Chad’s orgasm— the first one I mean— when I was fucking his ass and he busted all over himself. I must’ve watched that clip dozens of times. The audio was kind of crappy, but the image was still incredibly hot. I kept pretending I needed to fine-tune the edit, but the truth was, I just wanted to re-play that moment over and over. It got me so fucking hard. I kept remembering how Chad’s body had felt when he spasmed, especially the way his hole had squeezed my dick and sent me over the edge—

“Hey guys,” Seth said as he walked in the door.

I slammed my laptop shut as fast as I could. I’d expected him to knock, but then again, we were guests at his house. “H-hi,” was all I could say.

Seth seemed to notice something was up. “I hope I wasn’t interrupting you two—”

“Oh no, you’re fine—”

“Scott, I just wanted to tell you, I can give you a ride to the airport tomorrow.”

I felt my boner shrink a little. My week with Chad had been such an experience, in more ways than one, and I would’ve done anything to make it last longer. I especially hated not knowing when we’d see each other again. But I tried not to let on, at least in front of Seth. “Thanks man,” I said. “You don’t have to do that.”

“It’s no problem,” he said. Then he pointed at one of the floor lamps, which we’d moved across the room. “Was that in your way?”

“Oh sorry,” Chad said. “We meant to put it back. I mean, it was just really bright—”

“No worries, you can put it wherever you want. But if you want it less bright, you know it has a dimmer switch?”

“Oh really?” Chad asked. His acting skills were impressive: if I hadn’t known better, I wouldn’t have guessed he was playing dumb.

“Here, let me show you.” Seth walked up to the lamp, turned it on, and adjusted it. He didn’t seem to realize that Chad and I had done the same thing when we lit our little set.

“No shit,” Chad said without a hint of irony. “I wish I’d known that before.”

“Most of the other lamps have them too. So you can set them up however you want.”

I didn’t say a word. I could only hope Seth was really as clueless as he seemed. He presumably knew Chad and I were fucking, considering we were sharing a bed. But I didn’t want him to find out any more than that, and I felt like we couldn’t be too careful. I couldn’t imagine having to explain why we’d made porn in his house. Not to mention how we’d defiled both his guest room and bathroom.

Seth just kept chatting away, and he invited us to hang out with him and Claire. I was tempted to say no, but I felt like I couldn’t. After all, Seth had been a good host, so the least we could do was be sociable. And his intentions were good, since he clearly wanted me to enjoy my last night in town. He just didn’t seem to realize I’d rather just spend it with Chad.

We ended up driving out to a park together. We checked out an old historic tavern, then strolled along a canal. We were basically on a double date, but it felt a little weird. Seth and Claire were your classic straight couple: he kept opening doors for her, while she lectured him on his manners, and they usually held hands as they walked. Chad and I had a totally different dynamic. We didn’t have any real gender roles to follow, so we acted more like best friends, which in a way we were. I couldn’t tell if this was just our nature— considering we were both dudes— or if we were subconsciously still afraid of acting gay in public, even now that we knew how accepting the city was.

We ended up by Great Falls, where the Potomac flowed over some really jagged rocks. The river was swollen from spring rains, so the falls were basically an angry brown torrent. It was a pretty impressive sight, especially from up close. Chad and I both leaned against the railing as we took in the scene.

I suddenly felt Chad’s hand bump against mine. I looked down for a moment. I couldn’t tell if he was purposely trying to hold my hand— which he’d done before, albeit not very often— or if it was just a meaningless gesture. Then I decided it didn’t really matter. I tentatively slid my fingers over his. Chad didn’t react Casibom at first, but then he wrapped his fingers around mine. The next thing I knew, he’d tightened his grip so hard that I couldn’t have let go if I’d wanted to.

Something flashed nearby, we both flinched, and we saw Claire taking our picture. “Awww… that’s so cute!”

Chad frowned. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Cute?”

“Don’t be embarrassed. I mean it in a good way.” Claire stepped over to us and showed us the picture.

“What the hell,” Seth said. At first he seemed to be talking about us, but then I saw he was on the phone himself.

Claire looked over and shook her head. “You see what I deal with?” she asked.

Seth waved at her, but beyond that, he didn’t seem to listen. “Okay, I gotta go,” he said to his caller. “Let’s talk in the morning… yeah okay. Thanks, you too.” Then he hung up and stuck his phone in his pocket.


“I’m sorry. It’s just the field office again. It’s been so hard to keep that place staffed—”

“I told you, you need to be able to step away from work. This is a perfect example.”

“I know, but still.” He nodded to me and Chad. “If you guys know anyone qualified—”


“I’m just saying.”

Claire rolled her eyes. “You’re incorrigible….”

I just bit my lip. I thought of our visit to Seth’s office a few days before. I couldn’t help thinking Chad would fit right in working there. After all, this civic stuff was right up his alley. Plus, since Chad lived in their district, his house couldn’t be far from their field office. It also wasn’t too far from L.A., where his dad was supposed to be transferred. The possibilities seemed awfully enticing.

Chad seemed to be thinking along the same lines. He looked out at the water, and I could see the churning waves and eddies reflected in his eyes. To an untrained eye, he would’ve looked like he was just enjoying the view; but I knew better.

I waited to say something till after dinner, when we were back at Seth’s place, and we had some time alone. “You know,” I said, “I know a lot of things are up in the air right now… at least till your dad’s out of the hospital. But you know I haven’t made plans for summer. So wherever you end up… I want to be there with you.”

Chad nodded. He seemed to have already given it some thought. “What do you have in mind?”

“Well for example… you remember when you said we should spend the summer together?”

“That feels like such a long time ago.”

“But you said yourself, I could probably get a job at Thaxter’s. And I bet Seth could get you an internship if you wanted. Or you could go somewhere else— you could even stay here in D.C.— and I can wait tables anywhere.”

“I’ll be damned if I’m staying here—”

“I’m just saying, you can do what you want. Remember that spiel I gave you? About putting your own life first for a change?”

Chad pursed his lips, looked in my eyes, and sighed.

“Anyway, the point is, whatever you end up deciding… I’ll be there for you.”

“Fuck,” he said. “Babe, you know you’re something else.”

“Well, I try….”

“I-I mean it does sound really nice. It’s just….”

I felt a pang of anxiety. “Just what?”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned though all this… I guess John Lennon was right. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

“I guess that’s one way to put it.”

“Although it hasn’t always been a bad thing….” He put his hand on my chest. “I never thought I’d fall so hard for a dude. At least not like this.”

I didn’t say anything. I basically knew the feeling; if anything, I might’ve felt it more strongly than he had. After all, I hadn’t started eyeing guys till freshman year of college, though he’d apparently started years before.

“I mean… even after I realized I wanted dick, I just thought it’d get me off. I definitely never expected….” But he didn’t finish his sentence.

I moved forward and kissed him. Chad let out a gasp and wrapped his arms around me. I tasted his tongue against mine, which only made me want him that much more. My hands slid down his torso till they got to his hips. My whole body was tingling, especially in my pants.

We kept making for a minute or two, till Chad broke it off. “Fuck,” he said. “I don’t know how I’ll make it without that shit… I mean I guess I don’t have a choice….”

“It’ll be okay.”

“I’m not so sure… I’ll have some really lonely nights.”

“I’ll just be a phone call away,” I said. “Or Skype. Or whatever.”

“It’s not the same.” He paused for a moment, then moved forward and kissed me again. He clutched me even tighter than before. His beard pressed against my skin, and his warm breath blew against my cheeks.

The next few minutes were a blur, as we twisted our bodies around one another. I felt like a prisoner on a conjugal visit: I was dying to make the best of the time we had left.

We ended up lying on the bed, side by side, with our clothes and hair disheveled. My dick was straining against my pants, and I could Casibom Giriş tell Chad’s was too. I looked in his eyes and brushed a strand from his forehead.

“I love you so much,” I said. “I never thought I’d feel this either.”

“So you’re saying Brokeback got us good?”

“If you want to put it that way.” I stroked his facial hair. “Just don’t do what they did in the movie and shack up with some local girl—”

“Ha!” He snorted. “You know I’d never do that.”

“I’m kidding.”

“I couldn’t hook up with anyone else if I wanted to. I mean, now that I know what I’d be missing… I can’t imagine being with a girl anymore. I probably couldn’t even get it up for her.”

“Well you’re in luck,” I said, “because you don’t have to.” I put my hand on his crotch, which was still as stiff as a board.

“Fuck,” he gasped as he laid flat against the bed. He let me fondle him for a minute; then he reached for my pants. I could practically see his mouth water as he undid my fly, pulled out my cock, and started stroking away.

“Oh yeah….”

Chad got up from the bed, pulled my pants down the rest of the way, and went down on my dick. I felt his tongue run in circles, first around my cockhead, then around the rest of my shaft. His head bobbed up and down, and he started picking up speed. Pleasure radiated through my body.

“Aw baby….” I pulled up my shirt so my chest was bare. I wanted to pull the shirt completely off, but I couldn’t muster up the energy; and I didn’t want to throw Chad off his game. I just sighed, arched my back, and enjoyed the ride.

By now Chad was slurping away. He was sucking me so hard and fast that he could barely stay in control. He threw his whole body into it, flexing and extending his back, swinging his hips around, and even adjusting his feet. He seemed to be enjoying himself just as much as I was. He was a hundred percent focused on my cock, if not more.

I wanted to reach for his dick— or his ass— but in that position I couldn’t. All I could do was writhe on the bed and signal how much I loved it. I let out a few moans, and I tried to move my body in sync with his. Then, slowly but surely, I felt myself getting close. “I don’t want to cum yet,” I said.

Chad took his mouth off my cock. He yanked his pants down, stripped off his shirt, and threw all his clothes aside. Then he climbed on top of me and gave me another kiss. Finally he pulled my shirt over my head, so we were both completely naked. Finally he sat back so my dick lay right in his crack.

“So,” I said, “is that your way of saying you want me to fuck you?”

“Let me put it this way,” he said. “When I’m alone… at least I’ll be able to service my own cock. Not as well as you would, but I can do it. My ass, on the other hand… not so much.”

“You know I can always ship you some of our sex toys—”

“No,” he said. “I want you to use them on yourself. You deserve it.”

“And you don’t?”

“Well… if you keep that stuff at your place, that’ll give me one more thing to look forward to. Not that I need more motivation.”

I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck, and I pulled his face toward me. “If you say so,” I replied, and I gave him another long, deep, sensual kiss.

Chad made out with me for a minute, but I could tell he was itching for more. He kept adjusting his lower body, and each time he did, his boyhole got closer and closer to my cockhead. Finally they made contact, and he gyrated his body a little, apparently savoring the sensation.

I reached for the lube and put some on my fingers. Chad lifted his body a few inches so I could grease up my cock. Then I reached behind him, spread his butt cheeks apart, and dabbed some lube on his pucker.

“Fuck yeah,” he said as he got back in position. He pressed his ass against my cock, and for a second he teased both of our bodies. Then he eased his way back, my dick popped inside him, and he took me all the way up his mancunt.

“Oh shit,” I said as I started my thrusts. His chute was so fucking tight, and it felt so good, like it was made for my cock. No matter how many times I’d experienced it, I just couldn’t get over how sexy it was.

“God I love that dick,” he said as he bounced up and down. “It feels so fucking good….”

“Keep riding it. Fucking work that cock….”

“Yeah,” he said. “Oh fuck, I love when you’re inside me….”

Chad’s dirty talk turned me on so much that I had to force myself not to cum. I told myself we were making love, not just fucking. I was totally focused on making him feel good; my own pleasure was an afterthought. I kept sliding my body into his, letting him take my cock as far as it would go. His dick was swinging back and forth, almost uncontrollably, and I was tempted to grab it but I didn’t.

Chad leaned down and pressed his chest against mine. Now we were in an inverse missionary, so we could make out while we fucked. My lips pressed against his, and I felt his cupid bow enter my mouth. I gave him a soft nibble, which he seemed to love. Our tongues jousted against each other as Chad’s spit Casibom Güncel Giriş mingled with mine. I loved invading both ends of his body at once.

We slowed down our rhythm so the sex became more tender, more compassionate, and more erotic. I wanted to be the best lover to Chad that I possibly could. He responded just the way I’d hoped for: he let out a loud sigh, and his whole body quaked.

“Oh baby,” he said between kisses. “My god, you’re so hot….”

I felt my heart flutter. Those words made me want to ravish him that much more. But I couldn’t say a word, since my lips were otherwise occupied.

We worked up a good sweat for another few minutes. Chad’s cock and balls were now pressed between our bodies, and they seemed to fit perfectly in the grooves between our abs. I felt his rod thrusting back and forth past my bellybutton, and I could sense his pre-cum smearing against my skin.

Eventually Chad rolled over on his back, and he took me with him. He managed to keep my dick in his ass the whole time, and our kisses never missed a beat. He wrapped his arms around me so our chests stayed pressed together.

I thrust deep into his ass, and I savored every inch of his innards. I still couldn’t get over that body of his, and how incredible it made me feel. By now my balls were churning, and they seemed primed to erupt.

Chad spread his legs even wider, and his feet swung wildly in the air. I felt my dick hit his prostate just as his eyes rolled back in his head. I gyrated my lower body so my abdomen could massage his damp cock. His body responded in kind, and after a few more thrusts, it started to seize up. “Oh baby!” he yelled as his muscles went completely rigid, and his cum blasted between our chests.

I didn’t wait for him to stop shooting. I kissed him one last time, just as my body heaved with pleasure. I tried to clench the insides of my rod, hoping to delay the inevitable, but I only lasted a few seconds. Then my body convulsed, and I pumped Chad’s ass full of cum.

“Fuck,” Chad gasped as our lips came apart. I slowed down my thrusts, then stopped completely, though I kept my dick inside him.

Finally I collapsed in Chad’s arms. We didn’t even bother to clean up: we were so covered in sweat that it was hard to tell where one bodily fluid ended and the other began. We just laid there with our bodies intertwined, and neither of us said a word.

It was a bittersweet moment, knowing it would be our last time for a while. But we both tried to enjoy it while we could. I felt so comfortable, so safe, with Chad lying there with me. I savored the reassuring warmth of his body and the soft purr of his breathing. I almost wished that night would never end. But I knew there was no way to stop the clock from ticking.

The next day’s drive to the airport seemed to take forever. Seth tried to make small talk, but I wasn’t in the mood. I frankly wondered why he needed to drive us; after all, he could’ve just let Chad borrow his car so we could’ve made the trip by ourselves. But I stayed on my best behavior, even after he stopped at the curb and we had to say our goodbyes.

Seth just shook my hand, we exchanged the usual pleasantries, and he got back in the driver’s seat. Chad kept trying to help me with my luggage, though I could tell his heart wasn’t in it.

At first I didn’t know what to say. As far as I was concerned, there was only one silver lining to this. Now I was sure Chad would come back to me— unlike the last time we’d parted, when I thought I might never see him again. We seemed closer than ever, at least figuratively speaking, though it made our separation that much harder.

“I love you Chad,” I finally said, “like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Fuck,” he said, “I love you too Scott.” Then he stepped forward and kissed me. We were in broad daylight, right in front of everyone, but it didn’t seem to matter. We both kept the kiss going as long as we could, till Chad forced himself to step back. “Now get going… I-I don’t want you to miss your flight.”

I hated having to pull myself away, but I knew I didn’t have a choice. I just nodded, and I forced myself to put one foot in front of the other. I kept trying to ignore the knot in my stomach. Then, before I knew it, I was alone.

When I got back to campus, I found the other Kap Eps were all tired and tanned. Apparently they’d had a hell of a Spring Break: they’d spent it mostly at the beach, all getting drunk, laid, and high to varying degrees. Drew was nursing a sunburn, and Mike was hung over, but otherwise they looked like they’d had an awesome time. They were all telling stories about their adventures, and they said they couldn’t wait for their next trip.

Part of me wished I could’ve joined them, but I also felt like I was in a whole different chapter of my life. It was weird to think how different my week had been from theirs. After all, I’d spent so much time making hospital visits, planning for the future, and dealing with other serious stuff. Not to say that I hadn’t had fun, especially all my sex with Chad; but it wasn’t quite the same. Among other things, I was in an exclusive relationship— unlike Hunter for example, who’d apparently gone around picking up both guys and girls at once. I wasn’t judging him, considering I’d gone through a slut phase of my own, but I’d clearly ended up in a very different place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32