Cocksucking College Sister

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SUMMARY: A brother accidently gets blown by his sister and becomes obsessed.

Note 1: This is a story for the National Nude Day Competition. So please vote.

Note 2: A special thank you goes to Steve B and Estragon for editing this story.



I have always believed in fate; in the theory that everything happens for a reason. Such a philosophy has brought me a fair amount of ridicule over the years from my buddies. That said, only a crazy amount of fate or destiny could have allowed the dominoes to fall the way they did. So if you are curious how my sister ended up my personal fuck-toy keep reading.

I am twenty-two years old and, if I do say so myself, very good looking. I am 6’2, black as night hair, green eyes and all muscle. I have just returned from a stint in the military and am in the best shape of my life. I should also note that I have never had a problem with the ladies. While I wouldn’t say they flock to me, I can say I have never gone very long between oil changes, if you get my drift.

My sister, Lily, on the other hand, was my polar opposite. She was shy, unlike my outgoing personality. She was a genius, unlike me with my solid ‘D’ average. She had never dated while I lived at home, when I had a different girlfriend every couple of weeks. And she was the epitome of nerd, wearing her hair in pigtails, wearing out-of-fashion glasses and always carrying a book. She also always wore long skirts and dressed as if she had just been time-warped from 1955. To make matters even worse, she had been wearing braces for the past three years.

Anyway, when I returned from overseas, Lily had just begun college. It was just one week into the term and I imagined she would already be deep into Advanced Calculus for fun.

The night that changed everything started like so many other uneventful nights. I had a date with a chick I had met a week earlier. I figured we would eat, catch a flick and then fuck. Meatloaf sings two out of three ain’t bad, but it sure is when the one I don’t get is laid.

As fate would have it, I got a call from a high school buddy who was now a member of Alpha Delta something or other. He sounded drunk as he slurred on the phone, “Dude, get your ass to the Alpha house now.”

“Why?” I asked having been there last weekend at a so-called party, where the guys outnumbered the girls ten to one. It was the ultimate sausagefest and quite frankly I had enough of that in the military.

“Dude, the initiation of Pi Sigma Pi is underway,” he hollered.

“So?” I asked, not really interested.

“Fifty co-eds all in lingerie and competing in different sorority competitions,” he screamed into the phone.

“Real lingerie?” I questioned, sick of a flimsy nightie being considered lingerie. Real lingerie was garters and stockings or at the very least thigh high stockings.

“Yes, you fucking picky dick. They are all wearing stockings or fishnets. Now get your fucking ass over here,” he yelled into the phone before hanging up. I should explain I am a leg man and especially get turned on by a woman in stockings. Curiosity got the better of me and I high-tailed it over to the house.

Once inside, I was in fetish perversion heaven. Dave wasn’t lying, there were co-eds in garters and stockings everywhere. At the moment, each potential sorority candidate was strutting her stuff on stage for a roomful of horny and inebriated frat boys. I was mesmerized by the girls on stage, particularly a cute redhead in all pink who seemed to really enjoy being the center of attention. As I stared and practically drooled at the parade of hot lingerie-clad co-eds who continued to showcase their assets, Dave found me.

“Dude, you made it. Fucking amazing, right?” Dave asked as he high-fived me.

“Fucking amazing,” I echoed, entranced by all the stockings.

“Dude, make sure you enter the glory hole draw.”

“What?” I asked, barely listening, my eyes glued to some fake blonde, fake titted girl in a too tight for her corset and black stockings.

“It’s tradition. Every year there is a raffle. It costs 20 bucks to enter and if you are drawn you get to go back to our secret glory hole rooms and have one of the initiates gobble your cock.”

“Really?” I asked, stunned by such a sexual initiation.

“Yeah, it is one of their biggest fundraisers of the year,” Dave explained.

“I imagine so,” I mused. I pulled out 20 bucks, “Where do I make my contribution?”

Dave pointed me over to a couple of girls dressed in actual clothing. I assumed they were already sorority members. They took my money and handed me a raffle ticket. The very cute brunette wished me good luck. Playing suave, I flirted, “I didn’t need luck”. She gave a flirty laugh and I knew I had her. I figured if I didn’t win a glory hole slut, I wouldn’t have much trouble getting her to polish my cane. I watched a few more girls strut their stuff as I had a couple of shots and Beylikdüzü Escort a beer. Dave and I shot the shit like guys do. ‘Yeah that was an amazing fucking game,’ ‘Fuck she’s hot’ or ‘Yes, we should have a Madden 2011 all-nighter.’

Half an hour passed and Dave informed me that Saturday night was even crazier as that was when the sorority pledges all had to do something exhibitionist. He went on to explain that last year he watched a girl get dp’d, a few girls dykeing out and one girl who sucked twenty cocks including his. He quoted Barney from How I Met Your Mother, “It was….wait for it… fucking legendary.” I agreed it sounded legendary and he better fucking be inviting me tomorrow night. Once that was all settled, a ridiculously hot blonde came on-stage, dressed in cowboy boots and jeans and announced, “We will now draw winners for tonight’s special fundraiser. If you win, please go over to Rachel by the back room entrance there and claim your prize.” She pointed to another hot blonde before continuing, “We have thirty-eight pledges this year. So we will have thirty-eight lucky winners.”

The hot blonde would say a name and then a number. I didn’t expect to win and was genuinely surprised when I heard my number called. Being somewhat drunk by this time, I wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t even hear the name of the girl I had won. I went over to Rachel and showed her my winning ticket. She allowed me in and another co-ed led me back to a special room. I waited in line for about fifteen minutes until yet another co-ed, gorgeous like the rest of them, led me through one of four doors in a small room.

It wasn’t my first glory hole experience, but knowing some hot co-ed wannabe was on the other side had me revved to go. I wasted no time dropping my pants and sliding my nine-inch cock into the hole. I smiled when I heard a girl’s voice, “Wow Lilly, today is your lucky day. You get a fucking huge cock to suck.” I vaguely heard the name Lilly, but made no correlation at the time that the girl who was about to suck my dick had the same name as my sister. No remote inkling that I was about to commit incest. The co-ed used her tongue and licked around the head of my cock. She followed the slow tease by taking the head of my cock into her mouth and using an abundance of saliva like I had never felt before. It was like my cock was in a hot washing machine and the water was swirling around and around on my cock. It was an amazing sensation I had never felt in my life and I have had at least fifty women blow me, probably more. As the amazing blowjob continued, the experienced co-ed would deep throat me taking most of my large cock in her mouth. I moaned loudly as she finally, after at least five minutes of teasing, began to bob up and down on my rod. I wished desperately to be able to see her face, to watch this co-ed cocksucker devour me whole. Alas, I imagined it was the hot redhead I had seen earlier strutting her stuff. Just as I began to feel the bubbling in my balls, she took my cock out of her mouth, slid her tongue down my shaft and back up. This girl was a fucking tease. If the wall wasn’t between us, I would have grabbed her head and face fucked her till I shot my load. Just as I was about to order her to get back to sucking my cock, she swallowed me whole. I began to move my hips, trying to fuck her mouth from the other side, knowing I was going to come soon. She seemed to catch on and began to bob on my cock in a furiously fast pace. It took less than thirty seconds of this hardcore sucking to shoot my load down the throat of this eager and experienced co-ed. Unlike most girls who have sucked my cock, she kept sucking, coaxing out every last drop of my cum. It was easily the best blowjob I have ever had.

About one minute later, when my orgasm had completely subsided, the unknown co-ed allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth. She gave one last pull with her hand and she was gone. Sadly, I pulled my pants up and returned to the party.

I re-connected with Dave and we had a couple more shots and a couple more beers. The night seemed to be coming to an end. Just as I figured I should call it a night, the cowboy boot wearing sorority chick came back on stage, “Well, boys, I hope you enjoyed your night. I expect all of you back here tomorrow for the grand finale when the sorority pledge sluts fulfill one last task. To whet your appetite, here are the girls one last time.”

The pledges came on one at a time, did a little wave, blew kisses, and flashed their tits. The dorm dudes whooped and hollered as each girl bathed in the excessive attention. Just as I went to take one last swig of my beer, I saw a sight that shook the very being of my existence. In a millisecond, everything I knew shattered in front of my eyes. My sister, Lilly, was a pledge. My sweet, innocent, nerdy sister was a pledge. That meant, quite likely, that my geeky sister had just sucked my cock. Not only that, my geeky sister had given Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan me easily the best blowjob of my life. I stared at my sister, in pigtails, and a plaid school skirt, beige thigh highs, my favourite colour, and a tight white t-shirt that barely kept in her surprisingly large breasts. Once she had disappeared back behind stage, I quickly went to the sorority chick I was flirting with earlier and asked, “Is there more than one Lilly pledging?”

She surveyed her sheet and teased, “And why would you like to know?”

I shrugged, playing it cool, “Oh, just curious.”

She smiled, “Nope, only one.” She put her hand on my crotch, “I’m a little curious too.”

Trying to distract myself from the sin I had just committed. I grabbed her hand and suggested we get out of there. She agreed and, twenty minutes later, we were in her sorority room and she was begging to be fucked. I suggested she blow me first, she generously obliged. Unfortunately, she was nowhere near as good as my sister. After a couple of minutes of adequate sucking, I tossed her on the bed and thrust my huge hard dick into her. I sucked on her big breasts while I pounded her with no other focus but shooting my load. As I fucked the easy co-ed, my sister’s image kept popping into my head. I continually attempted to replace the image with someone else, but I couldn’t erase my adorably cute sister and the image of her sweet lips around my cock. The co-ed screamed for me to fuck her faster and I did. Having already come only an hour before, I lasted an impressively long time in the co-ed’s sopping wet cunt. Realizing I wasn’t going to cum this way, I ordered her onto all fours and used her wetness to lubricate her ass. She gave a surprised moan and called me a bad boy. I slapped her ass in agreement and began to penetrate her ass. She whimpered in a mixture of pleasure and pain, clearly she had been fucked in the ass before. My cock disappeared between her slightly chunky white cheeks rather easily and soon my cock was buried in her ass. Rather tired from fucking her, I ordered her to bounce back on my cock and fuck me. She called me a bad boy again and climbed back on my cock. Her moans increased and my mind again played tricks on me as I imagined it was my sister who was riding my pole. Giving into my perverse kink, I imagined the no-name co-ed I was currently fucking was my sister and within seconds my blood was flowing. Knowing I was incredibly close to coming, I grabbed her ass and fucked her, desperate to explode. Less than a minute later, I pulled out, surprised the naughty co-ed as I shoved my cock, which was just in her ass, into her mouth. She attempted to take my cock out of her mouth, but I held her head and fucked her face furiously. Her resistance faded and she used her tongue a bit as I used her lips to get me off. Loving to see a girl’s face covered in my cum, I pulled out just as my first wad was released spraying her nose, forehead and chin. She closed her eyes as I coated her face. Once done, I put my cock back in her mouth and ordered her to clean my cock. Like a good little slut, she obeyed. As my cock shrivelled in her mouth, I finally pulled out and got dressed. I, like a gentleman, thanked her for a good time and headed home.


The next morning, I replayed last night in my head. My sister had sucked my cock. I should have been disgusted and mortified. Yet, my dick standing at full mast suggested otherwise. I wondered how long she had been sucking dick. Based on how she pleased me, she had been doing it for a while. I also wondered what she had planned for her exhibitionist activity today.

I called my Mom and asked for Lilly’s cell number. I called my sister and asked if she wanted to go out for lunch. She, not knowing I was back from my overseas deployment, was giddy with excitement to see her big brother (pardon the obvious pun). We made arrangements and I hung up. I lay back on my bed, still rock hard, as I pondered how I was going to take advantage of this situation. How was I going to get my sister to be my fuck-toy?


She was already there when I got to the cafe, dressed like she usually did in a long skirt, big sweater and pony-tail, no evidence of the hot naughty side she so casually presented to a couple of hundred frat boys just last night. No way of knowing that underneath her bulky sweater was a pair of large delicious ready-to-fuck tits. She gave me a big sisterly hug. A chill went up my spine as I felt her large breasts crushed against my chest. We had lunch and I shared my stories of life as a soldier and she told me about her graduation, summer band camp and starting college. When all the catching up was done, I asked, “So where are you staying?”

“In the dorm right now,” she answered, but adding, with giddy excitement, “I am pledging for Pi Sigma Pi.”

“Really?” I responded, feigning surprise. “Good for you. Don’t they have crazy initiations?”

Her face Escort Beylikdüzü went beat red. She stammered, “Y-y-yes they are a little crazy.”

“Like what?”

“Oh you know. We had to hit on a nerdy kid, we had to do a dine and dash, we have to be the peasants for the senior girls, blah-de-blah-blah-blah,” she answered, avoiding the truth.

“Oh good,” I said, giving a dramatic sigh of relief, “because a buddy of mine called me last night and said at his frat house the alpha delta something or other there was some crazy sorority pledge challenge where every pledge had to perform a glory hole task.”

My sister went from red as an apple to white as a ghost in a heartbeat. She stammered, “Oh-m-m-my, that is crazy.”

“Thank goodness that was not you, baby sister.” Silence filled the air while I waited for my sister to speak. Finally I went for the kill. “I was worried for a second. I was at the frat house last night and won a glory hole blowjob. After I presented my cock to the co-ed slut, I heard a girl say something like ‘Wow, Lilly, today is your lucky day.’ So for a minute there I was worried it was you who gave me the most amazing blowjob I had ever received and trust me, I have received many.”

“Oh my God,” she gasped and repeated in a chant, “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.”

“What Lilly?” I asked, as I reached over and comforted her gently.

She broke down in tears. I gently rubbed her back, like a good brother would do for an upset sibling. Just when I was about to speak, Lilly stood up and ran away. I wondered if I had fucked up. Would she still go to tonight’s final initiation? I cursed to myself as I finished my coffee and contemplated my next move.


That night, I purposely got to the frat house fashionably late and surveyed the room. Although I wouldn’t call it an all out orgy, there was a reasonable amount of exhibitionism everywhere. It made my A.D.D. brain malfunction as I attempted to take it all in. A cute blonde, as white as a girl can be, was blowing a large six foot something black guy; another blonde chick, too skinny for her own good, was jacking off two cocks; although I couldn’t see the penetration behind the table, I assumed the short Asian girl moving up and down was fucking the guy she was straddling; and on the stage itself the hot redhead from last night had a brunette between her legs lapping her cunt. It was frat boy heaven. I wanted to watch all the naughty sex acts, to find my own sorority pledge to play with, but I was focused on finding Lilly. My goal, sick as it was, was to make my sister my fuck-toy. I was convinced she was submissive, based on all those years of trying to please my parents. Always attempting to please everyone, I bet obeying and pleasing had become ingrained in her subconscious. I was confident I was right and just had to figure out how to make it happen. Plus no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get that perfect blowjob out of my head.

I continued walking around, desperate to find Lilly. I went into the kitchen, where I was treated to a great performance by a petite strawberry blonde who was fucking her pussy with a rather large cucumber, while a carrot was lodged in her ass. As she fucked herself, she was blowing some rather fat frat boy. I watched the perverse scene for a couple of minutes before continuing on my quest. I grabbed a beer and continued my search. I went upstairs where I was witness to a five-girl lesbian daisy chain, a chick getting dp’d, and a slightly chubby emo looking brunette getting peed on. All this would seem surreal to an average guy, but I had been to Bangkok, so trust me this was tame. Just as I was about to turn around and go back downstairs, I saw a pretty blonde being fucked with a strap-on by the chick I fucked last night. I realized I had never learned her name. I waved and she smiled back as she got verbally abusive to the co-ed she was fucking.

I was beginning to worry that maybe I had actually stopped Lilly from coming tonight. I went out back and approached a large group in a big circle. As I got closer and broke through the circle, I saw they were all watching the same thing…my sister. My sister, blindfolded, wearing only thigh high beige stockings was on her knees sucking the cock of a large black guy, a linebacker type. As I perused the scene, I saw that on a chalkboard nearby was the number 12. Even though she had unknowingly sucked my cock last night, I was still stunned by the sight of my wholesome sister sucking a big black cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight of my sweet sister sucking cock.

I was brought out of my stunned stupor as a guy pointed, “Back of the line.”

“What?” I asked.

“If you want that little nerdy co-ed slut to blow you, get to the back of the line.”

To my left was a line of six or seven guys waiting for their turn with my sister. Without even thinking, I went to the back of the line. When my gaze returned to my sister, she was sucking a new cock and the chalkboard now read 13. Unlike her teasing and pleasing with me last night at the glory hole, tonight she was sucking with reckless passion, like she was manufacturing blowjobs. Guy 14 blew his wad in a couple of minutes and I moved closer to the front of the line.

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