Collateral Ch. 08

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Jake flipped nervously through the magazine left on the nightstand. It was all in German, and he could not understand squat. He sighed and buried his head in the crook of his elbows. Then he stretched, enjoying the fluffiness of the sheets.

“Nice view,” he heard Klaus calling from behind and straightened up immediately.

“Who’s childish now?” he went for a frontal attack. “The door is locked.”

“Of course it is. You have the bad habit to stray,” Klaus smiled.

Fuck, was the fucker trying to blind him or something? Klaus could be in toothpaste ads and make everyone buy that shit by the ton, only because he was telling them to. Jake covered himself with the blanket and pouted.

Klaus deftly caught one corner of the blanket and pulled it away. Jake huffed.

“Don’t you have somewhere you have to be? Like your job or something?” he glared and pulled his knees to the chest, wrapping himself in a ball.

“Not today. I cleared my schedule so I can have fun with you. Plus, even I can enjoy a bit of a break once in a while.”

“Then go watch TV or play bingo or something. I’m not keeping you.”

“TV? Bingo? Do you think I am 80 years old, Jake?” Klaus climbed the bed with predatory grace.

He quickly grabbed Jake’s right hand and placed it between his legs.

“How old does this tell you I am?” he asked.

“You could be on Viagra or something,” Jake mumbled and withdrew his hand.

He would have enjoyed touching Klaus more, but the thing on his dick was a fucking pain. He was starting to discipline himself not to get hard. It just caused pressure, without the possibility of release.

“I can tell someone is frustrated,” Klaus joked. “Do you want me to take the chastity belt off, Jake?”

“Of course I do. It’s shit,” Jake replied.

“Okay,” Klaus pushed his hand between Jake’s legs.

Ah, Jake thought, if he was really, really smart about it, maybe he could tell that cipher … Klaus’s mouth connected with his and all conscious thought was lost. He groaned as the guy pushed his tongue inside, making his eyes roll in his head. Kissing was definitely nice, as was the hand wrapped now around his naked cock.

He was barely aware of how he was made to lie on his back. Klaus’s tongue was so, so good, wrapping around his, flicking and tasting, demanding and withdrawing. Straight teeth at his bottom lip, teasing, and then tongue again, and it was all like a rhythm, and he could not let go of it. He wanted it. So he kissed back, and his hands searched blindly, first propped against perfect shoulders, then traveling down, cupping pecs so good they seemed cut in marble and belonging to old statues of ancient gods made of nothing but the lust and desire carved in stone by some frustrated artist. The man in front of him was not made of cold marble, though; he was warm and hard, and Jake let his hands wander, curving and taking each muscle, down, down, down, until reaching their prize in a hot, throbbing member.

How gay was that? It was not like Jake had some gay-meter to tell, but still, two guys kissing and rubbing each other’s dicks had to be pretty gay. Whatever. Walls had no eyes. And he had gone too much without using his dick. It was only natural to let the other head take over.

“Hmm, nice,” Klaus slowly moved away, as did his hand until he brought his rubbing to a halt.

“If it’s nice, why did you stop?” Jake demanded gruffly.

“Impatient? Seeing how difficult it can be to get you to do anything remotely sexual, I want to take my time.”

Klaus moved and lay on his bed.

“How about we start with a little exploration? You first,” Klaus encouraged him.

“I have a body just like yours,” Jake shrugged, trying hard to hide his excitement.

His eyes were traveling hungrily over the man’s body.

“I insist,” Klaus grinned, showing teeth.

Jake placed his hands on the man’s chest again.

“Do you like it, Jake?” Klaus whispered. “Come on, play around a little. I promise I will let you.”

It was not that easy to forget he was swimming in the dark here, but he took a gamble nonetheless. He moved his hands, brushing over pert nipples, enjoying the immediate response. The room had the perfect temperature, but Klaus’s nipples were suddenly even more erect.

Jake wondered. So he leaned in and took one pebble of dark pink into his mouth. He could not tell if the guy’s heart was beating faster, but he hoped it was in synch with his. He closed his eyes and flicked his tongue over the object of his attention.

There was a small grunt coming from the other. He stopped and looked at Klaus. The man’s blue eyes were slightly darker than he remembered.

“Continue,” Klaus ordered, his bottom lip trembling for a second.

Jake moved to straddle the beautiful blond, wincing as his hard-on brushed by the other’s cock, but settling to having their balls touching. Then he bent from the waist and returned to the task at hand. He had no idea why everything seemed so delicious. It was like with each lick he was getting hungrier.

“Not gaziantep escort that I do not think it a nice obsession, but could you move to other things as well?” Klaus spoke, his voice no longer seeming as arrogant and well-guarded as usual.

He didn’t need any more encouragement, or guidance. The man’s skin tasted spicy and fresh, as Jake guided his hungry mouth towards the arched neck. He drew a long, wet line across, reaching Klaus’s ear. His teeth sank in the vulnerable lobe presenting itself, drawing a small amused yelp from its owner.

“Look who likes to bite,” Klaus joked.

Jake could feel the bubbly excitement growing in his chest. Maybe it was just that easy. And also tons of fun. That could not be denied. For a moment, he hesitated. This was getting too intimate, too fast. Out there, in the real world, there was Diaz, waiting to snap his neck for doing something like this. Here, the alluring man trembling slightly underneath him was a different kind of danger.

There was no winning for him. He was just bound to lose, but, at least, he could enjoy the scraps for all that mattered. Gluing his body to Klaus, he inhaled the man’s scent.

“I think I want to suck your cock,” he said in one go, not even stopping to breathe.

“Good, Jake,” Klaus praised him, caressing his hair. “Now that is what I call progress.”

“Just … so that you know. If I don’t like it, will you just let me be?”

“Sure,” Klaus replied, and slowly guided his head so they could kiss again. “I have a feeling, though, Jake, that you are the addictive kind. I think you will just come back for more, once you have a taste.”

“Still. I think I want to keep my options open,” Jake murmured against the man’s lips.

“Feel free to do so,” Klaus seemed pretty smug while saying this. “You have a gorgeous mouth. It is made for cock.”

Jake bit his bottom lip to hide a smile. There was no shortage of kinky praise when it came to this man.

“How about 69?” Klaus was the one to offer. “This way, you can learn on the go. Plus, I can race you to it.”

“That wouldn’t be fair,” Jake protested. “You’ll just beat me with experience. Also, my nuts are like a loaded gun.”

“Ah, well,” Klaus grinned. “Ready to blow then?”

“It’s your fault. For putting that damn thing on me.”

“You need discipline, Jake,” Klaus chided him, slowly tapping his index finger against the tip of Jake’s nose.

“Yeah, and you’re just free to do whatever you like,” Jake protested.

“Do I sense a competitive streak in you?” Klaus began caressing his back until he reached the other’s buttocks.

“Well, it’s true. You have an advantage. Your ball sack is NOT about to blow.”

“How do you know? Touch me,” Klaus ordered.

Jake moved and pushed one hand between them to feel Klaus’s hard cock and the balls beneath.

“Wow, tight as fuck,” he commented.

“For your information, seeing you so unwilling to give in, I decided to show restraint, too. So, we are at the starting line as equals.”

“You really didn’t rub one off?” Jake murmured, trying to make sense of everything.


“And you didn’t fuck?”


“Okay then,” Jake admitted. “At least I have a chance.”

That was what he thought, at least. He was maneuvered to sit with his ass on Klaus’s face, and he instantly groaned in pure delight, as a deft tongue was there in an instant.

“What the fuck … this isn’t a blowjob,” he puffed and complained.

“Consider it a bit of foreplay,” Klaus laughed, as he quickly pushed Jake to lie flat against his body.

He was facing the object of his desire in all its hardness and glory. Now that was a reason to back the fuck out. The thing was damn big, at least by his standards.

“Now Jake, your mouth should go ahhh …” Klaus joked.

And the man had to up the ante by immediately taking Jake’s balls and stuffing them into his mouth, one after another. Jake cursed and grabbed the man’s erection with both hands. With a self-encouraging sigh, he brought his lips to the engorged mushroom.

And licked. The immediate response from the man underneath was sudden suction applied to his ball sack. He was not going to lose. Even if it was really gay, and he should have known better than just aim for the guy’s cock like that, he braced himself and pushed half the man’s member into his mouth.

Nothing could describe the sensation he was now experiencing. Klaus wasted no more time, and he could feel his entire length engulfed in moist heat, down to the hilt. There was no way for him to do the same, but he pushed as much as he could, gagging a little when the tip of the man’s member hit the back of his throat. He withdrew, leaving a trail of saliva behind.

Klaus took in his predicament and, for a little while, he let Jake’s cock slide out of his mouth.

“Do not try too much right off the start. Take what you can manage, and do not forget to make it interesting.”

Interesting was how the man could deep-throat. But Jake was no fool either, and he began using his tongue to wrap it around the hard shaft. Bobbing his head, slowly at first, he began getting the hang of it. The slightly salty taste was only adding fuel to the fire. Klaus liked it, and Jake loved it because that meant he was doing a good job.

There was an advantage in using that position. Jake could focus on giving pleasure, taking a bit off the edge of his own delight, as Klaus was practically hammering his own mouth with Jake’s hard on. He could hold on to this. Propping one hand on the bed, he used the other to help with rubbing the guy’s hard member in synch with his mouth.

Whatever he felt right now, it was hot, raw, and it was driving him a tiny bit nuts because there was no way he could make sense why it felt so damn good. It wasn’t only because there was moist heat all around his hard dick. No, it definitely wasn’t just because of the so-called mechanics of the situation.

The way he felt had something to do with the fact that he was doing this with a gorgeous guy, it was forbidden, and his balls were about to blow just by thinking about it. He had been in plenty of dangerous situations before. The rush of adrenaline was like a drug, more so when there were slight chances of winning.

And right now, it felt like he could win, if only by a fraction. He used his tongue to lick the underside of the mushroom, decided that he needed that to gain the upper hand. Yet, when Klaus began going deeper and deeper, hitting Jake’s cock against the back of his throat, Jake’s hands clenched on the base of the guy’s member, trying to stop him somehow.

But it didn’t look like that fazed the guy in any way, so he resumed his own ministrations, rubbing and sucking the head with everything he could. At one point, he lost control, his moves becoming nothing short of erratic, and he let the man’s cock slip from his mouth so he could groan in pure delight.

Where there had been hotness, there was sudden cold, and he almost whined in protest.

“Easy there, tiger,” Klaus spoke, but his voice was a bit tight. “Now comes the moment when you have to reflect a little. What would it be? Swallow? Or would you rather enjoy a nice facial?”

Jake wanted just to turn and smack the man upside the head. Were they fucking or filling in forms? But the pressure at the base of his cock was still maddening, and he grabbed the man’s dick fiercely, too.

“What will you do?”

“I will swallow, obviously,” Klaus chuckled.

“Then I’ll swallow, too,” Jake shrugged and pushed the hard pulsing cock into his mouth in one go.

It was rewarding to hear Klaus uttering a short German word, sounding like water down the gutter and nails on a blackboard at the same time. He would have taken the time to celebrate, but his mouth was full, and he needed to focus.

Especially since his dick was now back into that crazy heat and the suction increased, making him want nothing but to push and push and push. Klaus was lucky to be so strong and keep his dick at a certain angle and distance because Jake was pretty certain he was now losing it.

The air in the room was turning electric, all the moans and slurping sounds coming from both of them filling up the empty space, threatening to burst. He came without even being able to tell if the stimulation on his cock was just going and going, and he was not yet there, but the sudden constriction of his balls and the way he felt his cock throbbing in the guy’s mouth told him he was just coming inside another man and it felt nothing short of amazing.

The slightly salty, yet a tad sweet, liquid hitting his taste buds brought him back. He struggled to swallow, taken by surprise, and there was a hand on his head, pushing him down and keeping him there, so there was no way he could back down.

He coughed as he was finally allowed to let the spent cock slip from his mouth. It took him long seconds to start breathing correctly once more.

The slow, intoxicating laugh, coming from behind him, made him bit his bottom lip hard. Alright, it had been cool enough, but why was the guy laughing? He turned with a large grin to face Klaus, but one of his hands surreptitiously went for a pillow. Klaus looked pretty smug, the bastard, which made the sudden change that followed even more amusing.

Smack! The pillow hit the overconfident asshole right in his face, and now Jake was the one laughing. Klaus looked like a miffed kid on his first day of school, a few feathers falling softly around him, his perfect hair finally a bit tousled. He looked more like a human being, and less like a dream man created in a lab. Jake stretched, feeling particularly satisfied.

Klaus moved quickly, landing on top of him, and keeping him pinned to the bed. The blue eyes sparkled with amusement.

“So, do you think you have it in you to take me on?” Klaus asked.

“Sure, I can take you any day,” Jake replied, feeling pretty good about himself.

“How arrogant of you,” Klaus cooed. “And right after swallowing everything like a good boy. I thought you would be more chastised.”

“Why? I fucked your mouth, too,” Jake smiled.

Klaus’s eyes turned darker.

“You are so uncouth, you make me want to discipline you all the time,” Klaus spoke.

“Yeah, like I’ll let you,” Jake chose bravado once more.

“You will let me. You will let me do anything I want, because you like it, you little pervert,” Klaus laughed.

“How am I a pervert?”

“You know. Just teasing and denying all the time, and then going all-in. I had not expected you to take me so deep and swallow everything from the first time.”

“Really? I mean, what do other guys do?” Jake’s eyes grew wide.

“Each person has their own quirks. You are not hung up on sex, that is sure. So, I am wondering. What are your pet peeves?”

“Maybe not being crushed like this,” Jake joked and pushed his hands against Klaus’s chest.

“Hey, you are not going anywhere until I say so,” Klaus remained firm, not budging a muscle.

“Alright,” Jake gave up. “So what are we going to do? Sit like this?”

“No,” Klaus leaned in and made their lips connect for a kiss.

The guy was really something, Jake thought, as he opened his mouth. But, this time, he didn’t just lie there; he sucked in Klaus’s tongue, and soon they were carrying a not so silent battle that was going to go for who knew how long if it wasn’t for the loud rap on the door that made them both stop.

“Breakfast is ready, sir,” a voice announced.

“Leave it by the door,” Klaus replied loudly.

Jake used the offered opportunity to push himself out of the man’s embrace quickly.

“Hey,” Klaus called after him.

“I think I need another shower,” Jake said.

“Not alone,” Klaus pushed himself up and followed.

Jake suddenly noticed something on the floor. He grabbed the offending object quickly and went to the window.

“What are you doing?” Klaus asked him.

With unhidden satisfaction, he opened the window and making sure to gain enough momentum; he threw the thing as far as he could. Klaus began laughing.

“Don’t you think I can buy another?”

“Nope, I don’t think so,” Jake turned to the other with a large grin painted all over his face.

“Are you underestimating my financial situation?” Klaus quirked an eyebrow.

“You promised,” Jake shrugged. “You got me naked, on my back.”

“That is not exactly what I said,” Klaus’s eyes lazily traveled all over Jake’s body, leaving goose-bumps everywhere.

He shook off the sensation.

“Technically, it is.”

“So are you going to put up from here on out?” Klaus laughed.

“You wish,” Jake said defensively. “I said nothing like it.”

Klaus grabbed him playfully by his buttocks.

“It is fine. I appreciate the challenge.”


Klaus let his hands travel slowly over the boy’s harmonious body. Jake was a wonder. Unrestrained, always using his own head, cautious, but ready for action. Klaus had had much more beautiful lovers in his life. More versed in giving and receiving. But for the love of all that was holy, he could not remember any of them at the moment. His mind was blank, filled only with what was offered right in front of him.

Strong shoulders, lean muscles everywhere. The most delicious ass. He could not wait to get to that part.

“Are we washing, or you’re just going to stare?” Jake turned his head, and Klaus used the opportunity to cup his cheek and drag him into another kiss.

The soft lips resisted for just a second until their owner decided to relax and allow Klaus the exploration he sought so much. It was a tad unnerving, and it was taking him by surprise to feel how much he needed this.

He liked sex. No, correction. He loved sex. It was his favorite pastime when he was not buried in work. But until now, he had always known where he stood. His lovers were predictable. Handsome, skilled, appreciative, elegant, and smooth. Jake was rough and acted on impulse. He had no consideration for rules or etiquette.

And that made the usual expectations … not applicable. But it didn’t matter. Klaus Metzer was not the type to give up in the face of a new challenge. And if that meant feeling like walking on a thin thread, let it be it.

“You are hard,” he whispered against the younger man’s lips, and his hands cupped the other’s proud erection.

“Well, I’m young,” Jake justified. “And horny.”

“Hmm, what should we do about it then?” Klaus cooed.

“How about you suck me off?” Jake proposed shamelessly.

“Aren’t you a little presumptuous? I just did that,” Klaus replied, feeling the same unfamiliar sensation of having someone challenging him just for the fun of it.

“You’re the one whose hands are all over my cock,” Jake shrugged.

“I do not offer anything without expecting something in return.”

“Shoot,” Jake said, and his eyes were a bit blurred as Klaus bit playfully on his shoulder.

“Your ass in exchange,” Klaus said.

“No way,” Jake shook his head.

“You are going to give in any way. Why postpone it?” Klaus began rubbing Jake’s cock slowly, in a rhythm he knew it was not enough to be satisfactory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32