Collected Pt. 03

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To avoid misconceptions: This is obviously a fetish fairy tale, not a realistic depiction of a loving BDSM relationship based on SSC principles. If you’re uncomfortable with stories featuring outré fetishes like permanent bondage, piercings and slavery, I’d suggest to skip this tale.


By now, her appearance matched her mental image of the perfect slave girl much more closely, yet there were still discrepancies. She instinctively shied away from thinking about them, frantically trying to flood her mind with memories from harmless childhood days instead; anything to drown out the unbidden images conjured up by her supercharged libido. Scenes from carefree summers spent playing with the kids from the neighborhood repeated before her mind’s eye. She fondly remembered that “Cowboys and Indians” had been a favorite, yet in hindsight, it maybe was a little odd how often she’d ended up tied to a tree …

‘Oops!’ In panic, she scrambled to summon up some less dangerous memories. Her first boyfriend, for example, had been sweet and caring. He would never have done anything to hurt her, unfortunately. Such a pity that he’d been so clearly out of his depth when he found the handcuffs she had ‘accidentally’ left lying around. Since he had been puzzled by the simple cuffs then, how would he react if he saw her now? Or worse, adorned the way she was supposed to be …

‘Fuck!’ Apparently, her desperate efforts were doomed to fail. Ordering herself not to think about something invariably provoked the exact opposite result. Maybe it would be for the best if she ceased her futile evasive maneuvering and simply embraced her inevitable fate. After all, it were her own secret fantasies that would shape it. Despite the voice of reason screaming at the back of her mind to stop, she succumbed to her irrepressible desires and once again turned towards her favorite stories, in which slave girls were not only helplessly enchained, but also adorned with extreme piercings that rendered them even more controllable.

The metal rewarded her renewed compliance with the desired mode of thinking with a spike of pleasure that made her gasp. Analogous to what it had been doing to her arms, it had put her mind into something akin to a mental ratchet that propelled her down the route to an ever-deepening enslavement. She saw through its tactic, yet could not change course regardless.

“Aiih!” Lin screamed into her gag when both of her breasts were perforated horizontally behind her nipples, through the areolas. This was accompanied by an intensely stinging sensation that quickly subsided since the metal was working its magic to dampen the pain. Not that Lin would greatly have minded the pain, being as filled with masochistic bliss as she was. The metal quickly enlarged the piercings, then formed grommets within the wounds while simultaneously healing and strengthening the tissue surrounding them. Two thick rods filled the openings and were immediately complemented with sturdy U-shackles that outlined the lower halves of her nipples.

Next, she felt her lower lips grabbed and stretched. In rapid succession, each of her outer labia was pierced five times and the resulting holes immediately fitted with more of the wide-flanged grommets. Of course, the grommets were not left unoccupied for long but soon played host to sturdy bolts joining her lips to the protective shell that covered her pussy, splaying her sex wide open. Unfortunately, that was not all.

Forced to go ever deeper down the rabbit hole of her masochistic fantasies, Lin moaned in dread when she felt a tight metal collar clamp itself around the base of her clitoris. As it turned out, her fears were well-founded, when a thick metal pin speared through her compressed flesh and thus irrevocably anchored the collar to her body. Adding insult to injury, another U-shackle formed on its outside, turning her forcibly lengthened, sensitive nodule into the fastening point for a most intimate leash. Although only some unseen hook snagged the shackle and locked it to her chastity cover for now, the persistent, irritating pull on her clitoris acted as a disconcerting preview of future woes.

All her new piercings throbbed in time with her racing pulse, yet apart from the initial spike of pain when her flesh had been perforated, Lin was spared from any more serious discomfort. Within seconds, the metal repaired the damaged tissue, integrating the grommets into it as if they had always been part of her body. Consequently, there was no lengthy healing period to consider before her Mistress could make full use of her new attachments. It also meant that the metal could continue its assault indefinitely without endangering its victim’s physical health. Albeit Lin’s mental well-being was a different matter.

Her mind was still riven between reason and passion; the former abhorring her ever-worsening debasement while the latter rejoiced in the incredible eroticism of her absolute submission. The wetness Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort in her crotch attested to which side kept winning the argument. Lin had obsessed about such outré fantasies for years, always secure in the knowledge that they could never come to pass. However, now that the metal had moved them into the realm of the possible and attainable, the temptation to actually experience them became irresistible. The knowledge that she was doing this to herself provided the sweetest of agonies.

Done with her crotch, her relentless masochism’s focus moved upwards again. Or downwards actually, if Lin chose to take her current, upside-down configuration into account. Either way, although thoroughly immobilized already, it was now her tongue’s turn to receive the metal’s biting attentions. A triangle of large bore holes was pierced through the muscle, the central one three centimeters in from the tip. After the customary grommets had formed, more of the metal flowed through their openings and fused her tongue to the solid mass that filled her mouth. Unless she could get the metal to withdraw again, expelling the gag had become absolutely impossible, at least if she did not fancy to rip out her tongue in the process.

The subsequent piercing and eyeletting of her earlobes and their incorporation into the head harness was anticlimactic in comparison, yet it was only the prelude to the final act of the drama. When Lin felt the metal sliding high up into her nose and clamping tightly onto her septum, she knew what to expect. She pressed her eyes closed and screamed when, with a sharp pain, a sizable hole was neatly punched through the cartilage. Immediately, the hole’s edges were infused with particles of the metal that healed the wound and formed an eyelet strengthening the tissue. For a second, Lin hoped she had endured the worst of it, but she should have reckoned that all her most extreme fantasies were to be realized … in full.

Both wings of her nose on either side of the central hole in her septum were pierced and grommeted as well, then a thick metal shaft grew to occupy all the openings and transfix her entire nose. It in turn served as the axle for the arms of a U-shackle whose tip reached halfway down to her upper lip. This clearly was no delicate piece of jewelry, but another serviceable anchor point, ready to accept a devastatingly effective leash. The metal immediately put the new hardware to good use when it sprung up fixtures on each of the metal straps framing her nose that latched on to the heads at either end of the central shaft and thus integrated it into her head harness.

‘Yes!’ It was done. She had done it, and so she found herself hanging upside-down from a tree, naked, helplessly bound by wide cuffs tightly fastened around her limbs, pierced with demeaning shackles through her nose, nipples, and clit. Locked into a chastity belt, with her pussy and anus stuffed, gagged to the max and forced to stomach a feeding tube, so she could stay this way. A fetishist’s dream, her dream, come true! Now that fantasy had become reality, the repressed, masochistic part of her that had dreamed up all this rejoiced while in the back of her mind, her former self desperately clung to one comforting, unexpressed thought …

Lin felt a flash of heat when she imagined herself helplessly restrained in this manner for hours or days on end, with nothing to keep her occupied but the urge to find sexual release. With relish she tried to pull her tongue out of its pouch in her gag, reveling in the ultimate rigor with which the piercings kept it trapped. Likewise, any attempt to open her mouth further was met by the unyielding resistance of her head harness, its metal straps digging into her skull. She imagined being led around by a leash to her nose ring, any attempt to resist instantly and effortlessly overcome by the painful tug on the sensitive organ.

Almost as an afterthought, the metal combed through her long hair, arranging it in a complex braid with threads of metal weaving themselves into the strands while at the braid’s end, a ring offered a convenient means to incorporate it into her bondage. Lin felt her head pulled back by her hair until she was forced to stare straight down at the forest floor a meter below.

With the last degree of freedom removed, her arousal spiked once more. The metal stepped up its clever manipulation of her erogenous zones and this time she knew her unconditional surrender to its demands had earned her the release she desperately craved. For now, though, it played its favorite game with her again, supercharging her with pleasure, then holding her back right at the brink. She was riding the breaking wave of an enormous orgasm that would surely lift her right up the shores of paradise.

‘Soon!’ Lin held her breath in anticipation. She was so close now! And when she had finally found release from the throes of sexual frenzy she could plead for having the changes Kadıköy Çıtır Escort to her body reversed – surely, what the metal had wrought, it could undo again. The traitorous thought had popped unbidden into her mind and was immediately punished by an agonizing shock to her tongue that acted as a cold shower, killing her buzz instantly. Once again the orgasm was lost.

“Nnnhh!” A desperate howl escaped her throat. This was not fair! Yet the heroines in her favorite stories did not get to play at being a slave for just a short time, so neither would she. The sudden awareness that there indeed was a way to make her body modifications permanent struck Lin like another electric shock. Cold sweat beaded her brow. Her neocortex informed her that she did not really want to go down this route, but her lizard brain begged to differ. Granted ascendance for once, it drowned out the small voice of reason that wailed in terror, finding a willing partner in crime in the metal that eagerly complied with the wish to make her bondage irrevocable.

It started with her piercings. The grommets capturing her flesh became hot for an instant, despite the metal’s best efforts to dissipate the heat. Somehow Lin knew that the affected portion of the metal had lost its shapeshifting capabilities and irreversibly changed its molecular structure into something far harder than steel, impervious to the best tools known to man. The process repeated itself with the U-shackles that occupied her nose, nipple and clit piercings, then was extended to the cuffs around her wrists and ankles, but left out the links between them, though Lin did not learn that yet. Callously, she was led to believe she would be forced to endure the reverse prayer bondage for the rest of her life, never having use of her arms again!

The transformation of her manacles progressed more slowly on account of their greater mass and the commensurate amount of heat that was generated. Moreover, the innermost layer of the metal kept its adaptability, so her circulation and the mobility of her joints would not be unduly impaired despite the cuffs’ skin-tight fit, whereas on their solidified outside a plethora of new fastening points sprung up which the metal connecting them latched onto now.

Her skin prickled maddeningly when thousands of microscopic filaments of the metal grew from the cuffs into her flesh and anchored themselves to her very bones. Similarly, more fibers permeated the tissue that played host to her piercings and ensured that nothing short of lethal force would be able to rip any of the grommets out of her body. Once again the metal proved absolutely uncompromising in its implementation of her half-baked fantasies.

The last pieces to be made permanent were the belt around her waist and her collar, which were retrofit in much the same way. Lin was not entirely sure whom to thank for the fact that at least the crotch piece of her chastity belt remained removable: Maybe it was some policy set by the Mistress herself that had saved her from going completely overboard since in her current state of mind, even the thought of being kept chaste forever appealed to her rampant masochism. In any case, the awareness that the metal was irrevocably trapping her in bondage of her own design propelled Lin’s desire again to its previous stratospheric heights, so the sensations of heat and prickling around her throat that announced the permanence of her collar nearly pushed her over the edge. Nearly, because this was when she learned that — despite its now inert form — the metal in her nipples and clit was still capable of transmitting sobering electric shocks.

Once more beside herself with unfulfilled yearning, Lin tested the limits of her freedom (or rather confirmed its complete absence) and strained manically against her restraints, relishing the authoritative grip of the cuffs on her ankles and wrists. Almost of their own volition, her pelvic muscles clenched so she felt the intruders in her vagina and rectum even more acutely now that they had resumed their inescapable, tormenting teasing. She even enjoyed the discomfort when her tongue surged against the piercings that mated it to her gag and the drag on her nose shackle when she tried to toss her head from side to side, blithely putting up with the painful jerking on her trapped hair. Each sensation provided incontrovertible proof of her enslavement and sent another spark along her spine that further stoked the fire in her loins. But still, the metal did not allow her to orgasm, as if it wanted to flush out the last vestiges of concealed thoughts of resistance.

But Lin had been thoroughly conquered and her will to resist obliterated by the constant barrage of her own fantasies having been turned against her. After she had accepted defeat by her own hand, the only thing that still mattered to her was the fulfillment of her lust. Beads of sweat ran down her hot skin, while she desperately tried to suck in Kadıköy Elit Escort enough oxygen to sustain her hammering heart. Her body was tight as a bow-string, with the tendons standing out like ropes under her pale skin and every muscle locked in a spasm of pleasure bordering on agony. Teased and tortured past breaking point, she felt a microsecond away from losing her sanity when the metal finally relented.

“Aahhh!” A shrill scream ripped from her throat and broke against her gag. Lin’s eyes became wide as saucers before she squeezed them shut. Wave after wave of uncontainable contractions rippled through her taut muscles, shaking her dangling body like a leaf in a storm and all conscious thought evaporated in the blinding heat of the supernova ignited by the sudden release of her pent-up pleasure. For a timeless sliver of eternity, Lin just existed as pure sensation in the unfathomable bliss of that supreme orgasm of her life. Surely she had died and gone to heaven!

Alas, as a mere mortal she had no claim to permanent residency in heaven, so when at long last the massive orgasm and its innumerable, follow-on climaxes had run their course, Lin found herself expelled from paradise, dangling above the forest floor once more. Reluctantly winding down from her high, she opened her eyes just in time to see a tall figure materializing out of thin air in front of her. It took her a second to overcome her surprise and make sense of the upside-down view she was presented with.

The athletic body was humanoid and as the skintight, black suit revealed clearly female, yet next to its imposing height of at least 230 centimeters Lin’s own 181 centimeters would make her look like a child. The only part of the alien’s body not covered by the matte black material of the suit was the head, where pale skin with a faint golden tint was framed by long burgundy tresses that seemed animated by a life of their own. The face was that of a stern Greek goddess with the luminous, golden eyes being the most striking of her perfect features. They fixed on Lin who could not help but shudder under the piercing gaze. She sensed that her innermost secrets lay bare before her beautiful Goddess’ penetrating eyes. Involuntarily, she squirmed and clenched her thighs, provoking her captor to show her gleaming teeth in a lazy smile. Lin’s breath caught when she noticed the elongated canines that raised associations of a most disturbing nature.

For a split second, she struggled mindlessly, then got a grip on her panic. If she had just been intended as a snack, her elaborate enslavement would not have served any purpose. No, her captor must have something far more devious in mind for her.

“Fear not, my little pet!” The soothing contralto voice spoke directly to her mind. “We’ll have so much fun together …”

Lin was looking forward to it.


Mia-la looked down on the human female and smiled. For an hour, she had stayed hidden and feasted on her prey’s raw emotions before switching off the lightbender and revealing herself. Still, the taste of the young woman’s desperate need, guilty pleasure, and exquisite pain lingered as a heady afterglow in her mind. This one she would definitely keep for herself.

With wry amusement, the huntress contemplated the restraints her new pet had chosen for herself. The heavy shackles were quaint in their primitive, hardware obsessed style, especially since the smart metal symbiont evidently provided so much more sophisticated means of control. Nonetheless, they reflected the auspiciously submissive girl’s own self-concept and therefore would help her come to terms with her new role much more quickly. Besides, Mia-la rather liked the brutally blunt message they conveyed. She considered equipping the other specimens she had collected similarly but would need to run this idea past her prospective buyers first.

Mia-la was the product of millennia of coevolution of natural and artificial intelligence. Although her physical appearance retained much of her ancestral humanoid matrix, her mind was a different matter altogether. Honed by generations of genetic meddling, it far surpassed that of any human. However, what her species had gained in intellectual prowess, it had lost in the capacity to experience raw emotions, yet the telepathic abilities acquired in the exchange made up for the loss somewhat: They allowed its members to tie in with the primal emotions of other, compatible species, glorying in their sensations like an intoxicating drug. Humans with their barely domesticated feelings worked best, turning them into a highly sought-after commodity.

Yet even among the teeming masses that populated their little planet, Lin stood out as a rare gem. Her feelings transmitted exceptionally true and her masochistic nature practically guaranteed that Mia-la would be able to elicit an especially delicious mix of the strongest emotions from her: love and hate, pleasure and pain, all intricately blended into one heady cocktail. To boot, all that came packaged in an appealingly cute and highly sensitive body. The huntress experienced something akin to elation when she considered that thanks to the metal symbiont, she would have the young woman at her disposal for centuries to come.

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