College Adventures Ch. 01

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It was my first time flying alone so far from home, I was nineteen years old and at the insistence of my parents I had enrolled in a college in Los Angeles.

I was a little anxious and excited about what I could have done all alone and completely free in a city full of opportunities. To tell the truth, I had a lot of fantasies, even if I had much less experiences, I hid my true nature from my friends and I behaved like a normal straight boy, also dating some girls, but inside I felt so much feminine and extremely attracted by men, older than me and very masculine. In short, I was always thinking about cock and not a day went by that I didn’t masturbate thinking I was being taken by a man who used me to his liking and filled me with his cock to drive me crazy. Dreams fantasies, in reality I had not had many experiences, even if I was no longer a virgin… but that’s another story that maybe I’ll tell another time.

The plane was big and half empty, I was sitting by the window and I had no one next to it, the flight lasted twelve hours and time never passed so I often got up and went for a walk around to cheat time. During one of my strolls I had noticed a man standing in line behind me who, when I passed, looked at me insistently. He was in his forties dark hair, barely hinted beard, deliberately uncultivated, brown eyes very deep marked features, perhaps Middle Eastern like the color of the skin definitely tanned, a really handsome man. He looked at me with a look that conveyed decision Sakarya Escort and authority, one of those looks that make you lower your eyes and something started to move in your stomach …

I went back to my seat and I couldn’t help thinking for a moment about what it would have been like to be between the strong arms of a male like that, to which my little dick, in fact, is not big at all, hardens like a stone. To distract myself I decided to watch a movie and put on headphones. After about ten minutes I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice, I turned and in the dim light, I saw the man’s face asking me if he could sit next to me as in his place, the earphones did not work. My heart jumped and I felt an emptiness in my stomach

“Of course, take a seat, no problem.”

“Thanks, the flight is long and I need to distract myself a little.”

He sat down and I immediately perceived the heat, his male smell and his energy. A strange sense of excitement pervaded me, the one that takes me when the female in me takes over and control my mind and body. Body not very masculine I must say. I am hairless except for a tuft on my pubis, I have a rather small dick, I have a very nice little ass instead, nice full and round, with wide hips for a boy. I am not very tall and I have a face with delicate features, rather feminine I would say, especially the plump lips and thick eyelashes that give me a very sweet and even sexy look I would say. As a child they always Adapazarı Escort mistaken me for a little girl and even as a teenager the other boys made fun of me, they said that I had the body of a pussy, they called me pigeon because of the straight and protruding ass. Even my disposition has always been very docile, I avoided confronting other guys and preferred to submit rather than fight, I understood that I could not compete and therefore I obeyed, I knew what my place was and I didn’t mind at all …

But let’s go back to the man sitting next to me. The film ended shortly thereafter but instead of getting up and returning to his place, he started talking to me. He introduced himself as Ali, a Lebanese businessman, often in L.A., he spoke excellent English. His voice was deep and as he spoke, I also noticed how incredibly sexy her fleshy mouth was and how his very white teeth stood out on the amber complexion of his face. He was dressed in a pair of khaki pants and a light blue shirt with an unbuttoned collar from which a thick black hair was visible on the chest, which made me feel again that I don’t know what in my stomach. I told him that I went to college but that I didn’t know the city, that I was a little worried because I didn’t know anyone, except an old friend of mine from middle school, who had returned to L.A. with the family. The conversation went on for a long time and during all this time I sensed his interest in me, I perceived an aura of seduction Serdivan Escort in the tone of his voice, in his looks, I felt prey and this caused me to shiver that spread along my back from my brain to my asshole … that throbbed with every movement I made, slowly, on the seat to settle the desire that pervaded me.

I think he read it in my eyes how slutty I felt at that moment because he took a long pause staring at me with a smile like he knows he has already won before even starting, and told me

“You really are a very attractive boy and I think you will have no problem making many friends where you are going, but I would like you to take my address and come to visit me, so I could introduce you to the city and teach you many things to better enjoy it.”

I didn’t want to, but my face turned scarlet red, a little bit of emotion and a little bit of embarrassment, I stammered something like “Well it’s very kind of you… I would like it but I would not want to disturb … being a burden … taking advantage …”

“No trouble, I live in the hills in a beautiful house with a swimming pool and I would be happy to host you when you want, I’m sure you will have fun… or rather we will have fun.”

He dropped that last sentence in a firm but slow tone in a low voice staring into my eyes so much that I lowered mine and said

“Okay I hope I can come soon; I will call you as soon as I settle in college.”

He gave me his business card with address, cell phone and greeted me thanking me for the pleasant conversation. You can imagine what turmoil I had in my stomach, thinking of me and him alone in his house, perhaps naked in the pool made me stand up like a bamboo cane and the asshole almost took on a life of its own pulsing like a wet pussy.

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