College Boy Pt. 02

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Andrew was still recovering from his intense orgasm when his mom rested her hand on his bare chest and broke their deep and loving kiss. He was holding her close to his naked body, as if letting go of her might end some spell they were both under. He felt her stiff nipples against his skin as she inhaled, her eyes meeting his.

“I think I might need a tissue,” Sarah said, wiggling her nose and using her free hand to wipe a little of his cum from her cheek. They smiled at eachother and he relaxed his embrace so she could go and grab a paper napkin.

He stood staring at her bare back, admiring the curves of her figure, and the way her jeans hugged her rounded ass. She turned back to her son and laughed quietly at his expression. Andrew mentally shook himself, grinning sheepishly, and bent over to pull up his boxers and pants from around his ankles.

“Leave the pants, sweetie” his mom winked at him, throwing the napkin in the bin. She was tingling all over with excitement for the evening ahead, knowing her 18 year old’s libido would have him hard again soon enough. Her nipples were still firm with arousal and she could feel the wetness between her legs as she crossed the kitchen, grabbing the pizza menu and her wine from the counter.

Sarah headed back to the lounge, passing close to Andrew, and he stuck his arm out to stop her in her tracks, bending his face to tentatively steal another kiss from his mom. She obliged, hardly believing how perfect it felt. Sarah sighed happily as they broke apart and continued on her way, her son turned and followed her, watching her hips swaying as she walked.

She put her wine glass on the coffee table and they settled on the couch together, he sitting in the corner with her leaning back against his side. His arm draped over her shoulder and his hand cupped one of her soft breasts as she perused the menu. “Shall we just get a large pepperoni?” She asked, turning slightly to look at him, placing one hand on his thigh and squeezing gently.

“Sounds good” he replied, his free hand resting on hers as he felt a fresh stirring in his boxers. This was insane. He kept thinking he would wake up any second. The sensation of his mom’s fingers caressing his inner thigh made him shiver and his cock twitched. He gripped her hand in his, wanting to prolong their encounter.  “Let me call them,” he said, kissing her cheek and getting up to grab the phone and dial the pizza place.

As he did so, Sarah laid back on the couch and studied her son. He was almost a full head taller than she was now, slender but not skinny, with toned arms and upper body, and the cutest little butt that she had wanted to grab on many occasions. His brown hair was in need of a trim but it framed his handsome face well, and matched his dark eyes. She bent one arm and placed her hand under her head, the other resting across her chest just under her bare breasts.

Andrew turned to look at his mom as the call connected and he started placing their order. She got up to grab her card from her purse, and he was again transfixed by her sensual body. Sarah brought the card to him and when he took it she let her hands wander over his chest and back while he struggled to give the details over the phone. She kissed his shoulder and along his collar-bone, his arm wrapping around her and cupping her butt, squeezing and holding her to him. Finally he thanked them and hung up, turning his face to hers to kiss her again.

“How long?” She murmured, her fingers hooking into his boxers as she stepped backwards, pulling him with her, kissing as they went. She decided she’d waited for long enough for a moment that she porno videolar had dreamed of but never really thought would happen.

“Half an hour,” he answered as they reached the couch and Sarah moved her hands to his shoulders and guided him to sit down. Andrew put his hands on his mom’s hips, parted his legs and pulled her to stand between them, tilting his face up slightly to take one of her swollen nipples into his mouth and gently suck on it.

It was an unbelieveable sensation for Sarah, looking down into her son’s adoring eyes as he suckled at her breast, her hand brushing his hair back off his forehead. She knew it was wrong, knew neither of them would ever be able to tell a soul about their forbidden lovemaking, but she didn’t care. She wanted him, and she knew he wanted her too.

Andrew moved his mouth down to kiss his mom’s belly as he undid her jeans, and she wiggled her hips as he tugged them down. He saw her satin and lace panties, the fabric wet with her juices, and felt his cock twitch again. He’d seen those panties in the laundry before and they’d certainly fuelled one or two fantasies.

Sarah lifted one leg and then the other as Andy dutifully helped pull her jeans down off her feet. When her legs were free she pushed him back and placed her right knee beside his left thigh on the seat. She leant into him, her supple breasts level with his face, and placed her left knee on the other side of him, straddling his lap.

Andrew was in awe. Obviously his mom knew what she was doing, but this was way sexier than he’d ever imagined. Sarah rested her forearms on his shoulders. She was looking down at him with as much lust as he was feeling, her face so close to his. He put his arms around her, hands sliding up her back to hold her shoulders and pull her into him.

Sarah resisted slightly, making Andrew let out a soft whimper and shift his pelvis underneath her. She was aching to have him inside her but she wanted him hard as a rock first. She touched her nose to his, her mouth close enough to kiss, but when he tried she pulled away, teasing her son as she had imagined doing for so long. She looked into his eyes and lowered herself onto his lap, her panty-covered mound pushing on his tented boxers. His erection was sandwiched between them now and Sarah began to slowly gyrate her hips to rub herself against his bulge.

The heat from his mom’s pussy made Andy’s cock throb and he felt precum leak from the tip. He dragged his hands down his mom’s back to her waist, holding her, encouraging her to grind on him. He could feel her wetness soaking through to his skin and shifted his hands down to her meaty thighs, then up her legs and inside her panties to hold her beautiful butt.

A soft moan escaped Sarah, her breathing shallow and rapid with desire, and she finally kissed her son again. In that instant his hands gripped her buttocks harder and he thrust his hips up, making sure she knew just how wild she was driving him. She pushed down, letting him know the feeling was mutual.

Andrew couldn’t wait any longer. He put his hands on her hips and pushed her pelvis away from his so that he could reach inside his now moist boxers and free his solid cock. They both looked at his engorged penis and Sarah slid one hand down his chest to rub her index finger over the moist tip. She got off his lap then, and slipped her panties down, standing naked before him.

Her heart was racing as she watched him lift his butt off the sofa cushion and work his boxers down to his knees, then let them drop to the floor. Andrew looked her up and down, his eyes porno video izle coming to rest on the soft triangle of flesh between her legs. The hair there was trimmed, sparce on the mound but thicker along her lips, and glistening with her juices. His cock twitched once more, standing up straight and proud, all for her.

“C’mere Mom,” he said, softly, one hand extended to take hers. She took it and he pulled her to him again, his other hand taking her hip to steady her as she straddled him once more. Sarah’s free hand took his shaft and she guided his helmet along her slit and to the entrance of her wet pussy. She released it then, the very tip resting just inside her hole, and put both her hands on the back of the couch, either side of his head.

Andrew could barely breathe, and almost didn’t want to move. He cupped his mother’s breasts in his hands and bent his face to nuzzle them lovingly. He inhaled then, and when he did his nose was filled with the smell of her. It was intoxicating. She responded by kissing the top of his head, his temple… He slipped his hands around to her back and tilted his face up towards hers so she could kiss his cheek, then, as her lips found his, she let herself slide down his hard cock.

The sensation of her warm wetness accepting him was unreal, and far more exciting than he’d imagined it would be. He kissed her deeply but, once his mom was sat on his thighs, with his full length inside her, he tilted his head back, eyes closed, and let out a low moan.

Sarah stayed motionless, enjoying the feeling of her son’s virile penis buried to the hilt within her walls. Her hands moved to run her fingers through his hair, holding his head. Andy opened his eyes and met his mom’s gaze, watched her bite her lower lip, felt her rise up again on her knees until he almost slipped back out of her perfect pussy.

His hands quickly slid down to her waist and gripped the flesh above her hips. “No…” he whispered, lifting his hips to push back inside her a little.

“No?” she whispered back, her hands now back on his shoulders, a naughty glint in her eye as she raised one eyebrow.

Andrew squeezed her hips a little harder, trying to pull her back down onto his cock, aching to fuck her hard and deep. She resisted, with a little shake of her head, but his hands moved up her back and curled up over her shoulders as he sat up and brought his mouth to hers again. “Please, mom. I want you so bad,” he murmured, and Sarah let out an involuntary noise as she allowed her son to thrust his tongue into her mouth while simultaneously pulling her down onto his amazing cock.

Lust had taken them both over. Their hands roved over one-anothers bodies, nails digging into skin, fingers pulling hair, as Sarah rode her son like she rode his dad before him.

Andrew cupped and kissed his mom’s soft breasts, and flicked his tongue over her nipples. When she sat down hard and ground her clit against him he slid his arms around her, nuzzled his face against her neck, and spoke quietly into her ear. “You’re amazing, mom… you feel incredible…”

Sarah moaned. She pulled Andy’s hair to tilt his head back and kissed him hard, sucking on his tongue when he slipped it between her lips. She ceased her grinding and began to bounce on him again, his hands holding her hips so he could thrust up into her and set the pace, his breathing changing, catching, as they found their rythm.

Sarah’s hands rested on the back of the couch and Andrew shifted under her as they fucked, his butt moving closer and closer to the edge of the seat, lying back… it changed porno video the angle of his thrusts, and he revelled in the sensation, the altered pressure on his shaft, her pendulous breasts swaying infront of his face.

It wasn’t long before he felt his climax fast approaching. “Oh god, mom, you’re gonna make me cum,” he gasped, with a little hint of panic in his voice. His hands, so keen to encourage her just moments before, now attempted to slow her movements, but Sarah was having none of it. “Mom, stop! I’m gonna cum!”

“Good boy,” Sarah said, nodding as she looked down lovingly into his face. “That’s my good boy,” she placed her hands over his on her hips and continued to rise and fall on her son’s throbbing cock, walls rippling arounds his sensitive helmet. He was on the edge, now, and she rocked her hips with each bounce. “Good boy… cum for mommy,” she moaned, head back, chest flushed with heat and arousal. “Cum in mommy, baby.”

Andrew’s reaction to those words was almost animalistic. He held her still and grunted, his eyes shut tight, mouth open, almost a pained expression on his face as, for the second time that night, his mom made him orgasm. “I’m cumming, mommy” he managed to blurt out as she felt his cock start pulsing and knew he was emptying his seed into her with a couple of slow, hard, thrusts.

Andrew sat up on the edge of the sofa, wrapping his arms around his mom’s upper body, shuddering occasionally as he clung to her, panting, kissing her flushed skin. She wiggled on his lap a little and manoeuvered to lift herself off of his sensitive cock, making him gasp and let out an involuntary breathy laugh as his helmet slipped from her juicy slit.

Sarah stood before her son where he was perched on the couch and was quite surprised when he reached out for her hips and pulled her closer to kiss her belly, just below her navel. Then he looked up at her, chin against her stomach, his cheeks pink, his brow beaded with perspiration. She smiled down at him and he made a little “mmm” of satisfaction as he exhaled through his nose. He shook his head, almost in disbelief, and pushed her away again, just slightly, before standing up and taking her face in his hands for another kiss.

Sarah’s arms wrapped around him and she felt his cock, still wet with their mingled juices, pressed against her thigh. She could also feel the sensation between her legs as his seed began to leak from her. “I need to go wipe up,” she said, looking sternly at him. “You’ve made me all sticky!”

“Sorry, mom” he replied, trying to look sincere. She laughed at him and swatted his butt, playfully. “Hey!” he exclaimed, trying to grab her wrist, but she dodged his attempt and grabbed her panties off the floor, laughing. “Food’ll be here soon,” she said, looking at the clock. “I’d get some clothes on if I were you!”

“Oh shit, yeah!” Andrew laughed. he was suddenly ravenous. He watched her gathering their clothes and tilted his head as she handed him his. “You didn’t cum, did you, mom?

“No, sweetie,” she looked up at his face and lifted a hand to his cheek, smiling slightly. “But I will,” she winked. Andy grinned.

Sarah headed out of the lounge and as he turned to watch his mom go upstairs Andy saw the light play across the wall in the hall, signalling a car was pulling up outside their house. Perfect timing! He hurriedly pulled on his boxers, brushing the slightly damp front with his palm. He opened the front door as the delivery guy was climbing the porch steps.

“Hey, man,” Andy smiled.

“Hey….” the driver looked at Andy’s state of undress, his touseled hair and flushed skin, and smirked. “Hot date?”

“The hottest!” Andy replied, taking the box from the bewildered man. “Thanks, bud.”

“No problem, man. And hey, have a good night!” The delivery guy winked and turned on his heel. As he headed away and the door swung closed behind him he could swear he heard the teen call out “Pizza’s here, mom!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32