College Sports Ch. 02

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There was considerable fall-out from our nude swim meet. Shortly after my arrival in the office on Monday morning, I received a call from an NCAA investigator. I pointed out that there was no rule against nude swimming. The investigator mentioned some general rules against immoral conduct and actions which bring college athletics into disrepute. He demanded a video of the meet. I informed him that there was no video and there were no photographs. We had been extremely vigilant about that. The investigator found that response “highly unsatisfactory.”

By Tuesday, there were investigators on our campus and at Redford interviewing every athlete involved in the meet. Our girls and Redford’s must have done a good job because that was the last I ever heard on the issue from the NCAA.

Also on Tuesday, Sarah and I were on a conference call with the other ADs and swim coaches in our conference. Having been persuaded that doing more nude meets was a good idea, I was very candid about the issues we encountered staging the meet (which were few), and the net revenue it generated. I was surprised to hear that the coaches at the eight colleges not involved in the meet had polled their swimmers on swimming nude in meets. I was more surprised to learn that, across all eight women’s teams, only seven swimmers out of 165 swimmers and divers said that they would not wish to swim nude in a meet open to the public. Even those seven said that they would have no problem participating in a meet in which other swimmers were nude. Most astounding was the report that 110 of the women said that they would prefer to swim nude in meets.

The men’s team results were more mixed. Just over half (50.6%) of the male swimmers expressed willingness to swim nude in a public meet. Another 30 percent said that they would not swim nude but had no problem if other competitors were nude. Just fewer than 20% said that they would be unwilling to swim in a meet in which any competitors were nude.

The strong positive response from the women’s teams, coupled with the money we had made, led the coaches and ADs to make a recommendation to the college presidents that competitors be permitted to swim nude in any meets between conference teams provided that (1) all competitors consented to allow nude swimmers and (b) everyone participating in the meet was over 18. This second qualification meant no nude meets with two of our conference schools because they had swimmers on their teams who were 17.

The recommendation by the ADs and coaches was adopted by the conference presidents on Wednesday. President Stevenson told me that her communications from alumni and donors were running 15 to 1 in favor of the nude meet. Nude swimming had come to small college sports in the upper Midwest.

The next thing that happened was that I was approached by members of our men’s and women’s tennis teams asking for a trial of nude matches in the spring season. A quick look in the rulebook revealed that we couldn’t do that. Tennis did have rules mandating what competitors must wear. I was also approached by members of our cross-country teams, that suggestion was put on hold. Cross-country was a fall sport and it frequently got cool enough early in the fall to make nude running uncomfortable. Perhaps, if we were hosting a meet and knew that it would be warm, we could look into it.

Perhaps the biggest thing that happened in the week following the meet happened on Friday. That was the day that the women’s magazine which had sent a writer hit the newsstands with their story about the meet. The story was very positive. It quoted some of our swimmers and some of Redford’s saying things like, “it makes the sport more fun,” “I have much more self-confidence now than I did last Friday,” and “there was absolutely nothing sexual about it.” The story largely dissipated what little criticism we had received after the fact.

The season went on. Since we had no men’s team, we did not run into any issues with that. The team’s regular season was entirely against schools in our conference. Our meet with the two schools with underage swimmers was changed from two duals to one meet with all three teams. It was at our place and was entirely suited. It was not well attended. All of the other regular season meets were almost entirely nude, usually including the coaches.

It was decided early on to split the men’s and women’s conference championships. Since we had the best facility, we hosted the women’s meet. The two underage swimmers had turned 18 by the time of the conference meet, so everyone had the option to swim nude. Whether it was peer pressure, I don’t know; but only two girls swam in suits at our conference championships.

Since we were the host school, I had a great deal to do and had to be present at the pool throughout the competition. I had thought that it would be a bit more dignified if I were clothed. However, Sarah, Glenda, and the team made it perfectly clear to me that that they would consider it a hostile act if I did not strip off. I must confess görükle escort that it was actually very pleasant going naked among a large number of naked college girls (although the swimmers wore warm-ups between races to stay warm) and their predominately female coaches. Despite the opposition of the two men who coached at Hamm (who had stayed clothed when our girls swam there), the conference coaches decided that all coaches would be nude while in the pool area.

One problem we ran into was that, with the large number of competitors, we had to use some spectator seats to accommodate all the teams. That cut about a third off of our paid attendance. Beth in particular was dismayed that we seated swimmers behind the blocks.

Our team maintained Sarah’s streak and again won the team title. Haley, Beth, and three other of our swimmers won individual titles. Indeed, Haley won the freestyle and fly at 100 and 200 meters. Beth won the 100 and 200 meter back and the 100 meter breast. Haley and Beth’s times were both good enough to qualify for the NCAA regionals in those events.

Another thing that was progressing was my relationship with Sarah. Apart from the sexual attraction, Sarah was excellent company and we discovered that we shared a number of interests and a general outlook on life. Sarah was a fair bit less inhibited than me, but she was working on that. By the time of the conference championships, we were effectively living together.

Going to the small college regionals, Sarah made a confession to me. “Harry, I think that I may have fucked up. I was having so much fun with the nude meets that I wasn’t focused on getting the girls ready for regionals. They have to wear suits at regionals. Usually, you’d expect better times swimming in today’s suits than swimming nude. But, Haley and Beth have gotten so used to competing nude that I’m not sure how they will adapt.”

Sarah’s concern was partially well-founded. Haley’s first race at regionals was lackluster. When she sat down with us afterwards, she said, “It just isn’t fun in a suit. I’m not motivated.” Haley tried to get focused, but she ended up missing nationals by one place in her best finish.

Beth, however, had become a dynamo. Her times had gone down through the season and putting her suit back on did nothing to impede that trend. Beth was going to nationals as a freshman in the 100 and 200 back. In order to be financially able to send Beth, Sarah, and Glenda to nationals, I stayed home. Beth finished third in the 100 and fifth in the 200.

Once the college swim season ended, Gail Johnson retired at Redford and Glenda was announced as her replacement. We were happy that Glenda was moving up and happy that she wasn’t moving too far away. Sarah and I promised Haley that she’d be hired as Glenda’s replacement, but we wanted to wait to announce it until Haley received her degree. Haley got her degree, with high honors, in May and she was hired as assistant swim coach the next day.

After the school year ended, things slowed down a bit. Sarah and I, and often Haley, began spending time at Ponderosa Pines. Another thing that happened was that I began to have a medical problem. I started having to get up at night to piss, a lot. During the day, I could take a leak and ten minutes later feel like I needed to go again. When I needed to go, I needed to go right now. I came very close to embarrassing myself a couple of times.

That was enough for Sarah who insisted that I see a doctor. I had only been in town a year and hadn’t had time to find a doctor. That wasn’t sufficient excuse for Sarah. She made me an appointment with her primary care doctor, a pleasant young lady named Dr. Chambers. Sarah went to the appointment with me. Between us, we described the problem.

Dr. Chambers said, “Before I do anything else, I want to do some blood work.” Looking at us both, the Doctor asked “Are you sexual partners?”

Sarah gave an emphatic “yes.”

“In that case, I’d like to do some blood work on you both, if you don’t mind.”

Sarah and I both gave blood and made an appointment to come back in ten days. At the second appointment, Dr. Chambers, reading from the lab reports, said, “Mr. Stone, your PSA is normal. You are both negative for STDs. I’d like to refer you to an urologist in the City.”

I shrugged my agreement.

“Well,” Dr. Chambers said, “I need to tell you something. I want to refer you to Dr. Satokis. Dr. Satokis is one of the best. She is also a woman. Are you ok with that?”

I started to object, but Sarah’s anticipatory glare caused me to choke back my words. Instead, what I said was “If she’s the best then that’s who I should see.”

“Good,” said Dr. Chambers. “I’ll dictate a short report for her and fax that over with your labs. Here’s her number. I’d call for an appointment as soon as you can.”

With Sarah policing me, I made the call shortly after we left Dr. Chambers’ office. To my surprise, I was able to get an appointment the following week. Sarah checked bursa escort bayan her calendar and said, “I’m going with you.” Well, Sarah can go anywhere with me.

Dr. Satokis’s office was in one of those ‘health-plex’ facilities in an upscale suburb of the City, about 55 miles away. We arrived about ten minutes early and I was surprised that we were shown directly into an examining room. Dr. Satokis walked in exactly at the time of my appointment.

Dr. Satokis was an attractive, olive-skinned lady with straight, black shoulder length hair. I guessed her at about 40. We shook hands and, when the Doctor looked somewhat questioningly at Sarah, Sarah introduced herself as my “significant other.”

Dr. Satokis said, “OK, let me get the questions you are thinking but won’t ask out of the way. My father was Indian and my mother American. I went to medical school at the University and did my residency at University Hospital. Satokis is my married name; my husband’s family is Greek. Why did I choose urology?” The Doctor got a broad smile. “What can I say? I like penises.”

Remaining standing, Dr. Satokis said, “The lab work Dr. Chambers sent over looks entirely normal. I have some suspicions, but I need to do an exam. Mr. Stone, I’m going to have to ask you to drop your trousers and underwear.”

Having spent so much time naked over the last several months, her request didn’t cause me any hesitation. I was wearing slip-on shoes which I kicked off. Then I stood, undid my belt and zipper, and pushed my trousers and shorts down in one motion. I bent over to get them off over my feet and folded them over a chair back.

Dr. Satokis commented, “Mr. Stone, you are much less reticent than most of my patients.”

Sarah responded, “Well, we’re nudists.”

“Really?” Dr. Satokis seemed genuinely interested. “My husband and I go naked a lot at home. We’ve talked about trying social nudism, but, I guess, we’re both a bit chicken. I’d really like to talk to you about that some time.”

While she was saying that, the Doctor was squeezing a tube of something onto her index finger. Then she said, “Mr. Stone, if you’d turn around and bend forward slightly.”

Before I could say it, Sarah asked, “Don’t you wear a glove?”

Dr. Satokis answered very seriously. “In addition to latex allergies, there are some few patients who react to the other common materials used for gloves. The rectum is not a place where you’d enjoy an allergic reaction. Also, no matter the glove, I can feel more with my bare finger. Believe it or not, I can tell a lot from texture.”

I bent forward and she got on with it. Unlike the prostate exams I had undergone before, this was actually very pleasant. After a few moments, Dr. Satokis took her finger out of my ass and washed her hands at a sink in the exam room.

“That shouldn’t have been too bad,” the Doctor commented. “I’m told I do a very nice prostate massage.”

The Doctor picked up the phone in the room, punched one number, and asked someone to bring the something-or-other scope. Then she filled a large syringe without a needle with fluid.

“I need to take a look up your urethra. I don’t know if you’ve had that done before. It used to be very unpleasant. Now we use very small fiber optics. Still, I’m going to inject this topical anesthetic into your urethra first. It will take a couple of minutes to work.”

We heard a knock on the door. Dr. Satokis said “yes” and the door was opened by a young lady pushing a cart. Dr. Satokis said to us, “This is my PA, Cindy.” To Cindy, she said “Mr. Stone and his friend are nudists, so I’m dispensing with the usual draping.”

“Nudists,” Cindy said. “That’s interesting.” Cindy was fitting something that looked like a very slender, clear rod into a cable coming out of the machine. Finished with that, Cindy washed her hands.

Dr. Satokis explained, “Cindy is going to insert the fiber optic probe into your penis. The machine produces a real-time image which I will be reading on the video screen. Ready?”

I nodded that I was. Cindy took my penis bare-handed and began feeding in the probe. I glanced at Sarah, who had that gleam in her eye. She silently mouthed the word “trooper” at me.

While it was not painful, I could distinctly feel the probe passing up and through my prostate. Occasionally, Dr. Satokis would ask Cindy to twist the probe, which Cindy did very carefully. Finally, the Doctor said, “ok.” Cindy very slowly withdrew the probe from my dick, removed it from the cable, and threw it away. She washed her hands again and left with the cart.

Dr. Satokis said, “You can put your pants back on, or not as you prefer.” While I was getting dressed, Dr. Satokis went on. “It is, I’m sure, what I suspected. You’ve had this problem to a lesser extent your whole life, haven’t you?”

I acknowledged that was correct. The Doctor went on. “Your prostate is naturally larger than normal. As you age, it naturally gets larger still and hardens. Since you started larger, bursa escort this natural aging process has given you a problem.”

The Doctor continued. “There is a surgical solution, but that has a number of undesirable side effects. For one thing, it could render you sterile. We can revisit that option if we have to, but I want to try a non-invasive therapy which I expect will give you relief.” She pulled a prescription pad. “I’m giving you a prescription for a drug that shrinks the prostate. As far as we know, it has no side-effects. Along with the drug, you need to ejaculate. A lot, at least three times per day every day.” Glancing at Sarah, the Doctor asked “Will that be a problem?”

“Not at all,” Sarah said, smiling.

Idiot me asked, “For how long do I stay on this therapy?”

Dr. Satokis smiled. “The rest of your life.”

Not long after my appointment with Dr. Satokis, Sarah and I had a real disappointment. Towards the end of the season, Sarah had been contacted by a high school swimmer from one of Chicago’s North Shore burbs. Some checking disclosed that the girl was an exceptionally talented swimmer. The girl and her parents had told Sarah that the fact that our swimmers were now competing in the nude was, for them, a very attractive aspect of our program. They didn’t care that we could not give athletic scholarships. Sarah was excited about the chance to get the girl and had asked for high school transcripts and boards scores.

Sarah walked into my office with a look of dejection and frustration. She dropped some papers on my desk. “Jenny Storm’s grades and test scores.” I looked and my heart sank. The girl’s grades and test scores were well above Big Ten minimums (which are higher than NCAA minimums). There was no doubt in my mind that the girl would have no trouble being accepted at any school in that conference except, maybe, Northwestern. She wasn’t going to get into our small college, however.

While it was not written down anywhere, our coaches and I knew that the Admissions Office had minimum GPA and test scores standards for all students, athletes or not. Those minimum standards were based on the mean GPAs and test scores for the most recent freshman classes at Northwestern and University of Chicago. I had argued against this since I took the job. My point was that the inputs Admissions was using for their minimum were means, which meant that both NU and U of C were admitting students with lower numbers. Did we really think, I asked, that we were superior to two of the finest universities in the entire world? Apparently we did because my protestations were ignored at all levels.

Sarah was also taking Dr. Satokis’s treatment recommendations very seriously. Sarah considered it her duty to make sure that I had at least three ejaculations a day, and took my pill. I wasn’t complaining. Every instance of sex with Sarah was very special. Of course, just cleaning the dinner plates with Sarah was special. She was (and is) that extraordinary.

My appointment with Dr. Satokis had been in mid-June. In early July, Sarah was going to a four day coaches’ convention on the West Coast. Our athletic budget had the money to send Sarah, but there was no way to justify my going on the school’s nickel. We decided to save our personal money for a really good trip the following summer. Sarah was going to California by herself.

I drove Sarah to the City’s airport, about 65 miles away. As we neared the airport, Sarah said, “Hey. I know how you are about health matters. I’ve told Haley about your prostate issue and it is her job to make sure that you stay on your treatment while I’m gone.” I started to say something, but Sarah raised a hand and cut me off. “No arguments. I’ve told Haley that you need at least three ejaculations per day and it doesn’t count unless she has direct perception of each one.” I thought that Sarah had to be joking.

I carried Sarah’s one small bag to baggage check and walked with her as far as security. We hugged and kissed for a long time. Then, Sarah was through security and gone.

Driving back to school, I realized that, since that weekend of the first swim meet last October, Sarah and I had been together for at least part of every single day. The knowledge that she would be gone until Friday afternoon left me feeling a bit hollow.

I drove straight through and was back in my office by early afternoon. In order to reconcile my own salary with the goal of putting as much of our budget as possible into our teams, I had opted not to have a secretary or administrative assistant. That left a fair amount of clerical work which I tended to put off. I was catching up on that when Haley poked her head in my door.

“Have you eaten?” she asked. I shook my head no. “Great, I brought sandwiches from Wally’s (a really good sandwich shop a couple of blocks off of campus). Iced tea ok?”

Sitting in my office eating lunch with Haley, I was reminded how beautiful she was (and is). Haley was probably, by only a slight difference, the second-most beautiful lady I had ever met. Like her coach and mentor, Sarah, Haley was very bright, funny, and a joy to be around. Haley was perpetually enthusiastic and energetic, but she had mastered the art of not being enthusiastic and energetic to the point of being obnoxious.

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