Coming Home Early from School

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All Characters are 18 years+


It was the day of the swimming carnival. Our school held one every year, and this year would be my last ever. I was in my final year of high school, having just turned 18 not long ago. When I left for school, my bikinis packed in my bag, my brother Jack had just woken up. “See you this afternoon” he said as I walked out the door.

“Yep, have a good day” I replied, shutting the door behind me.

Jack was a year older than me, 19, and he graduated at the same high school last year. He had short blonde hair that he flicked to the side, and was quite short for his age. Although I was his sister, I knew one thing. He was HOT. He had been hitting the gym for most of his senior high school years, and boy had it paid off. He was by far the hottest guy while he was still at school. His body was toned extremely well, he was lightly tanned and had amazing abs, every girl I knew wanted him. As well as this, girls knew he had a big dick. In his final year in school, when he was 18, as he walked around you could always see a bulge in his shorts. He wasn’t hard or anything, he was just big ‘down there’.

He would then come home from school, have a shower, and wear nothing but footy (rugby) shorts. This is when I started becoming attracted to him. If he had a bulge in his school shorts, you can imagine how he looked in very short footy shorts. It made me drool. His tanned legs and abs were so nice to stare at too.

Not trying to be ‘up myself’, but the good looks seemed to run in the family, if the attention I got from boys was anything to go by. My name was Elisha, I had long blonde hair, and my girl friends always told me I had such a ‘perfect face’. My boobs were a decent size, but guys ALWAYS commented on my ass. I was quite thin and had a flat, tanned stomach — but once it got to hips, there was nothing thin about them. Apparently I had the best ass in the grade. I guess it was pretty good.

I knew it was wrong to feel attracted to my brother, but he was just so attractive. Sometimes I would just lay there and think about his body and I would start to get wet. Anyway, it didn’t matter because he had a girlfriend. His girlfriend was the same age as him, she also graduated high school last year. And of course, the hottest boy in the grade had the hottest girl in the grade. Her name was Rachel, and I actually got along with her quite well. She was hands down the most attractive female in the grade. Long black hair, amazing tits, a flat stomach, and an ass just as good as mine.

Anyway, I got to school and greeted my friends, and we talked about the swimming carnival. We were all discussing how crap it actually was. I’d rather have to do work all day than have to swim in two races and then sit there all day watching. The only thing that made it good was checking out the boys’ bodies.

“Fuck it, this is our last year of school. What are we doing? We all have our licenses now. Why don’t we just go?” one of my friends suggested.

We discussed this, and we all ended up agreeing. So we snuck out of the school grounds after we were marked as ‘present’. We all drove down to the local shopping mall and a had a delicious breakfast. After that we decided to just head our separate ways and go home, as we were all catching up on the weekend anyway. I felt like such a rebel, wagging school and going home early. I had wondered if Jack would be home. He might have been at university today, but I wasn’t sure. If he was home, I would have to tell him I wagged school. I was worried for a second, then I realised he wouldn’t tell mum and dad. We were both too old for that now, and we got along well. There was no reason for him to do that.

As I arrived home, I realised he was home, as his car was still in the driveway. There was also another car though — it was his Rachel, his perfect girlfriend. They both must have had the day off. I didn’t think anything of it.

I locked my car, got my bag out and headed toward the front door. I got the spare key from its hidden spot — Jack always locked the doors, even when he was home. I turned the door handle before putting the key in and to my surprise it opened. Jack had never left the door unlocked, ever. Then I realised, it must have been because Rachel was the last one to use to door.

I put the spare key back and entered the house. I was about to announce my presence by yelling out “I’m home!” But just before I did, I heard something coming from the kitchen. It was Rachel moaning. I couldn’t believe it.

I could feel my face go red with embarrassment and awkwardness — I had heard something I shouldn’t have, and it was my fault, I was supposed to be at school. My first instinct was to leave the house and get back in my car. But as I turned around, ready to leave, something stopped me. I don’t know what, but I just stopped still, and listened. Then I heard Rachel moan again, and to be honest, it sounded sexy. Then, as I stood still listening, it struck me. I didn’t leave straight bursa escort bayan away because I wanted to be there. I wanted to watch my brother fuck his girlfriend. I knew it was wrong. But they didn’t know I was there, what harm could it do?

I hid my bag in the lounge room and I took my shoes off so I was only wearing socks, so I was quiet. As I approached the kitchen my legs felt like jelly and I could feel my heart pounding faster than it has before. I didn’t know whether it was excitement, fear, or both. It was definitely both. Then I realised — why could I hear moans coming from the kitchen? Shouldn’t they be in Jack’s room? I peeked my head around the corner and looked into the kitchen…

There it was. My brother was sitting at the family table where we eat dinner, in the exact seat he always sits in. But it was not a plate of food in front of him. It was Rachel, laying flat on her back on the table, with her ass in the same spot my brothers plate of food would usually be. She had her legs spread and my brothers head was buried between them, eating her out on the table.

“Fuck yes Jack, eat me for breakfast!” she yelled, as Jack was ravaging her pussy with his mouth.

He came up and took a breath. “You like when I put you on the table and eat your cunt like breakfast?”

“Yes, please keep goinggg! Eat me until I cum” she let out as she continued moaning.

Her back was arched and she was holding Jack’s head down as he continued playing with her pussy with his tongue. He looked like an expert.

By this stage, I had discovered I was soaking wet. I hadn’t touched myself, I hadn’t controlled it. Just watching my brother eat his girlfriend out made me soaking wet — that’s when I knew I wanted him.

I then did something daring. I dropped my school pants to my knees, and I pulled my lace undies to side, so my whole pussy was exposed to the air. I began playing with my clit and slipping a finger inside myself, fingering myself as I watched my brother munch on his girlfriend’s pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet I was.

“I’m going to cum Jack,” Rachel said with a moan.

“Good. Cum all over me sexy,” Jack replied, then it was back to eating.

With one final moan I watched my brother give Rachel an intense orgasm. Jack never stopped eating her out and playing with her clit as her orgasm went through her. She was shaking as I saw her juice flow onto the very table I eat off.

I was so close to experiencing my own orgasm, my hands were soaking wet, but I had to stop because I knew they would turn around at any moment. I pulled my pants back up and hid in the lounge room, shaking, and feeling my pussy still throbbing for more. I peeked around the couch and then what I saw was incredible.

“Just let me do the cleaning up” Jack said as he began licking Rachel’s juices off her legs and the table.

This made me even hornier. He licked it all up and swallowed it, smirked and said “yum”, and then they headed upstairs. I don’t know what got into me. I was so horny. Without even thinking I went into the kitchen, climbed up and sat on the table in the exact spot Rachel did. I pulled my pants and undies down to my knees, and began playing with myself, imagining my brother was eating my cunt, instead of his girlfriends. More than 10 seconds wouldn’t have passed when I experienced the best orgasm of my life. It took all my strength not to scream. I had one hand over my mouth and one playing with my clit as I started shaking, arching my back and leaking cum on the table from my pussy, in the exact spot Rachel had. I couldn’t cum as much as her, my juices trickled out onto the table. But then again, if it was my brothers tongue inside me and not my fingers, I imagine I would have cummed a lot more.

Then something bad happened. Immediately after my juices landed on the table I heard Rachel laugh and say “You had me for breakfast, but now I actually want breakfast. Preferably toast.”

They were coming back down to the kitchen. I didn’t even get time to clean up the table. I had to quietly jump off and pull my pants up, and hide in the lounge room again. I hid behind the couch and peaked out as they returned to where I had just cum. I could see my juices still on the table and my heart was pounding as I saw Jack notice it. He stared at it for a bit before he said “I must have missed a spot”. After he said that, he leaned over the table and I watched – my brother licked up the juice from my pussy. This made me so wet, even though I had already just had an orgasm.

“Mmmmm. That last bit tasted even better than the rest of your cum. Look at that, you even made me hard again”. I couldn’t believe it. My brother just licked up his own sister’s pussy juice and he enjoyed every bit of it. I was so horny.

Eventually they went back upstairs. After about 5 minutes, I opened and closed the front door and officially announced my presence. They both came downstairs and greeted me, and I told them why I was home. They had gorukle escort no idea I was there for the whole thing, and Jack had no idea he had tasted my cum.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. Eventually Rachel went home, mum and dad got home from work, and we sat down and ate dinner at the family table. I couldn’t help but get wet again whilst sitting at that table. I wanted him more than anything now. I decided the best way to go about it would be to tease him. But how? I couldn’t just make a move on him, because if he was a completely normal person and didn’t want me, things would be weird forever. Not only would he never want me because I’m his sister, but he had a girlfriend too! But I couldn’t help but try — I was too horny not to. I knew that whatever I did to tease him, it would have to appear as an accident.

As it neared bed time, I thought of a plan. Jack was always up early. “Can you make sure I’m awake at 7 tomorrow morning?” I asked. “Yesterday my alarm didn’t go off for some reason, and I’m scared it will happen again.”

“Sure, I’ll be up at 6 anyway so I can do that,” he replied.

“Thanks Jack! Goodnight!” I said, as I headed upstairs to bed.

That was a lie, my alarm was fine. This was all part of my plan. Jack had woken me up a few times in the past, however it was always in the colder months and I was under the covers. It was the middle of summer now, so my plan was for him to come in at 7:00am to find me “asleep” and a bit underdressed. As I got into bed, I slipped into my sexiest underwear, a black G-string. I set my alarm for 6:50, so I would wake up 10 minutes before he’d come in. As I went to sleep, I was so horny that I couldn’t help but play with myself over the thought of him finding half naked tomorrow morning. After I had an orgasm, I managed to get to sleep, although I was very nervous.

I woke up at 6:50 to the sound of my alarm, however it was very quiet so Jack didn’t hear. My heart was immediately pounding, and I could feel myself getting wet. After calming myself down for a few minutes, it was almost time he would come in, so I got into the position I think he would enjoy the most. I pushed the covers just onto the floor so it would look like they just fell off, also so I had nothing to cover myself with when I “woke up”. I made sure my thong was wedged deep in my ass before turning over onto my stomach. I knew I had the best ass at school and I knew Jack was into ass. If anything was going to make him want me, it would be this. I ever so slightly pointed my ass in the air, not so much that it would look noticeable.

Time seemed to drag out forever as I became more and more nervous, but also increasingly wet. Finally, I heard the door open. I couldn’t see him because I was on my stomach, but as he opened the door I heard him stop dead. “Holy shit.” I heard him whisper.

I heard him walk over slowly and quietly towards me. What would he do? Would he yell at me and tell me to put some clothes on? Would he just leave the room and not say anything? I stayed motionless, listening. The next thing that happened changed everything.

The first thing I heard was the sound of an iPhone taking a photo. “Shit!” I heard him whisper, before I heard him flick the iPhone to silent mode. God knows how many more photos he took of my perfectly round bubble butt. Then I heard the elastic of his bonds undies as he pulled his footy shorts and undies down to his knees. This is when I became soaking wet. He was wanking. Wanking over me, and my sweet ass!

I continued laying still. I was going to roll over and catch him in the act — that was the plan. But then something else dawned on me — would he cum? There was nowhere for him to do so, but surely he wouldn’t masturbate without coming. So I waited, and I could hear him pulling his dick faster, and his breathing became heavier. Just hearing him breath heavy made my clit tingle. I wanted to relieve myself so bad. Suddenly came the biggest shock of my life.

Jack cummed, and he accidentally shot some of his load on me. He was standing at least a metre away from me, but he must have been that excited that when he shot his load, a massive spurt of cum landed on my bum cheek. I heard Jack freeze. It was time. I turned my head and looked him directly in the eyes, pretending I just woke up.

“Oh my fucking god — I — I — I’m so sorry!” he said, looking traumatised. He pulled his pants up and went to run out of the room. He must have been so embarrassed. I had to do something quickly.

“Jack!” I called out, stopping him just before he left. He turned around, not knowing what to expect next. Still laying on my stomach, I reached my hand behind me and wiped his cum off my ass. Before he could react, I put my finger, with his cum on it, in my mouth. He tasted delicious. Jack couldn’t move, he was almost in complete shock. I decided I better say something else before he collapsed.

“Yesterday I came home even earlier bursa merkez escort bayan from school than you thought, and when I walked in you were eating Rachel out on the dining table. I want you to eat me like that Jack.”

“Elisha this is so wrong… I can’t. This is so wrong. I can’t believe this is happening,” he said.

“What do you mean you can’t? You just stood next to me and jacked off while looking at my ass. We both want this Jack” I stated. “Also, remember how you both came back downstairs and you thought you didn’t clean her up properly? That was my juice you licked off the table — how did I taste?”

Jack was still shocked and I was still shaking from nerves, but he was coming around. “You.. You tasted great. Your pussy tasted amazing…” He was starting to get hard again. I was only just now realising that I was looking at his dick for this first time too.

“Jack, I’m soaking. Let’s stop talking. You just took a photo and shot cum on your little sister’s pretty ass. Come over here and eat me out.”

He remained frozen for a few more seconds before he finally made up his mind. He rushed over to the bed and flipped my on my back before I felt his glorious tongue connect with my clit. I almost came instantly — he was honestly a master at eating pussy. His tongue explored every avenue of me, and he looked up into my eyes and nibbled on my clit, sending me into a very intense orgasm. I was pulling on his hair as my whole body was shaking. I was moaning “Jackkkkk!” as I felt my juices come gushing. For the first time in my life the orgasm was that intense that I actually squirted, my juices hitting my brother directly in the face. He opened his mouth as I squirted more of myself into him. He then used his tongue to lap up all the cum that was pouring from my pussy.

“Your cunt tastes so good Elisha, my little sister has the best tasting cunt” he said, and I could tell he was extremely horny. He swallowed every last drop.

Before I could even react he picked me up from the hips and flipped me over onto my stomach. Before I knew it I was on my knees on my bed, in the doggy position. I told Jack I was on birth control, so he didn’t need a condom. Just 15 minutes ago I was sleeping peacefully, now my big brother was about to fill me with his cock. And what a cock it was. The one thing I’ll always remember is turning around just before he put it inside me, and just being amazed. All those times I saw him in his footy shorts or his school shorts and thinking “wow he must be big…” Well, I was right.

“I’m going to fuck your pretty little pussy Elisha. You want your big brothers dick inside you?”

Then the moment came. Jack pushed his cock into me, while grabbing a handful of my ass. He pushed himself all the way into me, and it felt amazing. I could feel his balls touching against me.

“Fuck that feels good Elisha. You have such a perfect fucking ass. I’m so deep in your cunt.”

“Please fuck me Jack, I want to feel you cum inside me.”

He started thrusting into me, getting into a rhythm. He sure knew how to fuck. He started off slow, and as my breathing got heavier he picked up the pace. As I was nearing my orgasm he started nailing me as hard as he could from behind, all the while holding onto my round bubble butt. He was nearing his orgasm too. We were both breathing heavily and I was almost screaming his name now — the neighbours could probably hear my brother fuck me.

“Fuckkkk Jack I’m about to cum!” I yelled.

“Ughhh, fuck! Me too Elisha! You want to feel your brother shoot his load into you?”

That sent me over the edge. “I’m coming!” was all I could manage to say as I entered what felt like an out of body experience. All my muscles tensed, including my pussy. I arched my back down towards the bed as my elbows gave way, and I pointed my toes as I felt the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced rush through me.

“Fuck! I’m coming too” he moaned.

I felt Jack pump a massive load of cum into me.

“Yes, cum inside me Jack. Cum inside your little sister” I whimpered.

It was surely the most he had ever cum because it did not feel like he was stopping. At the same time, I was coming too.

He pulled his massive dick out of me and I rolled over and looked down at my pussy. A mixture of mine and his cum was running out of me for what seemed like an age. Even as I stood up, my brothers cum was leaking from my pussy and running down my leg.

I was overcome with emotion; I couldn’t believe it. My own brother just fucked me so good, and shot a huge load inside of me. I had never felt anything like it. We didn’t even know what to say to each other.

“That was so fucking good Elisha” was all he managed.

“You fucked me so good Jack… I better go to school. Enjoy that photo you have of my ass” was all I could managed.

As I was running late, I didn’t have time for a shower. I wiped the cum off my leg with my finger and swallowed it. My brother tasted so good. I pulled my undies up and put my school shorts on. I felt more wetness. Too my amazement, my brothers cum was still seeping from my pussy. I went to school like that but I didn’t mind. In fact, it turned me on knowing that I was at school all day with my brothers cum in my underwear. What a crazy 24 hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32