Coming Home Pt. 01

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Nick was 23 when he moved back home from college for the summer. Not much had changed in his home that he grew up in. His parents got divorced despite reassuring Nick that they were working it out. Nick’s mom moved to the other side of town, and his dad got remarried to Nadine.

Nadine was far younger than his dad, who had recently turned 43. She was 29, beautiful with long legs, nice breasts and medium length sandy blonde hair.

Nick was unpacking his car when Nadine introduced herself. Nick immediately gave her body a quick scan before collecting himself. She offered to help him carry some boxes and Nick tried to insist that he could handle it. Without hesitation, Nadine bent over into the trunk of the car and while doing so, the back of her tank top rode up to reveal the thong she was wearing. Nick couldn’t help but look before she leaned back up with a box in her arms.

Nick asked Nadine where his dad was, and she explained that he was going to be gone most of the day. Nick had been in somewhat of dry spell when it came to sex. The last time he was able to fuck was with his English teacher who ultimately gave him an A for his services.

After finally bringing all of his boxes full of his belongings, he settled into his room and took a nap. Nadine’s knock on the door woke him and he opened the door. She came up to offer Nick some lunch and he agreed. After telling him it would be ready Küçükçekmece Escort soon, she headed back downstairs to the kitchen. Nick stepped out into the hallway and headed to the bathroom.

His thoughts were of Nadine and how sexy she was, and he was able to rub one out to the thought of her.

After jerking off to the thought of Nadine, Nick made his way downstairs to the kitchen and was greeted by Nadine. Nadine was just plating the lunch she had made for her and Nick. It looked pretty delicious to Nick’s surprise. While eating their lunch, Nadine and Nick got to know each other better; after all, Nick was away at college when his dad decided to get remarried.

After cleaning up from lunch, Nick made his way up to his room to change into his swimsuit. Nick exited his room and heard a strange noise coming from his dad and Nadine’s room. Curiosity got the best of Nick and he peeked through the crack of the door. Nadine was on the bed, panties at the ankles, fingers in her clit, her other hand pinching her right breast. Nick was instantly hard. He was mesmerised by the sexy act. He grabbed his dick through his swimsuit and began to masturbate in unison with Nadine.

Nadine and Nick were nearly close to climaxing until Nick bumped into the doorframe, causing a loud thud. Nadine snapped out of her erotic trance. Nick Maltepe Escort quickly went downstairs and out to the pool. Trying to act normal, he began doing laps in the pool, trying to take his mind off almost getting caught. After taking a short break, Nick froze when noticed that Nadine had come outside. She was wearing a sexy red bikini that hardly covered her sexy body.

She sat down on one of the lounge chairs and grabbed the bottle of tanning lotion. Seductively, she began to rub the lotion all over the front of her body. Nick couldn’t stand it, his dick was ready to rip through his swimsuit. After oiling up the front of her body, Nadine got up from the chair, bottle of lotion in hand, and walked over to Nick who was still in the pool. She asked him if he could put some lotion on her back.

After cautiously getting out of the pool, Nick took the bottle from Nadine and squirted some lotion on his hands. With quick hesitation, he began to rub lotion on her back and shoulders. His dick was so eager to fuck. Nick fell into a trance while rubbing lotion on Nadine, who also fell into a trance. Nick’s hands made his way to the front of Nadine and he began to fondle her breasts.

Soft moans confirmed that Nadine was enjoying it. Nick pressed his hard dick up to her ass as he continued fondling her. His hand slid down into her bikini bottom Mecidiyeköy Escort and began to finger her. At that moment, Nadine wrapped her arms around Nick’s neck as he began to kiss her neck while fingering her. She was ready to fuck Nick and Nick was ready to fuck her.

Realizing that they could be seen by the neighbors, they made their way inside up to Nick’s room. Pushing Nick onto his bed, Nadine pulled off her bikini in an instant. Nick admired the naked beauty of her body. Nadine tugged at Nick’s swimsuit and pulled it off, his hard dick sprang free. Nadine teased him by rubbing the slit of her vagina on the head of his dick.

Slowly she slid down onto his shaft hand let out a sigh of holy fucking shit, this dick feels so fucking good. She began riding him like a cowgirl, going in and out in and out. Nick bent his knees to thrust in unison with Nadine, she was tight and warm. Nadine leaned down while still riding him and began to make out with him. He gently squeezed her breasts. Nick was getting close and was sure Nadine was close as well. With each slide of going up and down, the climax buildup was about to burst for both of them. After one final thrust, Nadine’s body shook and she leaned back on top of Nick and let out a scream of ultimate pleasure as the juices flowed down on to Nick’s dick. Nick was nearly there and then it hit him, he came inside Nadine, shooting loads of cum.

Nadine and Nick decided to cuddle up afterwards, they continued to make out. Nadine began to play with his hair while telling him how wonderful he is it fucking. Nick was almost ready to go again, he began to finger Nadine, getting her in the mood. Nick was about to get on top when he heard his dad downstairs asking if anyone was home…

Part 2 coming

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