Coming Out of My Shell Ch. 02

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In my previous story, I told you about picking out my costume for the performance, discovering that I could actually carry on a conversation while topless in a room full of girls, and how I needed to purchase some sexier underwear. That’s where this chapter picks up.

I took a bus into town and walked around until I found a store that had what I was looking for. By today’s standards, their selection of panties wasn’t particularly racy, but compared to what I had in my underwear drawer they were positively scandalous.

I tried to get into my character’s head and imagine what the girl “who gave great blowjobs” would wear, and I found that it was much easier than trying to pick out new undies for myself.

With five new pair of panties in the bag, I made the trip back to campus. I was actually nervous that I would run into someone I knew and that they would ask me what I had in the bag. It cracks me up, how much the old me was still very much in control of my emotions.

When I got back to my dorm room, I locked the door and proceeded to try on each pair and model them in front of the mirror. Then it occurred to me that I should really simulate the actual changing room setting. So I double checked to make sure the door was locked (a little OCD?), stripped naked and tried on each pair while imagining myself making casual conversation with the other girls while wearing nothing but these new sexy panties.

I barely recognized the girl in the mirror. Damn, I looked sexy standing there topless in my new panties.

I tried on each pair at least twice more trying to decide which ones my character would wear. They were all full in back, thongs weren’t really popular yet, but some were skimpier than others, and one of them was very sheer in front and I could easily see my pubic hair in the mirror (shaving/waxing wasn’t popular yet either). I remembered that one of the other girls had worn panties that were sheer in front although not quite as sheer as mine. But I was convinced that the sheer ones were exactly what my blowjob loving character would wear.

Fast forward to the day of the performance. I had been wearing my new undies every day since I bought them, but had intentionally saved the sheer ones. In fact, I didn’t even put them on after my shower that morning, instead I made a detour to my dorm before I headed to the theater building and slipped them on so they would be “extra fresh.”

As I walked across campus I hd porno could feel butterflies in my stomach, not about the performance, but about the fact that I was going to be topless in a few minutes and showing off my new panties to the girls. I knew they would notice, and I was pretty sure they would approve of my choice.

I assumed we would be changing in the same wardrobe room as before, but when I got there one of the girls informed me that it was in use and we had been assigned a storage room to use for getting changed. I didn’t give it a thought as the two of us walked down the hall chatting about whatever. When we got to the storage room, there was a sign taped to the door that simply said “dressing room”. What it didn’t say was “Girls dressing room”, but I didn’t notice. So now you know what’s coming next…

We walked into the room and discovered that we were the last to arrive. The other girls who had done the costume picking with me were there as were a couple other girls, but the thing that caught my attention were the three boys who were also in the room, one of whom was only wearing a pair of plaid boxer shorts. My heart skipped a beat, and I almost screamed at the boys to get out.

But nobody else seemed to even notice the boys and I realized that the mood in the room was exactly the same as it had been when we were picking out costumes. Everyone was just doing their thing, carrying on conversations, getting dressed or undressed or putting on makeup as if it was totally normal to be doing this in a room full of people. And as I learned, to theater people, this is just totally normal.

In fact the first girl that I had seen topless when we were picking out costumes was actually carrying on an animated discussion with another girl and one of the guys, and she was topless. She didn’t seem to be in the middle of changing or anything, she was just talking with her friends with her tits hanging out. I was blown away by her confidence. But she did have really nice tits, and I’m sure that helped.

I started looking around for someplace to put down my bag and get changed, ideally in a dark corner somewhere far away from the boys. (Remember, at this point in my life no boy had ever seen me in anything less than a one-piece bathing suit.) But there were no dark corners, and given the size of the room, there was no way to be far away from anybody.

I reminded myself that (at least for the moment) brazzers porno I was a theater person too, and that I was obviously the only one who was freaking out right now. And since some of the other girls were also topless, and had much larger boobs than I did, maybe the boys wouldn’t even look at me. This all took place in my head in the first ten seconds after walking into the room, and with my mind racing with all these thoughts, I had somehow managed to completely forget about the sheer panties I was wearing.

I was pretty certain that one of the guys in the room, who’s name was Gabe, was gay, so I decided that the safest place for me to undress would be next to him. He and I had never talked about his orientation, but he was flamboyant and loud and his voice and mannerisms were stereotypically gay. In fact, Gabe ended up becoming my first gay friend.

I dropped my bag on the floor, and as casually as I could (considering my heart rate was probably 150) started unbuttoning my blouse. I was immediately drawn into a conversation with Gabe and listening to him expound about something that he had done that day, calmed me down quite a bit. I glanced around a little before pulling my blouse off, but nobody except for Gabe was even looking my way.

I started to unbutton my jeans, and that’s when I remembered which pair of panties I had chosen. As brave as I thought I had become, I was not ready to show off my sheer undies to the room, and I actually debated running to the bathroom, and seeing if I could wait for them to leave so I could get changed alone.

But we only had around ten minutes before class, and I had to get dressed and put on some eye makeup to make myself look sl*ttier than I did at the moment. The thought that went through my head was, “The show must go on!” and that actually got me moving again.

I had frozen in place with my jeans unbuttoned, and decided to see if I could quickly get dressed without anybody noticing my see through panties. That meant the bra needed to be the next to go. I quickly glanced around and nobody was looking so I reached behind my back, undid the clasp and dropped my bra onto my bag on the floor.

“Oh my God Jane, I love your boobies,” shouted Gabe.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had stood next to Gabe precisely because I thought that a gay guy wouldn’t want to see a naked girl, but I had totally underestimated his flamboyance and seks filmi his need to comment on everything. Every person in the room instantly turned at the sound of Gabe’s announcement and they were all now looking at me as I stood there topless and blushing furiously. The girls turned back to whatever they were doing, but I could see that both of the guys were definitely taking a good look. I did that brushing sand off my boobs move again, and my nips were tight and sensitive.

Gabe for his part kept talking about how my boobies were just right for my size (I’m pretty short) and how he prefers perky boobs to big ones that droop. As he talked, I walked over and got my dress off the rack and brought it back.

I had a big decision. I could put my dress on, and then pull my jeans off underneath and nobody would even get a peek at my undies. Or I could be a theater person and casually take off my jeans and get dressed the way I would if I was alone in my room.

I chose to be a theater person. I sat in the chair that Gabe had jumped out of when he started his monologue about my boobs, untied my gym shoes and took off my socks and then stood up and pushed my jeans down to my knees, sat back down and pulled them all the way off. I stood up and walked over to where I had hung the dress.

I think the girl who had first told me to get sexier panties had been watching to see if I had followed her advice, because as soon as I stood up she commented.

“Great choice on the panties Jane. Perfect for your character.”

And once again, everyone turned to look at me just at the moment I was most exposed. I was facing everyone except Gabe, wearing my totally sheer panties, and oh yeah, I was still topless for only the second time, and the first time in front of any male other than my doctor.

I had never even thought of grooming my pubic hair up to this point in my life, so I had quite a bush. And my pubes have always been significantly darker than the rest of my hair which was naturally blond at this age, so it was a dark and full bush on a short blond girl. And it clearly showed through my sheer panties.

As before, the girls mostly turned back to whatever they were doing and the boys tried to look like they weren’t looking, but they were totally looking. And of course Gabe does a couple minutes on how much he loves dark, curly, pubic hair which just keeps the attention on me.

I was probably only topless in my panties for 3 minutes getting ready for the performance, but it felt like an hour.

Two hours later, I got to do it all over again. And this time, in the glow of doing a good performance, I really started to understand why theater people are so casual about being naked.

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