Command Me Ch. 04

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Lottie craned her neck, trying to catch a glimpse of the message Calista received. She hoped it was another command, remembering the intense orgasms she just experienced from Calista’s toy. Calista’s grin widened as she read the message.

“Hello?! I’m still here. Why are you grinning like a lunatic?” Lottie asked impatiently.

With a cute blush, Calista looked up at Lottie. “Remember Iris? She’s back from a work conference and we’ve been texting about meeting up. Do you want to go dancing with us this weekend at Kittie?”

“Oh Hell yeah!! I need to find someone to fuck after today.” Lottie exclaimed a bit too loudly. A few heads turned their way and they both burst out laughing.

Calista tossed and turned that night. She was so aroused by the hum of the toy in her pussy and thoughts of grinding up on Iris in the club. She couldn’t wait until the weekend.

The club was in full swing with strobe lights flashing colors against the wall. The mass of bodies dancing was in rhythm to the deep bass pumping. Calista found herself, body slicked with sweat, pushed against the wall by Iris. She looked beautiful with her pulled up hair and glittery green eyes. Iris leaned over to whisper something into Calista’s ear that she couldn’t catch. When she pulled back her face was no longer Iris’ but Lottie’s. With a smile, zayıf gaziantep escort Lottie gave a cute twirl in time with the music. ‘She’s such a good dancer.’ thought Calista.

As Lottie started twirling away into the crowd, Calista grabbed her hand so she wouldn’t lose her in the crowd. Lottie giggled and mouthed something Calista just couldn’t hear. Lottie smiled a mischievous grin and pushed Calista up against the wall. Calista gasped at the contact, feeling Lottie’s knees between her legs. Their lips met and Calista was surprised by the passion behind the kiss. She felt electricity radiate through her body.

When Lottie pulled away, her face morphed into Alison’s. Sensual and in command, Alison lifted Calista’s chin up to look into her eyes. Alison’s blue eyes bore in Calista’s brown ones and Calista’s pussy throbbed in anticipation. Alison leaned forward and said “You are mine. Let me devour you.”

Their lips locked in another fiery kiss. Alison’s pointed tongue traced a pattern on Calista’s lips that made her knees weak and pussy gush. Alison hands found Calista’s nipples through her shirt and gave them a slight twist. A moan escaped Calista’s throat as she grinded her hips up against Alison’s. Alison’s hands rubbed lower and lower until she was gaziantep zayıf escort able to trail a finger up Calista’s skirt. Her fingers skimmed Calista’s drenched pussy lips. “I love how wet you get. Feel it for me.”

Aroused, Calista shakily reached for her pussy and felt for her wetness. When her fingers contacted the soaking cloth of her panties, she woke up with a jolt, her fingers still grazing her panties.

Exhausted and extremely horny, Calista plopped back down bed, trying to decide whether she could quit her job and still live her life. Finally deciding that she loved her life as is too much to be unemployed, she reluctantly pulled the covers off her body.

The sudden movement sent a wave of pleasure through her body. ‘Did the vibration increase?’ she wondered, moaning while her pussy woke up from another vibration increase.

Calista’s hip thrusted in time with the vibrations and she felt her wetness drip onto her sheets. Her hands found her nipples and she pinched and tugged them until they were hard nubs.

“Mmmmm” Calista moaned as the vibrations changed to a long pulse. The pulse started low and ended with an intense pleasure-inducing hum. Calista rode each pulse closer and closer to her orgasm. She writhed with pleasure, her body gaziantep zayıf escort bayan glistened in the morning light with sweat and pussy juice.

She rubbed the drenched silicone patch against her aching clit in time with the pulses while continuing her ministrations on her left nipple sending delicious waves of pleasure through her and a gush of pussy juice down her butt.

With the next thrust of her hips the toy’s vibration stayed constant at an intense vibration and the head of the toy started to rotate adding pressure to Calista’s g-spot. Calista screamed with pleasure as an orgasm shuddered through her body. The toy maintained it assault on Calista’s g-spot and another even more intense orgasm exploded through every cell of her body. As she released, a stream of hot fluid splashed down her legs as she panted heavily, riding out the waves of her orgasm.

The toy was unrelenting; as the rotation stopped, the vibrations increased and he bristles of the silicone patch massaged her clit at a higher frequency. Calista gasped as each bristle rubbed against her sensitive clit, building wave after wave of pleasure. Soon Calista was moaning through another few orgasms, wrinkling the drenched bed sheets underneath her.

The toy slowly dialed down to a medium hum. Calista took this moment to calm down and got her breathing back in control.

‘What a way to wake up!’ she smiled radiantly. She glanced at her phone to check the time just as it chimed with a notification.

“Good morning beautiful, hope you enjoyed your wake up call. For your next command, you must share your toy with someone new. xo”

Thinking about her dream, Calista knew exactly who to share it with.

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