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Big Tits

On Thursday, I returned to the courthouse for my first day as a file clerk in juvenile court. I wore my favorite low rise jean mini-skirt with lacy black tank top. As I approached the building I noticed an elderly man struggling to open the door, so I ran to hold it open.

“Thank you, young lady.”

My mouth fell open as I realized this smiling man was the mean old judge who hated me. I watched him enter the door to the juvenile court’s office and waited until he was gone. I then signed in for work and reported to my supervisor.

Mrs. Stoner introduced herself and showed me around the office. She introduced me to all of the staff and legal aids. I don’t believe it was for the purpose of being friendly as much as making sure everyone knew who I was and why I was there. It was very humiliating, none, the less.

She showed me to the mailroom and gave me the pile of mail to distribute. Office to office I was free to roam about the building. If a judge didn’t have their door closed, I was allowed to go straight inside and deliver their mail. I approached Judge Freeman’s office and it was ajar. I lightly knocked on it but heard no response. The judge had fallen asleep in his leather chair while reading some legal paper. Who could blame him?I placed his mail in his inbox and left.

Since court wasn’t in session, I cut through the courthouse to reach the other. However, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to see what it was like to sit in the judge’s chair.

“Shame on you for being with men and boys in the middle of the night. Shame on you for loving how it feels to have a dirty old man touch you where you shouldn’t be touched,” as I pinched my nipples.

“Young lady, you are bad, bad, bad. You have probation. You will be my slave. You bad little girl.” I giggled and raised my legs ontop of the desk.

“Uh hmmm,” I heard someone from behind. “Do you aspire to be part of the judicial system one day young lady?”

I was completely dumbfounded. “Uh uh…”

He stumbled past me to retrieve the reading glasses he left on the desk. I slid past him and looked down on the floor trying not to smile. I then ran out the door and finished my mail delivery without incident.

After my shift, I ran to the badge office to say hi to Mr. Washington. He was already locking up when I reached his office.

“Hi Mr. Washington.”

“Well, if it isn’t badge
04, my favorite number.”

“How was your first day?”


“Well, it’s usually not as exciting as last week was now. That was a special day for Mr. Washington. I love to look at your little picture sometimes. I should have taken more but they were for the badge. As pretty as you are you should be a model?”

“Really? I love having my pictures taken. Modeling would be ok I guess. Modeling for you though would be sweet.”

“ One day you come in and Mr. Washington will some fine pictures with 304 ok, baby?”

“What kind of pictures Mr. Washington?” she whispered and smiled.

“We’ll see. Next time. Come on young lady, I’ll walk you to the bus.”

Today was the day Mr. Washington promised to take pictures of me. I wonder what kinds of things we’ll do together? Will he only take pictures of me or will he be in them too? I hope it will be both of us. I ran passed the long line to his office as soon as I got off the bus. Although I was all hyper and excited, Mr. Washington’s professional composure made me want to crack up. “5:00?” I whispered?

“No actually 4:00. I arranged with Juvenile to have you help here the final hour. OK young lady.”

“Cool, bye see ya at 4:00.”

I rushed through my list of things to do. After delivering the mail and making copies, I was summoned to Judge Freeman’s office.

“Young lady, could you kindly return the pile of books on the floor into the wall? I’m afraid I am unable to climb up the ladder. They are numbered by year and volume. I can help you.”

“Yes sir.”They were all state law books that looked like encyclopedias.

The judge handed me the books and steadied the ladder as I placed them in their proper order. It was a short five-foot ladder and I was not that far above the old man since he stood 6-4 so I didn’t feel too funny about him looking up my skirt, until I had to reach to the top level for the final book. I climbed the final two rungs on the ladder and reached up to the top level where the book left the space. I turned around and as I began to climb down I froze as I realized I was most to the ceiling.

As I looked down at Judge’s baldhead, I started to panic. I sat on the rung and Judge looked up at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t move. Yes you can. Just move your feet down to me. I’ll place it on the ladder.”

“I’m scared.”

“First of all, you need to turn around. You can’t climb down a ladder facing forward.Turn around. I’m right here.”

Tears began to stream down my face as I attempted to release the grip my hands had around the sides of the ladder. I felt the judge’s strong hand grab my ankle.”

“Relax your ankle, bonus veren siteler hun. Come on. Now scoot down the ladder and I’ll place your feet on the rung.”

Judge Freeman gasped as he placed my left foot on the rung. He had a clear view up my skirt and was able to see my ass as well as my pussy lips since I didn’t wear underwear for Mr. Washington. He looked away and I was able to climb down the rest of the way. Both of us were out of breath after I reached floor level.

“Sir, are you ok?”

“Yes, of course. Of course.”

“Judge Freeman you were so strong and smart. Thank you for helping me down the ladder. I reached over and hugged him. You made me feel very safe.”

He melted and sighed during my hug. And held me tight against his chest. His hand wiped the tears from my face and I lightly kissed his cheek.

“Thank you, I whispered.”

Since he didn’t refuse my kiss, I kissed him again and this time he closed his eyes and enjoyed my shower of kisses. I leaned into his burly chest and nuzzled his neck and kissed on his chest.

“You were so nice to me.” I whispered as I kissed his chest and nipples.

“Ohhhhh,” he sighed.

His hands gripped my face and he stuck his elderly tongue out for me. I slipped my tongue in his mouth. His tongue bathed my neck and ears and while it was not the most romantic or sensual thing I’ve ever felt, his grunting was turning me on.

Then he pushed me down to my knees and pushed my face into his crotch. I opened my mouth and felt his hard cock through his slacks.

“Ohhhh yes” he whispered.

He rubbed his hard old cock on my face and dry humped my mouth. I squatted up and unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down. I was not surprised to see a large tent to substantiate the strength Judge Freeman showed me on the ladder.

My tongue traced his hardness and he smiled in approval when I kissed his balls. As the judge pulled his cock through his boxers I smiled. It was definitely one of the best looking cocks I have ever seen. His cock did not look like an old man’s cock at all. It was around eight inches long with a pink tint to it. My tongue licked the dripping and leaking pre-cum from his shiny bulbous head.

“Mmmmmm” I moaned as I bathed his incredible cock. I loved the taste of his old prick juice leaking in my mouth. My tongue danced around the head and I felt it expanding wider in my mouth.

The judge pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“You are exquisite young lady.” He stated as he pulled his cock over his boxers and I pulled them down the rest of the way. Now I had complete access to his shaft and balls.

Judge Freeman rubbed his cock along my lips and I kissed the head. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to receive his perfect cock. My hand began to fondle his balls while he rubbed his cock on my tongue. He then began to thrust his hips toward my face and pushed his cock further inside my mouth. My hands pushed his ass to swallow more of his cock while he held my long brown hair.

“Uhhhh uhhhhh uhhhh”his grunts were increasing as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I moaned as I sucked and slurped his honor’s cock. His sweet precum was freely flowing and I couldn’t wait to taste his cum. He grabbed my hair and fucked my face for an eternity before I finally felt him cum on the back of my throat.

“UUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as he held his thick cock inside my mouth. I choked on his copious jism and smiled as I swallowed his cum.

I kissed and licked the rest of his cum from his cock. “Ohhhh Judge Freeman, your cock is incredible.” I kissed on his cock as I pulled his shorts back up. I then pulled his pants on, tucked his shirt back in and buckled his pants.

“Did you enjoy my thank you Judge?”

I kissed him and invaded his mouth with my tongue. I must go now. I have an appointment at 4:00 in Administration.

Mr. Whitaker’s office was locked so I knocked lightly on the door. His sign read out of office return 8:00 am. I heard the door jiggle and could hardly stand myself as the door opened but was surprised to find another black man open the door.

“I’m sorry. I’ll come back another time.”

“Are you Whit’s young lady? Come on in doll. We’re expecting you.”

I almost left when I realized another man knew what I was doing there. My nervousness was not subsided when Mr. Whitaker came from the back of the office.

“Well there’s the loveliest young lady in the county.”

“Who is he Mr. Whitaker?”

“Oh baby, he’s the picture taker. Don’t be afraid. Old Mr. Whitaker is gonna take care of you ok? You and I gonna have a nice time together. I been thinking about you every day. You been thinking about Mr. Whitaker?”

I nodded my head.

“Ok baby, go to the back of my office back there. You’ll see where we’ve set up.”

As I walked in the back, I saw three wrapped boxes with my badge number on it.

I smiled then ripped open the first box to find a white sheer lacy teddy with matching crotchless panties bedava bahis and stockings. The other box had a pair of silver stiletto heels. The final box had a portable cd player.

“Am I wearing these for you Mr. Whitaker?” He grabbed my hand and kissed me, “I had hoped so. I thought white was appropriate as you are my angel.” I picked up the outfit and walked into his office to change.

I placed my ear against the door and heard the men in the other room talking about shots, angles and positions they wanted me in.

“Whit, are you sure she’s not going to squeal?”

“No way, she’s here for part of her sentencing. If she fails then she’ll get in big trouble with Freeman. So she won’t say a word. Whit’s gonna have a grand ole time with this one. I’ll take care of her. Don’t you worry.”

Mr. Whitaker came to the door and lightly tapped, “Are you ready baby?” He then let himself in and saw me sitting in the chair.

“Whatcha doing baby? I’m waiting out here for you.”

“I don’t feel comfortable about this Mr. Whitaker. Can’t that other man leave?”

“Didn’t you say you wanted me to take some sexy pictures of you? Well, Mr. Anderson is going to take the pictures instead?”

Mr. Whitaker then closed the door and walked over to me. His strong but gentle hand reached out mine and he raised me out of the chair. He twirled me around to get a better view of my sexy outfit.

“Mmmmmm, you make Mr. Whitaker happy. Look at you. You are an angel. Mmmm Mmm Mmm. You should have your own magazine”

I smiled, “Really, you think I look like one of those sexy models?”

“Young lady, you look better than Carmen Electra. Damn, you are so hot. Why don’t you show me how nice you look? Do a little dance for me while I sit in this chair. You come and take my clothes off for me.”

“What about the other man?”

“Forget about him baby. This is all about you. OK?”

“Now come here and let me watch you be your lovely self.”

I carefully walked in my stilettos swaying my hips and twirling around the room and towards him.

“Turn around and touch your toes”

I turned around and bent over and his hands rubbed my thighs and ass. The calluses scraped my skin like sand paper. Then I swung around and kissed him on the lips and slithered my tongue into his mouth. I took off his bi-focals and began to unbutton his uniform shirt. As I pulled his shirt off, I bent over and licked his nipples and kissed his chest.

I felt his hardening black cock pocking my ass as I grinded my crotch against this thigh on the easy chair. Mr. Whitaker then pushed me down off the chair and directed me to the floor.

“Take my shoes off.”

I turned around on the chair and bent over to unlace this work boots.

His hands caressed my ass while I untied his laces. I raised up but could barely stand while his hands caressed my thighs and ass. I pushed my ass back toward his face, but he pushed me back down…. “not yet my angel. In due time.”

I sighed in lustful frustration and continued to pull his boots off. As I bent over further, his fingers began to rub the outside of my pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” I moaned.

I hadn’t even noticed that Mr. Anderson had snuck into the room while I was kissing his chest.

Mr. Whitaker continued to rub his fingers along my lips. His finger easily slipped inside my pussy and he rotated it around my sopping shaved cunt. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back to his chest and slipped his juicy finger in my mouth. I licked and sucked my teen juices off his finger to the gasp of the photographer who was clicking away. I then took Mr. Whitaker’s hand and stuck it back in my pussy then sucked my juices off again.

Mr. Whitaker then began to rub his cock into my back and began to pull and pinch my nipples. I so wanted to just pull that big black cock out and fuck him right there but he wouldn’t let me touch his cock. I was so hot and wanted to be fucked I thought I would just scream.

He pushed me off his lap and I spun around to face him. I leaned over and we shared a long passionate kiss while the shutter continued to flicker. I licked and kissed my way down his chest and large belly to his belt. As I grabbed this belt buckle, Mr. Whitaker raised his hips to allow me to take his pants off. His cock popped out from his white briefs and slapped me on the side of my face with a thud. I looked up at him and laughed then leaned over to kiss his experienced cock.

The photographer who was right behind Mr. Whitaker in the chair, then whispered, “Stick your tongue out baby.”

I looked up at Mr. Whitaker and he nodded in approval. “Just look at me baby. It’s all about you and me ok?”I smiled while Mr. Whitaker’s cock was still leaning against my face. My tongue stuck out of the side of my mouth and I faced the camera as slowly grazed his long black cock with my small tongue.

Mr. Whitaker grabbed my face away from his cock.

“Not yet, young lady.”

I smiled at him and continued to quickly pull his pants down and deneme bonus take the rest of his boots and socks off.

“Ok, now you’re naked. Fuck me.”

“Baby, I don’t fuck young white girls. What kind of man you think I am?”

“Oh yeah? I bet you’ll fuck this one?” as I lay on the floor and rolled around humping and grinding myself against the floor. I then raised a leg on the chair for him to see my swollen wet pussy. My hands pinched and pulled my nipples. I then rolled over on my hands and knees and rubbed my pussy from behind. I watched him lick his lips as I plunged two fingers into my pussy and began to fuck myself. I arched my back and circled my clit with my fingers then reinserted them inside me. I held them out to Mr. Whitaker who no longer had the strength to tease me and he dove down at me from the chair.

His tongue bathed my fingers clean. He then posed me in various positions for Mr. Anderson. First he spread my lips real wide and plunged a few fingers inside but wouldn’t fuck me with them. I moaned in frustration and tried to satisfy myself but he swatted my hands away from my own pussy.

“Not yet angel. Be patient ok?”

Then flipped me on my hands and knees and spread my ass for the camera. I almost passed out when I felt his soft wet tongue lick my ass and then circle my pucker hole. Mr. Whitaker indulged himself in giving me a rimming and felt that familiar feeling. Mr. Anderson told Mr. Whitaker to stick his tongue in my ass which set me off. My first wave came so hard that I pushed myself back on Mr. Whitaker.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh GOD Mr. Whitaker. I’m cumming already.”

Mr. Whitaker replaced his tongue with a finger and sucked my cum juices which started another wave of climax. I began to hyperventilate and came close to passing out.

Mr. Whitaker and Mr. Anderson continued to pose and photograph me. I was on my hands and knees on his desk while his cock was the entrance of my pussy but he would not enter, I was so hot for him to enter me. Then he had me masturbate for the camera some more but would allow me to cum. Then I stripped the rest of my clothes off and they shot me totally nude in about the same poses.

Mr. Whitaker dressed me in his uniform shirt then laid me back on the coffee table. Finally he let me lick his balls while he stood over me on the table. I stroked his long cock while his balls hung low on my face. He then spun me around and arched my back over the table. Mr. Whitaker reached under the table and pulled something out of a bag. While my body was completely arched over the coffee table, Mr. Whitaker plunged a flexible purple dildo into my pussy. I was so excited to finally have something inside me that I spread my legs as wide as I could. The room was filled with the sloshing noise my pussy gave as he fucked with me that toy.

“Turn over”

I felt him tonguing my ass as he continued to fuck me with the purple toy. “


I knew I was close again. Then he replaced the toy with a vibrating dildo.

“Whit, look at the camera while u tongue that pink asshole. Oh yeah…fuck that’s hot.”

As he continued to fuck me the dildo kept vibrating against my clit and I started to cum again. I held onto the table for dear life and screamed as that wet tongue continued to bathe my ass. My legs and body shook with orgasm and I was completely spent.

They let me drift to sleep a bit and they continued to take pictures with various props. I relaxed on the couch as they dripped wax and chocolate on me which felt incredible.

“Ok. Mr. Anderson, we have enough pictures I think. My baby deserves her reward.”

Mr. Whitaker joined me on the couch and he kissed and cuddled me. We wrapped our legs around each other and passionately kissed and felt each other. Mr. Whitaker gently kissed my neck and licked my ears with no noise from the camera. Just passionate love making. He slowly covered my body in kisses and gentle licks.

I shook when he took my nipple in his mouth and circled it with his tongue. He gently pulled it with his teeth and it stood in attention. He was an incredible attentive lover whom made me completely insatiable. Mr. Whitaker then made his way down my body and kissed my inner thighs for an eternity. He sniffed my glistening pussy and kissed it slowly.

“Mmmmmmmm damn girl you taste so good to me.” As he gently lapped my dribbling cunt.

“Ohhhhhh” I groaned as I felt his tongue swirling my clit then licking up and down my pussy.” I raised my hips and wrapped my arms around the arm of the couch. As I did my hand brushed against a hairy leg. I looked up and saw Mr. Anderson completely naked stroking his small black penis. I closed my eyes as Mr. Whitaker sucked and pulled gently on my clit with his tongue. I held on tighter to the couch and started to buck into his face harder. My fourth orgasm hit me the hardest and longest and I yelled and panted in satisfaction.



Then he climbed ontop of me and slowly inserted his long cock inside me. I could hardly move but that didn’t stop this sexy grandfather of seven. He slowly thrust his cock inside me and then pulled out. I was shocked when he got off top of me and signaled me over to him. He laid back on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32