Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

Teri had said that Jennifer was both attractive and sexy, but as I stood at her door and gazed at her for the first time, I felt the word attractive was an understatement. As the door swung open an absolutely gorgeous woman stood before us. Teri had described her with long black hair and Asian features. While Jennifer was indeed Asian, she had dark skin and now long wavy dark brown hair that fell just below her shoulders.

Jennifer was 5’6″ and had a sexy 36-24-34 figure. When she appeared at the door she was wearing a two piece black bikini and a sheer half beige sarong tied at her waist that fell just above her knees. I looked at her sculpted legs leading down to her rather small feet with dark maroon polish adorning her toes.

“Good afternoon Angel,” Jennifer said as Teri and her lips met in a soft but deliberate kiss. Their lips lingered just a moment as Jen pulled back and looked into Teri’s eyes. Then her focus was on me. I wondered if she would kiss me as well. But as she motioned for me to enter, she moved her lips to my face, her soft plump lips making an audible smack as she moved her warm cheek against mine.

I could smell a whiff of her alluring perfume. That and a distinct smell of cocoa butter.

“You’ll have to forgive me. I was laying out by the pool and time sort of got away from me,” Jennifer explained as she ushered Teri and I into her den. Can you two make yourself at home while I clean up a bit? Teri, you know where everything is,” Jennifer added as she turned and walked down the hall.

“Like something to drink?” Teri called from the kitchen as she opened a refrigerator and I heard the sound of a cabinet open.

“Sure, whatever you’re having,” I called back as I heard the clink of ice in glasses.

I looked around Jennifer’s den for a few minutes. It was lavishly decorated with ivory and jade. A crushed leather loveseat and couch sat on beautiful oak floors. Soft music played in the background from what appeared to be a very expensive stereo component set. Jen had a few candles burning on an end table and on a bookshelf but what drew me in was a painting over her fireplace mantle.

It was a painting of two nudes, women, standing against a gorgeous backdrop of trees, plants, and a distant waterfall. But it was the women themselves that captivated me. A dark haired female was pressing her naked form into the back of a blonde, whose head was tilted back and to the right as if waiting for a kiss as the woman from behind looked to be closing in. The dark haired woman’s right hand trailed down to her lover’s nether region while her left cupped the blonde’s breast. It was highly erotic and I was absolutely entranced by it.

“A friend did it for me,” Jennifer’s voice broke the silence. I looked up to see her standing behind me wearing a Japanese Kimono robe. It was a white silk garment with wide black lapels and a faint outline of dragons in black on the fabric. The robe fell just past her knees and was tied at the waist but displayed her ample bosom.

I looked over to see Teri had returned and was seated on the couch with what appeared to be two cokes. I hadn’t even noticed her return, totally fascinated by the painting of the lesbian lovers.

“I take it you like the painting,” Jennifer inquired as she gazed upon it and my own fascination appreciatively.

She looked stunning as she unclipped her hair that she had pinned up for her shower. She shook it and the dark brown curls fell, cascading down on her shoulders. Jennifer walked over to the couch and sat down, pulling a leg up under her.

“Angel, would you be kind enough to pour me a merlot?” Jennifer asked looking over at Teri who immediately went into the kitchen to retrieve the beverage.

“So sit down precious. Tell me a little about yourself. Teri says you’ve been dating some boy for almost a year. What’s his name,” Jennifer inquired.

I sat down on the loveseat facing her. My eyes drawn to her breasts, barely contained behind the silk kimono. “Tommy. We actually started going out after school started back last year and dated off and on since then,” I responded.

“Sounds serious,” Jennifer replied.

“Yea, I guess so. We’ve both been accepted to Clemson in the fall,” I added.

“Going off to school together and everything. Wow, he must be quite the catch,” she went on. “”You guys intimate?”

“Intimate?” I was somewhat taken by her question. “We’re very close. I like him a lot!” I remember beaming.

“I mean are you two having sex?” Jennifer pressed.

I felt I was blushing slightly as I responded, “Sort of.”

“Sort of,” she shot back. “You either are or aren’t,” she retorted back.

“Well,” I began, “I’ve touched him down there, his item.”

Jennifer’s voice interrupted, “His dick sweetie. It’s not an item. So, what did you do with it,” Jennifer said, somewhat with a smile as she took a sip of the merlot Teri had retrieved from the kitchen.

I watched as Teri, instead of sitting down with Jennifer, slid to the bottom of the couch on the floor. She bursa eskort took Jen’s foot in her hands and began to rub it. Stroking her foot and moving her hands up and down her calve, soothing and massaging her leg as she rested her head on Jennifer’s thigh.

“Go on, Jen encouraged, breaking me out of my trance watching Teri. “You’ve played with his dick.”

“Well yea. One night we were parking after a game. Tommy plays on the basketball team,” I beamed, “and he pulled it out and asked me if I would touch it. You know while we were kissing.”

“Did you go down on him,” Jennifer pressed.

“No. I haven’t done that. We talked about it. He wants me too. But the most I’ve done is stroke him there. He calls it jacking him off,” I added.

“I’m familiar with the expression,” Jennifer smiled. “That’s it. You’ve jacked him off a few times?”

“Yea. I mean we just sort off started that but we haven’t done anything more than that,” I continued before Jennifer again broke in.

“So, he hasn’t done anything with you?” she questioned.

“No. not really,” I stated back.

“So you’re a virgin?” she asked.

“Well, Teri told you about us right?” I said looking back at Teri.

“Yes sweets I know about Teri,” Jennifer said as she rubbed her fingers through Teri’s hair. “Come over here and sit down next to me,” Jen said as she patted the soft leather couch next to her.

I moved over to the couch and slid in. I folded one leg under, facing her.

“Teri did tell me about what you two did Thursday. It sounded wonderful. Did you like it?,” she asked softly as she raised her hand now moving a bang of my hair to the side which had fallen on my face.

“A lot. I really liked it a lot. I’ve never done anything like that and it felt so good,” I shot back.

“Yes, Teri has become quite accomplished in her skills,” she said warmly as she looked down at Teri and then back at me. Teri was still sitting at her feet and now pressed her lips on some of the exposed thigh that parted the silk kimono that had opened ever so slightly. “And you’re here because you wanted to meet me I understand?” Jennifer said with a smile.

I nodded. I knew that Teri had relayed to Jennifer my first lesbian experience and how interested I was in the woman who had first seduced her – who had shown her what it was like to make love to another woman.

“And Teri has told you about me? That I’m a little demanding of my lovers?” she continued her eyes penetrating mine.

“She told me you’ve been with a number of women. That you, well, like to show young girls like me what it’s like. And that you like to be in control.. and stuff like that,” I stammered all over myself.

I think Jennifer really enjoyed watching my uncomfortable delivery as I grappled with the right words. The words to convey how much I really wanted her to dominate me. To make me do the things she had done with Teri. Like she had done with the countless other teenage and young women who had arrived at her place straight or inexperienced in the art of lesbian love, but left having been fully schooled.

Jennifer was smiling the whole time as I struggled with the words until she took pity and placed her finger at my lips. It settled on my bottom lip and she left it there almost waiting on my next move. I parted my lips and she slid her finger in. Slowly, turning it ever so softly, as she pushed more of her warm digit into my mouth which I accepted, sucking on it, rolling my tongue around her finger.

“You have such a pretty mouth…such soft pouty lips,” Jennifer said in a hushed, sultry tone. Her finger pulled down slightly, parting my lips more and opening my mouth as she moved another finger in which I wet with my tongue.

“You see pet, making love with a woman is all about touch. Guys want to just stick it in and get off. Like your little Tommy. Just getting his nut. He didn’t think twice about what you wanted… about you,” she continued as her fingers pushed into my mouth, exploring.

I thought about what she said. I hadn’t really thought about it in those terms. While he had fondled my breasts through my shirt and once reached in and rubbed them under my bra, he hadn’t actually caressed them. Not the way Teri had.

There had been one afternoon when we were alone in my bedroom that he had me jack him off and he was just starting to undress me when I heard my mom come up the hall and I was afraid she might hear and I stopped him. Once the coast was clear I went ahead and got him off like he wanted me to do but we didn’t go any further.

I wasn’t sure if Tommy was selfish like Jennifer was saying or rushed. I hadn’t thought much about it before.

My thoughts were interrupted as I noticed Jennifer leaning in. I knew she intended to kiss me as her soft lips found mine. Her lips were much bigger than Teri’s and seemed to envelope mine. Warm and wet, they slid over mine as she removed her fingers from my mouth and trailed her hand along my bare thigh. Her warm touch sent chills down my leg. I felt her tongue bursa escort bayan invade my mouth and I let it. I wanted her to kiss me, to have me.

Her body pushed me back as my head came to rest on the side of the couch and Jennifer moved on top. The weight of her body against mine. I was rubbing my hand across the silk of the kimono, across her back, until I felt the bare skin of her thigh.

My eyes were closed but the vision of her taking me flooded my mind as we embraced in a hot wet kiss. I felt my sandals being removed as Teri rubbed my right foot which was dangling off the couch in her hands. I felt her warm lips on the top of my foot, soft kisses on my toes.

I could not believe how soft Jennifer’s lips were. I could hear the noises our lips made together as she slid them over mine, her tongue exploring my yielding mouth. Her kisses trailed across my face to my neck which I exposed more of by raising my head. She sucked and licked my flesh and moved to my ear.

Her tongue moving around it, soft moans as she attacked. “Come with me in the back baby. I want to teach you, show you what I have shared with Teri. Let me show you why love with a woman is so special, so different,” she moaned in my ear.

At that moment I would have gone anywhere with her. Done anything as she rose off my body and took my hand. She led me down her hall, almost as if in a trance, I followed behind. I could hear Teri behind me as I placed one foot in front of the other, one step closer to Jennifer’s bedroom. A step closer to submitting myself to her totally.

Her bedroom was elegant with a king size four poster cherry bed. There were already candles burning in this room too as I gazed across the room at a large mirror over a dresser, watching Jen leading me by the hand. I saw Teri come into view behind me and she was already nude.

I suppose she had undressed while Jennifer and I had kissed on the couch. Teri had a lovely body and I knew in moments that I too would be naked, all three of us in a passionate embrace.

Jennifer turned and kissed me again I hadn’t noticed before but I was slightly taller than Jen, tilting my head down just a bit as her warm wet lips again found mine. “Lesbian love is about touch… and feeling,” Jennifer said softly in between her wet kisses.

“As much about the journey as the destination,” she continued. “Are you ready to take a journey with me baby? To experience something you will never forget?”

My body was literally shaking. Her mouth returning to mine. Her tongue pushing into my mouth as she reached around and cupped the cheeks of my ass in her hands pulling our bodies closer, grinding together. Her silk robe had opened more and one of her breast had spilled out. I could feel it on my chest.

“Please, please show me,” I said as I cupped the exposed flesh in my hand. Her breast was full and round in my hand and I moved my head down taking the warm mound and rubbing it against my cheek, drawing it to my mouth and licking her. I drew her nipple, dark and hardened into my anxious mouth drawing a slight gasp from Jennifer.

I could tell she liked it as she pulled slightly on my hair that I had pulled back in a pony tail in the back. She guided my head as I moved all around her breast. I could feel her untie the kimono. Her stomach came into view and the tattoos that Teri had told me about.

While tats are common place today, and I now have a few myself, it was a first for me in 1997. I recall my grandfather had a tattoo that he had acquired in service but I had never seen tattoos on another woman. But here they were, one on each hip. The black bold symbols on her right hip. The Kanji symbol of teacher and the bright colorful stars on her left. They seemed to start almost at her pussy and explode at her hip in an array of colors.

I also couldn’t help but notice her bare skin there. She had just a small strip of dark black pubic hair right above her vagina. Her lips and the surrounding flesh were completely bare. It was the first shaved pussy I had ever seen.

Jennifer broke our kiss and walked to a nightstand, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a silk scarf. As she walked back over, I took in her beautiful breasts which now were exposed as the silk gown hung loosely at her sides. Both nipples were dark and erect as they sat on her bronzed breast. While she may well have inherited her eyes and face from her Japanese mother, her skin tone was that of her African American father.

“Now our journey begins pet,” Jennifer said as she took the scarf and wrapped it gently over my eyes, around my head two or three times, tying it in a knot at the back. “Can you see?’

“No, not at all,” I responded as my sight was cut off.

“Good. Now I want you to give into your sense of touch. You have only touch, taste, and smell. Give yourself totally over to me,” Jennifer said as I felt her hands on my shoulders, pressing down, encouraging me to my knees.

Unlike her den, the bedroom was carpeted, as I sank down, görükle escort coming to rest on my knees, as my free hands felt the plush carpet below me. I could feel the heat of Jennifer’s body near my face and I could detect her smell. The fresh scent of her pussy which I would come to both savor and appreciate. I could sense it was just inches if that from my face and without any direction, I moved my face closer until her warm soft flesh presented itself to my lips.

I kissed the folds of her pussy which drew a sigh from above. “Oooom. That’s right baby. Kiss me. Kiss my pussy,” Jennifer encouraged as I placed my lips against her wet folds. They were so velvety soft with no trace of hair or stubble. Just warm, wet flesh as I parted my lips and sucked on her exposed folds.

I remembered how much I enjoyed Teri’s hot tongue as it penetrated my pussy the first time and I licked Jen’s slit the same way, dipping my tongue in. She tasted heavenly as I was rewarded with my first taste of her delectable pussy. Her juices coated my face as I pushed further and further, harder into her inviting pussy.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” Jennifer groaned. “Teri taught you well. You’re a natural. Oooooom,” she moaned as I was so excited I made her feel so good. I reached up and separated the folds of her pussy open so I could bury my face in her cunt. I probed further and further with my tongue, licking along her slit, sticking it deep into her canal as I eagerly explored her wet hole.

In between my own slurping and licking, I could hear faint sounds of Jennifer and Teri. It sounded as though they too were kissing. While I could not see, I could hear soft moans and the sounds of their lips moving together. I had visions of them rubbing each other’s breast above me as I continued to hear both as I continued my oral assault on Jen’s pussy.

A few moments later, Teri took up a position behind me as I felt her bare legs touching mine. She was on her knees too, her legs astride mine as she reached at the bottom of my pink top and tugged it over my head. I raised my arms as she pulled it free and then unclasped my bra. She pushed the straps off my back and eased them down my arms as it too took its place on the floor giving her free access to my breasts.

Teri reached around and cupped my tits, moving them softly in her delicate hands. Her fingers probing my nipples which were already hardening under her touch. She pinched and pulled at my nipples, rolling my buds between her thumb and fingers drawing an audible gasp from me.

I could feel her nipples as they stuck in my back as she kissed my neck, licking, sucking on the flesh. Her expert fingers teased my nipples. I had never been aware of how sensitive they were, but under her touch, my whole body shuddered as she pulled and twisted.

Teri shifted off of me and it seemed as though she had moved on the other side of Jennifer. My hands had been resting on Jennifer’s thighs, the silky robe dancing on my fingers as I felt Jen remove the garment. I knew she and Teri were both completely naked now leaving me in my shorts as I continued to lick up and down her slit.

Jen widened her stance, giving me even more access to her tasty treat as my hands clasped the cheeks of her ass. It was then I felt Teri’s warm lips graze over my fingers. Planting kisses on both my finger’s and Jennifer’s soft warm buns.

“Pull my cheeks apart Sam. Let Teri get in there between them,” Jennifer commanded. I pulled at her cheeks and could only imagine what Teri was doing. While I now love the feeling of a hot tongue up my ass, I had not yet discovered how erotic and sensitive ass play could be.

I could only hear Jen’s soft moans and the soft, wet licks Teri was making on the other side. Jen now had us both licking her. I was still enjoying her gushing wet box as Teri licked her ass. Jennifer’s body seemed to be rocking back and forth as both of us worked her over.

“Oh fuck,” Jennifer moaned as we both licked our mistress, our teacher. “Lick me…lick my ass. Get that tongue in there you little slut,” Jen hissed. It felt as though Jennifer’s body was driven forward and I literally had to hold her in place as Teri pushed harder, driving her face further into Jen’s backside.

I felt Jennifer’s legs shaking and knew she must be close to cumming and I too pushed my tongue further into her hot box, the juices flowing down my cheeks.

“Fuck yea, lick me, oh fuck, I’m cumming,” Jennifer chanted as she jerked, pushing down on my head. “Holy shit,” Jennifer moaned as she moved my head back from her box as I heard her bed squeak slightly as she eased herself down.

I wiped the juices which coated my face with my hands. I was so happy that we had pleased her so and could only imagine what she must look like, exhausted from the oral attack from her two young lesbian lovers. My sight still blinded by the silk scarf tied around my head, I could only listen as her jagged breath seemed to return to some sense of normalcy.

I felt someone reach out and take my hands, pulling me to my feet. My shorts were unsnapped as they were eased down my legs, along with my panties. I stepped out of both as I joined Teri and Jennifer, the three of us now naked. I realized it had been Teri who removed my last garments as Jennifer spoke appreciatively of my now naked form.

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