Connections 01: Megan Pt. 01

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Authors Note: Everyone in this story is at least 18 years old.


I could tell you I have beautiful blonde hair, and a pair of perfect, huge tits, I could tell you I have an ass that makes guys drool. But let’s be real, okay? I’m pretty average, and just like everyone else, there are things about my appearance that I don’t like, but there’s also plenty that I’m perfectly happy with. Let’s call that my ‘I wish I had bigger tits and ass’ disclaimer.

College opened up so many possibilities for me. I grew up in a small town, and had limited sexual experiences. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had been the least experienced woman on campus. I’d only been with one guy, and if my experience was typical, then I don’t mind admitting that I was expecting sex to be better than what it had been.

So college meant growing up fast, and I quickly became friends with a quirky, but cute girl named Ashley. Ashley was not shy about her seemingly constant desire and pursuit of penis, she’d tease me and try to sway me to her way of thinking, ‘It’s college, we’re supposed to go crazy!’ but that’s just not my style, sure, I like to have fun, but.. Anyway..

One day, Ashley came running up to me, clearly excited with a huge grin on her face.

‘My God, Megan, you HAVE to see this!’ she laughed, waving her phone in front of me.

‘See what?’ I asked, leaning back, and raising my hands.

‘Just watch!’ she cried, and handed me her phone.

I gave her a sideways look, and then looked at the phone and gasped.

It was a porn scene, and while I’d seen a few in the past, this was different, the guy in the video was fucking a woman in the missionary position, and the camera angle showed the biggest, and longest dick I had ever seen slowly sinking completely into the woman. I looked back at Ashley, who had a happy smile on her face, nodding, and then motioned with her eyes for me to go back to the scene playing on her phone.

Although the volume was off, I didn’t need to hear what I had to assume were surprised gasps from the woman. How could she possibly take such a long dick? I couldn’t guess how long it was, but I knew there would be no chance that something so big could completely disappear inside of me, the way this woman was consuming this dick. But just as surprising, the girth of this guy’s dick seemed ridiculous, and he was stretching the woman to such a degree that it nearly made her butthole disappear.

It was definitely shocking, and I nearly cringed a bit, imagining how uncomfortable it would be to have something like that inside of me, but it also caused a familiar tingling. I shook my head and handed the phone back to Ashley.

‘That’s..abnormal.’ was all I could think to say.

Ashley grinned at me and said matter-of-factly ‘I’d love fuck that guy. I really would.’

‘Really?’ I asked, surprised.

Ashley nodded slowly, and then seriously added ‘I’m dead serious. Are you telling me you wouldn’t love to land a guy like that?’

I shook my head and said ‘No thanks, that’s waay too big for me.’

Ashley looked up from her phone, and looked at me like I had said something in a foreign language. ‘It’s never too big. I gotta run, seeya!’ and she went on her way.

That night in bed, I pictured the giant dick disappearing into that woman as I rubbed my clit, and wondered just what that would feel like, it didn’t take long till a powerful orgasm swept over me, and as I lay there, committed myself to finding a decent guy, and getting laid.

A week passed, and Ashley and I hung out quite a bit, but neither of us mentioned that video, it was like we’d never seen it, but I’d thought about it often. Sometimes I’d imagine that same guy seducing me, I’d explain that I was inexperienced, and could never take something so huge,, but ultimately, his huge dick would be stretching me open, and completely disappearing into my pussy. I’d always have incredible orgasms masturbating to these fantasies, and then afterward, wonder just exactly what that must feel like, to be stretched open like that.

‘You’re wrong you know.’ Ashley said, pulling me back to reality.

‘Oh, sorry, I got distracted.. Wrong about what?’ I asked.

‘Distracted huh?’ she laughed ‘Yeah, I’ve been ‘distracting’ myself every night since I watched that video.’ she wiggled her phone up for me to see ‘Wanna watch again?’

I really wanted to watch the video again, but was too embarrassed to admit it ‘No, I don’t.. And what am I wrong about?’ I asked, referring back to what she had said.

Ashleigh shrugged and said ‘about being able to take his cock.. You could take it, he’d just have to go slow. Then, when you loosened up, you could just relax and enjoy that feeling of being absolutely stuffed.. OMG Megan.. You could take it.’

My cheeks were burning red, there was nothing I could say in response, so I just shook my head and looked down.

‘What’s the biggest you’ve ever had?’ she asked.

I did not want to have this conversation, especially not with Ashley.

‘Come on, tell zenci gaziantep escort me.. I’ll tell you, the biggest I’ve had wasn’t as big, or as long as that guy in the video.’ she admitted with a grin.

‘Same.’ was all I could manage to reply.

I looked up and Ashley was studying me, it felt like I was about to be interrogated.

‘Could we talk about something else please?’ I asked.

‘Why? What’s wrong?’ she narrowed her eyes ‘Are you a Lesbian? I mean, it’s okay if you are. I just haven’t ever seen you with any guys..’

‘No! I’m not, I like guys, I just haven’t found one here that I really like, and I really need to focus on school for now.’ I said, unable to convince myself, probably not even close to convincing Ashley.

‘It’s okay Megan, I didn’t mean to freak you out or anything, I’m sorry, really..’ Ashley apologized.

‘I mean, I want to meet someone, I really do. I’d rather have a relationship, instead of just hooking up you know?’ I reasoned.

‘I’d like to find a good guy too’ Ashley nodded, ‘Especially that guy in the video!’ she laughed out loud.

We went back to talking about shool stuff, and didn’t mention the porn scene, or sex again. The following weekend, we met at a little coffee house just off campus, I’d found the place earlier in the week and didn’t want to feel weird just going in by myself, so I’d invited Ashley to meet me there.

‘I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, or anything..’ Ashley started. ‘But the dark-haired guy behind the counter keeps checking you out.’

My eyes popped open, and I fought the urge to spin around and see if she was talking about the cute guy that I’d seen taking care of another customer when I first walked into the place.

‘He’s probably checking you out.’ I said quietly, but hoping I was wrong.

Ashley shook her head. ‘Nope, he likes you, he was in the back, craning his head around trying to get a better look at you.’

I needed to do something, but what? I couldn’t just let that hang in the air, and if that was the guy I was hoping it was, then I should find out, so I stood up and walked to the counter, and he came right over and smiled.

‘Hi, what can I get you?’ he asked.

‘Well, this is my first time here, and I saw you have some bakery. What’s good?’ I smiled at him, and looked behind the counter at the different pastries, and cakes.

‘Ouch, that’s tough to answer.’ he grinned ‘it’s all good. I’d say get the carrot cake this time, and the next time you’re here, try the apple fritters.’

‘The next time I’m here?’ I asked with a raised eyebrow.

He smiled, then turned and plated a slice of the carrot cake, and handed it to me. ‘First one to all pretty ladies is on the house.’

‘Wow thanks! But I’m not sure that business model is gonna work out, there’s a school full of pretty ladies two blocks from here.’ I giggled.

He grinned and gestured to all of the different bakery items they still had and said ‘First one to all VERY pretty ladies is on the house. I’m Tim, by the way..’

‘I’m Megan, and I’ll definitely try the apple fritters next time Tim, and thank you, that’s very sweet of you.’

‘It’s my pleasure Megan, I work weekdays from 2 till 7, I hope to see you again sometime.’ Then he smiled a final time and disappeared into the back and did something or other.

‘He’s cute.. Like, pretty cute.’ Ashley said with a gigantic smile when I sat back down.

‘Yeah he is..’ my brain was swimming with thoughts of going back up there and asking him out.’

‘No, I mean, pretty..’ she giggled softly.

‘Well, he definitely doesn’t look like the typical macho asshole, jock type, if that’s what you mean.’ I agreed.

‘I guess, I just mean that.. Well, he’s kind of.. uh,..I just mean..’ Ashley stammered, which was very much NOT like Ashley to do.

‘Spill!’ I demanded.

‘Is it messed up if I say he looks like a cute gay dude?’ she cringed.

‘I mean, he’s not all buff, or hairy, or tall, or.. But yeah, it’s messed up for you to say that…’ I nodded at her.

‘Sorry!’ she cringed again ‘still, he might be umm.. Gifted.. Oh, I totally spaced, I bought something for you!’ She dug into her backpack and pulled out a gift-wrapped rectangular box, and handed it to me.

‘What’s this? Why did you get me something?’ I slipped a nail under the wrapping.

‘Wait!’ Ashley held up her hand. ‘You can’t open it till you get home.’

I scowled at her and said ‘why do I have the feeling you’re pranking me? What gives?’

She shook her head. ‘No prank, just don’t open it till you get home.’

I shrugged my shoulders and took a bite of the carrot cake and smiled. Ashley swiped my fork and helped herself to a piece as well. We cracked up laughing, and later as I walked to my apartment, I made a promise to myself that I’d be back to the coffee shop the following day, and see if Tim would ask me out, or if I’d have to ask him.

As soon as I closed the door to my tiny apartment I dug into gaziantep zenci escort bayan the gift Ashley had given me, and quickly discovered it was a dildo, a big dildo. It was too big, it was big like that guy in the ponro scene, and on the side of the box, Ashley had written a URL, and I knew without even typing it in, that it was that same porno scene. She wanted me to watch the scene over again, and use this huge dildo on myself.

I sat on my bed, and thought about all of that. I felt uncomfortable with a recent friend buying me a sex toy, in fact, I think I was uncomfortable with the idea of ME buying myself a sex toy. I knew that she didn’t buy it for me as a mean joke or anything. But what if I used it, and then she asked me about it? How weird would that be? I could imagine the conversation.

‘So Megan, can I borrow your notes from English? Oh, and are you fucking that huge dildo I bought for you?’

‘Sure, here’s the notes, and yes, it’s wonderful, it turns out my pussy just gobbled it up, just like that woman in the scene we’ve both been masturbating to..’

‘Aw, that’s so nice, and I told you it would fit, silly woman!’


It’s not like I could give it back either, right?

‘Um, sorry Ashley, but that was very inappropriate, and I thought I made it very clear, there’s no way a big dick would fit inside of me.’

Either way.. It felt weird.

I spent the next two hours studying, or at least trying to study, my mind kept trailing back to the dildo, and I finally stopped fooling myself, and opened the package.

‘Well, it’s definitely too late to give it back now.’ I said to myself.

But once again, I shook my head. While the guy in the porn scene had a bigger dick than this, it wasn’t that much bigger. I held it in my hand, and the weight was surprising, more than the weight, it was very soft, but firm somehow underneath. I wondered if real dicks this size felt this way, the one guy I’d been with had a much smaller dick, and it was like a piece of steel. This felt nothing like his dick, but this dildo was also much larger.

And so there I was.holding a thick, long dildo in my hands, and seriously contemplating fucking myself with it.

‘I want to, but it won’t fit, I need something smaller first..’ again, saying out loud to myself.

‘I can’t start with something this size.’ I argued.

‘God, this would hurt so much..’ I shivered.

I held up the small tube of included lube.

‘I’d need a LOT more lube.. This isn’t enough.’I sighed.

More excuses, more attempts to convince myself to not do what I was very much wanting to do.

I decided to take a shower, if I felt the same afterward, then all bets were off.

15 minutes later, I was laying naked on my bed, with my laptop typing in the URL scribbled on the dildo box.

So much for self-control.

The video was nearly thirty minutes long, and started with the couple just making out. I began casually playing with my pussy, and wondered if the woman had any idea how big the guy’s dick was. Would she be surprised? Would she be able to take that big dick easily? Did she like bigger dicks? Ashley certainly seemed to like them.

Would I like big dicks?

A few minutes into the video, the woman was on her knees and licking the guy’s dick. Which gave me the idea to lick my dildo.

‘My dildo.’

I owned a dildo.

I owned a large dildo.

What was happening to me?

I ran my tongue along the length of my dildo, and began mimicking what the woman in the scene was doing to the dick in front of her. That somehow made everything feel more.. Naughty.

She opened her mouth, and somehow managed to slip her lips past the pulsing head of the dick, then slowly pulled her mouth from him, leaving traces of her lipstick behind. I wasn’t wearing lipstick, but made a mental note to be sure I had some on for the next time.

The next time. I was already planning for my next experience with my dildo.

Again ‘my’ dildo.

I went back to mirroring what the woman was doing. The more I licked and sucked, the more and more excited I was becoming. I kept one hand on my mound and rubbed my clit, enjoying how sexy I felt, as I gave head to a dildo for the first time in my life.

The woman moved off of her lover’s dick and lay on her back on their bed, the man positioned his head between her legs and began licking at her pussy, which was glistening with her juices. I closed my eyes and imagined him licking my pussy, and let my middle finger flick against my clit. I spread my legs apart a bit more. I wanted to expose my sex to an imaginary camera, while my imaginary Lover ate my very wet pussy. I glanced back at my laptop screen and smiled as he pulled himself up and positioned his heavy dick between her legs.

‘Fuck me baby, I want that big, beautiful dick inside me.’ I sighed.

I watched as the woman took her Lovers dick in her hand, and guided it to her opening. I was surprised when it gaziantep zenci escort slipped easily inside her. He leaned forward and in a single motion, had fully embedded himself, to the balls inside of her pussy.

I knew that would be impossible for me to accomplish with the dick that was now rubbing against my pussy lips. This is when things would be getting serious, and I felt a mixture of fear, and excitement battling in my chest. I took the tube of lube and squirted a generous amount on top of the shaft, and spread the gel along the full length and all around it, taking the remainder and applying it to myself, mixing it with the abundant juices I’d produced while playing with myself.

I hesitated for a moment and realized that I wouldn’t have ever imagined I’d be doing exactly what I fully intended to do now, just a few hours previous, and at that moment, I knew things would be different. I would know what it feels like to have a dildo inside of my body, a very large dildo.

I looked back at the laptop monitor, and watched as the woman was being fucked, she had pulled her legs back to her chest, and her Lover had the back of her calves against his shoulders. He wasn’t pounding away mercilessly, it almost felt like he knew he didn’t need to, almost as if he knew that big dick of his was enough without all of the frenzied thrusting, but the striking thing was the look on the woman’s face. Her eyes were heavy-lidded, almost closed, and her mouth opened as she moaned in pleasure.

I wanted to be her. I wanted to feel what she was feeling, and I began sliding the dildo along my pussy lips, making a point to let it brush against my clit, I knew I could come just like this, but I very badly wanted to know what it felt like to have this huge dildo inside me. I rested the balls on the mattress with the thick head poised against my lips, and began grinding against it. In this position, I didn’t have to worry about holding the heavy dick, and I could concentrate more on getting inside of me. As I slowly moved my hips, and pressed myself against the dildo, I could feel it trying to enter me, and then meeting considerable resistance. I wiggled a bit, and pressed once again, and felt like I’d opened as much as I could, pressing any harder was causing pain.

‘Fuck, it’s too big..’ I sighed to myself.

My desire began to give way to doubt, I needed something smaller, at least to start, maybe in time I could work this monster dick into my pussy, but it was just too big for me.

‘Oh baby, I love that big cock of yours, I love how it stretches my pussy open.’ the woman’s voice in the video moaned.

I looked back at the scene playing on my laptop and she had reached a hand under her, and was slowly stroking the cock as it moved in and out of her. The imagery was incredible, her long, painted red nails wrapping around that big fat cock, that was glistening with her juices, and easily moving in and out of her. She looked perfect, she had willed her body to accept that big dick, her quiet confidence, and sexiness caused me a moment of jealousy, but I felt like almost any woman would have felt the same. She was clearly enjoying being fucked by that big dick, I wanted to feel what she was feeling.

I closed my eyes, and reached a hand underneath my ass and held the dildo the way she was holding her lover’s cock. My other hand gripped the base and balls, and I tried once again, to get the dildo inside of me. This new angle felt better, and while I felt discomfort, bordering on pain, I could also feel the head spreading my pussy lips, and slowly gaining entry. I stopped, and relaxed my grip, letting the dildo ease back out a bit, and repeated this process, each time pressing the dildo until it felt like I couldn’t stretch anymore, and just holding it there.

I turned back to the laptop, and saw that the woman had put her hands on her ass cheeks, spreading herself as her lover fucked her deeply. Again, her eyes were nearly closed, and her mouth opened as she moaned.

She could take all that cock, easily. I can too, just keep doing what I’m doing.

I pressed again, and the head slipped past my lips, and settled into my pussy.

‘Ooh fuuck!’ I gasped, the combination of a burning sensation and relief caught me off guard.

I didn’t move, and concentrated on breathing, and trying to relax, which proved difficult. I closed my eyes, and imagined the cute coffee shop guy laying on top of me, reassuring me that I was doing fine, and promising me he’d keep going slow while his big dick remained still, just inside of me.

‘Oh Tim, you’re so big.’ I sighed.

I imagined him leaning close, and slipping his tongue into my open mouth. My body surrendering to him, as his big dick slipped a bit deeper into my pussy, his tongue fucked my mouth, I began to suck his tongue as he sank more of his wonderful dick inside of me.

I’m not sure why these thoughts occurred, but I was definitely enjoying this little fantasy of my coffee shop pretty boy fucking me with his big dick. The dildo was almost half of its length inside of me, and while there was a burning discomfort to it, that sensation was overwhelmed by the feeling of being completely filled. I wondered what my poor pussy looked like stretched around the dildo. I wanted to see my pussy lips stretched tightly around the thick shaft, I wanted to see it glistening as I eased it from inside me, leaving just the head within me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32