Corey and Noah Ch. 02

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I couldn’t see how I could get to be friends with Noah unless I turned into a complete asshole to match the rest of the boys which Noah hung around with. This seemed unlikely to ever happen however so I thought it best to do it the only way I saw possible. I would have to get Noah away from his friends.

I often wondered what other people would think if they could have gotten inside my head and see what I was thinking about half the time. Words like ‘freak’ and ‘weirdo’ came to mind when I considered this. Indeed, I’d have to admit that I was entirely obsessed with Noah. There wasn’t a single thing wrong with the guy; he seemed perfect in every way possible. I realise of course that these feelings are shared by almost any person who has ever had a crush, yet I couldn’t help but thinking that there was something different about Noah; something inherently special which made him stand out from anyone I’ve ever felt something for.

It was possible however that the feelings stemmed simply from the fact that I was lonely at school. Admittedly, I’d only ever had one friend and she had moved away years ago.

Whatever the case, it didn’t deter me from my determination to at least befriend Noah Bennet.

In the weeks that followed the dreaded return to school, I found myself continuing to watch my crush. Nothing gave me more pleasure than to glance up from my books at Noah walking past in his shorts which were constantly worn so short that most of his thighs were visible. This was in fact the fashion of the time, even I wore those shorts, yet Noah seemed able to ‘pull-it-off’ like no one else could. The way he stood there, his bulge largely apparent. Three weeks after the return of school, I actually had to hide a boner for most of the day which simply refused to go away after Noah had grab his bludge for the amusement of his friends and wave it around.

Even though the sexual attraction was definitely strong, I couldn’t help but notice that my attraction to him ran far deeper. The obsession was so pronounced in fact that my heart actually stoped beating briefly when I heard Noahs name; my chest seizes up when he granted me a brief smile in the corridors between classes and I could almost feint on the rare occasions when he said my name.

‘And so it was that Shakespeare closed Romeo and Juliet with one of the most tragic and memorable endings of all time.’

Mr Shorten stood before our class, none of whom were paying the slightest attention to him.

Not even I was; I knew the story back the front anyway. I was instead (for what was surely the millionth time) watching Noah. Noah had taken his watch off, and was playing with it. He was sliding it across the desktop and moulding it into different shaped. He may not have realised it, but he looked quite childish. I smiled behind my hand as Noah flicked some of his blonde mass of hair from his eyes.

I cursed him somewhat bitterly from behind my hand; mockingly through some spite yet more from my own sheer jealousy of how beautiful Noah’s hair actually was. Indeed, how beautiful everything about Noah was. His tangled, blonde hair, his toned figure, his warm grey eyes. Everything regarding Noah was enviable. If I had to be fair I suppose, I wasn’t totally bad looking though I wasn’t as fond of my short, dark brown hair. I was skinny and my almost non-existent interest in sports ensured little room for toning. I did favour my strait nose, thin face and blue eyes however. They were something I at least.

As I was watching him, Noahs eyes suddenly widened in realisation of something and he flung his hand into the air.

‘Sir?’ Noah interrupted, ‘I have to go to footy tryouts!’

Mr Shorten looked most suspicious but more so irritated at the interruption of what he surely considered a most riveting lesson.

‘Very Casibom well, anyone who needs to leave, do so.’

As Noah stood up and crossed the room, I had a sudden crazy idea and after a few seconds of furious internal debate I jumped to my feet. Sniggering carried me all the way to the door which I closed behind me, and turned to see which way Noah had gone.

He was down the corridor to my right, skidding along extremely slowly which gave me time to catch up with ease.

‘Hey man, what’s up?’

‘Oh hey Corey, what are you up to?’

‘Nothing much.’ I answered, ‘You’re heading off to the ovals then?’

‘Huh? Nah I was bull-shitting back there.’ Noah laughed, ‘The tryouts are this ‘arvo, I was just over all that Shakespeare shit.’

I laughed faintly, ‘I know what you mean.’

‘So what are you up to then?’ Noah asked.

It took before I realised that the real answer would sound stupid as it seemed, there was no tryouts.

‘Erm, just going to the toilet.’

‘To jack-off I bet?’ Noah said, banging my ass firmly as he brushed passed me.

I hesitated, not sure if Noah was being serious or not.

‘Yeh defiantly.’ I said in what I hoped was a sarcastic voice.

‘That’s what I’m doing when I get down to the public pool in town.’ Noah smiled mischievously, ‘Anyway I’d better go before that dick-head figures out anything. See you then.’

I stood rooted to the spot for a minute, stunned. Was Noah being serious? It didn’t matter, when I looked down, I saw what I expected. I almost ran to the bathroom, threw myself in the cubicle and tore my shorts down.

When I returned to class a few minutes later, I sat down happily mesmerised after one of the greatest masturbations of my life.

* * *

I took a breath as the rickety bus drove away. As I did so, I looked straight forward at the small, brick building and started a slow walk towards it.

‘Okay Corey, just relax. You can do this, really, you can!’

In actual fact, despite what I kept telling myself, I didn’t think that I could do it at all.

But because I had got there and was staring out over the fields, all I could do at that point was keep trudging forward. If I wanted to truly spend time with Noah, then this was the only way.

I had decided.

A friendly looking man was pulling out cones and balls from inside the store room of the small building, humming softly to himself.

‘Uh -‘ I started, as I stopped behind the man.


The coach turned around and faced me and I smiled weakly up at his warm eyes. If he hadn’t been so friendly looking, I would have ran for it.

‘I was just wondering about joining the team.’ I said in a small voice.

The coach looked me up and down, apparently attempting to see just how up to rugby league I might actually be.

‘How old are you. Hold on!’

The coach pulled out a rather battered looking clipboard and a form from the bag at his feet. Placing the paper atop the clipboard, he took a pen from his pocket.

‘So, your birthday would be in -‘

‘1971.” I answered quickly.’

‘Okay, and have you ever played before?’

‘No.’ I admitted quietly, hoping to pass by that fact quickly, without fuss.

‘Do you know the rules of the game?’

I nodded for despite the fact that I could barely refer to my father as a ‘father’, we had at least watched footy together when I was younger.

‘Alright, well you’ll have to fill out this form and, the rest of the boys aren’t here yet but, they will be in about ten minutes. We can all meet each other and we’ll start trials.’

I nodded again and then grabbed the clipboard off of the coach and looked down at it. I had in fact, purposely come early so as not to ask these questions in front of the Casibom Giriş other boys themselves.

‘Oh, and you can go into the change rooms and put these on seeing’s as you’re not really prepared.’ the Coach said, indicating a pair of footy shorts which lay inside the bag in which he kept all of his coaching supplies.

‘Oh yeh well, I didn’t really think that I’d buy them before I knew whether or not I made the team.’ I spluttered stupidly.

I knew that it was idiotic not to wear footy shorts to the session but I didn’t own any and I hadn’t exactly talked to my parents about what I was doing.

Without any response from the coach who had once again set to the task of laying out the cones, I took the shorts and went around the back to the change rooms where I found a big open space with one wall separating the communal showers from the changing area. Hoping that I wouldn’t be forced to use the showers (for it seemed unlikely that I could control my penises behaviour in such a situation), I undressed and pulled my new shorts on.

All too soon, the hopefuls for the Jesmond Jaguars team arrived.

When Noah trudged towards us, my heart did a familiar backflip. It went even wilder though when I saw that Noah had spotted me and started to walk towards me.

‘Hey, I didn’t know that you were into the game.’ Noah said, genuinely surprised.

‘Yeh well, you know -‘ I muttered in response for if I had to be truthful then I’d say that nothing at all about the game interested me in the slightest.

‘Epic, at least I’ll know someone now!’

My heart jumped again at this piece of information. I would have Noah all to myself for these sessions! It was greater than I could have hoped for…

‘Alright, listen up everyone.’ The coach called out after all the boys had proceeded out of the change rooms and sat down in front of him in the proper rugby training attire.

Noah and I sat with them, but at a greater distance then most of them who seemed to know each other and sat together.

The coach started by getting everybody to fill and hand in their forms to him and in doing so, did something of an introduction process.

‘And this is Corey Matheson.’ The coach said as he glanced down at the form he had just taken from me.

I looked around at the rest of the team, most of whom were glaring at me, their expressions completely neutral.

This didn’t help my confidence much at all.

‘And we have Noah Bennet here.’

Noah gave a feeble sort of smile to everyone which no one returned.

When the introductions had been completed, the coach announced that he would assess everyone’s basic playing skills such as kicking, passing, running but first of all tackling. The coach asked if anyone had difficulty with any of the basic skills and offered to help those who did. A surprising number of hands rose into the air and me and Noah were approached last with aid offered (as I had raised my hand as well).

‘Now Corey, what you want to know about tackling is, you don’t want to just run in there with the intention of hurting the other person too much; there’s a way to do it to minimalize the risk of injury. So, what you do is you go for the waist, you lock your arms around him and push or pull him to the ground, but remember that you’re going down as well.’

I nodded uncertainly for it sounded very difficult to achieve without getting hurt. One thing which made me forget the prospect of pain however was that I would be tackling Noah.

‘All right Corey, give it a go.’ Coach said.

I turned and looked up at Noah’s handsome face and brought my eyes down passed his perfect torso and onto his groin-area, which I would soon be grabbing.

Wasting no time, I ran forwards and pounced. Very clumsily, I grabbed Casibom Güncel Giriş Noah around the waist and pulled him down to the damp grass. As I fell flat on my back, I pulled Noah on top of me.

Then, quite suddenly, I realised what I was actually doing. Noah Bennet was on top of me, the boy that I found so amazing was lying with his butt on top of my penis. Had the two not been separated by mere millimetres of nylon, then the feeling could have been even more amazing…

‘That was pretty good Corey, pretty good.’ Coach said, patting Corey’s shoulder encouragingly.

The rest of the training session passed in a haze as I watched Noah, and the other boys running around, passing the ball. As the session came to a close, I found that due to an amazing amount of luck, I had made the team along with Noah.

‘Nice one Corey.’ Noah said, ‘You’re good!’

Blushing, I went home in higher spirits then I had felt in a long time.


The ball flew back towards me and I was determined that this time, I wouldn’t flinch. I watched it come closer and closer, stretched my arms out and awaited the impact with my eyes only barely open. In fact, I couldn’t help myself and closed them at the last second, just as I felt the oval-shaped ball fall into my hands. When it did, I enclosed my fingers and opened my eyes wide in amazement.

In my hands was the hard rugby ball and upon catching it, I realised for the first time that it was nothing to be feared. It couldn’t hurt me – much. In fact, just then, I threw the ball back into the air and went to catch it several more times, my mind swimming with the image of our training session the next week for now I could prove at least a bit of my worth on the team.

More importantly though, it may actually impress my new friend, or what I thought may be my friend…I wasn’t sure if I could call Noah that yet.

A smile reached across my face as I stood with the ball in hand, and I thought once again of the one I cared so much about.


I wheeled around with a whimper before stumbling backwards and falling over. Looking between my arms, I relaxed slightly as I saw that my mother’s shout was not fixated on me but on what must be my father from the lounge room.

When I realised this, my breathing calmed a little before panic returned almost immediately when the back door flew open and my father appeared in the doorway. His back was to me. ‘I’m not gunna listen to your shit a second longer!’ my dad yelled, turning, marching across the yard and stopping in front of me.

I looked up at my father, shaking from head to foot.

‘What the fuck are you looking at?’

I said nothing but instead looked at my mother who had proceeded out the door and into the yard.

‘Leave him alo -‘

Her voice was drowned out as my yell rent the air.

I coughed and spluttered as I clutched my stomach which felt as if it was hit by the force of a truck. I looked back at my dad’s sturdy boot which had swung back and was going for a second kick.

The boot hit its target seconds after I closed my eyes again and my cheek gave a sickening crack and my brain seemed to shake within its skull as my head was thrown backwards.

‘You basted!’

Whilst I swallowed what I thought must have been blood, there was a scuffle above me, but it didn’t make much sense really. All I knew was that it felt as though my head was about to spilt open and as I turned over; a stab of pain shot through my entire body and made me to groan heavily.

I did not know how long I was laying on the grass. The prospect of me kicking a ball around seemed very distant indeed. I did not know what had happened to my parents but all I knew was that the sun was still glowing overhead and the breeze continued to drift lazily.


If I could have mustered the strength, I would have jumped. The voice was recognisable but as I attempted to open my eyes, blackness returned just as a face loomed. I turned, rested my hand on a ball and knew no more.

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