Corrupting The Golden Boy Ch. 03

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I tossed and turned in bed that night thinking that at that moment it was possible that John and Tara were having sex. My own best friend and my sister getting it on! It was pissing me off more and more. I couldn’t get the picture of Tara having her long legs wrapped around John’s waist and begging for his cock. She should be begging for my cock!

I looked at the clock on my nightstand and it read 1:15 A.M. I groaned and began to rub my cock over my boxers slowly. It’d been a while since I had been able to have my cock in a girl’s pussy. I needed Doreen but I knew it was impossible because secretly I kept aching for Tara. Was I falling in love with my baby sister? No way!

The ringing of the telephone startled me. I wondered who could be calling so late at night. I turned on my lamp and saw the call was coming from John’s house on the caller ID.

“Hello?” I answered weakly.

“Aidan!” I heard Tara whisper.


“Yes it’s me. Listen could you pick me up from John’s house? We were messing around and well he got too drunk now he’s passed out. Please!”

“I told you he was nothing but trouble Tara.”

“Yes I know but come on I need to get home!”

I sighed. “Fine. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

I grabbed a t-shirt, slipped on my blue jeans and shoes. I quietly stepped out the house and got in my truck to pick Tara up. I stepped out of the house as quietly as I could hoping my parents wouldn’t wake up. I drove off into the night feeling furious. I didn’t know if it was because Tara didn’t listen to me about John or that she had actually admit to me that she’d messed around with him.

I arrived at John’s house a few minutes later. The house was dark and it felt almost a bit creepy. I slowly walked to the door ringing the doorbell. No one was answering and I was getting more worried. I knocked on the door and the door slowly flew open as if it had been left opened. I walked in the house trying to feel my way around since it was so dark.

“Tara?” I called out nervously.

No response.

“Tara?” I called out again.


I kept walking feeling now scared that maybe John had did something to my sister. I heard a noise and jumped up gasping for air. The lights went on and there stood Tara completely naked with John standing behind her with his arms wrapped around my sister. I made a fist but tried to keep my cool.

“What the fuck?” I yelled out.

Tara giggled. “Hey bro. Care to join us?”

I almost choked. “W-what? Tara, are you crazy?”

John kissed her neck and looked at me. “Yeah she said she wouldn’t do anything with me unless you joined in. Now come on dude!”

I was shocked but yet so turned on. I couldn’t believe Tara wanted to have a threesome with my best friend and me. I stood frozen not knowing how to respond. A part of me wanted to do it but a part of me didn’t want to share my sexy sister with someone else. I didn’t respond and just stood there looking at them both. Tara escaped John’s embrace and walked over to me. She put her hands on my face and smiled.

“Mmm I want you. You haven’t fucked me yet bro,” she whispered.

I felt my cock harden and she put her arms around me pulling me closer to her. John was completely naked as well and his cock was hard.

“Kiss me Aidan,” Tara begged.

I leaned down to kiss my sister. We shared a hot and intimate kiss while my best friend watched. I felt Tara pulling at my shirt as if she was trying to take it off. I pulled away from her and voluntarily removed my shirt. Tara held me again and we continued to kiss like lovers. As we kissed my hands roamed down to Tara’s breasts. With my fingers, I began to twist and pinch her hard nipples. She moaned into our kiss letting me know how much she was enjoying herself.

“Take off your pants,” she muttered.

I trailed kisses down her neck and quickly got a chance to lick her nipples. I stood back and took off my shoes and pants. I was hesitant to take off my boxers but then I just took a deep breath and took them off. She blushed looking at my hard on. Tara turned to look at John and waved for him to come over to us. John moved towards us and began to run kisses down Tara’s back. Tara looked at me with her eyes full of lust. I leaned down to kiss her again. It was a hard kiss with our tongues slithering violently in each other’s mouths. My hand slid down ready to finger my sister but I felt almost jealous since I felt John’s finger already buried deep inside my sister’s pussy. escort bursa I leaned down more and put my mouth on one of Tara’s nipples sucking on it. John having his finger inside my sister’s pussy didn’t stop me. I too began to slide my finger inside of Tara. John looked at me and I at him. We gave each other a look of competition.

Tara moaned loudly as our fingers moved in and out of her drenched cunt. I kept taking turns sucking on her nipples and kissing her. John lightly spanked her ass and kept fingering her as well. Tara was in pure bliss enjoying her body being pleased by two males. My best friend and I continued to finger fuck my sister feeling her juices ooze out of her little pussy.

“Ooh yes! Faster guys, faster! I’m going to cum!” Tara shrilled.

I did as my sister begged and so did John. We were both thrusting our fingers up her pussy fast and hard. Tara tossed her head back and I watched her nipples get larger. She was beginning to cum. John pulled her hair back and planted a hard wet kiss on my sister’s lips. I saw and felt her body shaking violently. I kept my finger inside of her and felt her pussy squeeze it tightly.

“Hmmghghhhhh!” She kept moaning as John kissed her. I slipped my finger out and got on my knees. Lashing my tongue out I began to lick Tara’s pussy. I felt her almost jump up at the touch of my tongue between her legs. She broke the kiss with John and looked down at me, her own brother licking her pussy.

“Ahhhh fuck! Oh God yes! Lick my pussy! Taste me!” She moaned.

John looked and obviously didn’t want to miss out on my sister’s taste. He too got on his knees and began licking Tara’s pussy from behind. Tara’s legs were weak. She could barely keep herself standing up. Only the sound of John’s tongue and mine could be heard lapping up my sister’s juices. I kept my eyes on Tara’s excited face. Her eyes were filled with passion. I knew she was going to cum so hard.

I kept flicking my tongue on her swollen wet clit. She couldn’t keep still and I looked closely to see John’s tongue buried deep inside her fuck hole. I felt jealous I must admit. I kept shrugging off my jealous though; at that moment I wanted nothing else than to please my sister. My lips wrapped around her clit and she gasped for air. I could see her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes closed and they fluttered while no sound came out of her mouth.

I felt her clit throbbing in my mouth and a rush of warm womanly juice oozed out of her. Her body trembled and I held on to her hips to keep her from falling.

“Ahhhhhoohhh! Yesssss! I’m c-cuming! Keep licking me!” She screamed out.

I licked her faster now and John kept pumping his tongue in my sister’s pussy. Tara’s body was breaking a sweat after her two hard orgasms. I got back up on my feet and was the first one to kiss Tara and let her taste her own juices in our kiss. She drank up her own juices as we kissed so passionately that we almost forgot John was even there. John cleared his throat and Tara broke our kiss to make out with him. I watched my best friend and my sister kissing and that’s where it hit me.

I didn’t want any other guy kissing Tara. I wanted to be the only one. I was losing my mind! Was I actually in love with my sister? No I couldn’t be! It was wrong! Damnit she made me fall in love with her!

Tara and John were sharing a deep and wet kiss. I could see their tongues swirling into each other’s mouths. Tara’s hand was stroking John’s cock very slowly. I couldn’t take that. I began to get dressed and Tara noticed. She broke the kiss and narrowed her eyes at me.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving. You two have fun. I’m not into group sex!” I snapped.

“No you’re not leaving Aidan. You can’t leave otherwise-“

“Otherwise I don’t give a fuck what you do or say Tara. I’ve had enough,” I cut her off and once I had my clothes back on I left. I left with a broken heart knowing my sister and my best friend would probably have sex with or without me.

I got home that night and went to sleep or at least tried to sleep. I didn’t get to hear what time Tara had gotten home or if she even came come.

* * *

The next day I woke up around noon. The house seemed quiet. Tara was the first thought on my mind. I kept hoping she hadn’t slept with John. I didn’t want her to sleep with any other guy ever again. She belonged to me.

I got up, showered and slipped on a t-shirt and shorts. I was about to head downstairs when I bursa merkez eskort passed my parents bedroom and heard the TV going. I stopped and peered into the room. Tara was there watching the video of me and Doreen. My heart sank. I knew she would tell my father. She was pissed about last night but I didn’t care. I was in love with her and I had to do what I did.

She quickly turned to see me and she smiled wickedly. “Well now, I guess tonight I tell Dad about you and that slut.”

I felt so hurt that my own sister would try to do that to me. “You’re going to do it after all aren’t you Tara? You must really hate me. I thought it was a love-hate relationship but I see it’s all hate.”

Tara’s eyes showed no remorse. “All you had to do was be my sex toy and last night you really screwed up bro. Now you must pay for not obeying me.”

“Obeying you? I’m no slave Tara. I’m your brother. Your own flesh and blood. It’s so wrong of you to do this to me. I could never do anything like this to you. I wouldn’t hurt you for anything in the world.”

Tara turned off the tape and took it out of the VCR. She held it in her hand and laughed. “Well you and I aren’t alike Aidan. You’re such a good two shoes and I’m tired of Mom and Dad thinking you never do anything wrong. Well now they’ll have proof that you make mistakes.”

“Is that what this is about? Just trying to teach me a lesson? Tara that is very low. You know what? I don’t care if you show Dad the tape. I’m leaving this house for good. I don’t need to be around an uncaring sister who will do nothing but try to hurt me.”

With that, I began to walk out the room and Tara ran to grab my arm. I pulled away and turned to look at her with watery eyes.

“Aidan I’m sorry. Please don’t leave. I didn’t want that. I just wanted to….I just….I’ve been so in love with you and this was a way to be able to be with you.”

I raised an eyebrow and shook my head. “In love with me? Yeah right. You call this love? I don’t think so. I’m leaving.”

She stopped me once again and held the tape up. “You doubt that I love you? Here, does this prove that I do?” She began to pull the tape out and cut it. I stood there in shock watching her destroy the evidence that could have ruined my father’s trust in me.

Her eyes were now filling with tears. I had to hold her. I had to love her the right way. I walked closer to her and put my arms around her. She cried softly. “I’m so sorry. I don’t want to see you leave. I love you.”

“I love you too sis. You made me realize how much you mean to me.”

She looked up at me and reached up to kiss me. Our lips met instantly and our tongues met. This kiss felt so different. More intense, more passionate. I embraced her little body and pressed her hard against me. I didn’t want to let her go. Her kisses excited me, and her beautiful naked body made my heart race.

“God I love you! Aidan I’m sorry for being such a bitch to you. I’m so sorry!” Tara said with a trembling little voice.

“If this hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t be like this. I’m glad you did what you did to show me that love exists between. Not just sibling love but a lot more.”

Tara smiled and I wiped a tear from her face. She looked ashamed for what she’d done but I didn’t want her to feel that way. “Hey beautiful, it’s OK. It’s the past. I don’t believe you’d ever hurt me Tara. I know you care about me like I care about you.”

“I didn’t do anything with John last night if you must know. John understood so he drove me home. He was left with blue balls but he was still a gentleman.”

I laughed. “You are something else Tara. You are so beautiful, intelligent and witty. I love you sis.”

Tara took a quick look at my parent’s bed and smiled. “We never got to make love Aidan.”

I felt my heart pounding. “Y-yes I know.”

Tara was wearing a short blue and white spaghetti strap summer dress and slip on sandals. She got out of her sandals and moved back. She let the straps of her dress fall off her shoulders and I just watched with a growing hard on as my sister began to get naked. Her little dress quickly fell of her beautiful body. She was wearing no bra only a pair of baby blue lacey panties. I felt my breath go short.

“You’re so….amazing sis,” I barely managed to say.

She held her arms out to me and I rushed towards her like a mad man and lifted her up. She squealed and laughed softly. “Mmmm yes. Take me bro. I want you to make love to bursa sınırsız escort me right here in our parents bed where we were conceived.”

I groaned and lay my sister on my parents king sized bed. She lay there looking up at me. I took off my t-shirt and shorts until I was completely naked. My cock was hard and ready to be inside of my sister. I kept wondering how tight Tara was. Tara spread her legs and I could see the wetness of her juices seeping out through her panties. She wanted my cock! Oh God my own sweet little sister wanted me to put my cock in her! I leaned down to kiss her thighs and I could smell her scent. It was the scent of a woman in heat.

“I’m so ready to be inside of you Tara,” I whispered looking at her.

Tara bit her lower lips and raised her hips up inviting me to take her panties off. I reached down and pulled her panties down getting a great view of her sexy shaven pussy. She was so wet and ready for me. I got on the bed with my sister and gave her a deep long wet kiss before I put my cock inside of her.

“Get in me now! Aidan I need you!” She hissed.

I positioned my cock aiming it right to my sister’s opening. The head went in first and I heard her moan loudly. She felt so tight and incredibly warm. My cock slipped in easily since she was so wet. I began to move in and out of my sister slowly at first letting her get adjusted to my cock. Her eyes met with mine and we kissed some more. We moaned into each other’s kiss and I could feel her wrap her legs around me, pulling closer and deeper inside of her.

“Hmmmgghhh! Oooh go faster! Fuck me Aidan!” Tara shrilled.

I was now pumping my sister’s pussy faster. My balls were slapping on her pussy and only our moans of pleasure could be heard in the room.

“You feel so good baby. You’re so tight Tara. I want to cum in you.”

She looked at me with a serious face. “Cum in me. I’m on the pill. Do it Aidan. Let me feel your cum shoot inside of me! Make the fantasy I’ve had all of my life come true!”

I felt my balls swelling up again with cum. Tara just felt so damn good and she kept squeezing my cock with her pussy gripping it tightly intentionally wanting to milk my cock.

“You want me to explode in you sis? You want my cum?”

She moaned more. “Yes! I want it Aidan. You’ll be the first guy to ever be able to cum in me!”

That being said got me going even more. I felt my cock twitching and knew I was about to cum. I leaned down to kiss Tara again and I felt a hard shot of cum shoot out of my cock. I felt Tara shudder but then she kissed me even harder.

“MMmgghhhhhh! Arrrhhhhhh!” I was cumming so hard, that I thought I could never stop.

“I feel it! Aidan I feel you shooting in me!” Tara screamed and then her body tightened as she came on my cock. We came together as lovers would. Her pussy clenched my cock and she trembled underneath me.

“Oooh Aidan I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your cock!”

After slowly recovering from our intense orgasms, my cock softened inside of my sister’s pussy and I slid it out. I lay next to Tara and caressed her beautiful face. It was the most wonderful moment of my life. I couldn’t think of any other girl I’d love to be with than my own sister.

“God that was incredible! Aidan you fucked me so good!” Tara purred.

I kissed her lips softly. “It was so beautiful. I love you so much.”

She looked into my eyes and sighed. “I love you too.”

* * *

After everything that happened, Tara and I became lovers. The next few days we spent almost every waking moment together stealing kisses from one another when our parents were home.

One afternoon while we were in her room kissing, we heard a knock on our door. It was our mother looking at us very suspiciously. Mom was a tall and slender 42-year-old woman. She was quite beautiful, an older version of Tara.

“Mom?” I asked trying to get an answer from her.

“Aidan, Tara. Come with me please.” She said sternly.

We both walked with her feeling nervous She led us to her room and on the TV there it was. It was a tape of Tara and I making love. I felt my heart sink and I saw Tara’s eyes full of fear.

“Now can you two explain this? I found this here since you’re father and I have camera’s for burglars.” Mom said in a serious tone.

“Mom I-I…” Tara stammered.

“Oh you nasty girl. Doing your own brother? Did we not teach you morals in this home? You two should be ashamed of yourself. Just wait until your father finds out.”

“No Mom please don’t tell him!” Tara begged.

“Mom let’s talk about this,” I said.

Mom looked at Tara and I and laughed. “I have a better idea. I won’t say a word but you two will be my own personal sex toys. How about that? Would you two like that?”

The End.

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