Corset Rebel Ch. 01

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“This is my first attempt and erotic writing and I’ll let you decide if it is based on fact or not… There is a reasonable length introduction to start as I plan for there to be further chapters and think a bit of background is important. Hopefully my story is hot enough for you. Please don’t forget to vote. I welcome feedback as think this can only help me to improve my writing.”


2012 was shaping up to be just like the prior year for Chris Freeman. In fact, it wasn’t until the beginning of May that he knew things would change, when a chance encounter on a dating site gave the first indication of possible excitement. Up until that point in the year, work and home had both been tedious and dull.

Chris was forty years old, 5′ 8″ and average build with brown hair and eyes. His wife Emma was 5’4″, dark brown hair and blue eyes with a slim figure but not skinny.

Having been married for ten years and with the same woman for four years prior to that, any passion had long since petered out and life at home was mostly just day to day routine. It wasn’t that Chris didn’t love his wife; just they had drifted apart sexually, an all too common story. Strange thing was, Emma always seemed to be checking up on Chris and watching him. Often accusing him of seeing someone, when in reality he wasn’t. It was this frequent checking up on him that led to Chris giving her a secret nickname of “Shadow”. It was also what made him start to become careful with where he was going and what he was doing; some might describe it as sneaky.

Sex with Emma had become a rare thing and when it eventually happened it was always vanilla with the lights off. No passion, no tenderness and definitely no pushing of boundaries or experimentation, just functional until they’d both finished. Chris often fantasized about Emma moving down the bed and taking his spent cock into her mouth, still covered in both their juices, and sucking him clean and back to life, but it didn’t happen. Emma was repulsed at the thought of tasting herself whenever he suggested it saying, “Why would I want to do that, it’s disgusting!”

This had led to regular jacking off in the shower to relieve the built up tension and eventually a decision that he must do something about it. With the exception of a lack of sex, Chris liked his life at home and didn’t want to leave his wife or jeopardise his marriage by having a romantic affair. Chris knew it was a selfish way to feel; but something had to give…

His job as salesman for a national stationery company was good by most people’s standards, it was just normally routine, and at times excruciatingly boring. After all, it would take a certain type of person to still be enthused about selling paper and folders after nine years! Due to the distance of some of his clients, every month or so he needed to stay away for the night to ensure he was fresh for his appointments.

Back in the office he’d heard some of the other guys at work talking about a dating site and one had even shown him a profile he’d created, and some of the messages he’d been sent by what seem to be a mix of different types of women; tall, short, older, younger, married, single and those just looking for a bit of fun. They ranged from totally beautiful through to, as he put it, “fuglies”. It looked like it held promise and when James, who’s profile they were looking at explained he had met some of the women, Chris’s mind was set and decided he would give it a go the next time he had a chance.

It was only a couple of weeks before Chris needed to go and see clients in Glasgow some three hundred and fifty miles away. After a short flight he was once again in rain soaked Scotland. Chris had been lucky on the flight and had managed to get an earlier one than usual meaning he was all checked in and in his room by 15:00.

The WiFi in the room was good and the internet was quick so thinking about his decision to have a look about Chris got to work creating a profile on the site. Chris thought, “I need to find someone who is looking for the same as me, true no strings fun, not a lot of one nighters as easy to pick something up…that could be difficult to explain”

He pondered over what to write but in the end kept it simple and honest in the hope that it would appeal to someone similar, “Just having a look about for chat and maybe some fun. I am married, but I have my reasons for being here. Discretion is really important to me”

Chris put in the obligatory phone call in to his wife Emma, always hoping for some sexy chat but nothing was forthcoming, so then started searching through some profiles on the site.

After a good couple of hours or so of reading profiles he was amazed at how many people were on the site and some of the Akbatı escort specifics people put into their profiles. He sent a few messages but there were two in particular that caught his eye. One calling herself Smoking Hot Felicity, a single mum, thirty with two children, and another called Corset Rebel, forty two, married and four children.

Smoking Hot Felicity was ten years younger than Chris, fairly plump with brown hair and eyes. Pretty enough, but clearly looking for just exchanging photos and a little sexy chat. A few of the private messages and photo’s she sent helped with the tension as showed her naked and playing with her clit between oversized lips and another where she was pushing a dildo into her very wet pussy. Her face was blurred, but you could tell it was the same person as her profile picture.

Whilst having a leisurely stroke of his cock looking at the pictures of Smoking Hot Felicity, whose real name was Helen, he sent a message to Corset Rebel who’s profile was as short as his own and also mentioned that she was looking for some fun, “Hi, I think we might be looking for the same sort of thing, want to say “Hi” back?”

“Hi back” came back the reply.

“What’s your name?” Chris asked.

“Laura. What’s yours?”

Chris told her his name and they chatted for a while getting to know each other, neither had put an open profile picture up as wanted to ensure they were being discrete. Both Chris and Laura avoided the subject of sex at first, each wondering if they were both truly on the site for the same thing.

Having exchanged photos and liking what they saw they continued to chat. It was easy for Chris to chat that night being away from home, but Laura had to be careful not to get caught by her husband who was in the same room on another laptop pretending he was a stock market mogul. Laura called her husband “Leech” as he was always taking money off her for his useless attempts on the stock market.

“What are you doing online” Leech sneered at Laura, “looking at porn again? You’re disgusting!” Fortunately Leech couldn’t see the screen of the laptop but Laura was pissed off with this as he just didn’t seem to understand that as she got older, she just got hornier. There was a time when things were good between them, but no longer and the frustration was just building.

“Fuck you, you prude!” came her laughing retort, “What am I supposed to do, you’re as good as useless, when was the last time you fucked me? Those balls of yours must have shrivelled so much they’re about to fall off.”

“Fuck you; no thanks! I’m only staying here for the kids now. You just keep yourself happy with that dildo of yours or get yourself a fuck buddy”

“Maybe I will do both” spat Laura.

“Yea, whatever, good luck” laughed Leech.

“I’m serious, I will. I’ll get someone who wants to fuck and experiment, and have some fun”

“So am I, do it, get someone, then you can leave me the fuck alone Laura, no one can keep up with you” he said laughing.

With that Leech shut his laptop and went to off to bed.

“Right then” Laura decided, “Let’s see what this Chris is like” Having got some privacy now that Leech had gone she typed, “Why are you really on here then Chris?

Chris had wondered why the messages from Laura had stopped for a bit and decided to order himself room service. Rib-eye steak and a couple of beers. Turning back to his laptop he saw the message waiting for him.

“Well I don’t think my wife likes sex, well not the type I like, she’s all lights off, get it over with and off to sleep, not looking to change my life, just that bit of it. Too honest?” he typed. Hitting send he expected some form of good bye back. It didn’t come, what came was a surprise.

“No, honest is good. That sounds just about right. So where do you live?”

“Cambridge, left it vague on my profile” Chris replied.

“Not too far away from me then, I’m in Peterborough only about forty miles”

Very quickly the conversation turned to sex and what each other liked and didn’t like. Chris typed, “I’m loving this conversation as its clear you have been neglected and led a stayed sex life for a long time. Sounds like you are looking for that to change lol!”

“I am, looking for things to change that way for me lol” Laura replied.

“So what do you want Laura?”

“I want to be taken, fucked. Someone to go down on me because they want to, and I really love to suck cock lol”

“Fucking wow…where have you been lol. Leech is missing out!”

“What about you?” Laura asked.

“I want to have fun…be a bit dirty with someone I can trust not to blow my cover and also someone who isn’t looking for lots of partners…”

“Why, Aksaray escort bayan all that’s gonna restrict your choices lol”

“I don’t want to catch anything but love it bareback and coming in a woman. Okay she’s probably going to be fucking her husband as well but limited risk there. Would also turn me on to know I’m sending her home with my cum in her lol!”

“You dirty man lol!” replied Laura.

“Ha ha. Yep…What about you?”

“I’ve got hornier as I’ve got older and I’m not getting what I need or want at home…er…there’s also things I want to do…” said Laura.


“I don’t know really, get fisted, have a guy make me cum.”

Chris smiled thinking he would push boundaries a bit, “What about anal or letting someone cum in your face lol”

“Did anal with Leech once but it hurt…would think about it though. Letting someone cum on my face is an interesting thought lol” typed Laura.

Time was getting on and with the meetings he had the next day Chris typed, “I’ve gotta go really, don’t want to but need to be at least “awake” during my meetings”

Laura was disappointed as she could feel she was wet and was now horny as hell. She was one of these women that got really wet, almost to the point of having to wear a sanitary towel at times if she was out. Dipping her hand down the waistband of her leggings, she confirmed this by sliding a finger over her clit and into her pussy with ease. Toying with her hole she typed, “Been good to chat, you on tomorrow? We’re just getting to know each other and you need to go…I’m soaked lol”

Cheekily Chris typed, “You could always send me a picture of your wet pussy lol… Won’t tell you what I would do with it!”

“I might do. It would cost you a picture of your cock though and you’d have to tell me what you got up to lol!” Laura laughed as she typed.

“Deal!” Chris agreed, “I will need to be careful tomorrow though as I’ll be back home and Shadow will be around…we can chat naughty whilst she’s there lol”

“That would be so hot, don’t get caught Chris lol”

Laura was feeling incredibly horny right now, her fingers were soaking and she brought them up to taste herself. “OMG she thought, I want his tongue in me now!” She picked up her phone, paused and listened for Leech or the kids, but as it was now late in the evening, there was not a sound. Peeling down her leggings, Laura felt her pussy exposed to the air and coolness envelope her. She squeezed herself inside and her juices oozed out of her and ran down toward her ass hole. “Hmmm this feels good” she said to herself quietly. Her liquid had now run over her anus and was continuing down the crack of her ass. She moved her hand back down, past her pussy, and smeared her juice, now in her ass crack, back over her anus. Although Leech had hurt her with anal sex, Laura had long ago leant the art of opening her ass for her toys on her own and knew the importance of lube. Laura relaxed slightly and pushed her index finger past her outer ring and deep into herself up to the second knuckle.

“This would make a great photo for Chris…maybe another time.” Laura thought. She pushed her finger in and out of her ass a few times and then reluctantly removed it, feeling herself tighten and close. Opening her legs wide, Laura took several photos of her pussy, some using her fingers to open her lips wide and showing her centre.

“That’ll give him something to wank over” she laughed to herself. Looking at them once uploaded, she could see herself glistening in the flash and sent a message with them, “Enjoy yourself x”

Chris was amazed how quickly Laura sent the photos, not really thinking she would, and also how graphic they were. There were six in total; one showing her large breasts, one of her full length showing her short blonde hair didn’t match the cuffs, and four of her pussy. She was clearly very wet inside causing him to salivate at the thought of tasting her. Laura had a beautifully symmetrical pussy and you would never have guessed she’d had four children. Now he’d seen more than just a profile pic, he liked what he saw and felt himself harden more.

Smiling he closed the ones of Smoking Hot Felicity as they just didn’t hold the same appeal. Sitting at the desk in the hotel room he stroked gently up and down his cock, smearing his pre-cum all over the head and down the shaft. Standing up with his cock jutting out all angry and a drop of pre-cum almost escaping the end, Chris took several shots and sent them to Laura.

“Thanks for the photo’s x. I might send you one of the result x”

When she opened the photos Chris had sent she liked what she saw. His cock was hard, slightly curved up and pre-cum was dripping from the Escort Ankara end.

“Yes please!! And thanks for yours” typed Laura, “Night for now x”

“Night x”

Chris went over to the bed in the hotel room and placed the tablet on top. He stood to the side of the bed and took himself in hand and started stroking in earnest. Chris’s cock was slippery from all the pre-cum and it wasn’t long before he felt himself getting close. He swiped to one of the photos of Laura where she had her pussy splayed open and sped up stroking his cock. Faster and faster he stroked until he could take it no longer and felt his cum rising. Aiming at the entrance to her pussy on the screen, he came; his ropes of cum hitting the glass and some the bed. Taking a bit of time to recover from a great cum, Chris then picked up his phone and took a photo of his deflating cock in front of the tablet, showing his cum all over Laura’s pussy. He sent it to her thinking, “Make or break time, she’ll either find it horny or that will be it”.

Laura was feeling totally horny now and despite the earlier spat with Leech, decided she wanted to feel a cock sliding into her. She went upstairs to her bedroom and found the lights out and him sleeping. Frustrated, Laura got into bed and turned her light on, giving the bedroom a dim glow, and reached over her husband and took hold of his flaccid cock. Gently pulling and rubbing his member to bring him to life with the hope of waking him in a horny state.

Leech stirred from his sleep and felt his cock being played with. He rolled further over making Laura loose contact, and mumbled, “Why don’t you just have a wank and leave me alone; this is what happens when you look at porn.”

“For fucks sake, you really don’t want me do you? I need fucked. And I was looking at a dating site if you must know.” Laura retorted.

Her husband sneered back, “Well I hope you found someone” rolling toward her now.

“Might have”

“Really? Well until you meet him go sit on one of your toys slut” he said sleepily and rolled back over away from Laura.

“Ha, I will. You’re just secretly getting off thinking about me with another man but to too spineless to admit it.” She said.

“You wish” he mumbled and Laura sensed he was going back to sleep.

Laura thought, “Fuck I’m so horny and I really do need to get fucked”. With that she moved a hand over each breast and pinched her nipples hard and then pulled them away from her body. Her large breasts rose off her chest before she let go and they fell back suddenly. With no reaction from Leech, she moved her hand down toward her groin and through her short trimmed pubic hair. Further down she strayed and started to feel dampness at the top of her slit. Pushing down hard on the hood over her clit, the buzz tingled her body.

She could smell herself and with her wetness came quiet squelching noises as she played. Laura pushed two fingers straight into herself with virtually no resistance and knew then she really did need to get one of her toys involved.

Laying next to her Leech wasn’t really asleep, he was listening carefully and could hear the sounds of his wife masturbating as well as subtle movements of the bed. He felt the bed move more and heard the draw of her bedside unit open and close.

Laura decided she was a bad woman, but laughing in her head knew she was going through with this and was going to finish herself off next to her sleeping husband. Little did she know he was only faking it.

Lining the end of her Rabbit up with her slit, she started rubbing it over her hood in a steady rhythm designed to bring her off. She knew her body well and that she was one of the few women who liked a lot of pressure on her clit. Pushing as hard as she was, it wasn’t long before she could feel it slipping and the tip teasing her entrance. Continuing with the movement she pushed the Rabbit home and moved her other hand to take over on her clit. She gently fucked herself so as not to wake her husband and contemplated turning on the vibrator for the full effect. “No, not tonight” she thought.

The feeling was building in her as she played with her clit and Laura started to push the toy home hard and deep as it would go. There was a definite sound of squelching now as she brought herself close. A few more pumps and hard rubs and she was there. The buzz spreading from her clit throughout her body as she came. A small gasp escaping her mouth.

Laura lay there for a few minutes recovering. Her wetness now leaking out onto the bed. After putting the toy away and turning out the light she rolled toward Leech and whispered very quietly, “Well, you missed out.”

“I didn’t miss a thing” he replied, rolling further away, but now onto his very hard cock. Laura was a bit stunned but said nothing.

The next morning she sent Chris a message, “Are you just on here looking for sexy chat or you looking to meet someone?”


Chapter 2

Laura and Chris continue to chat and meet for the first time… Want me to write this?

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