Cotton Eye Joe Pt. 05

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I loved teaching and my students. Out of the hundred or so students I taught each semester I would make friends with a few of them. Our relationships stayed professional and I made it a point to not socialize with them until they were no longer my student. I usually dreaded the end of the semester, but that year I couldn’t wait for it to end.

Paula bought the house. She didn’t need my income and she wanted to send the male patriarchy a big fuck you by buying it in her name. It rankled her how banks and credit card companies insisted the loan or card be in the husband’s name. It pissed her off to be told she needed her husband’s approval on anything.

John was an older version of me, but with a big, virile dick. Sex with him was the best of both worlds because he was very adept and at ease with switching from cuck to lothario.

He was rocking Paula’s world with both his mouth and cock. They continued to have sex until he moved to Florida several weeks after she closed on the house.

I was a bit surprised at how fond she was of John as I just saw a fifty year age divide. She told him he could stay in the house until he left for Florida. I had moved out of our house and into a rent by the month apartment. I didn’t have a phone. I rented a small trailer and loaded it with items Paula wanted and made the drive to Midland,

I hadn’t talked to her in a week so I assumed we would meet at her company provided house and go to the new house, I discovered she had already moved in. There was a note on the door telling me to come to the new house. I arrived and had to ring the doorbell as I didn’t have a key. John answered the door. He said Paula was sleeping.

He was wearing a bathrobe. He asked if I wanted coffee. I followed him into the kitchen. We chatted about the drive, school, the weather, and his move. He said he was conflicted. I told him I understood. He was a man in his seventies tapping a woman in his twenties.

Paula woke up and entered the kitchen. She greeted me with a hug and a brief kiss then went over and hugged and kissed John. Their kiss was much longer. She told him, “I woke up and wondered where you were. I didn’t know Tobias was here.”

He told her I had arrived a half hour earlier. I told her I had a full trailer to unload. She said she’d change and help me. John and I chatted about my drive. He said he’d make us breakfast after we finished. He said Paula had been great. The sale of the house had been smooth. He appreciated her generosity in allowing him to stay. I told him she is very organized so I wasn’t surprised every thing went smoothly and she possessed a big heart. Besides, there was plenty of room and he made really good coffee.

He laughed. Paula joined us wearing gym shorts and a tank top. The two of us emptied the trailer and put everything away. We didn’t discuss John or what she had been up to as it was obvious she and he weren’t just having sex, but sharing the same bed. I thought how crazy it was to be cuckolded by a cuckold and not just any cuckold, but one in his seventies.

He was still handsome and fit. He took pride in his appearance. She had a thing for older men so part of me wasn’t surprised at her attraction to him.

We ate a late breakfast and the three of us chatted. Paula sat at the head of the table with John and I on either side of her. We caught up on each other’s work. I told them I was ready for the semester to end. John said he and Mary Beth never lived apart, but he added there were thousands of nights where he wasn’t invited to spend the night in her bed.

Paula asked him, “How have you liked spending the night in my bed?”

He blushed a bit, “I like it a lot.”

She said, “Me too,” then leaned over and gave him a kiss, “Lover.”

She was twisting the knife sweetly. He kissed her back. I watched. Paula reached for my hand and held it as she and John continued their kiss.

She reminded me when it ended, “He really is a good kisser.”

We finished eating. Paula told me to clean up the kitchen and to put my things in John’s room.

“John and I are going to take a shower. Why don’t you take one, then join us?”

I did as she asked and showed up in her room with a towel around my waist. She told me to ditch the towel.

“See John, I told you he isn’t very big. Get on the bed.”

I climbed onto the bed. She was in the middle of us. She told me to suck her breast. She and John kissed then he sucked on her other breast.

She said it felt nice having her two boys home for the weekend. I reached down to caress between her legs. John had the same idea. He had a finger on her clitoris so I pushed two fingers into her vagina.

She told John she wanted his cock. He got on top of her. His dick was gargantuan. He took it and rubbed it between her labia. She said, “I want my cuck to guide it in.”

She took my hand and placed it on John’s johnson. It was my first time to touch another man’s cock. I remarked, “He really is big.”

She thought what I said was funny and said, “Isn’t that the point?”

I rubbed its head taksim esc against her clitoris, then positioned it at the entrance of her vagina,

“Hold it while he pushes it all the way in.”

John fed her his hog as I backed my hand down the shaft.

“Keep sucking my tit Pet. It feels really good.”

Their intercourse starts out slow. Lots of eye contact between the two and kisses, him telling her how beautiful she is and she telling him how handsome he is. They can’t believe how fate brought them together.

She adds, “Brought the three of us together. You, me, and my pet. Your cock feels so good. You know how to make a woman feel good.”

Her vagina is wet and open and he starts long dicking her. The deep stroking causes her to make high pitched squeals. Her voice goes from high to low and she repeats ‘Oh God,’ for what seems like a hundred times. She’s rolling her pelvis to meet his thrusts. I tug on her nipple using my teeth which drives her crazy. My face is sandwiched between her breast and John’s chest. She lets out a huge groan when she orgasms, it John isn’t through so he picks up the pace and fucks her through another two before finally announcing he’s coming, Paula begs him to fill her with his seed.

I take my mouth off her breast. They slow down. His cock gets softer and he pulls out. The disjoining of their bodies results in a sucking sound as the seal between cock and pussy is broken.

John moves off of her, but she doesn’t invite me to get out of my cage and to fuck her.

She and he talk. She tells him how good it was. I think we are through and start to get up.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m not through. I just need a few minutes. I’m a bit sensitive down there.”

After a few minutes she tells me she is ready. I replace John’s cock with my mouth. I can taste his cum. We are both very much into the cream pie she has. I feel good knowing I’m rocking her world with my tongue. My face is buried in her snatch. Then I experience something unexpected.

John is between my legs. His tongue licks my swollen, caged scrotum. I jump and start to pull away, but Paula tells me to keep licking. What he’s doing feels really good, especially when he takes my scrotum into his mouth followed by analingus.

“Oh my god ” I thought, wishing my cage was off. My dick is swollen and it hurts. She orgasms. He stops what he is doing to me. I’m in agony, but pleased as punch at the pleasure I gave my wife.

I sat on the back of my haunches. My leather cage is sticking straight out. There is a strap that goes over the sheath to keep the head of my penis from sticking out. The head of my penis is pressing against it. The two and a half inch cage is holding my four and a half inch erection and it hurts. My face is wet. I’m breathing hard. I’m hoping she’ll take pity on me and allow me to fuck her or even to masturbate.

She knew I was dying, but she showed no mercy.

She commented to John and I, “That was fun. Pet, why don’t you go unpack?”

I got off of the bed feeling not too happy, headed across the house to what was now my room, and did as she asked. Afterwards, I washed my face and dressed. It was my house, but I felt like an interloper, a guest. I sat in the den and read the newspaper while I waited for the lovebirds to show up.

Paula and John exited the bedroom as I was finishing the newspaper. They were dressed. I asked, “What do you feel like doing today?”

She smiled and said, “Someone sounds grumpy. Do you need a nap or to get laid?”

I pouted, “Probably both.” Saying how I felt put me in a better mood.

John laughed and said, “I have been in your shoes too many times to count.”

He was enjoying his new role. He was an easy going man and keeping in the spirit of things I asked, “John, what do you feel like doing?”

Paula liked how I deferred to him, but she also reminded us she was in charge, “I want to go grocery shopping.”

The three of us went to the grocery store. Observers initially thought how sweet we were to be grocery shopping with our grandparent until they saw she and he were holding hands as I pushed the cart.

She paid for the groceries. The bagger loaded up the car. I got in the back seat and John in the front.

At the house we unloaded the car and put away the groceries. Paula asked if I was up for a workout. I told her I was. She asked John if he wanted to go, but he said he had some things to do around the house. She told John we’d be gone for a few hours. She went to her bedroom to change and I went to mine. She made it a point to hug and kiss him goodbye in front of me. I told him goodbye and Paula and I headed to our new gym.

We had a really good workout. She commented on how much stronger I had gotten. I told her I had been putting in the same amount of hours at the gym, but couldn’t explain it. She thought there was a link between not climaxing and increased strength.

“That testosterone has to go somewhere,” is how she saw it.

I wasn’t convinced but told her it was an interesting theory.

I kağıthane esc added, “I’d give up my bigger lifts for more climaxes.”

She laughed, “I bet you would. How long has it been?”

“Too long.”

“Be serious. I know you’re keeping track. All pets do. How long?”

I thought about it.

“My last climax was the weekend we found the house. Today would be day thirty four.”

“You have a key, so why don’t you?”

She was right. I did have a key. She had never explicitly told me I couldn’t masturbate. She knew I took it off to shower and to give my genitals a break. She had certainly given me plenty of material to jack off over.

“I don’t know. I would feel guilty if I did. It just wouldn’t seem right to climax without your permission.”

She squeezed my knee and told me, “I’ve trained you well, Pet. Let’s get something to eat.”

“Shouldn’t we invite John?”

“John will be okay. Besides I need some alone time with my husband.”

She drove us to the Mexican restaurant we had gone to the day we found the gym.

Over our meal I shared my observation, “John and you seem to get along really well. What happened to Aaron?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “Nothing. I just like John’s company more.”

I didn’t feel so bad about losing to a septuagenarian with that bit of news. John was easy to like.

“I think you have a crush on him.”

She smiled, “Is it that obvious? I think you’re right. He’s easy to talk to. He gets me and he gets us. Are you jealous?”

“Of course, but I’m not angry. I just wish I could make you feel like he does. He’s really big.”

“You also make me feel very good pet.”

“But not like he does and he’s fifty years older than me.”

“More experience,” she countered.

“And a much bigger dick,” I added.

She laughed, “Well, that does help, but he’s also really good with his mouth.”

“I know, I saw him in action. And he’s a really good kisser you remind me.”

“You’re a good kisser too. I thought he needed the praise. He’s really enjoying his new role. He said he enjoyed his marriage to her very much, but with her passing, he’s ready for something different. He’s outgrown his role.”

I joked, “is he referring to his manhood because he had outgrown that when he was thirteen.”

“No, doofus. Be serious. He’s talking psychologically.”

I told her I agreed and pointed out how he had no problems vacating his room to move into hers and how after so many years of not having intercourse he sure seemed to be enjoying it. I also pointed out he hadn’t entirely abandoned his previous role reminding her he wanted a cream pie.

“What was all that about earlier? I didn’t expect that. It took me by surprise.”

“I could tell which is why I grabbed your head and told you to ignore him and to keep licking. It felt good didn’t it?”

“It did in an agonizing way. I wanted to climax so bad. Now I know why you enjoy me doing that so much.”

She teased, “I don’t have balls. Not any that are visible, but yeah, a soft tongue on my bottom feels really special.”

She ordered us more drinks.

I asked if we should head back to the house reminding her John was waiting for her to get back.

She said, “I appreciate your concern for John, but he knows we might be a while. Besides, he wanted me to talk to you in private.”

“I’m all ears,” I assured her.

“John really is enjoying his new role as the man of the house. He and I have really hit off in spite of our age differences. With each passing day we are learning how much we have in common. I find myself taking on a more traditional role with him. Do you know I’ve been cooking us breakfast and dinner, that I get up before him and make the coffee, that I’m doing laundry, that he’s doing the driving?”

“What you’re feeling isn’t like or because he’s older. You love him, Paula.”

She blushed but admitted it was true. She also pointed out she hadn’t fallen out of love with me, but what sustained her love for me was my devotion to her. She called me her rock.

“Does it bother you that I love him or that I behave so differently?”

I answered her as honestly as I could.

“Yes, but I’m not surprised. From day one I knew the two of you clicked. You were always a bit bossy with me. I just thought it was in your nature to expect to be waited on. I never minded because it was a small price to pay. I liked seeing how happy it made you. I was your pet long before you met Mrs. Mayweather.”

“And you’ve been a very devoted pet which makes what I’m about to say all the more difficult. Just when I should be rewarding you for being so good I’m going to do the opposite. As I said, John likes his new role. He also knows we’re married. He just think since he and I are sharing the bed he should be the only having intercourse with me.”

“Is he serious?” I asked thinking he was being ballsy.

She answered he was and she agreed with him which is why we were having our talk. She also told me the decision was ultimately mine.

She çapa esc added, “I would still do other things to make you climax.”

“For how long?”

She said, “Until John moves out.”

“He is still moving to Florida right?”

“I think he’s in no rush, but yes.”

I’m thinking months of no intercourse, but I can feel my cage tightening on my penis which makes me feel horribly conflicted. I remind myself Aaron would have eventually demanded the same thing. My mistress wouldn’t be asking if my penis rocked her world which it obviously does not. I’d feel horrible knowing that whenever we have intercourse she’s full of resentment.

I did ask, “Why can’t we share you?”

She said, “Good question. Like I said, John feels reborn like life has given him a second chance meeting me. You saw the photos all over his house of them and their children. He raised them, but none of them are his. He wants to father a child with me, Tobias. It would be his first biological child. After fifty plus years of devotion he would get his reward.”

She had this pleading look on her face, but I wondered if I said no would she go ahead and make a baby with John.

“Does this mean I have to wait fifty years?”

“Before we make a baby? I don’t think so, Pet. It all depends on John and his health.”

“You just started your new job. Do you think they’ll be happy if you get pregnant?”

“I think they’ll understand. Besides, I intend to keep working. And so can you unless you decide to stay home.”

It was one thing to have John father a child with Paula, but another for him to raise their child. I wanted to be the dad.

“You could coparent.”

I mulled it over, drank another beer, and told her yes. She had my blessing to have John get her pregnant.

“Is that why John doesn’t want you and I to make love?”

“He’s not stopping us from making love, Pet, just from fucking. We thought about allowing you and I to have intercourse so long as you wore a condom, but they aren’t one hundred percent fool proof.”

“What happens after you conceive? Will we start having intercourse again?”

She said, “Not so long as John and I share a bed.”

“Is that his desire or yours?”

She winked at me, obviously enjoying her psychological castration of me, “Does it matter? I still dream about you getting fixed like Rusty.”

I laughed and said, “Your dream is my nightmare. I’m thinking Rusty’s owner had him fixed because he was misbehaving. I’m well disciplined.”

She looked at me, “I agree you are a very well behaved pet, but what an expression of love. He certainly doesn’t look unhappy.”

“True, but he’s at least twenty years older than me.”

She reached out and squeezed my hand, “The seed’s planted. Give it time and it will grow inside of you.”

“You sound pretty confident I’ll say yes.”

She said, “I know you. Drink up. I’m ready to go home.”

John was in the den reading when we arrived.

Paula told me to fetch a towel. I left the room. She went over and kissed her boyfriend, asked him how his gardening went. I returned with the towel. She told me to spread it out on the floor. She then kicked her shoes off then lowered her gym shorts and panties.

John sat and watched. She laid face down on the towel and told John this is how she liked to unwind after a good workout.


I got between her open legs and laid down on the floor. I started on her buttocks. She turned her head and asked John about his day and if he liked what he saw.

He answered, “I do. Did you and your husband talk?”

She said, “We did. He agreed to everything. Didn’t you Pet?”

My voice muffled due to my face being between her buttocks, I made sure to speak loudly answering them with a simple yes.

She looked at John, mouthed I love you which I didn’t hear, but I did hear him say, “I love you.”

My tongue was doing its best to penetrate her anal ring. She told John it felt really good and began to tell him about her workout and lunch. He then told her about his gardening.

I had grown accustomed to these sessions being lengthy, but this was the first time a man was in the room watching us and they were conversing as if I wasn’t there.

“I’m going to need a good fucking after this.”

“Yes, you are,” John agreed.

The towel below us was soaking wet. These sessions always ended in Paula having an orgasm, but not that day.

“Pet, I’ve had enough. John, get out of those clothes. Pet, you can stay and watch if you like.”

John stood up and in under a minute was naked. His cock looked so out of proportion as he was of average height and weight. I got out of the way. Paula got on her hands and knees. John got behind her on one knee, lined his cock up with her vagina, and plunged it in. I didn’t know if he was stretching her, or her vagina was now accustomed to his big cock, or my mouth had gotten her wet enough, but John’s balls were slapping against her genitals with each inward struck. I marveled at how big they were.

Paula was very aroused. She told John to undo her bra. He pulled her tank top up, unsnapped her bra, then reached under and liberated her breasts. He squeezed them, pinched and pulled the nipples, and her response was to implore him to be rougher.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32