Council of Elders Ch. 03

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Exposition- LOL

P.S. To any actual physicists reading this, I apologise for any errors. I’m working from a fairly rudimentary understanding of the second law of thermodynamics and I may have unknowingly broken the laws of the universe in my explanation of Pit science.


The Daemon halted in midair and slowly descended to the ground below him. He was standing on a motorway filled with cars. He was shocked by the horseless chariots that beeped and honked at him, and then he sifted through his host’s memories and learned about more of the technological advances that had occurred during his two thousand year imprisonment in the Pit. He raised his right arm and opened his palm. The tiny mouth imbedded in the skin opened in a yawn and then began to chatter excitedly. The mouth regurgitated a ball of fluff into the Daemon’s other hand. He set the ball on the road and made a complicated sign that burned in the air as he traced it.

The ball unfurled and stared up at him with eyes that were two shiny black dots. He petted the tiny creature and then pushed it in the general direction of the honking cars. As it shuffled forward on tiny legs, it hiccupped and then divided in two. A few seconds later, the clone and the original hiccupped again and two more golf ball sized bundles of fluff stood and followed the two already moving. By the time the original had reached the feet of the nearest person who has stepped out of their car, there were hundreds of the things. As the creature neared, the man kicked it hard and it sailed backwards over the rest of its tiny fluffy comrades. It lay dying on the road and as its last breath was coughed out, the rest of the creatures revealed dozens of razor sharp teeth.

Their previous slow movements were forgotten as they raced toward the cars like a swarm of wasps. The man who had kicked the first one was tripped over by the tide of furry destruction and as he screamed, they began to devour him whole. Their tiny teeth ripped at his flesh as he was eaten alive. They ate everything. People, metal, petrol, even each other. They surged on like a plague, killing everything in their path and ripping it to shreds as they did so. Every few seconds the ranks would double in size until there were tens of thousands of the monstrosities, rolling down the road like a wave.

The Daemon whistled and they began to retreat towards him. He knelt on the road and laid his left arm flat, palm up. The mouth on his left hand opened and the creatures began to file into it, disappearing back into the never-ending abyss of the Pit. When the last one was finally nudged back into the hole, he stood up and felt the maw close. He grinned as though satisfied by the needless bloodshed, then launched himself back into the air by magically curving the wind behind his wings.


“I hope you realise the shit you’ve got me into.”

“I don’t understand. All I did was nudge things along.” Caesar refused to admit that he had forced Fenris to volunteer for the mission.

“First you take over my head, now you’re taking over my body!”

It was a fair assessment; in fact, if Fenris hadn’t had such a powerful mind then Caesar would have dominated it and taken over already. Caesar had stopped his efforts out of respect, but also because it was more trouble than it was worth. He could happily remain in the body until the host died. Unfortunately, death was becoming an alarmingly distinct possibility.

“Now I’m stuck in this plane to Europe, next to a crying baby and a train spotter. A TRAIN SPOTTER for Christ’s sake.” Fenris had spent the last four hours of the flight being talked to by the obese man sitting next to him, who seemed to equate utter boredom with incredible fun.

The baby had been blissfully asleep for the last three but the Captain had indicated that they would be passing through some turbulence soon, so the beautiful gift of life would soon be shrieking like a banshee.

“Well while I’m here I might as well find out what I’m going to be doing.” Fenris had heard multiple references to the Pit, the Daemon and the Triumvirate, but he had no idea what any of it meant.

“I’ll start with the easiest of those.” Said Caesar, anticipating Fenris’ questions by skimming his surface thoughts. “The Triumvirate of Blood was created one thousand years ago after the Ninety Day War. The war resulted in the deaths of thousands of individuals. An entire species was placed at the brink of extinction and now that Oberoth has sacrificed himself, it is safe to say that no more golems walk the earth.”

“But why did he sacrifice himself?”

“When the Triumvirate was first formed, the planet had a much more resonant magical field. The age of science has reduced much of the faith in magic despite both being based on the same principles. We were able to draw energy from the very air and place it inside stone. We forged a great obelisk that contained the power of generations. In order to activate the power held within, one of the Triumvirate would be forced to end their own life.”

“But why? That seems a bit counter-intuitive to me.”

“To an extent, magic is and always will be about blood. Equivalent exchange and all that. Without Sakarya Escort death, life would have no meaning, and magic is fundamental to life; whether mortals understand it or not.”

“So Oberoth and this other guy… Malus was it? They activate the obelisk to raise some sort of shield? But you said the shield would fail, that it could never stand against the Pit. What’s the Pit?”

“The Pit is a dimension separate from our own. The universe is centred on a concept of balance, so where there is light there must also be darkness. Quantum theory tells us that it is impossible to know a particle’s location and momentum to the same degree of accuracy. The more accurately you define one, the less accurately you can measure the other. Think of our universe as the ‘location’ and the Pit as the ‘momentum’. We can coexist, but one must be dominant. For a long time our universe was dominant and the inter-dimensional barriers that protect us from them have been strong, but recently there has been a shift. The Pit is gaining strength and our own reality is weakening as a result.”

“I’m sorry but this science stuff is going over my head Caesar.”

“Okay… let me simplify. Us good. Pit bad. Us light. Pit dark. Us rational. Pit totally fucked up.”

“You don’t need to be a dick about it.”

“Okay, sorry. The laws of physics such as gravity don’t apply there; so in the Pit, magic is free flowing and disorderly. It’s utter chaos there, as entropy decreases in our reality, it increases in the Pit. Unfortunately, for us at least, the denizens of the Pit want out. And they are finding ways of cracking into our reality. They contact mortals on our side and offer them wealth and power to help them cross over. Luckily, the really strong ones need much more power than your average Summoner possesses, so we can usually detect their approach. But someone on that side found a way to slip one past the Creator’s rulebook. They sent the Daemon across as a child and by doing so, it had the opportunity to mature and create entropy on our side without causing an imbalance.”

“And entropy is how they travel from one side to another?”

“Yes, they use chaos to break down the barriers between realities. The first things to come through will be tiny. Mjols probably. Nasty little critters they are. Cute and cuddly one minute and trying to eat you alive the next. But keeping them on our side for too long make the imbalance stronger and the Creator would certainly notice that. They aren’t breaking any cosmic rules so long as they maintain balance.”

“So if they introduce chaos to our side then they have to put some order on their side?”

“Exactly. The Daemon was swapped for a mortal child when it first crossed, which is why the Creator didn’t do anything. There was balance between realities.”

“But this Creator guy sounds like a bit of a shit for letting stuff like this happen. Why doesn’t he stop the bad guys?” Fenris was getting funny looks because he was staring at the seat in front of him with a ferocious intensity.

“Because in the grand scheme of things, they aren’t the bad guys. They simply exist, same as you or I. They act and we react. Newton’s third law of motion.” Caesar gave a shrug of the shoulders.

“You sound like you’ve already given up old man. From what you’ve said the universe is arbitrary, the big picture is that nothing really matters. But then why would the others sacrifice themselves?”

“Because, quite frankly, you’ve got to tell the ‘big picture’ to fuck the hell off. The little picture, here and now, is where it’s at!” Caesar gave a wolfish grin and faded from view to rest in the recesses of Fenris’ mind.


The helicopter touched down on UK soil at half past two in the afternoon. A tall man stepped out carrying a duffle bag over his shoulder. His giant biceps flexed as he shifted the weight from side to side and the material of his faded jeans stretched fit to burst with every step. He sniffed the air for a moment then jumped back into the helicopter, pointing southeast.

The helicopter took off again and the loud whup-whup of the blades was the only sound for miles. It launched into the air and began to fly at a dizzying pace, accelerating far beyond the legal limits. Trees sacrificed their orange leaves to the swirling maelstrom that trailed behind the airborne machine.

“So what can I expect once we catch up to it?” asked Fenris.

“Well… I’m not totally sure. It could be a hideous abomination or it could be a stuffed teddy for all I know. I do know it’ll be the fight of your life. A fight you are NOT prepared for.” Caesar frowned at the younger werewolf.

“So you’re saying we should just observe. Watch as it destroys the planet?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. Hippocrates came up with the method of diagnosis after close observation and his descendants save lives.”

“Enough with the history lessons grandpa!”

“Well sorry for trying to educate you. I might as well do something useful while I’m stuck in here.”

“You’re welcome to leave at anytime.”

Fenris turned to the pilot of the helicopter and motioned for him to go even faster. The pilot, another Adapazarı Escort werewolf, gave him a look of concern after having seen him gesturing wildly at thin air, then did as he asked.

There was a spot on the horizon. It grew larger and larger as they approached, eventually becoming the rough size and shape of a large bear barrelling through the sky like a rocket. They drew up side by side with the thing, still travelling at great speed.

The thing turned and stared at the helicopter with burning eyes. It stopped and the helicopter curved its path until it was level with the stationary being, blades beating the air to stay upright.

“So good of you to come. It’s a pleasant surprise when dinner cooks itself, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.” It moved closer, leathery wings flapping silently, keeping it airborne. “I can taste the power inside you boy. Delicious.”

The Daemon flew straight into the wings, which shattered on impact with its skin. The Daemon had manipulated the atoms of its shell so that they formed more bonds and packed closer together, making his hide harder than diamond.

The helicopter lurched then reacquainted itself with gravity, falling to the ground below.

Just before impact, Fenris had grabbed the pilot to his chest and thrown both of them out of the passenger window. He rolled and laid the pilot down on a patch of grass, just as fire reached the fuel tank and the copter exploded. He covered the smaller man with his body, shielding him from the blast.


“That was lucky.” Caesar muttered sarcastically. “I told you that you weren’t ready for a confrontation but noooooo! So typical of your generation, no respect.”

“Are you happy I saved us or not? A few bruises will just heal over night.”

“It’s the ‘over night’ bit that worries me. That thing is a killer. Get it? It almost killed YOU!”

“Yeah, but, it, you know, didn’t.”

“You can’t just go charging into combat like that. You need to be trained in the ways of magic, I’m good but I can’t teach like this!”

“Well you’ll have to. Because it just found us.”

A shard of pure light screamed past Fenris’ right ear and he rolled just in time to avoid another that struck the ground he had just been occupying, leaving a scorch mark. The ground beneath his feet began to shake and he was lifted into the air on a crumbling platform of rock and soil. He jumped off and began to race into the nearby woodland as fast as he could to find cover.

“I know you’re in there boy. I can just burn you out you know.” As if to prove the Daemon’s point the trees around Fenris began to burst into green flame then disintegrate in seconds.

Fenris sprinted as fast as he could to the perimeter of the woodland dodging balls of fire that shot past his head and torched anything in their way. His left shoe was caught by a wisp of flame and it melted into a foul smelling black tar on contact. He growled and was on the verge of shifting when he felt a twinge behind his eyes and a voice telling him to stop.

“If you transform then you won’t have access to your magic! That’s the only chance you have of stopping it before it’s too late.”

“I can’t use magic anyway. Much good it’ll do me. At least this way I’ll be able to get far away.”

“It’ll catch you. You know that now. It can sense your power. Now Fenris I need you to calm your mind.”

“How the shitting hell am I supposed to be calm when a bad guy is hurling fireballs at me?!”

“Just do it. Now I need you to focus. Close your eyes.” Fenris closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing rate. “Good. Now I need you to think about your power. Think about a shining globe at the centre of your mind. Feel the energy radiating out from it. Now… RELEASE IT!”

A wave of electricity roared out of Fenris’ every pore, burning his clothes off and destroying the trees separating him from the advancing Daemon. The Daemon was forced to wrap its shadow wings around itself for protection and that moment of weakness changed the odds entirely.

Fenris clenched his fists and aimed them at the Daemon. He began firing bolts of lightning from them. The Daemon began to retreat slowly but it was too late. Fenris leapt into the air and dragged the Daemon from the sky, coiling himself around it like an eel. The Daemon found it difficult to act with thousands of volts ricocheting around in its head and it was forced to the ground.

“Now Fenris… kill it!” Caesar urged. “Kill it NOW!”

“Wait! You said that it was only part Daemon. That the rest of it was human.” Fenris could hear another speaker, giving him different instructions.

“I didn’t say that at all. What on earth are you talking about?”


A glyph burned brightly on the Daemons’ forehead and somehow Fenris knew exactly what to do. He bit his thumb and smeared the blood from the wound onto the symbol. The Daemon screamed in agony as its body began to shrink, to become fragile, Serdivan Escort as it had once been. The eyes returned to normal and the skin retook its pale pink hue.

“What did you do?” asked Caesar. He had never heard of this kind of magic, but it felt old and powerful. Could the Voice be… no… He never interfered.

“HE HAS SUBJUGATED THE DAEMON IN A RITUAL OF BLOOD. IT ANSWERS TO HIM NOW.” The Voice seemed to fade on the last sentence.


“Where am I?” the words came from the limp figure in Fenris’ strong arms. “Who are you people?”

“You’re in a forest in East Anglia. My name is Fen-, uh, Freddie.” The giant had a big smile on his stubbled face. He was absolutely gorgeous, not to mention he had muscles the size of a small nation. His cock must be… Owen berated himself for being so lustful, after all he had only just woken up to find himself in the company of two strangers, one of whom was staring at him with acute interest.

“You can see me?” asked Caesar in astonishment as he waved a wrinkled hand in front of Owen’s face. “You can actually see me?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course I can see you.” Owen was becoming increasingly wary of his new travelling companions.

The last thing he could remember was being drunk at a pub in Devon. Then he’d had some weird dreams about being strapped to table. He prayed to God that the dream wasn’t some unbidden fetish trying to escape.

“That must have been some booze!” he whined, clutching at his aching head. “Thank God you guys found me! I must have gotten on a train or something. There should be laws against that sort of thing!”

There was a pregnant pause and then the two began to agree with him and they chatted like old friends. He learned that Freddie was 22, a Pisces, spoke four different languages (English, Russian, French and Italian), played all kinds of sports (rugby, American football, ice hockey), was visiting on a student visa (med student) and preferred cats to dogs (he liked animals to be independent).

It sounded too good to be true, as most lies do. But Owen was determined to suspend his disbelief long enough to get the giant to fuck him. Owen was not a slut by any means, but he would be willing to lose almost all of his dignity for one ride on Freddie. There was something dangerous about him; and there was something else, something intangible, that made Owen feel like he ‘belonged’ to the big dirty-blonde man.

“So where were you off to before your… detour?” Owen didn’t like the short hairy man, but Freddie seemed to defer to him even though it was obvious that Freddie was the Alpha. Wait a second… what an odd thing to think. Owen considered his choice of internal dialogue vocabulary. Anyway, the older man seemed to be a little too interested in Owen. He kept muttering to the giant about him.


“It must be because of the blood. I told you – magic always comes down to blood. You claimed ownership of the Daemon’s soul by marking him with your blood. That’s why he can see me – obviously some kind of psychic link.

“He seems nice Caesar. I can’t believe he’s the same guy who tried to kill me.”

“Well don’t you forget that, ‘Freddie'” he placed cruel emphasis on the pseudonym. “I don’t think he’s a threat any more, but his presence is going to allow more of his kind to enter our world.”

Caesar cast a mistrustful look at Owen, who was lagging behind after insisting that Fenris let him walk on his own. He was going to keep watch while Fenris slept that night. Just because the little twink couldn’t directly hurt him, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try to be sneaky and off them in their sleep by some other method.

“He’s not a twink Caesar.” Fenris gave him a reproachful look and whispered. “His shoulders are too broad, he obviously works out.”

“Alright Casanova, cool your horses. I get that this is, in some twisted way, your idea of romantic. But you need to be objective. He is a Daemon.”

“Ex-Daemon. Who is, let me remind you, under my control.”

“That’s the problem, you’re so hormone driven at the moment that you could make a mistake and jeopardise the mission.”

“What mission? We stopped him before he did any serious damage. Look, I’m sorry your friends sacrificed themselves for nothing, but there’s nothing anyone can do about that.”

“You don’t understand kiddo. What I saw happening is still going to happen. Nothing’s changed except that we have one new ally.” Caesar had to accept that having a pet Daemon was a great boon no matter what battle you were fighting.


Freddie was standing over Owen, his wide body lit by a tapestry of stars. He was stripped naked, his bronze skin stretched tight over his great muscles. His abs rolled as he chuckled deeply at the look of anticipation in Owen’s eyes. He licked his lips and knelt, the plum sized head of his dick flattened against Owen’s shins. He bent even further over and kissed Owen on the lips, plunging his tongue into the receptive mouth, claiming territory as his own. Owen closed his eyes and moaned as Freddie began to lick his neck, then his shoulders, then his chest. He stopped at the sensitive nipples, teasing them with his thumb and then his tongue. He moved on, tracing the edges of Owen’s firm abdominals with his lips, placing little kisses on each of the six raised muscles. He moved past the groin, looking into Owen’s eyes with an expression that gave a promise of future sins.

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