Country Life Pt. 03 – Graduation Ch. 02

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The dinner became very pleasant. It was a three course meal with nothing but the best. Drinks and snacks had been served since late afternoon so the spirit was high already when the guests got seated. And it was kept that way by plenty of wine served throughout the meal. Mother, who sat next to me, made sure though that I didn´t had too much to drink by preventing the maids from filling up my glass. She also told me to just sip when responding to all the toasts that were proposed to my honor. But I noticed that she didn´t follow her own advice.

Father gave a speech which he isn´t very good at. But his words came from the heart and compensated his lack of oratory skill. He praised me and showed that he was very proud of my successful exam. His speech was well received with a warm applause.

After dinner there was dancing. When the music started I immediately asked mother to dance which made her very happy. She came into my arms and danced close as she had done at the last dancing lesson. We had danced only for a short while when she crept even tighter against me wanting to be hold more firmly. Her body pressed against mine and especially her pelvis. Her legs got in between mine now and then. My cock started to rise and get hard, I couldn’t avoid it although I tried by telling myself that it was my mother. Again it was like the dancing lesson. She didn’t seem to mind though, just kept on dancing tight. It was a slow tune which made it even worse. When I was rock hard she made a screwing motion with her pelvis as if to find out what was going on.

She leaned back pressing her pelvis hard against me and looked at me smilingly. Then she moved back in and put her head close to mine.

“What’s that,” she whispered in my ear. “I feel something that shouldn’t be there. I thought that Miss Marianne taught you that? It isn’t proper and especially so together with your mother. She wasn´t very successful in teaching you that, was she? I felt it already in the last lesson. But she tried hard I have to admit. You liked it very much, didn´t you? Two rounds each time she was here, first in the evening and then again in the morning she let you fuck her. But I think that you liked Miss Gunilla even better.” She giggled heavily.

“Do you mind? I can’t help it when a gorgeous woman dances so naughtily with me. My cock doesn’t know that it is my mother’s pussy which grinds him so hard. He thinks it belongs to a lovely woman and wants to stand at attention for her. And yes, I liked very much that Miss Marianne tried to prevent me from getting hard when dancing with her. And Miss Gunilla, yes she was so fun to be with. She really showed that she liked to fuck. Well, Miss Marianne did too in the end.” I was high and felt no hinder this night.

“No my darling. I don’t mind, on the contrary. It feels lovely naughty, although improper. But it astonishes me slightly. Wasn’t Matilda satisfactory enough this afternoon? I thought she should be able to calm you down. And then there was Lena last night. Two lovely women in short order. Isn’t that enough for you, young man?” She giggled heavily in my ear.

“Oh yes, Matilda was marvelous. I fired my cannon twice in her pussy. And I think she cum five or six times. Yes, we had a most enjoyable fuck. I should thank you for it I understand. And Lena was marvelous too but she made it her task to get me to fall asleep. I fired into her only once. I can’t help that I get horny again. It must be you that makes it.” I had realized that mother was a little tipsy. I thought that I could talk to her in a way I never would have dared otherwise. And she too was more open and direct than she used to be.

“Oh my darling. Thank you. I am so happy that it worked out with Matilda. I knew it would. She is very experienced and I know what she is capable of. A somewhat unorthodox thing to set up though but useful and common in the old times. Your grandmother told me about such things and how useful maids can be. And Lena, yes, so lovely and clever. It was her suggestion, she thought a sleeping pill wouldn´t be good for you. Her way was of course much better and worked out so well. But haven’t you forgotten something? . . . Lena and the girls were in your room for quite some time this morning. I don’t think the noises I heard came from the four of you making small talk. No, I think that you fired your cannon again and I just hope that it was Lena´s pussy you shot into and not the pussy of one of the girls.” She giggled and crept real close to me.

“Oh no, I didn´t fire in one of the girls. Their pussies are forbidden fruit, aren´t they? Well, to put the cock into anyway. But other things are permitted, aren´t they? But Lena always tells me to be careful with my fingers too. No, it was the girls who sucked me until I cum in their mouths. Lena supervised it though just like she did last summer. Well, I licked her simultaneously when she was sitting on my face supervising the girls. She cum too. But then we licked the girls into Güngören escort great orgasms. It must have been what you overheard.”

“Oh my goodness had I only known. But yes I knew that I could trust you and Lena to be careful with the girls pussies not to pop their cherries. And the result was excellent and that is what counts, isn´t it? You were totally relaxed when you left for school just as it should be.” She backed off me to be able to see my face for a while. A big lustful smile spread over face.

“I am so proud of you. Proud of your brilliant exam today. Proud of that you are horny again after having fired two rounds in Matilda just a couple of hours ago not to mention the rounds you fired in Lena last night and in the girls´ mouths this morning. I am so proud of having such a virile son. Now let’s dance and enjoy it.”

She got quiet and crept very close to me planning every step carefully to be able to grind her pussy hard against my erection. She had to be much more intoxicated than I had thought.

She was kind to me though. She backed off well in advance before the second dance ended giving my cock time to soften. Not completely though, far from it, but enough for me to be able to go straight.

I then danced with my sisters and both of them quite shamelessly did just as mother right from the beginning of the dance. I danced first with Eva, she was the eldest and it was her right. She wasn´t at all as considerate as mother had been. She stayed close to me grinding her pussy against my hard-on to the very final of the tune. But she handed me over to Ylva already on the dance floor winking at her. She immediately crept very close to me and laughed happily in my ear when she felt my hardness. “It feels very nice, little brother. Just as we thought when planning it,” she whispered in my ear. “Funny that mother had the same idea. We watched you. Oh yes, so very hard, lovely.” She had grinded her pussy hard against me and giggled in my ear.

The dancing lessons we had had all through the winter really paid off now. It was noticed and admired how well we danced together both mother and my sisters. Now when I didn´t had to try to hide my erection I could be totally unabashed. The female members of my family really showed how lithe they were and how easily they followed me in the dance. And the happy smiles of their faces added to the admiration from the others. Maybe it would have been different had they known that the happiness shown on the faces rather came from the pleasure they got from grinding their pussies against my hard cock.

I danced with several other women. I was flying high and hardly left the dance floor. All the women seemed to want to dance with me and I was grabbed as soon one dance ended. Some of them did as my mother and sisters and were very happy to feel my erection that never seemed to subside. But a few frowned when they first felt it and kept the distance from then on. I didn’t mind. I was above everything.

When I was dancing with one of my cousins she moved in close. There was a guttural laugh in my ear when she felt my hardness. She did just as mother had done, leaned back to get a better leverage and grinded her pussy hard against me. She put in a few screwing motions with her lower body before getting close to me again.

“Lovely, is that because of me?” she whispered in my ear. Her hand suddenly got in between us and caressed my cock. “So very big and hard. Lovely, just lovely.” She too had a big happy smile on her face when we danced on. She very carefully made sure to grind her pussy against me all the time.

The party was a dress-up affair. The women wore their best long dresses most of them with deep plunging necklines. I took long looks down the cleavages totally unabashedly. Most of them got flattered, some blushed of pride, quite a few leaned forward to make the dress fall open, a couple put a hand around the back of my head and pushed my head forward and down to get my nose deep into their cleavage letting the upper slopes of their soft breasts caress my cheeks. A few frowned but made no complaint. It was my night.

I stayed on the dance floor almost all the time. Quite often women lined up to dance with me but if there was no one waiting I just grabbed one passing by.

The woman I just had grabbed was of the prudish type. She refused to dance close and help me maintain my hardness. And when we bumped together a few times accidentally she struggled to keep the distance when I tried to take the opportunity to hold her tight. Suddenly it dawned upon me that I knew who this woman was and that I had seen her in the nude. It was at the craw fish party last august when in late evening the party winded down with skinny dipping. She had then struggled to prevent her husband from watching Emma and her mulatto friend Monique who showed off their lovely bodies long after the rest had put towels on. But in doing so my woman had dropped her towel İnnovia escort bayan and I was in a good position to see her naked body.

The image of her nude body now flashed through my mind and showing her good figure. But most impressing was her luxurious black bush that had grown wild and had been allowed to spread widely. That memory made me hard in an instant.

We bumped together again and there was an astonished expression on the woman´s face and she took her time to back off. Moments later we were forced together again and my pole poked her belly hard. I had to hold her tight to prevent us from tripping and to my surprise her body suddenly softened and she didn´t try to get away. Instead she got even closer to me.

“Well, this is your big night. So what the heck, it´s fine with me. This is a onetime occasion so hold me as tight as you want,” she whispered in my ear ending up with a lick. She crept close to me and after a while put a hand on the back of my neck making us dance cheek-to-cheek.

We suddenly danced excellently together. Her soft body easily followed my movements when she didn´t had to struggle to keep the distance. She even moaned of pleasure when my hard cock poked her belly. Suddenly she put one leg in between mine making our lower bodies to come even closer. My cock now was in constant contact with her protruding mound.

When the first dance had ended and we stood waiting for the next tune to start she kept her position with our lower bodies pressed together but she leaned her upper body a little backwards to be able to see me.

“Why did you suddenly get so hard?” She asked with a smile on her face. “It can´t be because I teased you or that you felt my body against yours. I carefully kept the distance, didn´t I? But let me guess. You suddenly remembered when we last met, at the craw fish party, down at the lake in late night. You saw me in the nude, didn´t you? Yes I know you did and I noticed that you liked what you saw. You got hard then too. So tell me what it was you liked so much.”

“Oh yes. I saw a good looking woman accidently drop her towel giving me the chance to see a very nice body with great boobs and probably matching ass. But what really enticed me was the gorgeous bush that covered most of her lower belly with a mass of black silky hair. That was what turned me on then and still obviously does,” I said. “And I saw that the woman was horny and ready to fuck,” I added. I got bold and lowered my hand from her waist to her ass. When there was no reaction I pressed us harder together squeezing her ass.

“Oh my goodness, did you see all that in the short time I was in the nude?” She exclaimed. “Well I am happy that you liked my growth. You see, my husband asked me a couple of years ago to let my bush grow on its own. He asked me not to trim it at all. He said he wanted a rich harvest sometimes in the future. We inspect it now and then together but so far he has always said that it isn´t ripe and ready to harvest. That I am happy for because I have come to like what I see in the mirror. I don´t trim it but comb and brush it every day.” She got quiet for a little while grinding her lower body against my erection. “And . . . well . . . I think my ass matches my boobs which you might have discovered by now,” she added giggling.

When the second dance was over there was no sign that she wanted to end. “Another dance,” I asked. “Yes, please,” she answered immediately so we stayed together on the dance floor.

“Tell me . . . I want to know . . . why did you say that I was turned on?” She asked hesitantly.

“Oh, but that was obvious. I saw your engorged pussy lips and the pink folds further inside. And the entire pussy and the hair surrounding it glistened in the flickering light of the fire. A sure sign of an excited woman,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Well, you are right I have to admit. I get like that when aroused. And my juices flow easily. Yes, I was very wet but I didn´t know that it shoved so clearly in the light from the fire. But of course it didn´t matter at the time,” she said with a shy laugh.

We danced in silence for a little while enjoying the intimacy that suddenly was between us.

“The rumor says that you was turned into a man last summer and very thoroughly too. And that you have become a big man I can feel myself,” she suddenly said with a throaty laugh pressing her lower body hard against me with a screwing motion. “But it amazes me that you have learnt so much that you can recognize a horny cunt just by a short glimpse. Well, the rumor says that your mother has been very careful to select not only the best teachers for you but also plentyful and it has obviously paid off.” The shy laugh ended her little speech.

“I want to tell you something,” my woman said, again breaking the silence. “My towel didn´t drop accidently. I let it go deliberately. You see, I was very envious of Emma and Monique who showed off Escort Kağıthane so shamelessly. I wanted to do the same and have all the men staring at my naked body. That´s why I was so aroused. But I couldn´t pick up the courage to do it. But just then I saw that you were standing close by and being the only one that could see me. So I let it drop and your reaction was very rewarding. Your big cock got erect immediately telling me that I still was attractive. But I also got shy and wanted to shield my body again but first I felt an urge to give you a full view of my female parts. So that´s why I squatted down with my knees well spread in front of you. But I wasn´t sure if you had seen it all but now I know and I am so very happy for that.”

“Thank you for the dance,” she said happily when the tune ended. She was gone and another woman caught me before I had time to thank her back.

When the party started to wind down and the guests withdrew I was busy hugging the women and shaking hands with the men. Suddenly someone hugged me from behind.

“You are most welcome to the yellow room in fifteen minutes,” a woman whispered in my ear. “Don´t knock, come right in, the door will be open and I will be ready for you.” She put her tongue in my ear and snapped me earlobe and then she was gone. I turned around but there were many people around and I couldn´t determine which one had given me the invitation.

In the exuberant state I was in I didn´t give much thoughts to that I didn´t know who the woman was that had invited me. Today things just happened in a very pleasant way and I assumed that it would continue. The thought crossed my mind though that it might be another of mother´s tacit arrangements.

It took time to say good night to all the guests and my parents and I guess that it was much more than fifteen minutes later that I entered the yellow room. Without knocking as she had said. It was totally dark inside especially since I had no night vision coming directly from the lit up corridor. I stood for a moment not knowing what to do. Then I heard the rustle of bed clothes.

“Over here Anders. I am here. I had nearly given up hope that you dared to come,” a woman whispered softly. I knew that there were two separate beds in the room and the call had come from the left one so I went there without tripping over on something.

When I leaned over the bed I was met by two arms hugging me and pulling me down for a deep kiss. But she soon broke the kiss and started to tug at my clothes. I took that as a signal and quickly helped her to undress me letting the garment just fall to the floor. She swiftly pushed my briefs down and pulled me close with her hands on my buttocks. Her mouth searched for my cock and took it all in as soon as it was found. She didn´t have to suck for long though until I got hard. She acknowledged that with a grunt of satisfaction.

She pulled me down on the bed and I found that she indeed had been waiting for me. She was already naked and I dug in kissing and caressing all over her body. I found ample boobs with nipples that quickly swelled when I sucked them. She panted when I nibbled them hard. I got the feeling that she liked it and used also my teeth which made them hard and standing out as plugs.

I moved south over the belly to find that a mass of long hair covered her mound. I tugged at it and sifted through it and there was a path that led further down. My mouth followed the path and found the clit that grew quickly when I licked it. The rich bush made me wonder if it might be the woman from the dance floor. There was heavy panting by now and her ass started to bounce when I gave the clit my best treatment. Her hands grabbed my head and held it firmly making sure that my mouth and tongue wouldn´t leave the clit. It didn´t take long until she cum. Her ass stopped bouncing and there were plenty of very pleased sounds.

She pulled me up for a hug and a long deep kiss. After a while she started to wriggle her body and I got the feeling that she wanted to have me on top of her so I rose slightly to give her room. She quickly repositioned herself to lie on her back and pulled me down over her. Her legs were spread wide and as soon as I was in place her legs closed around my thighs pulling me close. She raised her pelvis and grinded her pussy hard against me but then she relaxed and let her legs fall back on the bed.

“Come to me. Take me. Push it into me. I have been longing all evening to be taken by you. It felt so promising when we danced. Show me that I wasn´t mistaken. Take me now. I am ready for you. Take me,” she whispered breathlessly. Her knees were drawn up with the legs spread wide and bent at the knees. She wriggled under me to get my cock in position and I wasn´t slow to help her. When she felt my cockhead poke her entrance her feet hammered my ass to make push inside.

I needed no encouragement though. I wanted it as much as she did. I had been kept hard all evening by all the women grinding their pussies against my hardness. So I pushed hard and slid very easily into her. She really was ready to receive me and my cock got accommodated very nicely. But I didn´t keep still to savor her pussy for long. She craved to be fucked and I wanted it too. So I got going giving her my best.

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