Country Roads Pt. 03

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The sun was rising over the Southern Missouri Ozarks, and the trees were giving out their first hints of color. The grass was a little damp with dew, and mists hung in the valleys where the creeks tumbled down on their long way to the Mississippi. Birds were already flying and arrows of geese were making their preparations for the long flight south.

Josie sat in a rocking chair on her front porch with a steaming mug of coffee. It was peace, a pure peace she’d never known in her life before. Her flannel nightgown kept her so warm she didn’t need slippers, and the polish had worn off her toes after a long summer of work on the mountain top. She watched a squirrel dart out of the tree line in search of nuts, digging in the ground, and snatching a tidbit to nibble before darting back. A deer with two fawns were visible through the trees.

“I never thought I’d find heaven on earth,” came a sultry voice from the front door. A tall freckled redhead stood there, her hair falling over her shoulders and set ablaze by the rising sun, her lightly golden, heavily freckled skin glowing. Her nipples were rock hard, but being naked on a cool fall morning didn’t give her goosebumps. “Living off the grid is a lot better than I thought it’d be. I may never go back.”

Josie took a sip from her mug. “Me, too. Glad you made it out here, Mindi. But damn, looking at you is making me cold. What’s up with that?”

Mindi chuckled. “Takes more than this to cool off a Minnesota girl. This is just delicious. Can’t wait till we get the fireplace going.” Taking a deep breath, she let out a war whoop and ran off the porch, leaping in the wet grass before throwing herself down and rolling until her skin was shining from the dew. Her lover sat and rocked, watching. Mindi ended up on her back, rubbing her thighs and squirming. “So delicious.”

“When you’re done I better check you for ticks,” Josie said with a smirk on her face.

The redhead sat up quickly and started looking at her skin. “Too early in the day for them, isn’t it?”

“Oh probably. You never know.”

Standing up quickly, Mindi ran over and stood in front of Josie, leaning over and putting her butt in her girlfriend’s face, wiggling it. “You’d better check me over.”

Josie smacked it several times in irritation. “If you’d only wear some clothes, you wouldn’t have to worry about this. God, you’ve been naked all week, just like at the apartment. Just because we don’t have any neighbors nearby, doesn’t mean dressing isn’t a good idea.”

A full lower lip pouted. “You’re no fun anymore.”

“I’m sitting here, enjoying some old fashioned coffee from the wood stove, black as hell and scrumptious, watching the rising sun light up the leaves and feeling good about my piece of the mountain, and you have to stick your big butt in my face.”

“Sorry. You didn’t seem to mind last night,” she said, the pout intensifying.

The blonde slapped her ass again, hard, making her lover yip. “All right, you moron. Spread those cheeks and let’s get this over with.”

Mindi giggled and complied. Josie took her time, prodding the little red forest in search of intruders, and tickling the little pucker. A shiver of delight was her reward, and she ran a fingernail close to the depth of the valley. Looking down, she spotted a moving brown dot, which she caught between her fingernails. “See here, one little blood rapist.” Holding it up for her lover to see, she pinched its head off and tossed it aside. “We’re gonna have to get Uncle Frank to spray around here again. You have no idea what that’s going to cost.”

The tall redhead spun around and sat on the railing. “What’s he gonna want, a blowjob or something?”Josie made a face and sipped her coffee. “Oh my God, it’s true! How awful!”

“It’s the mountain way. No big deal. He gets off pretty quick after you stick a couple of fingers up his butt. But I’m gonna learn to spray the bug juice myself so we don’t have to call him every month or so.”

Mindi blushed and giggled. “Sounds like fun. Going down on a cute boy is fun once in a while.”

“Uncle Frank is about as cute as Zach Galifianakis will be as a geezer. Tastes terrible.” Spinning around, Mindi sat on her lover’s lap, burrowing down. “Just because this nightgown looks big and fluffy doesn’t mean you have to use it as a towel. So this means you want some horny stories while I finger your slit, right?”

Mindi turned and gave her a long, deep kiss on the lips, shoving her tongue inside. After a few breathtaking moments, she broke it. “Please, Jo baby. Tell me all the slutty ways of your family.”

Putting down her coffee, she reached around. “I found another couple of ticks crawling on your hair. You shouldn’t wear it long out here, cut it off like I do.”

“But I loved your long blond hair. This is cute, too…did your Gran cut it? Your long blond hair, and long, luscious legs, and long, luscious tits…”

“Good thing we didn’t wait until they crawled all the way into your empty head. There. Two more blood rapists gone. All right. You liked my cousin Sadie, didn’t you?”

“Oh yes, she’s Gaziantep Oral Escort real cute. Her little kids are so precious, so well behaved. It was fun watching them play in the water down at the swimming hole. Sadie has her hair long, too.”

“She doesn’t let it hang out often, she puts it in a bun, and wears a handkerchief over her head when she works outside.”

“But that chubby little body…did you guys fuck when you were growing up?”

“Not really. I was only twelve when I was here last, and we hadn’t popped our boobs yet. She lives alone after her asshole husband disappeared, and we’ve spend a few nights drinking Shine. Almost a big a whore as you are. We were taking care of Gran a month ago when she came down with pneumonia. Had to stay with her night and day for a week. The night her fever broke, we had to take care of Papa.”

“Your grandpa, the moonshiner?”

“Yes. He was pretty anxious, and when the danger passed he had a serious case of blue balls. Sadie and I had to take care of him.”

“Put another finger inside me and tell me about it.” She gasped as her lover shoved her middle two fingers in her love canal.

“Papa liked the idea of watching us make out, so we did it for him. Sadie’s a good kisser, and it didn’t take long to get going. If we had a strap on, we’d have really given him a show, but after necking a while and licking each other’s tits, I pinned her down, putting my crotch right in her face and sticking my tongue up her cunt. She came almost on the spot, but I held her down until she brought me off, which pushed her over the edge again. We were almost too tired to double team Papa. He was so hard.”

“How big is Papa’s cock?”

“A little bigger than average.”

“How big?”

“Hell, haven’t measured it yet. Maybe seven inches. I couldn’t quite get it down my throat, but Sadie can. We took turns: one at the top on his cock and the other working on his balls.”

“Ooo, how did his balls taste?”

“A little sweaty, not too bad. Had to sip a little white lightning while I did it. Kind of like oysters.”

“I love oysters.”

“You’re not looking him up today, he’s got to run into town to make deliveries. Papa and Gran don’t know you well enough yet, and you can be too obvious at times.”

“Obvious? Me?”

“Remember that night we partied with the Iowa volleyball team at the Big 10 tournament? I thought that Lithuanian spiker was gonna shit her pants when you came on to her.”

Mindi giggled. “Well, the Fighting Illini always win. Ludmilla was a lot of fun.”

“Whatever happened to her? She graduated a couple of years ago.”

“Big slut landed a commodities broker from Northwestern. Got one kid already and a second on the way.”

Josie shuddered. “I’m feeling nauseous.”

“Gonna go see her when I go see my folks in Minneapolis around Thanksgiving. That’s where they settled. Jealous?”

“Not hardly. Anyway, we made Papa wait to shoot his load as long as we could, bringing him close then stopping. He was begging so hard, but he knew what the game was. Damned if the old codger didn’t love it. I thought his yell would wake the dead.”

“How did his cum taste?”

“Like raw moonshine right out of the still.”

“Ooo, Josie swallowed cum, Josie swallowed cum,” she taunted.

“Like that’s something you never did before.” Josie stuck in another finger, making her lover gasp. “How many profs did you blow to make your 4.0?”

Mindi didn’t answer, just thrusted her hips up and down on her lover’s hand. “What a way to start the day!” she whispered fiercely. Her lips opened and her body went rigid for several seconds before relaxing again. “Thanks, babe. Can I return the favor?”

Josie slipped out and wiped the juices on Mindi’s thighs. “Not right now, feeling a little off today. Muscles are all pretty sore, worse than the volleyball training camps at Champaign. Little sick to my stomach, too. We got a lot of work done this week, didn’t we?”

“Mmm, your cousin Jake is pretty cute. Tall, dark hair, buffed. He works out, doesn’t he?”

“No, he’s always working outside, on his mother’s place or for Papa. Heavy labor’s no problem with him. Got all the firewood cut for the winter for his Mom and for Papa and Gran.”

“Smart, too. Looks like he’s got a nice package.”

Josie sighed, and looked around. “Something’s not right, I feel something.”

“Yeah, it’s the dude watching us from the woods over there,” she said pointing.

The leaves rusted a little where she pointed, but no one was visible. Josie strained to see. The woods went silent: the birds stopped chattering and a rabbit hopped away quickly from the brush. A crow sounded from across the mountains. “You’re seeing ghosts again, aren’t you?” she whispered.

“His name is Rene, and he only speaks French. Kind of a pervert, but funny. Good thing I spent a year in Nice.”

Josie’s face wrinkled, then relaxed. “Better now.”

Mindi shifted back into her lover’s warmth. “The rest of the ghosts around here are pretty nice. Course, they all liked to look at me walking naked in the woods. There’s a few Civil War soldiers, some lawmen, and a guy who called himself Kyle.”

Josie wrapped her arms protectively around the tall, red frame and rocked her. Nature returned to normal, and all was quiet. The dozed a little in the golden sunlight.

“You know, the ghosts here are pretty friendly for the most part. The Frenchman’s a real hoot and a half: says he had to leave Paris in 1752 because he fucked a couple of the King’s sisters.”

“Really? Pretty good to get a shot at them.”

“They were pretty naughty, didn’t have much to do other than sit around and drink all day. We’d call them cougars. Old Louis would have had him drawn and quartered if he hadn’t scooted off to St. Louis. Got into the fur trade, came out here pretty often. Had a heart attack buttfucking a young Indian brave one night.”

“What a story. Do ghosts lie?”

“Sometimes. He said Jake’s been around here a lot.”

“Well, I needed Jake to help me get this place in order, him and Sadie. Got the road widened, put in the solar panels and generator, set up the satellite dish, dug the septic field, fixed up the house.”

“Said he got it on with you on a dark and stormy night. That true?”

There was a long moment of silence. “Does it matter?”

“Nope, Jo baby. I don’t care, I know your heart belongs to me. You can fuck him if you want.” The red head leaned back against her lover’s left shoulder. “I’m not jealous. Envious, maybe, but not jealous.”

They sat that way in the sunlight, watching a jet contrail grow across the sky. Josie stroked the red mane.”We were working inside, sealing up the windows, when it started to rain. By the time we were done it was almost dark and pouring outside. Electricity hadn’t been hooked up yet, so we were sitting on a huge sleeping bag on the floor, watching the lightning through the windows. Looked like we did a good job, everything stayed dry. It was a pretty crappy night, and we decided staying put was a great idea.

“We laid down side by side and he put his arm around me, nothing new, we’d laid like that together before. Jake likes to sleep naked, but I had no problem, seen him naked many times. In the middle of the night, another storm came in, lightning hitting the trees around us, and he snuggled into me from behind. I couldn’t believe it: fast asleep and his dick was pushing into my ass crack. Suddenly, he wore up: ‘I’m sorry, Josie. Can’t help it.’

“I turned to face him. ‘That’s OK, Jake. You’re only human.’

“‘So embarrassing.’

“‘You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.’ I couldn’t believe how big he was, must have gotten that from another side of the family.”

Mindi licked her lips. “The Frenchman says he’s got eleven inches.”

Josie smacked her lover’s hip. “Anyway, he wanted me to turn around so he could take care of it, but I stopped him. Hell, I’ve done it for Papa and Jake had worked so hard for me.” Mindi snickered, and Josie grabbed her right breast and squeezed hard. “So I went down on him. Don’t know what it was, the Shine or the storm, but suddenly I felt the urge to put him inside me, and told him to.

“Jake blushed. ‘I don’t know what to do.’

“‘What do you mean?’

“‘I’ve never…made love to a woman before. Made out in the back seat a few times; Sadie wouldn’t let me do nothing with her. Didn’t think you were interested, being a lesbian and all.’

“‘Just do what comes naturally,’ I said, taking off my bottoms. I was so damn wet, I couldn’t believe it. Whipping off my top, I said, ‘Kiss my breasts, be gentle. Pretend you’re a baby.’ So he’s licking my tits, being very nice about it, his dick dancing for joy. I laid on my back and pulled him on top, trying to guide him in and he pulled away.

“‘Can’t look at you. Don’t think…’

“‘Hush. We’ll work it out. Come from behind me, I’ll line it up. Nice and slow. Oh, wait a moment, can’t take it all at once, got to get used to it. Yeah, you can touch me, nice. All right, a little more, a little more. Yes. Can’t believe I took the whole thing. Now, in and out. Slow at first. Oh, my God.'”

Mindi’s eyes grew large, and her mouth formed a circle. “Sounds wonderful. How long did you fuck that night?”

“I lost track, with the storm. Didn’t want it to end, felt so good. I came three times on his cock, and I think he came twice inside me. We slept with him inside me.”

“How romantic! What did it feel like? Which dildo? The Singapore Sizzler? The Brooklyn Banger?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Kinda like Godzilla.”

Mindi whistled. “Shit. I’d like to try that.”

At that moment, a 4 wheel drive truck came up the driveway. Josie pushed Mindi off her lap, but the redhead didn’t scamper into the house to dress when she realized the driver was Jake. He pulled up with a full load of wood in the back. His eyes were wide open in amazement as he saw Mindi’s tall, leggy nakedness. Josie picked up her mug and stood beside her lover, equal in height. Getting out of the cab, he slammed the door a little harder than necessary. “Good morning, ladies. It looks pretty casual this morning, doesn’t it?”

“Hi, Jake,” Mindi said, twirling a strand of hair. “Glad to see you this morning.”

“Yeah, hi Mindi. Definitely good to see you again.” He stood there for a moment, gawking, before turning to his cousin. “How are you this morning, Josie?”

“Okay. Glad you could come by, needed to tell you about something.”


Josie took a sip from her mug. “There’s something going on, it’s been going on for a while. I’m late.”

“Late? What does that mean?”

“My period is three weeks late. I got a home pregnancy test, and…”

“You’re gonna have a baby!” Mindi said, dancing with delight. “That’s so wonderful, Jo baby, so wonderful. We’re gonna be mommies!”

Jake looked surprised, brushing his hair back. “I guess so. That probably means…”

The blond nodded her head. “That dark and stormy night. It happened.”

He looked down, embarrassed. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Say nothing,” Josie said, coming up to put her hand on his lips. “I’m not asking you for anything. We’ll be fine, with Mindi moving in, she seems excited about it. Never thought I’d have a baby, but after thinking about it, I want to. You can go on with your life and you don’t have to worry about us.”

Jake looked her in the eyes. “Family stands with family. I’ll do what I can. I’ll graduate in a year or so, and I can help you with the new family business.” He kissed her on the forehead. “I know you love her and that’s all right.”

Mindi ran over and hugged both of them as they stood side by side. “Yeah, we’ve almost got everything ready to roll. The plant is in, everything’s connected, I got the marketing set up, we can’t miss. Legal moonshine is going to make us rich.”

Josie started laughing and it was infectious. Mindi started the three of dancing in a circle until Josie got sick. “It’s time to celebrate!” Mindi said breathlessly.

Jake shook his head and scratched it. “It’s a little too early to start drinking, and Josie seems a little queasy right now.”

Mindi knelt down and unzipped his fly. “Oh, I know how to take care of you, Daddy.” It was difficult to maneuver his semi-hard pole from his jeans, so she undid them and pulled them down to his ankles. “Congratulations, Daddy. You did it, you made a baby,” she said before licked it up and down.

Josie recovered and shrugged. “She’s always been pretty forward, Jake. It’s okay. She has a certain charm once you get past her nympho side.”

“I’ve never had anybody congratulate me like this before,” he said, passing his hand through his hair while his cock got rock hard. “Damn, haven’t had anybody do this since that afternoon we were at the creek.”

Mindi pulled it out of her mouth. “Oh, you’ve got to tell me about this one. Tell me while I’m sucking him. When did it happen?”

Josie shrugged.”She gets like this when she’s horny. Have to tell her dirty stories while we fuck.” The blonde licked her lips a moment, then continued. “It was a couple of weeks ago. We just got done pouring the concrete for our new shop and got the water pumps set up, and we decided to cool off at the swimming hole. Sadie was there, her kids were with Gran and Papa, so we all went to cool off after lunch.”

“Tell me this while he’s fucking me,” Mindi blurted out. “And I’ll lick your cunt while he does that. You up for that, Jake? Well, I think you are.” She sucked on his cock again, and swallowed almost all of it down her throat, before letting go. “Go sit on the rocker, Jo baby.”

Jake looked confused. “Wow, what a wildcat!”

Josie took Mindi’s hand and lead her over to the porch; she stood up to follow pulling him by his cock as he waddled over with his pants down. “Best to go along with her. Just like your sister that day.”

“Hope I don’t get Mindi knocked up as well as you.”

Mindi’s face lit up. “Oh, I don’t casre. I’d love to have a baby the same time as Jo.”

The blond settled on her rocker, opening her robe to display her boobs and spreading her legs. The redhead got ton her knees and buried her face in her lover’s groin, wiggling her butt in invitation. Josie said, “Finger her a little first, get the juices flowing, but I bet she’s pretty wet right now. That’s right, a little bit at a time. Give her time to breathe, yes, that’s all right. Keep going. All the way in. All right, you know what to do.”

“The story, tell me the story!” The redhead said between licks.

“We had a great time, swimming around naked. Sadie likes sex almost anywhere, anytime, and Jake here was getting a little hard. I guess after our night together, I turned you on, right Jake?”

“Oh yes, just like now. God this woman is tight!”

“Well, pace yourself, big boy. Sadie wanted something pretty similar, told us about it when we were laying on the big rock letting the sun dry us off. We got into a circle, lying on our sides: Sadie’s head was at Jake’s crotch, and I was close enough to get my hand at Sadie’s cunt. Sadie didn’t want to get pregnant by her brother, so no cunt fucking that day. She started going down on him, and I knew she wanted me to fist her. I took my time, teasing her bushy lips and squeezing her bud before sneaking a finger inside.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32