Cousin’s Wife

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This all happened two months ago. I could not keep my self telling you all about the most sensational experience I ever had. It is about my cousin’s wife.

Nazish was my cousin’s wife. She was quite a busty babe. Her rugby ball sized tits with 5`10“ of height and nice ass with heavy thighs made her look so sexy in any outfit. I saw her for the first time on my cousin’s marriage. Well at that time I never thought of having any sexual interaction with her.

It all happened when a couple of months ago my cousin came to our house to spend his holidays with us. It was good to have her with me because of her humorous behavior. We had a good time the day they arrived. Having chit chat and all the stuff was so good at that time and my friendship with my cousin made it fell so good for me.

The next day I had to go to my University. I did not knew that what all will happen when I will arrive home. When I reached home I came to know that my parents have gone to meet an old friend and cousin has also gone to the workshop for the service of his car with my brother. On asking to my servant he told me that only Nazish is at home. Knowing this I came inside to find that she was taking a shower. I sat to watch the TV when a wild idea came to my mind. I went to the back side of the house. There was window of that bathroom which Nazish was using. It was not too high but I had to keep a stool to see the entire ting inside. As I climbed without making any noise I saw her shaving her hair around her cunt. As soon as I saw that all my dick just started to grow. I stood there while she shaved it to give me a clear view of her pink pussy. Than she started to take the shower as I enjoyed each and every movement of her body. Her hands washing her firm breast which I saw for the first time made me wild and I started masturbating. I could not tell but it was some thing like a peep show of a whore. I just blew my load there on the wall and came to my room. In the room I could not keep her body out of my mind and also thought that I had many chances like this before but I never had an opportunity or I never thought of it before. In the mean while she came out and we started talking. She told me that my parents will come late at night because after meeting their friends they have to go to a dinner.

She was wearing red shirt with white shalwar(pants). At that time as I saw her talking I noticed that her shirt’s upper cut on the neck was too wide to make me see her gap between her tits. I stared towards that point for a while my cock started to become harder. görükle escort bayan I just folded my legs so that she could not notice it. At the same time the phone bell rang and it was my cousin on the phone saying that he was going to go to the nearby town to see some place to set up his business there. So that was the moment that made me think of some plan. As I knew that I will be alone with her till after midnight just made me think that how I could get her on the top of my burning lund(dick). It was 1:00pm at the clock at that time.

We again started talking and I noticing her tits while she used to see at me during the conversation just gave her an indication, but she ignored it. I thought that how I can get her attracted to me and than the door bell rang. The servant told me that it was my neighbor Mr. Rafique, and he wants to talk to me. My cock was erect at that moment but I had to go out. I was wearing my shorts without any underwear. I just stood but could not help and she just saw my erection. I went out to meet him and that came after 5 minutes. Till that time my dick was at rest. She was still sitting there and I switched in the television. As I sat on the sofa Nazish came to me to sit besides me to give her a clear view of the TV. All the stuff on television was too boring because she was on my mind. She changed the channel to watch something else and stopped on a film in which there was a kiss going on. Same at that time she asked me,

“Amir do you have a girl friend?”

She never talked in such a tune and on such a topic with me.

“Why?” I replied.

She said,” Just to ask because boys at your age have girlfriends.”

I do have a girlfriend so I told her about my girl friend. She started asking about her and between the conversation she asked me about he body structure. I was stunned on her question and she read my face and told me that boys at my age do select girlfriends due to their body structure. At this moment she just leaned forward with her arms on her thighs to give me a clear view of the rugby balls. I told her about the girl as she was also very sexy and I had sex with he on occasions. As I told her she inquired about her tits. I told her the size and she again asked that you have seen them. I kept silent till she again said that do not be shy as she is just asking to make our friendship more open, and smiled the horniest smile ever in front of me. My cock was on the top of its hardness. I told her that I have seen them but I added with a courage that they were not altıparmak eskort good as compared to her. She laughed and said that how can you say that you haven’t seen my tits. I told her that when she was in the bathroom I peeped from the window. She smiled and said that you are a clever man.

Than she asked,” Did you like my tits?’

My answer was yes.

She said,” You want to feel them?”

This question just send a jerk in my body and without any hesitation I grabbed her left tit. It felt so amazing. She just came near to me for a kiss and we had a warm kiss. As I explored her mouth my left hand remained on her left tit and the other one rubbed her ass. She suddenly broke the flow and kneeled to remove my shorts. My cock came out in the free air and she grabbed giving it slow jerks. Than she took it in her mouth. Her warm mouth just send shock waves inside me and she liked it like a lollypop tasting every inch of it. In the same rhythm I remover my T-shirt. I asked her to come to the room.

As we entered the room I locked the door and pulled her to have a kiss. Than I removed her shirt and she removed her shalwar(pants). She was wearing a black bra and panties. I just lowered her to the bed and lied on bed and we started to kiss, my hands removing her bra to see them naked and I started to lick her tits. She stared moaning as I explored each curve of her tits. I started to go down to her waist and reached her panties which I removed with a jerk. I started to rub my hands on her cunt and she gave low moan saying that lick it, and I started licking it like a hungry dog. She tasted so amazing that it is unexplainable. She was in fire as me and moaning my name “ahhhhhhhh Amir kick it hard uhhhhh uggggggggg do it to me amir I want it.’ Her words were so magical that I liked her cunt penetrating my toung in it as far as I could and she fired her orgasm.

Than she came to kiss me and tasted the juices of her own cunt from my lips and started sucking my dick in 69 position .She was sucking my dick in such a motion that it was unable for me to hold and I grabbed her from the legs and came over her. She was so much lost in the lust that se said .”Fuck me! Amir meri choot to choodo, Meri Phudi main apna lund dalo”(Amir fuck my cunt, enter your cock in my pussy.)

I pointed my cock to her pussy and entered it slowly inside and she closed her eyes. As the head of my cock entered her wet cunt she moaned and said that penetrate it more and I just started slowly to move up and down nilüfer escort while handling her tits in my hand Her moans were becoming loud as my movement was. As my motion was in full flow she was moaning like bitches and calling my name “ohhhh Amir yesssssssssss zoor say aur zoor say”. My movement picked more speed and the pressure filled in my balls just wanted one more push to open the hot fountain. As I was not wearing condom I had to remove my dick outside her pussy and I fired all my load on her tits an fell to bed besides her.

We remained quote for a wile when she started kissing me. She said that she had one of the best fuck of her life. I was rubbing my hands on he ass as she talked and said that she never enjoyed the fuck from her husband’s brothers. Well that gave me a point and I asked that did she ever had her ass fucked and she told me that once she was fucked in her ass by her boyfriend. So I inquired how it feels and she said that it was pain full. I said that how about me doing it in your add and she said that she is not sure. All this talk again made my dick to become hard and I brought a bottle of oil. I said it will not be pain full if I apply this. She hesitated a bit but said that ok give it a try. I applied oil on her wrinkled ass hole and than applied on my rod. I put the head of my cock on the asshole as she was in on her knees and making her ass bulge out. I gave my cock a little push with a force and she felt the pain but didn’t say anything. I again applied the force and the tip of my cock head entered the tight hole. She cried out of pain but never said no so I carried on and entered my cock head fully inside the warm hole of Nazish’s ass. Than I gave I a jerk to enter half of my cock in her ass and she screamed out of pain. I realized I did it wrong but now it was done. I started the o and fro motion and asked that how is she feeling. She said that pain is getting less and she is starting to enjoy this. I increased my rhythm on thin and she started to moan with her lust full voice. Her voice was turning me on and my movement was getting faster with every jerk. Until I blew all my load deep in her ass. Than we lied there on the bed for some time and went for shower. We came out and dried ourselves. We sat in the living room till midnight all naked. During which she gave he a couple of good blowjobs and I fucked her 3 times in her cunt and twice in her ass.

The next day she went with his husband back. From that day till now I had main conversations with her on the internet and in each conversation she blew me like I never had masturbated before.

Now I am planning to go to her place in Lahore next month as she has told me that she has a very sexy neighbor which is also the sex partner of Nazish. Well that will be my first three some so I will obviously tell u all about that in the next chapter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32