Craig Takes Over Ch. 02

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The week was over and the weekend was just beginning as Craig locked up the office around 6pm this Friday night. It had been a long, yet productive week and Craig was ready to enjoy and unwind. “What to do this weekend?” Craig asked himself. He scrolled through his phone and came across Shelby.

Shelby was his new customer and his latest fuck from earlier that week. “Man, I should hit that white bitch up!” He said to himself. With that, he touched her name in his phone and typed a text. “Hey baby, it’s Craig. Any plans tonight?”


Mrs. Shelby Smith was a stay at home wife and mom. She got married at age 23, right after she finished college. Then at age 26, her and her husband had their little boy. Now at age 33, you wouldn’t even suspect that Shelby had a child. She went to the gym during the day when her son Kyle was in school and her husband Stu was at work. She lived a carefree life for the most part. She maintained the home, kept herself in shape, and took good care of Kyle but she was growing tired of the same boring routine. She also was impressed with her own body and loved the attention she received from being such a tall, voluptuous woman. She wore yoga pants and sports bras on her trips to the gym and sundresses to the shopping mall and easily turn many heads.

Lately she had been feeling disconnected from her husband lately, actually for a few years now. He was never home and when he was home he was always tired. She had grown frustrated with the lack of attention and also they rarely had sex. Even when they did have sex it was dissatisfying for her. Stu lacked stamina and size and Shelby received little pleasure from him. She had needs and her needs were far from being met by Stu.

She began to question if she was attractive until she met Craig earlier that week. Craig set lawn service up for her and also fucked her 10 times better than she could ever imagine. She had only been with white guys before and completely shocked by the size of Craig and how great sex was with him. She enjoyed it so much that she didn’t even feel guilty about cheating on her husband. Craig satisfied the burning desire inside of her that Stu couldn’t even scratch.

That Friday evening, Stu was away on a business trip for the weekend and her son was spending the night at a friend’s house so Shelby was all alone. She was eating her dinner when she received a text from Craig. She dropped her fork and her eyes lit up. She picked up the phone and read the message from Craig, “Hey baby, it’s Craig. Any plans tonight.” Shelby squirmed in her seat as she read the message. She put the phone back down to finish eating.

She took her plate to the kitchen and decided to call her best friend, Olivia. Olivia lived just a short jog from Shelby in the same neighborhood. Olivia had been friends with Shelby since college and they had a good relationship. She was a couple years younger than Shelby and moved to the same neighborhood as her about 2 years ago. Even though they were good friends, Shelby didn’t hang around Olivia much because she was very promiscuous. While, Shelby never judged she knew she couldn’t be around her that much because she was married. Olivia earned her slut label in college and had her fair share of fun since then as well.

Olivia answered the phone, “Shelby darling! I’ve missed you! How are you?!”

Shelby responded, “Hey Liv, I’m alright..”

“Just alright? Tell me what’s going on.” Olivia demanded

Shelby proceeded to tell Olivia about Craig and everything that happened. Then there was an awkward silence on phone. “Liv! Are you still there?”

Olivia chuckled, “Oh sorry, yes I’m here. So Craig huh?”

Shelby sighed, “Yes..”

“So he’s black, huge, and how big is his meat you say?” Olivia questioned.

“Has to be over a foot. He messaged me but I don’t know what to say back. I don’t want to cheat again but it was so fucking good!” Shelby answered.

“No way girl! And you haven’t messaged him back?!” Olivia questioned again.

“No, I told you I don’t want to cheat.” Shelby said.

“You know what, I’m on my way there!” Olivia exclaimed and hung up.

Olivia had just got home from the gym before Shelby’s phone call. She was a single and enjoyed a good time. She stayed in the gym and was in better shape now than she was when she was in college. Olivia was pale with red hair. She had a face full of freckles and a pair of green eyes that could hypnotize you. She had a gold nose ring and matching gold hoop earrings on with her shades on her head. She loved wearing little to nothing to show off her body. She wore a red sports bra with tight shorts to match that did nothing to hide the ample ass she had on her petite frame. She was a former gymnast in school and loved her figure. She was 5’2″ and athletic, measuring at 32B-26-40.

Olivia jogged over to her friend’s house and knocked on the door. Shelby answered and Olivia barged in, “Iet’s see your phone!”

Shelby gaziantep escort reluctantly handed Olivia the phone and Olivia opened her messages and saw the message from Craig. “you weren’t lying huh?” Olivia exclaimed as she glanced up at her friend before typing a text back to Craig. She looked at Shelby with a sexy grin and said, “come take a picture with me so we can send to him.”

Shelby looked worried, “What did you send him?!”

Olivia answered, “I just told him that you missed him and to come over, now come take this picture.”

Shelby gasped, “Olivia! I told you I didn’t want to cheat again!”

Olivia giggled mischievously, “Who said you were going to cheat? If he’s everything you said he is then I want him for myself. Now come on girl and take this picture!” Shelby stood by Olivia and crouched to get into the view of the camera. Both of the gorgeous white women smiled as Olivia took the picture. She sent the picture to Craig with the message ‘my friend wants to meet you!’


Craig arrived home and took a hot shower. He got out and saw two messages from Shelby and grinned as he checked his phone. He read that she invited him over and that her friend wanted to meet him. His eyes lit up and he immediately responded, ‘you ladies are fine as hell, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.’

He got himself together quickly and got dressed. It was still hot outside so he wore a tank top and cargo shorts and headed out. He got in his car and drove to Shelby’s.

He arrived a quarter past 7 and knocked on the door. Shelby came to the door looking through the peep hole. She saw Craig through the peep hole and sighed before opening the door. Standing there in her peach colored sundress, “Hey Craig!” She blushed and gave him a hug. “Come on in!”

Craig walked in, “Thanks for having me over baby.” Before Shelby could reply Olivia came around the corner in the living room where the other two were.

“Oh my, you must be Craig!” Olivia couldn’t help but smile and eye the huge black man up and down. She walked up to him, looked up, and extended her hand.

Craig being over a foot taller, he towered over her. He grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it and said, “and this must be the lovely friend that wanted to meet me?” He let hand go.

Olivia looked him in his eyes, “I sure did, Shelby told me about you and I had to meet you.”

“Good things, I’m sure” Craig said as he grinned at her.

“Oh yes, big things!” Olivia replied.

Everyone in the room could feel the sexual tension in the room. Shelby broke the awkward silence, “Anyone want something to drink?”

Craig looked at Shelby, “Sure, I’ll take a cold one. Thanks baby.”

Olivia said, “I’ll take wine.”

Shelby headed off to the kitchen to grab refreshments. She felt relieved to get out of the room for a second but she was feeling horny seeing her friend and her recent lover meeting each other. Shelby came back with a beer, two glasses, and a big bottle of wine. She walked in seeing Craig and Olivia on the couch next to each other making out. Craig had his arm around Olivia while she was rubbing on his chest through his tank top. “Well I see you two have got to know each other!” she smiled. She handed the Craig the beer and put the glasses on the table and started to pour wine for her and her friend.

Craig stood up, “I’d like to propose a toast to new friends.” He raised his glass, the ladies followed and they all drank. Olivia still sitting down was eye level with Craig’s crouch and he was turned on from their make out session so he was bulging profusely. Shelby looked at Olivia then looked at Craig’s bulge and gasped.

Craig saw this, “you ladies enjoying the view, or you want to see more?” Without hesitation he took a chugged his beer, put the bottle down and unbuttoned his shorts. “I think we all know why we are here, Olivia would you like to do the honors?” Craig asked.

Olivia squirmed in her seat never taking her eyes off his bulge until he addressed her. She nodded and slid to the edge of the couch and reached for Craig’s zipper. She slowly pulled it down then pulled the shorts down by the hem of his shorts until Craig’s massive black cock sprung out bouncing up and down. He wasn’t fully hard but was still over 10 inches long and thick as ever. Olivia looked in amazement, “Fuck, you are huge! Shelby you weren’t lying!”

Shelby had loosened up by now and poured her second glass of wine then topped off Olivia’s glass. She then walked up to the side of Craig and grabbed his big thick heavy dick and gripped it best she could even though her hand didn’t fit around it. “I told you, do you want it?” Olivia nodded. “Have a taste.” Shelby told her.

Olivia leaned in and licked the head of Craig’s cock then wrapped her lips around it. Craig let a sigh out and reached around Shelby and grabbed her big thick ass. Shelby squirmed a bit konya escort and started stroking his long dick while Olivia sucked on the head, drooling all on it. Craig grew harder by the second and Olivia’s eyes bulged while never letting his huge cock out of his mouth. He was finally rock hard and Olivia and Shelby could feel it. “Let’s get comfortable. Shelby can we take this upstairs.”

Shelby said, “Oh yes, follow me.” She led them upstairs and stood in the hallway. She had fucked Craig in her marital bed just a earlier that week but thought she should take them to the guest bedroom. She made a split second decision and took them to her bedroom like she did with Craig. “Make yourselves comfortable.” Shelby told them as she took off her sundress showing she was naked underneath.

Olivia and Craig looked at her and Craig exclaimed, “Well shit, you don’t have to tell me twice!” He took off his tank top and his shorts. Olivia bit her thick bottom lip and moaned at the sight her sexy curvy best friend and Craig’s massive black chiseled body and his huge cock attached to it. Craig stood there and stroked his big black cock as Olivia peeled off her sports bra then her tight shorts then spun around showing her body off to Craig.

Craig kept stroking his massive piece of meat, “Damn, look at the ass on you!” He walked up to Olivia and spanked her ass.

Olivia moaned,”Harder big boy.” Craig spanked her ass harder than she expected making it echo throughout the room making Olivia squeal. “Mmmm shit!”

“Get on your knees baby” Craig commanded Olivia. Olivia dropped down to a squatting position and poked her big booty out in front of Craig and grabbed his big thick cock.

“Fuck this thing is huge. Shelby do you want any of this. It’s plenty of meat for both of us” Olivia asked while she stroked Craig’s dick.

Shelby replied, “No you go ahead, I’ll watch.” Shelby went to go sit in the plush chair off in the corner of the room and sat back spreading her legs.

Olivia said, “Mmm damn all this for me then, I need both hands for this.” She reach up with her other hand and wrapped both her hands around it and starts to stroke it. She lifts up his big heavy cock and sees his balls. She looks up at him, “Fuck you are just huge all over. Your balls are huge too!” She pumped faster making Craig moan a bit.

Shelby from the corner of the room, “Olivia you wanted him, you got him. Now show him what you’re made off.”

Olivia responded, “Sounds like a challenge. Say no more.” Olivia smiled at her friend then looked in Craig’s eyes before engulfing the head of his huge cock. She moaned as she started to suck on his cock working her lips up and down on the first few inches of it. She pulled back then reached under his cock palming his balls with both hands and starting bobbing her head harder and deeper. Her mouth was full with just the first 4 inches of his cock.

She yanked her head back seeing that she didn’t have half of his long dick in her mouth. “Oh fuck you’re so big” Olivia said then grab his massive fuck stick by the base and slapped it on her face then shoved it back into her mouth. She reached around him and grabbed his ass with both hands pulling his cock deeper into her mouth. Choking as she takes him deeper inch by inch.

“Oooo shit, that’s it girl choke it down!” Craig moans looking down at the sexy red head. Olivia’s piercing green eyes looked into Craig’s eyes as she kept swallowing his enormous cock. 5, then 6, then 7, then 8 inches deep into her mouth she choked and gagged hard but managed to keep it in her mouth. Saliva gushed out around the big black cock. Olivia was determined and kept eye contact as she pushed another inch deeper then saliva gushed out again before she yanked her head back. She gasped for air then spit on Craig’s big black cock and stroke in all her saliva with both hands.

Shelby was sitting where she could see everything and played with her wet pussy and squeezed her big tits while her friend was squatting down sucking this big black mans cock with everything she had in her bedroom. “Oh my god!” Shelby said as she she watched her friend take Craig’s cock deeper than she had.

“Damn you working this big black dick ain’t you girl.” Craig grabbed his cock from her and slapped her with it, “Who’s your daddy white girl?”

Olivia moaned as she took his long thick dick to the face, “You are, Craig. You’re my daddy.” Craig slapped her again with his hard saliva covered phallus then shoved it back into her throat.

“That’s it slut. Take this big black dick!” Craig commanded as he started fucking her face. Grabbing the back of her head ramming his huge cock back into her throat. Getting it just as deep as she was before. He bucked his hips harder and she gripped his ass again and fed her more of his monster cock. Craig grunted and continued at the same pace. Olivia’s head bounced up and down off his cock and saliva kept pouring out soaking his cock and balls. Thick strands of saliva kayseri escort hung from his balls and from her chin. Drool ran down between her perky breast down her flat stomach to her pussy. Shelby watched on fingering herself at the sexy hardcore scene play out in front of her. She rubbing her clit furiously at the sight in front of her then she let out a loud moan as she started to cum. Meanwhile, Olivia had over 10 inches of big black cock stuffed down her throat and was loving every bit of it. Craig gave her one final shove burying another inch in her throat and started to blasting off a massive load.

“AAAHHHHHH FUUUUUCKK!!!” Craig roared as he threw his head back as he came hard. The first thick wad of cum shot straight down Olivia’s throat into her stomach, then she pulled her head off grabbing his cock and stroked it hard and fast pumping his huge cock. The second shot followed by several thick ropes of cum showered the big black cock loving red head landing in her hair, on her face, and on her tits splatting all over her as she continued to pump him. Craig kept moaning and came for what seemed like minutes until he finally stopped. He looked down at Olivia and she covered in his nut. She had let go of him and was using one hand to rub her clit and another to scoop cum off her body and into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm so much cum” Olivia moaned as she kept scooping up cum and sucking cum off her fingers making loud smacking noises. She looked over at Shelby had just came down from her orgasm, then she looked up at Craig, “Fuck! How are you still hard?! That was so much cum!” She kept playing with herself looking up at the huge black man that just came more than she thought possible turned on even more by the fact that he was still hard. Cum dripped from the tip of Craig’s massive black cock while it stood straight out as hard as ever with veins pulsing throughout it.

Craig chuckled, “Ready to get fucked baby?” Olivia nodded and replied, “Clean yourself up and bring your sexy ass back” Olivia got up and walked to the master bathroom and on the way Craig slapped her white booty. “I see you enjoyed the show, baby. I know you want some of this.” Craig grabbed his cock and slapped it a couple times in his palm. “Come on over here.” Shelby obeyed and walked over to Craig. He then picked her up and laid her on her back and slapped his cock on her pussy making her moan out and her legs spread wide.

Craig pushed his cock into Shelby’s tight wet pussy going deep right away. She was so wet from making her self cum that she started to drip between her ass and Craig pushed deeper with little resistance. “Ooooooooo Craaaaiiig! Yes! Give me that huge black cock! I need it!” Shelby yelled and moaned as her eyes rolled back and her hands clenched the bed comforter. Craig wasted no time pounding Shelby. He fucked her with the entire length of his cock working fast and hard making his balls slap her ass that hung off the edge of the bed. Her big tits bounced up and down as she moaned and screamed in pure ecstasy. “Yes! YES! OOOOHHHH FUUUUCCCKK! YEESSSS! I’M CUMMING!” Shelby yelled as Olivia emerged from the bathroom all cleaned up. She walked up to the couple as Craig kept fucking Olivia while she came.

Olivia looked up and Craig, then at Shelby watching her have an earth shattering orgasm, then back up at Craig, “You’re a fucking god!” Olivia said as he made Shelby have an intense continuous orgasm. She moved her hands over Craig’s chest and abs while he fucked her best friend.

Without stopping Craig grabbed Olivia and effortlessly picked her up and lay her face down on her friend. He slowly pulled his long black cock out of Shelby then stuffed the head, followed by a couple inches of his cock into Olivia’s tight juicy pussy. “Mmmm that’s it slut take this big black dick like a good white girl.” Craig said. He slapped her ass and shoved deeper taking a good 10 inches just on the second stroke. “Well damn! You were ready I see. Shelby your friend knows how to take some dick!” Craig bellowed and pulled back his cock before ramming it all into Olivia.

As he slammed his whole cock into Olivia her head bucked up, eyes bulged, and her body cringed as she squirted all over Craig and Shelby who was under her, “Aaahhhhhh shiiiiiit! Fuck! Fuucckkk! Sooooo huge!! Ayyyyeee!!!” She screamed uncontrollably. Shelby ran her hands all over Olivia’s sexy frame as she came. She looked up at her friend and was turned on by how sexy it was to have her friend getting fucked like a slut on top of her.

Craig didn’t let it up for a second even as Olivia squirted. He gave a devilish grin to Shelby as she looked up at him over Olivia’s shoulder making her let out a soft moan. Craig was in full control, dominating the two sexy curvy white women. “You fucking sluts can’t get enough of me! Haha! Take this big black dick slut!” He picked up the pace even more making Olivia scream more and squirt even harder than the first time. Craig pulled out and slapped her dripping wet pussy before shoving it back into Shelby.

Shelby yelled out in Olivia’s face, “Oh my f-fuuccking God! S-soooo good!!” Craig fucked her just as hard and fast as he did Olivia and made her cum again almost instantly causing her to squirt too. Craig pulled his enormous cock out and let Shelby’s juices fly. He rubbed her clit with his cock making her continue to squirt.

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