Crazy Bitch

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*I wrote this back in 2018. I changed a few things, but not much. As usual, this isn’t all that realistic and should not be taken too seriously. No protection is used, because you know, this isn’t real. This is told from two different perspectives. The second half is from the guy’s perspective. When it switches I make it clear. *

* * * * *

“Who is the new girl?” Laura asked her co-worker, Shelby.

Shelby looked in the direction that Laura was looking and saw the diminutive new nurse. “Oh, that’s Nikki.”

“Have you talked to her?”

“Little bit. She seems like a fun girl. Pretty easy to get along with, from what I can tell.”

Laura nodded, but didn’t say anything. She didn’t have the time to say anything to the new girl, as she was on her way to her overdue lunch. Of course, lunch was the last thing on her mind. It was the doctor that she was meeting that she was looking forward to.

Laura was, and has been the nurse that all the doctors, married or single, were seemingly infatuated with. They bought her gifts, took her to dinner, got her tickets to pretty much anything she wanted, whether it was sporting events, concerts or the local theater.

Of course, she also gave them things in return. Flashing them her breasts, or pussy at work when no one was looking. She has even sent them naked selfies. A few times she sent videos of her masturbating. Was she using them? Absolutely.

But, they were doing the same with her in a way. It wasn’t just selfies or videos that she would do for the doctors. She did much more than that. Whether it be blowjobs, titfucking, foot jobs, sex in the break room, etc.

Some of the doctors had even enjoyed the pleasure of anal sex with Laura. After all, some of these things were expensive. Plus, Laura was a bit of a freak and then some. She would have been doing these things anyway, why not get something more out of them?

Not long ago, she had actually had a threesome with a doctor and a guy she knew from a past job. She had started out by blowing them until they came, that way the real fun could begin. After that, the two men tag teamed her. One in her ass and one in her pussy. At one point, she had both of them in her pussy.

* * * * *

At first, things seemed to be normal. Nikki had been on staff for a week and Laura was still the girl all the doctors still drooled over. Laura was worried that the tiny, cute, Nikki would dethrone her, but it seemed like that was not the case.

The two girls hadn’t really talked much with each other as they largely worked different shifts. But, because of that, it took Laura longer to realize that Nikki was inadvertently replacing Laura in the eyes of the doctors. It wouldn’t take long until Laura realized what was going on.

* * * * *

Nikki looked at herself in the mirror, she looked tired, because she was tired. But, she knew this is what she was going to deal with when she became a nurse. She took the hairband off her wrist and pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail and wrapped it up with the hairband.

She looked at her watch, only a twelve hour shift and then she was free for the weekend…unless she got called in, of course. She had been asked to go for some drinks by one of the doctors. At first, she had declined, but later changed her mind.

Nikki walked out of what was essentially the staff locker room. She nearly bumped into Laura. “Oh my God, you scared me,” Nikki said.

“Nikki, right?” Laura said.

“Uh huh, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Laura. If you need anything let me know. I’ll be happy to help.”

“Aww, thanks. I will,” Nikki said.

Laura watched as Nikki walked away, the smile she had on her face now gone. ‘Fucking bitch.’ she thought. She knew that Nikki was supposed to go out with Doctor Bilas. She knew that, because they were supposed to do something, but he had cancelled on her.

Laura found out from another nurse that Nikki was now planning on going out with the Doctor, instead. Laura had been pissed. She was afraid the little blonde slut was going to replace her. It didn’t matter that Nikki didn’t know any of that. All that mattered was that Laura felt threatened and that wasn’t good for Nikki.

After changing and showering, Laura was in the parking garage. She was about to her car when she saw Nikki’s car a few spaces away. There were cameras in the parking garage and for good reason. However, the majority of them didn’t work on this level.

Laura knew that because one of the parking garage attendants had told her that. These guys get bored and tend to tell people all sorts of things if it meant talking to someone. After being told that she had given several blowjobs and even got bent over the hood of a car and fucked by a doctor in the garage.

With that knowledge, Laura looked around to make sure that nobody else was in the garage and walked over to Nikki’s car. She was trying to decide what she was going to do…ultimately, she decided to let the air out of one of the tires.

She almanbahis considered doing more than one, but thought that would be suspicious. She actually considered doing much more than that. But keying the car seemed a bit excessive. At least, right then. If the little slut continued to get in her way, she would take things to another level.

* * * * *

A few weeks later, Laura knew that she had a problem on her hands. She had been all but replaced by Nikki. The other doctors still talked to Laura, but all the other “perks” that she had gotten accustomed to were no longer something she got to enjoy.

But she didn’t blame the doctors, she blamed Nikki, and now she was going to take out her frustrations on the cute little blonde. Laura had bumped into Nikki earlier and invited her over for drinks over the weekend. Nikki had accepted with a smile. Laura had smiled back, but it wasn’t a sweet smile like Nikki’s.

* * * * *

For the first few hours, Laura seemed to be the nice co-worker. Of course, she was only playing nice while she got Nikki quite drunk. Only then did she confront Nikki about her trying to replace Laura. Nikki didn’t know what Laura was talking about, and that wasn’t just because she was hammered.

Nikki tried to ask Laura what she was talking about and all she got was slapped across the face. She looked at Laura, stunned. Before she could move to get up, Laura straddled her and had her pinned to the couch. Nikki is much stronger than she looks and nearly got free of Laura.

“I want to see what I’m getting kicked to the curb over,” Laura said.

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re the little slut that’s replacing me.”

“I don’t know what you are going on about.”

“All the doctors at the hospital shower me with gifts, among other things. At least until you started at the hospital. So, I want to see what I’m getting replaced for.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m going to fuck you.”

“I’m not into women,” she said, weakly.

“Of course you are. You’re bisexual.”

“How did you know that?”

“Who doesn’t?” Laura stood up, “The second door on the right.” she said, and walked back to her bedroom.

Laura was standing at the foot of the bed, waiting. Thirty seconds later, Nikki walked into the room, just like she knew she would. “Take off your clothes…unless you want to leave. If that’s the case, get the fuck out.”

Nikki looked at Laura for a few seconds and began to undress. Laura looked at Nikki and really studied her. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was only 4’10” and weighed around 105 pounds. Although she may be slight, she was in great shape and stronger than she appeared.

Laura looked on with a smile when she saw Nikki completely naked in front of her. Her breasts were a B cup. Her areola’s were the size of a half dollar. Her nipples were more or less centered perfectly in her areola’s. Said nipples were the size of an Altoid mint. Her pussy was shaved bald.

Laura walked over to Nikki and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her over to the bed and pushed her onto it. “Rub your pussy while I get undressed,” she said. Nikki seemed hesitant at first, but in reality, she was very eager to do as she was told, but she didn’t want to appear that way to Laura.

Laura waited until Nikki licked the fingers of her right hand, reached down and began to rub her fingers through the lips of her pussy. Laura smiled, and began to undress. “I bet you love cock, don’t you?” she said to Nikki. Nikki nodded, while she watched Laura.

Laura currently had dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. She was 5’5″ and 130 pounds. One of the things that surprised Nikki was the amount of tattoos that Laura had. Of course, she couldn’t see them while they were at work.

The next thing that she was surprised by was that Laura had her nipples pierced. But, unlike most seem to have, Laura’s were not nipple bars, but rings. Her areola’s were large. Her nipples were also a little bigger than average. She too, had her pussy shaved bald.

Laura climbed up onto the bed and began rubbing her hands all over Nikki’s naked body. Everywhere she touched, goosebumps arose on Nikki’s skin. Laura laid in between Nikki’s legs and lowered her mouth to Nikki’s pussy.

‘Oh shit did this lady knows how to eat a girl out,’ Nikki thought.

Laura’s tongue and fingers quickly and skillfully brought Nikki to several quick climaxes. Before she knew it, Nikki was writhing on the bed. She was moaning and panting. Laura wasn’t surprised with how good Nikki’s pussy tasted.

Out of nowhere, Laura stopped licking Nikki’s pussy and began to lick her way up Nikki’s body. She briefly slipped her tongue inside Nikki’s belly button which tickled. Laura quickly made her way up to Nikki’s firm breasts.

Laura started with Nikki’s right breast. She sucked and nibbled on her nipple, she could feel it getting harder in her mouth. She moved over to the left one. Nikki’s nipples were so hard that they almanbahis giriş were aching. The whole time, Laura continued to rub Nikki’s clit.

Laura nibbled on Nikki’s nipples which caused Nikki to moan out loud. Laura removed her hand from Nikki’s pussy which caused Nikki to pout, slightly. Laura moved her hand up to Nikki’s other breast and gave it a light slap. “Oh fuck.” Nikki said.

Laura rolled off of the bed and walked over to a walk-in closet. Nikki wondered what she was doing. She couldn’t believe that she was doing what she was doing with Laura. Not because she hadn’t done something similar before, but because she decided not to get involved with co-workers.

‘Lot of good that did.’ she thought.

Movement snapped her attention back to the present. She looked over at Laura and stared. Laura looked at her like she was going to devour her. Nikki didn’t notice the look because she was still staring at the strap-on dildo that Laura was wearing.

It wasn’t so much that Laura had a strap-on that was surprising to Nikki. But, it was the size of it. She’d never been with a black man up to that point, but she’d seen several black cocks, and this dildo looked bigger than that. In reality, the dildo was ten inches in length, and three inches around.

Nikki laid there, amazed, as Laura climbed onto the bed and got in between her legs again. Nikki felt the tip of the dildo pushing against her pussy. ‘There is no way that is going to fit inside me.’ Nikki thought.

No sooner had she thought that, Laura pushed the tip of the dildo inside Nikki and began to thrust her hips forward. Little by little, with each thrust, the strap on disappeared inside of Nikki’s tiny pussy. Laura had three-quarters of the dildo inside Nikki when she slid the dildo out a little bit and thrust all the way inside of Nikki.

‘Holy fuck!’ Nikki thought. Never in her life had she ever had her pussy filled the way it was right then. Because of the size of the dildo and the tightness of her pussy, Nikki could feel every tiny detail of the dildo as it slid back and forth inside of her.

Laura began to pull it out so only the head was still inside Nikki’s pussy. She pushed in, then reversed course and pushed again. She quickly got into a rhythm of pushing and pulling. ‘Holy shit, she’s fucking me like some pornstar.’ Nikki thought.

Laura’s breasts were mashed against Nikki’s. Their nipples rubbing against each other with every thrust. Nikki wrapped her legs around Laura’s body and lifted her ass up and off the bed which allowed Laura to thrust even deeper inside.

Laura knew it was just a matter of time before Nikki climaxed yet again. Almost as if on cue, Nikki’s eyes closed, she began to breathe deeper, then let out a loud scream. Nikki’s pussy clamped down onto the massive dildo that was still thrusting inside of her.

Laura didn’t stop, didn’t even think about slowing, let along stopping. She just continued to pump the strap-on inside of Nikki’s pussy. Just as Nikki recovered, another wave hit her, followed by a third shortly after the second had subsided.

Finally, Laura slipped the dildo out of Nikki. “Holy shit, Laura,” Nikki moaned.

Laura inched closer to Nikki and let the dildo fall onto Nikki’s body. Nikki looked down to see how far the dildo stretched up her body. She was shocked to see that the tip of of the dildo reached above her belly button. “You liked that, didn’t you, slut?” Laura asked.

Nikki nodded her head, but her eyes were still locked onto the dildo. Laura crawled up over Nikki’s body, the dildo hovering above her. Finally, Laura rolled off of Nikki and removed the strap-on harness and tossed it, and the dildo onto the floor.

Laura rolled back over on top of Nikki. “I’m done with you yet,” she said. Nikki suppressed a smile, but didn’t respond. Laura lowered her pussy down to Nikki’s face. “Now lick my fucking pussy and make me come,” she said.


I was surprised to have gotten a call from Laura. It had been a while since we had spoken, let alone saw each other. So when she text me and then called me and told me what she wanted, it was hard for me to say no.

We had worked together years ago and used to fuck on a somewhat regular basis. We did all kinds of things that I never thought I would ever do. Laura had text me a little over an twenty minutes ago now. She said that she was in her walk-in closet getting her strap-on to use on the girl she worked with.

After that, she would be ready whenever I got there. The thought of Laura fucking some girl with a strap-on was more than a little hot to me. But, I managed to take my time in getting ready and getting over to her place.

She had told me in the text that she had left the door unlocked and to come on in. When Laura had called me earlier that morning and told me when she thought she would need me, I had then decided to go ahead and rub one out.

* * * * *

I walked into Laura’s place and looked around. It was pretty much almanbahis yeni giriş the same as it had been the last time i was there. I saw several empty glasses sitting on the table in front of the couch, and several more in the kitchen.

As I made my way down the hallway, I could hear Laura moaning. I couldn’t help but smile. Just before I got to the door, I heard, “That’s it you fucking slut, lick my fucking asshole.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I walked into the bedroom…though, I had a pretty good idea based on what I had heard. When I looked around the corner, I saw Laura straddling a girl’s face. Laura was facing me. She made eye contact with me, but that was it.

“How would you like some real cock?” Laura asked.

She lifted herself up high enough from the other girls face that she could answer, “Why? Do you have some?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Laura said, moving away from the other girl who finally noticed I was leaning against the doorway. She scrambled around to cover up her nakedness. Laura rolled her eyes, “Oh please, he’s already seen you.”

“Who the fuck is he?”

“A friend. Now, do you want his cock or not?”

The other girl looked at me for a few seconds before she nodded slightly. “Slut,” Laura said, smiling. She turned and looked at me, “Oh yeah, this is Nikki.” Turning to Nikki, she said, “That’s Levi.”

Laura gave me a look which said that I should get naked. It didn’t take long for that to happen, especially seeing both Laura and Nikki naked. Laura motioned me over to the bed. She turned and looked at Nikki, “I bet he loves your feet. You should give him a footjob.”

“Seriously?” she asked.

Laura looked over at me and smiled. I walked over to the bed and sat down on it, and leaned against the headboard. Nikki moved around on the bed and sat in between my open legs. Laura grabbed my cock and started stroking me. “Put your feet on his face,” Laura said. Nikki did as she was told.

“Fuck, you’re already hard. You must really like her sexy feet,” she said before she took me in her mouth and sucked fast and sloppily, getting me wet. She pulled off of me and grabbed Nikki’s ankles and pulled her feet close to her. Laura ran her tongue all over Nikki’s feet, and placed them in my lap.

Nikki wrapped her feet around my stiff cock and slowly slid them up and down. Laura watched as Nikki continued to slowly slide her petite feet up and down on my cock. Laura stood up and stepped over Nikki’s body. Laura looked at me and told me to continue sliding her feet up and down.

I wasn’t sure why she had said that until I saw her bend her knees slightly. She reached back and grabbed Nikki’s head and pulled it into her ass. “Lick my fucking asshole,” she said to her. I grabbed Nikki’s feet and continued to work them up and down on my cock.

Laura’s eyes had closed, I could tell she was enjoying Nikki’s tongue. “Lick it faster, slut,” she said, and started moaning when Nikki followed her instructions. “Mmm, fuck yeah. Lick that asshole.” I was watching Laura when she opened her eyes and looked right at me, and winked.

I quickly moved Nikki’s feet up and down on me until I blew. My cum jumped from the head of my cock and landed on Nikki’s toes, and the tops of her feet. Laura moved forward on the bed and sat down beside me. She reached over and grabbed Nikki’s feet.

Laura looked at them for a few seconds before she licked and sucked my cum off Nikki’s feet. Once she had it all removed, she stood up and leaned over Nikki, who was watching Laura. Laura put a hand on her forehead and pushed it back, and placed another hand on her chin and opened her mouth.

She knelt down and let my cum fall out of her mouth and into Nikki’s. “Swallow it, slut,” she said. Nikki obeyed. “Open,” Nikki opened her mouth and Laura looked inside to make sure she had swallowed it all. “Good little slut.”

For the next few minutes Laura bent over and had Nikki lick and finger her asshole. Seeing my cock starting to respond, Laura crawled forward and took my cock back into her mouth, and slowly began sucking and running her tongue over my semi-hard cock.

“I didn’t say that you could stop licking my ass,” Laura said, looking back over her shoulder. Laura wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly stroked me.

Whatever Nikki was doing, Laura really liked it because she stopped stroking me. I stood up on the bed and placed one foot on each side of Laura, and faced her. She looked up at me, then down at my cock as it hung in front of her.

Laura opened her mouth and I slipped inside her mouth and started moving back and forth slowly, at first. Once I felt lubricated enough, I picked up the pace until I was fucking her face. My balls swinging back and forth.

I grabbed Laura’s head and pulled her forward and pushed my hips out, my cock sliding down her throat. I held her there until she started squirming, then let go of her head. She pulled back quickly, gasping. She looked up at me with a devilish grin on her face.

“Get over here Nikki,” she said, looking up at me and winking. I watched as Nikki moved around on the bed until she was beside Laura. “Stuff your balls into her mouth,” Laura said. I stepped over a little bit until I was standing in front of Nikki.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32