Crosslands Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Nikky’s Driving Lesson!

Julie shuddered as another orgasm ripped through her cunt and overwhelmed her body. Her delirious shrills of delight echoed through the second floor of the Butler house as the two wandered into sexual oblivion, apparently unworried that the loud fucking could awaken the neighbors or disturb their kids.

“Oh yeah, fuck me with that cock!” she repeated emphasizing the word ‘fuck’ on every sultry breath as Steve hammered her pussy with typical pile-driver efficiency. Steve’s eyes rolled back in his head. The business meetings in Denver always wore him down. His company had recently entered into an alliance with a time-share outfit based in the Rockies. This merger had allowed Julie and him an opportunity to sell and rent ski lodge property to southern California fun-seekers. The meetings resulted in another profitable avenue, but six days without this kind of pussy was just too long for him to endure.

Two flirty first-class flight attendants had obviously been charmed by his good looks, wit and personality and provided a ride home from the LA airport last night. His mind was wandering while he firmly gripped Julie’s trim waist.

“What were their names again?” Steve thought to himself trying to remember details from the flight. Fortunately, his dick was doing all the thinking as it steadily pounded up into her tight pussy. Julie had managed to position her feet on each of his thighs so that she could receive the full plowing of his 8-inch unit. The 128 pounds were distributed evenly over her 5-foot frame making the 39-year old as agile as college gymnasts. Her 36D breasts juggled freely while she playfully piled her hair on top of her head.

A wave of anxiety ran through Nikky and Tammy as they scrambled into their uniforms and darted down the stairs behind Tommy. The girls smacked abruptly into his shirtless back as he peeked around the door leading into his parents’ bedroom.

“Shhhhh!” whispered Tommy to Nikky as she crouched and gently braced herself against his back. “What’s going on?” Tammy blurted hearing the unmistakable sounds of a hard dick pummeling a wet pussy.

“Shhhhh!” repeated Nikky with a finger over her lips to her older sister.

“Looks like Dad is really banging her good!” laughed Tommy as he spied a crazed expression stretched across his mom’s pretty face.

“Here let me see!” whispered Tammy as she tiptoed and leaned forward into her siblings.

“So totally cool! Now I know how mom stays so fit!” Tammy chirped and marveled at how gorgeous her mom looked riding the pussy-smeared cock fast and hard with tits bouncing.

“For sure! And just look at her tan. There aren’t any tan lines!” whispered Nikky as she elbowed her older sister.

The curious kids were holding onto the edge of the door and peeking around it when Tommy slipped. The girls fell harmlessly into a pile on top of Tommy inside the bedroom.

Julie smirked, shook her head in disbelief and looked down at the three amateur voyeurs as they scrambled to their feet and regained some innocent composure. The situation surely would have created some discomfort and embarrassment in many stricter households where family privacy was expected and respected. This was southern California, however, and, furthermore it was just another outrageous scene in the Butler family of Crosslands.

For a few seconds, she paused in a lewd pose before plunging down on Steve’s big cock, obviously enjoying the smiles of her young audience as they watched it disappear into her. She was determined not to let the kids interrupt her morning cup-of-cock. Unfazed, Julie winked at the group, giggled and simply wiggled her fingers in a ‘bye-bye’ motion. For good measure, she blew a playful kiss at Tommy and noticed his aroused dick bulging through the mesh shorts hanging off his hips below his muscle-ripped stomach. Even if it was her 20-year old son, just the sight of another hard male body in her house ignited Julie’s libido into a raging passion for sex.

“Come on, Tommy. We’re going to be late!” pleaded the girls as they pushed and pulled their brother out of the bedroom and down the hallway.

“But, but I want to see if Dad fucks her in the ass!” countered Tommy hoping the thought of peeking at an ass-grind would buy him a few extra seconds with his hurried sisters.

“Come on, Tommy! Give Mom and Dad some space. You can get all the details later. And besides, maybe you should think about hooking up with Vicki and her mom if that’s your thing today,” added Tammy knowing the thought of their sexy friend and her mother would get him moving.

Steve Butler was a great fuck partner. Julie had often shared him with other girls during some swap parties organized through her various social and work circles. He had learned the fine art of maintaining cock control under often crowded and non-private conditions. Steve heard the kids, but refused to be distracted.

Steve couldn’t control his lustful urge any longer as he screamed something inaudible and escort bayan began shooting hot torrents of cum into Julie’s tight cunt. “Ahhhhhhh! Fuck!” Steve screamed as his cock quickly erupted into full fury with torrents of hot cum shooting into Julie’s cunt. Tommy backed the red sports convertible carefully from the garage and paused near the side entrance of the patio to allow his two pretty sisters to jump into the front seat. The same insatiable drive for sexual mischief that drove Julie, Tammy and Nikky also zipped through Tommy as he stole a quick glance at their bare bottoms when they swung their hips over the side of the car. Tommy enjoyed cruising the cool convertible along the beach strip and through Crosslands. The neighbors had grown accustomed lately to seeing Tommy and his two sexpot sisters laughing and joking together in the vehicle during all hours on a weekend.

White globs of cum leaked from Julie’s well-worked cunt as she shifted to suck and licked the excess dripping from Steve’s slowly softening cock. Julie loved cock and the taste of hot cum, but she also savored the sweetness offered by pussy juices. The two mixed together could deliver the deliciousness her taste buds craved. Julie noisily slurped along the length of his shaft rolling her tongue as if it were ice cream melting on a cone.

Steve looked at his watch and remembered a noon business meeting he had scheduled with a client as he watched Julie stagger to her feet and saunter in front of the sun-filled window to absorb the glamorous views of the mountains and beach.

“Oh look, there go the kids!” quipped Julie as she spotted three heads of blonde hair blowing in the breeze as Tommy sped around the corner and over the hill. “And I hope he’s not going too fast,” she added in a concerned motherly tone.

Steve smiled and admired the silohuette of his gorgeous wife posing in the morning sunshine. “Well you know dear, we Butler boys have earned a reputation around here for driving things real hard … if you know what I mean!” laughed Steve.

“And how!” chirped Julie rubbing her behind and thinking about his play on words and how true they were.

“Do you know how many times I have caught Tommy screwing Tammy, Nikky and all their little horny cheerleader friends with that big monster dick in the last three weeks?” asked Julie not expecting to hear a response from Steve.

“Knowing your little horny mind, probably not enough,” laughed Steve as he tucked his dick down into his swim trunks.

“And besides, just as you have told me before ‘Jules’, they are growing kids with sexual desires like many other adults. It also helps that Tommy is hung like me. Tell me how big is that thing, again?,” quizzed Steve with a cute smirk on his face.

Julie loved it when he used that nickname. Knowing her attraction for the male anatomy, especially Tommy’s, Steve expected the question would ignite an erotic wave of excitement into the bubbly, big-boobed blonde. He knew this was the best way to soothe her parental anxiety and concerns they shared regarding the sexual habits of their kids.

“Those girls told me that their brother’s dick was twenty-some centimeters long and seven, ten or something like that centimeters round!” bragged Julie as she held her hands apart before pretending to grip a tubular unit.

Steve had seen it, but pretended to be amazed just to play along with his wife. “Centimeters? What’s up with centimeters?” he laughed with a look of sarcasm.

“Oh, those silly girls told me they teased an erection out of him on Tuesday night while he was helping them with their math homework. He showed them how to use a tape measure, then helped them to convert from inches to centimeters using the calculator!”

“Wow! Some math class. I wish Sherri had been that interested in math when we were younger.” added Steve picking up the black dildo and thinking about his youthful days when he would often flash his cute younger sister.

Julie stepped into the master bathroom shower. She had some errands to run and only a few hours to prepare for Tommy’s big birthday bash. She smiled when Sherri’s name was mentioned. Sherri Armstrong had become a close friend and confidant through numerous emails exchanged between the two middle-age moms.

“Oh, Sherri! That reminds me. Sherri called Wednesday night just to let us know that she and the kids were coming out to visit on Bravo homecoming weekend in a few weeks. I think they want to see Tommy play football and enjoy some California fun. She mentioned that Wayne may want to test drive some power boats, too.” added Julie as she bent over and turned the shower knobs.

“You don’t think we’re letting them get away with too much?” Steve was leaning up against the marble vanity with his arms folded hoping Julie had heard the question over the running water.

Julie and Steve loved each other. Sure, they fucked other people and often in carefully selected groups, but only for entertainment purposes and not to initiate other romances altıparmak escort bayan which would damage their marriage. Furthermore, they were totally committed to providing a successful path for their children. With the multitude of incestuous taboos that were being shattered, it was important for Julie and Steve to sometimes discuss the sexual environment in the Butler house and reassure each other that no problems were created.

Julie heard the question. Her head was tilted back while she let the warm water rinse the shampoo from her hair.

“First, lover dear, the kids are at least 18 years old. They think about fucking just like you and I did when we were their age. We cannot stop them from investigating into what sex is all about. They have to learn on their own. It is absolutely a waste of our valuable time, however, to run around the valley trying to prevent our kids from sleeping with the wrong crowd. Instead, it’s important to accept their promiscuity as a part of their natural development into adults. I think it’s great that the girls are all fucking Bobby, Rex, Luke and, yes, even Tommy! As long as their parents know, then everything is cool. Besides, you do have to admit, Stevie Boy, that there is a lot of cute pussy to fuck in Crosslands.”

Steve just nodded and handed Julie the conditioner bottle.

“Second, Tammy, Nikky and our hunk son are great friends. They look at each other as boys and girls living in the same house, not just as brother and sisters. Furthermore, they love each other very much. He watches over them at his college parties, helps them with homework, drives them to the mall, listens to their cheers and gives them – like you – a good male role model to respect. In return, those girls are constantly washing his clothes, tidying his room, cooking him dinner, cheering him at games and doing all those little things that spoil him. You have to admit that even though those bimbos spend a lot of time on their knees getting plowed doggy-style by his unit, they love every minute of it. They promote family togetherness and allow us to spend time to keep our business successful. You can sense the genuine care for each other when the three are just hanging out together!” reasoned Julie in her business-like tone as she rubbed the creamy conditioner through her hair.

“You really think they love each other?” added Steve with a puzzled look on his face.

“You bet they do! But it’s not that kind of love that leads to romance. Our kids aren’t thinking about the real love required to build a marriage. Instead, they just want what Betty Wilson calls that ‘typical teenager fucking-fun love’. You know the kind with no emotional strings attached. They’ll have plenty of time in the next ten years to find the right mate. In the meantime, I say let ’em all keep screwing. More power to ’em!”

Steve nodded in agreement and looked down at his swim trunks. He remembers the discussion with Betty Wilson a few months ago regarding teenager sexual behavior. She was the foxy 37-year old psychologist and family counselor who lived in Crosslands.

“But, don’t you think Tommy is fucking those girls too much?”

“How many times can you remember jerking off while thinking about Sherri running around in her skimpy bikini? I bet you would have given anything for a chance to pound her cunt with that 8-inch boner, too, if she could have forgotten that you were her brother! “

“All the time! And I still do think about fucking her!” added Steve with a laugh while gently holding his crotch.

“Exactly, and if I had a brother, I would have screwed him every opportunity I could find!” nodded Julie as she smiled and pointed at Steve to punctuate her remark.

“World history has been plagued with wars that have threatened civilization, but family-fucking has never been named as one the causes. Relatives have been screwing each other for centuries just for the sheer fun of fucking. If some of the old stuck-up fuddy-duddys want to dictate to me who I, you or my kids can fuck, then I would tell them to simply listen to Betty Wilson. She’s done more research than anybody in this state on incestuous activities of families and found nothing harmful as long as it’s consensual, non-violent, fun and educational for everyone. She even agreed that the Crosslands environment is a much safer one for kids learning about sex than other parts of southern California.”

Steve’s jaw had dropped when she began to comment on world history. He had always looked at Julie as a nymphomaniac bubble-headed blonde with good business sense, but lately those morning walks with Betty Wilson were obviously becoming educational, too.

“All I am saying is that it is natural behavior for girls and boys to think about fucking. As long as these behaviors remain friends then I say OK! Look, how would you feel if some no-good slime ball was fucking Tammy or Nikky? I know I wouldn’t like it and neither would you!” Julie added while stepping out of the shower.

“And nilüfer eskort besides Tommy, I trust Tina’s boys and Luke Wilson, too. I don’t mind our kids hanging out with those guys or even their sisters, Vicki Ramsey and Buffy Wilson. I know they all have been screwing each other, anyway. As long as it’s done in fun and the guys continue to splatter their cum on the girls, then I am all for it! And so are Tina and Betty!” chirped Julie as she gave Steve a nice tit pose then kissed him cutely on his cheek.

Steve nodded as if the blonde had just simplified the mathematics beneath Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Sometimes that little sexy blonde could make a lot of sense.

“Now hand me towel lover dear, go take your swim and go make us another million. Remember, the party starts at 7 PM and don’t forget to bring this thing with you!” she joked while gently tugging on his cock hanging beneath his swim trunks.

The front seat of the sports car was jammed with the Butler kids. Nikky had straddled the console between the seats and was sharing the rear-view mirror with Tammy to apply some eye make-up while Tommy zoomed around the curve and tuned in a rock-and-roll radio station. He slowed in front of the Wilson brick home. Betty and Buffy Wilson were carrying groceries from the car into the house and Tommy couldn’t resist the view. Betty was dressed in her white tennis skirt and blouse. The athletic club bag and tennis racket were slung over her shoulder. Buffy was dressed in a pair of white jean shorts and flowered bikini top. Immediately, the anxiety surrounding their tardiness to practice disappeared. It was nearly 10:15 AM and even Buffy Wilson would be late for cheerleader practice. Tammy spotted her college freshman cheerleader friend and grinned.

“Hey Tommy, let’s stop and give Buffy a ride!” exclaimed Tammy pointing at Buffy who had just turned to wave at her friends.

Buffy Wilson skipped up to the car with her long auburn hair dancing in the morning breeze. She was generally the quiet and intelligent one of the cheerleader group. Like her teammates, she was extremely attractive and blessed with tits that were even larger Tammy’s set. Tommy eyed her inviting cleavage as she leaned over to give the girls a quick greeting kiss on the lips.

She waved and cocked her head at Tommy and stiffened her shoulders in order to give him a good look at her firm tits. She giggled when she noticed him staring at her chest with mouth ajar.

“What’s the matter Tommy-boy, never seen titties before?, joked Tammy noticing his hypnotic fixation on Buffy’s flowered top.

“Uh…Uh..” Tommy struggled for words. “I was just surprised to see her out of uniform,” he stammered knowing they wouldn’t believe him.

“Mrs. Ramsey doesn’t care what we wear to practice, as long as we’re comfortable. Come to think of it, she doesn’t care what we don’t wear, either!” laughed Tammy pondering the statement.

Buffy couldn’t wait to get into the hot rod. “Where do I sit?” she asked flipping her backpack into the front seat floor.

“Here, I know. Nik you move over on Tommy’s lap, I’ll slide to the middle and Buf can sit right here.” One of Tammy’s best social traits was her ability to think fast and accommodate everyone. Nikky and Tommy exchanged quick smiles and winks before she shimmied over to position her butt on his lap. Tammy patted the soft white leather passenger seat and coaxed Buffy through the open door.

Betty Wilson had been standing in the garage watching the kids squeeze into position. They all looked so cute, she thought, trying to determine the seating arrangement. She smiled and shook her head in disbelief when Nikky moved her small 100-pound frame on top of her brother, squeezing her waist between the steering wheel and his bare chest. “Those crazy kids!” she thought as she returned to the grocery bags.

Tommy threw the car into gear and beeped at Betty Wilson while the girls waved. Tina Ramsey lived almost one mile away around a few twists and turns in the development. She, daughter Vicki and her two sons Rex and Bobby had moved into the huge house last year after her divorce. Bobby, Rex and Tommy had played high school football together since they were sophomores at Valley. Julie and Tina had met during Tommy and Bobby’s senior season at Valley. He and Bobby were football buddies who decided to attend Bravo College and play near home. Vicki followed her brother and best friend, Tammy Butler, into Bravo as a freshman cheerleader, while 18-year old Rex continued to develop as the star athlete for Valley High School. During the divorce from her selfish millionaire businessman husband, Julie and Steve helped Tina to earn her real estate license and land a job with the same company that employed Julie. With their help, Tina was fast becoming one of the top agents in southern California. As an added benefit, Tina had accepted the head cheerleader coach at Bravo College last year. The girls loved Tina Ramsey as a coach not only because of the creative choreography she introduced into their cheering routines, but also because of her teen-like perkiness spirit the 38-year old brunette injected into the group. Sure, like Julie, she was a proud mother of three charming kids, but also a middle-aged fuck queen with typical Crossland slutty-like habits.

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