Cuckolding Mom Pt. 02 – The Start

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I sat there in the living room like I was in a trance. My God, Aunt Jenny just sucked my dick and swallowed my cum. My cock was in Aunt Jenny’s mouth. I kept seeing the back of her head. Her strawberry scent still hung in the room.

I looked at the TV. My blood-soaked avatar lay wasted on the ground. I didn’t feel like playing anymore so I turned off the console and TV, lifted myself off the couch, went out and sat in the middle of the three Adirondack chairs on the deck. The afternoon sun was fading behind me. I could see and hear the surf. The beach was almost empty now. I watched an old man in a floppy hat scouring the sand with a metal detector looking for lost rings and such.

‘My aunt just sucked me off,’ that thought kept filtering back into my mind.

I don’t know how long I had been sitting there when the screen door behind me opened. I turned to see my mom, refreshed from her nap. Her auburn hair caught a slight breeze. She was wearing a short light blue, mid-thigh sundress and sandals.

“Hi honey,” she said as she patted me on top of my head and walked to the deck railing. Placing her hands on the railing, stretching her arms out straight, she lifted herself up on her tiptoes. Her legs definition took shape. Her dress rid higher. Her calf and thigh muscles tightened. Her ass poked backward.

She shook her head slightly, “God, I love the smell of the ocean.” Standing on her tiptoes added, “Isn’t this view delicious?”

I was eyeing her up and down. Her slender frame, her perfect legs and ass. I was really admiring the “delicious” view, but not the same view as my mom.

“Yes Mikey, are you enjoying the view?” The screen door opened again and Aunt Jenny was smiling at me. I rolled my eyes at her. God, she caught me again, ogling my mom.

This time, I smirked back at her, “Yes, very much.”

Jenny was wearing a flowered pattered, calf length sundress that was slit up the middle to her mid thighs. Her thick dark auburn hair framed her face. The dress just tight enough to show off her ample tits and enough buttons undone to expose a few inches of cleavage.

She too patted me on the head, walked by me, put her hands on the railing, got on her tiptoe’s, but she wiggled her ass, and turned her head, smiled at me, then bit her lower lip and gave me a wicked little stare before turning back towards the beach.

I sat there looking at them both. The contrast was striking. My mom’s slender frame next to Aunt Jenny’s full-figured body.

My cock twitched. I reached down and adjusted it just in time before they both turned around and sat down on either side of me.

As they sat back in the Adirondack chairs, they crossed their beautiful, tanned legs. The salted air ocean breeze, mixed with their body’s freshness. I inhaled their scent.

My mind broke the spell, ‘What are you thinking? That’s mom and your aunt? Yeah, and your aunt had your cock in her mouth a couple of hours ago! But…’

I was about to excuse myself and get up when both Jenny and mom took a hold of each of my hands.

Mom chimed, “How about a nice salad, crab cakes and shrimp for dinner?”

Aunt Jenny added, “I’ll make the crab cakes, using dear old George’s recipe. Damn, I miss that old bastard sometimes.”

I gave her a quick glance. She was staring at the ocean. Then she patted my hand.

They both stood and started to walk inside. “Well Beth, let’s get started. Mikey, you stay here and enjoy the view.”

She pointed towards the beach as three young bikini clad skinny girls crossed close to the house. One turned and smiled at me, as the other two giggled.

Mom and Aunt Jenny giggled too as they walked back into the house.

I sat there letting my mind wander, from next year’s courses, the old man still searching the sand, the gulls screeching, but always returning to Aunt Jenny sucking the life out of my dick. God, nothing ever felt that good.


I went inside we all sat around the table and ate. Small talk, nothing heavy, plans for the rest of the week, would dad make it up next weekend, the weather.

After dinner they told me to just relax and they’d clean up, so it was back to the porch and watching the last of the suns shadows stretch across the beach as it sank behind me.

Soon, mom and Aunt Jenny were again sitting beside me. Both with a hefty glass of wine and Aunt Jenny had brought me Coors. I was a little surprised mom didn’t say anything, but I figured she knew I was drinking at school anyway.

For the most part we just sat there quietly enjoying the night air and pounding surf. Mom made a remark about what a beautiful stimulating day it had been.

That’s when Aunt Jenny took my hand and gave it a tight squeeze and said, “Oh yes, it sure has ben stimulating, don’t you think Michael?”

Mom looked at her with a half smirk then back to the surf. I looked at Aunt Jenny and she licked her lips.

My cock stirred.

A little later we all went inside. I played video games, while kilis escort mom read a book and Aunt Jenny pecked away at her cell phone.

I finally said I was going to bed and both of them agreed it was a good idea.

I put on an oversized t-shirt and boxers to sleep in. I usually slept in the nude, but if I had to pee during the night, didn’t want to walk down the hall to the bathroom naked.

As I lay there, I listened as the house grew quiet. Everyone settled in. I looked at the clock as the minutes clicked away. Five, ten, fifteen, okay twenty. I kicked off the bed sheet and grabbed my dick under my boxers. I needed to jerkoff bad. My mind reliving the afternoon with Aunt Jenny sucking me dry.

“Fuck this.” I whispered and tugged off my boxers, pulled off my t-shirt, spread my legs, grabbed my cock again with one had and massaged my balls with the other.

“Oh God, Aunt Jenny. Oh God,” I moaned just above a whisper.

A low soft voice asked, “Yes sweetie?”

I froze, with one hand grasping my firm dick the other covering my balls.

I looked over and Aunt Jenny was standing in the doorway. I was so engrossed in getting off I hadn’t heard her open the door. I could barely make out her figure. The hallway and my room were dark. She moved over to the nightstand and turned on the dim lamp.

She looked stunning in the soft glow of the lamp. Her long, thick, dark auburn hair framed her face. She had on very little makeup. She had on a long shear black robe, which was open in the front, just covering her perfectly shaped breast with her nipples pointing straight out. The small ribbon of white flesh caused by the covering of her bikini bra in contrast with her tan traced across her chest. Even without a bra her tits were firm and set up high. The opening of the robe revealed the slight wedge between her tits, to her soft flat tummy and the indent to her belly button. As my eyes tracked every inch of her, they settle on her narrow “V” shaped auburn colored pubic hair that was so closely trimmed I could make out the slit of her pussy. Her bikini bottom white outline against her tan framed her pussy.

Her thick thighs spread only inches apart.

I looked up at her, still gripping my cock

and balls.

“Go on Mikey”, she whispered in a low soft commanding voice, “I want to watch.”

With only a second of hesitation, I spread my feet wider apart and looked up at her face. She was looking down at my hands on my on my cock and balls. My eyes moved down my aunts almost naked body standing only a foot away from me. I started to pump my cock with my fist and massaged my ball sac with the other hand as ordered.

I looked up again at her face, her eyes glued to my hands manipulating myself. She sighed and bit her lower lip. I saw her hand move from her waist, over her tummy and down to the tip of her pussylips. She slid her middle finger down her slit, parting her cunt lips. She moved her finger back to the top and made a circle around the stiffening knob of her clit.

I moaned out loud as I felt I could cum at any moment.

She said sharply, “Stop.”

I froze and watched as she peeled off her robe and let it fall to the floor.

“Move your hands,” she instructed me as she climbed on the bed. I put my feet together when started to straddle my thighs.

I focused on her pussy, seeing her pussylips part as her thighs opened as she stretched them over me. Then she lowered herself on top of me. My rock-hard cock wedged between our abdomens. Then her huge tits pressed onto my chest.

I whimpered, “Oh God”, as I felt them flatten against me. Her face moved towards me. Her long strawberry scented hair brushed against the sides if my face. I inhaled the warmth of her wine laced breath as our lips met. Her forearms pressed against my biceps pinning them to my sides. My hands and fingers running, kneading along the warm, soft skin of her sides. Her fingers smoothing through my hair, holding my head in place as she pushed her lps into mine, slicing her tongue into my mouth.

As we kissed, her calves pressed into my thighs and her feet moved up and down just above my knees.

She held me in, her body seemed to surround me, she was in charge.

Our lips parted. She raised her head and again her hair caressed my face. I felt the skin of our chest peel apart as she raised herself higher. She was now sitting on my thighs looking down at me. I was looking up at her. God, she was so beautiful. Her large breasts pointing out, her auburn hair seemed to glow in the lamp light. Her face so perfect looking so much like moms.

I felt her move up my thigh, her pussylips sliding along the top of my rigid shaft, coating it with her wetness. Jesus, I could smell her sex, it started to fill the room, mixing with her strawberry scent and now her body odor.

She slid back and forth on my cock, coating it with her juices. She raised her pelvis off me. Took one hand, reached between kilis escort bayan her thighs, grabbed hold of my dick, pointed it straight up and slowly impaled herself completely onto it, she exhaled, sighing, “Yyyyyeeeessss.”

My cock now was imbedded completely in this beautiful full-bodied woman’s pussy, my aunt.

Her eyes were closed and she raised her hands to the back of her head, making her tits rise higher. She moved her hips, my cock touching all the insides of her hot, moist cunt. She ground her clit into my pelvic bone.

She moaned, “God, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

She continued to grind her pussy on my dick and clit against my pelvic bone. Then she raised up slightly and started to ride my dick, letting it slice up and down into her slit. Her hands went to my chest, her tits hanging down and swaying as she started to pump my rod with cunt.

I moaned, “Oh, Aunt Jenny I’m going…”

She stopped moving her hips, cutting my words off and growled down at me, “Don’t you dare cum you little bastard.” Her face was stern and looked as harsh as her voice. My pending climax disappeared.

Then another voice made me turn my head toward the door in a moment of panic.

“Jenny, you promised.” My mom was standing in my bedroom doorway. Her arms folded below her chest. She was wearing a short mid-thigh length robe that was synched tight. Her thighs pressed together. She was watching us, a pained look on her face.

I looked up at Aunt Jenny as she glared back at my mom, “Oh shut the fuck up Elizabeth. You want him as much as I do, maybe more. So just stand there and watch, you little bitch.”

I looked back at mom. Her hands were now folded down in front of her. Her rope was opened a little and I could see the space between her tits. Her head was bowed slightly, her soft, auburn hair on either side of her face. She was looking at us, a sad expression on her face.

I turned my attention back to Aunt Jenny, my cock was still imbedded in her cunt, she started to fuck me hard again, she had a knowing grin on her face as she looked at mom watching us.

Each time Aunt Jenny lifted up on my dick, the insides of her pussy squeezed my cock as if she was milking it. Then she lowered her cunt back down as my rod sliced into her wetness.

She rode my cock in a relentless rhythm. The sound of her moist squishy cunt filled the room each time she lifted up and down on my dick was followed by the smack of her ass on my thighs. The mixture if her pussy scent, our body odor and the faint sweetness of her strawberry perfume surrounded us.

She let out a small grunt each time her ass slapped against my thighs. I watched her tits sway back and forth then reached up and cupped them in my hands. Her perfectly rounded brownish areolas surrounded by my open thumb and forefinger. Her nipples hardening as I kneaded her tits. I pushed up on them, they were heavy and soft. I held them tight, massaging them deeply with my fingers.

Aunt Jenny turned and looked at my mom and scolded her, “Did I tell you could masturbate? Stop it. Just watch.”

I looked over at mom. Her thighs now slightly apart as she moved her hands away from her pussy. In the soft glow of the bedside lamp, I could see the wetness glistening off my mom’s fingers and dripping on the top of thighs just below her cunt. I saw my mom’s pussy was shaved. Mom’s pussy was completely bald. I looked up at her face, she was looking directly at Jenny and I fucking. Tears in her eyes a few streaks down her cheeks. Her mouth slightly opened, she occasionally licking her lips. She was breathing heavily, clearly mesmerized by watching her sister and son coupled together.

Aunt Jenny, still looking at her said breathlessly, “God, Elizabeth, he’s as big as daddy. He stretches my pussy out just like daddy does. You’ll see honey, he’s thick and long like daddy.”

I looked over at mom, she was biting her lower lips, her hands massaging her tits under her skimpy robe. My mind skipped over to what Aunt Jenny had just said, ‘Aunt Jenny and grandpa? Mom and grand pa? What the fuck? Are they doing grandpa?’

The thought was all too much for me. Imaging granddad on top of my aunt and then my mom, each in turn, their thighs open wide, their feet dangling in the air. Their arms around him. Their fingernails scratching into his back as they kissed. Granddad pounding is cock deep inside his daughters. My mom, my aunt!

“Oh God, Aunt Jenny. I’m going to cum! Oh God!”

Jenny pushed her clit down hard on my pelvic bone and held still. My cock completely imbedded inside her. She put her hands on my chest, digging her fingernails slightly into me just enough to cause me pain and snarled down at me, “Don’t cum yet, Michael! Not until I tell you can cum. Understand?”

I looked at her, a little scared, I meekly sighed, “Yes ma’am.”

Her snarl turned into a devilish smile, “Good boy.” as she started to rock on top of me again.

She moved escort kilis and twisted around on my stiff shaft, touching all the insides of her sloppy cunt. “Pinch my nipples, Michael, squeeze my tits.” Aunt Jenny in a low voice growled down at me.

I twisted her taut nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Harder, damn it, harder!” she barked at me. Her teeth clinched together; her lips tightly separated around her mouth.

I pulled and twisted on her hard growing nipples between my fingers.

“Yes, God yes!” she moaned between her teeth. With my cock now up to its hilt inside her cunt, she started to rub her clit against my pubic hair, then ground it hard onto my pelvic bone.

Her face contorted as she bared down on me. Her teeth still clinched, her lips tight around her mouth, some drool escaping from the corners of her mouth.

“Now Mikey, cum! Cum with me!” Her eyelids started to flutter; she looked straight ahead, a glazed look in her eyes.

My balls tightened and I felt he first wave of my cum spasm up my shaft, it was almost painful as it opened up the tunnel inside my cock and sprayed into my aunt’s already saturated cunt.

We both moaned together as it hit inside her. Her thighs started to quiver, the muscles in her neck tightened as her pussy pulsated around my imbedded cock.

The second burst of cum from my balls seemed even more full then the first as it pumped and was absorbed into my aunt lubricated pussy.

Again, we both sighed, moaned out loud together, lost in the incestuous bliss we were sharing. Knowing my mother, her sister, was watching increasing our pleasure.

After I delivered the third column of my cum into her pussy, she lowered herself onto my chest, forcing my hands away from her nipples and tits, around to her back. Her hair again caressing my face, the sweet scent of her strawberry perfume covering some of the smell of our sex and sweat.

She kissed me deeply as together our spasming orgasms continued to mesh. I was, at that moment, never so fulfilled in my life. Never so much intensely in love, devoted to someone, wanting this instant in time to last forever, in my aunt’s arms, her body and scent surrounding me and my cock still, yet now, diminishingly throbbing inside her slightly massaging pussy.

She raised up off me. Her forearms straightening. Her elbows bent. Her soft hair grazing the sides of my face. She smiled down at me. As she eased up and let my semi-hard cock slip out of her warm, sloppy cunt she said, “Good boy.”

She sat on the bed next to my feet. We both looked at my mother. She was still standing in the doorway, looking pitiful with her arms at her side, her robe open covering her tits, but her shaven pussy was exposed.

“Come over here Elizabeth and clean up your son.”

Mom gave her a quick glance but started to move toward the bed.

“Stop.” Aunt Jenny ordered, “Take off that robe. Let your son see you naked.”

Mom, looked straight ahead, past us, with tears forming in her eyes and let the robe fall to the floor. She looked frail, helpless, like a little girl.

I looked up and down her frame. The curve of her waist. Her slick clean pussy. A hint of wetness around the pussylips. Her hands clenched now in a fist as I looked up at her cute, indented belly button. Her tits sagged just a bit. The nape of her neck, her face, she was so beautiful.

“Put your hands over your head Elizabeth. Let your boy get a really good look at his mommy.”

My mother obeyed. Her tits jutted out from her chest. I noticed her nipples were taut. Her hands over her head, her clean underarms exposed.

“Now turn, let him see your ass sis.”

My mom turned slowly. Her butt seemed flat and hung just a bit.

“Stand on your tiptoes.”

My mom did as instructed. Her butt tightened and her calves and thighs showed their perfect definition as she arched her feet up to stand on her tiptoes.

I looked over at Aunt Jenny as she watched her sister obey without hesitation or question. She was clearly in charge. My mother clearly her subordinate.

Aunt Jenny eyed my mother, with an almost look of contempt. “You’re pathetic, you know that Beth. Now get over here and clean Michael.”

My mom lowered her arms and went flat footed, turned and faced me. She had a blank look on her face as she walked over to the bed and looked down at me laying on the bed. She looked at my face and gave me a half smile as she sat on the edge of the bed at my knees. She bent down, her auburn hair covering her face and spreading across my upper thighs and pubic area.

I propped myself up on my elbows to watch.

I shivered as I felt the flat of my mother’s tongue lick the skin at top of my upper thigh and trace across to my sticky coated pubic hair, cleaning the mixture of her sisters and my cum off me.

“Get up between his legs.” My mom crawled up on the bed. I opened my legs wide. She lowered herself in a crouched position, between my thighs forcing then wider apart. Her warm, soft skin pressing against my inner thighs, making me shiver at her touch. She placed her face above my crotch, her hair hanging down, hiding her face.

“Here, let the boy see.” Aunt Jenny reached over, smoothed my mom’s hair away from her face and held it up on top of her head in a bun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32