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Cold metal touches my wrists and it jerks me out of sleep. You’ve raised my hands above my head and cuffed them so I can’t move. A sleepy smile crosses my face as you look down at me, brushing my hair from my face. A soft kiss brushes my lips before you yank away the covers, leaving me naked and exposed. Fingertips brush down my side and back up, softly circling my nipple, already hard from the sudden cold. Your head lowers so you can sweep your tongue over my other unattended nipple, you suck and nibble on me gently causing me to feel tugs low in my belly, feeling wetness start to gather between my thighs.

I opened my eyes when your touch leaves me and you gather a strip of cloth from the bedside table, covering my eyes and tying it securely behind my head, leaving me in darkness. Your hands return to me, this time spreading my legs, leaving me fully exposed to your gaze. I test the hold on my wrists for the first time, feeling vulnerable at being unable to see you. Involuntarily I pull away as your tongue touches me unexpectedly. I giggle and relax into your familiar touch. Hands pressing my thighs wide and your tongue sliding slowly over my sensitive clit. One of your fingers begins to press inside me and my back arches off the bed as you suck my clit into your mouth at the same time. It always surprises my how close you can bring me to the brink and a moan escapes my lips. Yours finger and tongue move faster and my breath comes quicker, catching in my throat, my heels digging into the bed as I push my hips towards you, urging you on.

“I’m close.” My words are pointless, you know how close Kurtköy Anal Escort I am, you know my body and it’s reactions better than I do.

Suddenly your touch leaves me, I wait for it return but instead I feel you like climb up my body and catch my lips in an urgent kiss. I wrap my legs around your back and press myself to you. Teeth nip my bottom lip and you draw away from me. I moan in frustration and try to follow me. You chuckle and press me back to the bed. The bed bounces a little bit as you leave it and your footsteps make a soft sound on the carpet as you walk across the room.

The door clicks and my head snaps up. I call your name but you don’t reply. I slump back on the pillows to wait.

I don’t know how much time has passed since you left, minutes, longer. The slickness between my thighs still betrays how aroused I was, how wet you made me. You don’t speak and I stay silent, craning my ears for some sound of what you’ll do next. Roughly a hand grabs my ankle and pulls it to the side of the bed, expertly fastening it in a cuff. The other receives the same treatment so I’m spread open with no way to hide my exposure to you. Fingers touch me, playing with my still wet clit and pushing into me, filling my little pussy. Something bigger pushes at my entrance and my hands begin to pull at the cuffs.

“Relax.” It’s one of my toys that you’re working into me, you’ve been into our toy box and I wonder what else you’re going to use on me. Soft buzzing reaches my ears a second before I feel the vibrations on my clit. I bite my lip and grip headboard as my Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort pussy is filled by the fake cock, I wish desperately it’s you inside me. Thrusting my hips furiously I make sure the entire length of the toy is being worked in and out of me. Movements from you stop and I lose my rhythm in confusion. Your hand wraps around my neck and presses gently.

“Don’t dare cum.” Roughly the toy is pushed the entire length into me and I cry out. The vibrator bit is pressed directly against my clit and my pussy is filled to the limit. The door snicks shut again and I almost begin to cry in frustration. My hips grind slowly into the toy, I’m so close it hurts not to just let go, let myself fall. Somehow I manage to stop myself, to hold myself directly on the edge. Whimpers keep escaping from me, loud moans and eventually a scream of frustration. The door opens and I know now you had been waiting right outside.

The toy is pulled from my pussy leaving me empty. You release my ankles before gripping my hips and turning me over onto my stomach, pulling my hips up so I rise onto my knees, my ass in the air. Coldness touches my ass and I jerk away with a gasp, you pull me back into place and fire sweeps across my ass as your hand meets it hard. Twice more you smack me.

“Stay still, don’t move.” His hand tugs my hair as he says this and I settle myself back onto the bed. Pressure and coldness against my ass alerts me to the fact you’re pressing one of my butt plugs into my ass. I groan as it stretches me, forcing myself to relax against it. Finally it’s settled, pushed Kurtköy Zenci Escort inside me to the hilt. I moan softly and your smack your hand softly against the wide base of the plug. I come up off the bed with a screech and you laugh, stroking your hand down my back as I relax again. You push 2 of your fingers inside me and finger fuck me roughly. I push my hips back to you, hoping this is the time you’ll let me cum.

Your cock replaces your fingers and I moan loud and low. I feel so full that it dances the line between pleasure and just being too much.

Tears begin to stream down my face as I start to beg you. My clit is throbbing uncontrollably and I can feel my wetness sliding down my thighs and dripping onto the bed between them. The pace is fast and furious, you’re fucking me like it’s the last possible time.

“Please let me cum, please.” I’m so so close, it’s all I can do to hold back. Cumming without your permission now would be a disaster, I know next time you would leave me even longer. I feel you lean over me, lips pressed to my ear as your hand sneaks round my hip to press your fingers to my clit.

“Cum.” Your command is all I need and immediately I start to cum, I don’t bother to stifle the scream that’s rips from my throat as hours of pent-up tension is released. My pussy contracts hard around your cock and it triggers your own release. I scream again as your cock swells and begins to shoot your cum deep inside me.

Pulling free from my still grasping pussy you turn me over onto my back and rip the blindfold from my eyes. It is then I see the camera pointed directly between my spread legs, the red recording light blinking cheerily. A cheeky smile is on your face as you catch sight of my shocked one. You kiss me lightly on the forehead and leave the room again, leaving me cuffed, fucked, my ass still filled, dripping with your cum and fully exposed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32