Curtain Up, Knickers Down

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Every year across the area I live we get the amazing Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theatre and it is always an amazing chance for me as a crossdresser to get out dressed to an event with friends some straight and up for a laugh others trans, bi and gay.

As we booked the last night of the show and had a group of 6 of us going we had agreed to meet in a very straight bar just down the road from the theatre about an hour beforehand, now normally I wouldn’t go to a so called “Straight” bar dressed but as it was the closest to the theatre I thought I would not probably be the only one dressed up in there.

As I had the Saturday daytime off it gave me time to do all my house chores and relax before making sure I was 100% smooth from top to toe including shaving my hair down to a rather military looking grade one crop.

As it was one of the nights I get to be my real self even with my straight friends present I knew I could dress as wild as I liked so wearing a very pricey satin and lace maids outfit that covered very little was me being as naughty as I dared really.

Making sure my 32 inch legs were perfectly smooth I slid on fishnet stockings with a suspender belt, my gaff to keep everything tucked nicely and a pair of sexy black lace panties, wearing a steel boned corset and putting in my fake breasts I looked pretty hot I thought.

Going a little over the top with the make up on purpose I pulled my long feathered black wig into place and slid my feet into my platform 5 ½ inch peep toe stiletto heels with the heels being metal and shiny they looked perfect.

Making sure everything was perfect and I wasn’t showing any signs of my privates I called a local taxi firm who said they would be with me within 10 minutes and text me on arrival.

Grabbing a small handbag for some makeup, my money and tickets which I had to hand out to my friends, I just hoped they would be there first.

As my taxi arrived I locked up the flat and tottered off down the drive way in my heels to the taxi, stepping in the driver asked where I was going and we were on our way.

Pulling up outside the bar I thanked the taxi driver and paid my fare before stepping out, walking into the bar saying hello to the doorman on my way past he just smiled and as I wandered into the bar area I saw no one I knew.

Feeling confident I looked good I approached the bar and as one of the girls came to serve me she said “Wow girl you look amazing” which boosted my confidence greatly, as I ordered a large white wine we got chatting and as I was more interested in her than other things sariyer escort going on I didn’t see one of my friends approaching.

Walking up behind me and spanking my bottom I purred with pleasure as I love being spanked when I am all girly looking and feeling naughty, asking for another my friend moved to my side and said maybe later darling.

Giving my friend a kiss on the cheek I was so much more comfortable with someone to hold my hand and as we stood having a drink and chatting to the barmaid the others slowly came in all in costume.

All hanging around the bar one of the bar staff offered to take a group picture for us which we gladly accepted before moving onto the theatre, walking up a very steep hill then steps to the theatre was a challenge in very high heels but I wasn’t the only one struggling.

Queuing up outside the theatre and dishing out everyone’s tickets we slowly made our way inside and straight to the bar, ordering 2 buckets of bottled beer we headed for the main theatre to find our seats and I had spent more than I was meant to so we could have the front row of the balcony to get the very best view.

As the darkness fell and the lights dimmed the excitement of the show starting took hold and as the curtain raised for the first half silence fell, sitting on the end of our group of friends with a guy who was dressed up next to me I was more than comfortable.

Soon enough the first half of the show and the sheer energy slowed for a break I stayed in my seat as we had drinks, catching the eye of the guy next to me he asked if I was enjoying the show and of course I was telling him I go every year.

Asking his name he said “Clive”

As he did he asked mine or at least my assumed one, replying “Lisa” he added well you are gorgeous making me blush.

Putting his hand on my fishnet stockinged leg I knew what he wanted and to be honest I like guys very much so discretely sliding my hand up his thigh he was already semi hard or very well endowed, looking over to my right my two straight friends had gone off so looking back invitingly he leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips.

Realising my friends were reappearing as were Clive’s we sat and as the lights fell again I felt his hand once again on my thigh but this time a little higher and inside my dress, leaning to him and asking him to lower his hand he did so.

At this moment I wasn’t even sure he had guessed I am a Transvestite so I didn’t want him finding something he didn’t expect in my panties.

As the showed played out and the famous Timewarp eskort started we all stood as the crowd are encouraged to dance the timewarp with the cast at the end of the show, standing and turning to friends during I felt Clive move in closer and stroke my bum before slapping it hard, looking over my shoulder and he smiled back at me.

Usually the final dance is done 2 or 3 times depending on how the cast feel and crowd reaction but I was feeling naughty so as they went for the second one I made an excuse I needed the toilet, making sure I spoke loud enough for Clive to take the hint.

Squeezing out of the seats and past everyone I climbed the steps to the exit and waited just outside the door and within minutes Clive appeared, taking his hand and leading him to the bar before releasing his hand I headed straight for the toilets.

Walking in with Clive following me I went straight to the furthest cubicle pulling him inside and slamming and locking the door, feeling his hands lock to my waist as we kissed excitedly sharing each other’s tongues and breath.

I knew I was erect in my panties but slid down in my stilettos and unzipped Clive pulling out a veiny 8 inch cock, not that thickest I have ever sucked or been fucked with but he was such a nice guy I wanted to eat his cum for him.

Guiding my head and made up lips to his cock I slipped my heavy made up red shiny lips around his bell end slowly sucking him and bobbing deeper and deeper with each stroke enjoying the perfume of his lovely cock filling my mouth.

Pulling my own 8 inches from my panties and slowly massaging my girthy girl cock Clive asked if he could suck me, helping me to my feet and pushing me up against the door he was soon sucking my bald cock and slid a finger into my anus teasing my tight fuck hole as he blew me.

Loving watching him sucking my cock I wasn’t going to resist and soon enough hit a lovely deep orgasm and filled his mouth with my hot cum which he happily swallowed for me.

Loosing track of time and hoping we didn’t get caught I didn’t much care and as Clive stood and kissed me he broke away and asked me, can I fuck you baby?

Telling him yes as long as he wore a condom he pulled out his wallet and produced a fresh condom sliding it onto his still very hard cock, turning me around to face the wall Clive pulled my panties and gaff aside and fell down below my pert bum and rimmed me deeply which I adore.

Begging him to fill me I didn’t have to ask twice and luckily for us both Clive was tall enough for me as he pushed up behind me I felt him slip beyoglu escort once or twice as I had no lube I was very tight but willing to take his meat inside me.

Pushing again against my very tight little bum hole I relaxed and he managed to slide inside me, asking him to be gentle he slid into me inch by inch kissing my neck and fondling my hot corseted body as he did making me purr for his hot cock inside me.

Relaxing nicely for him I hoped he would fuck me hard and as he got balls deep inside me he whispered into my ear how he likes to fuck Tgirls hard and deep, showing him how bad I wanted it I pushed back taking all of him inside me he began to pound me hard but slow.

Pulling from my very tight pussy before slamming his full balls against my arse cheeks making an audible slap with each thrust, begging him to fuck the shit out of me he built up pace and began to bang me so hard I was on my tip toes in my stilettoes getting fucked hard.

Pushing back as much I could Clive knew exactly what to do and adjusted himself to fuck me as hard as he could cracking the air and my bum cheeks as he slammed his 8 inches deep in my pussy, moaning like a hoare for him I felt him start to pulsate inside me and as he tried to pull away I pushed all of him back inside me.

Just waiting for the groan Clive kissed at my neck and pushed deeply inside me over and over pulsing more and more with each push inside me and then I felt the condom fill in my butt and Clive shoot several hot loads.

Pulling from me I turned around on my now shaking legs and pulled him against me kissing gently as he played with my cock, slowly pulling at my cock I was ready and asked him if he would suck me off again.

Without having to ask twice Clive knew I was ready to cum and as he slid my cock in his mouth he pushed 2 fingers in my bum and stroked at my G spot making me spurt my second hot load into his mouth, this time he didn’t swallow but stood and kissed me with a mouthful of cum we shared.

Enjoying the moment I slid my gaff and panties back into place, kissed Clive properly and exchanged numbers as I asked him if he would like to fuck me again soon.

Walking out of the toilets my friends were lined up near the bar and as I walked over one of my straight friends asked if I was ok, saying yes fine another who knew I am bisexual whispered into my ear was he a good fuck.

Chatting to my friends I was carefully watching the toilet door and moments later Clive emerged, looking over he smiled and joined his friends.

As we left and said our goodbyes I joined two of my friends and went off to one of the gay bars in the town drinking, dancing and antics until the early hours but after all the years of going dressed to the theatre I will always remember meeting Clive and him fucking me hard in the toilets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32