Cybersex Ch. 03

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I enjoyed reading the story or transcript you posted. I wouldn’t mind a cybersex session with you, if you’re interested. If you aren’t into that, it’s fine, but thank you that what you wrote left a pleasant feeling in my groin.


Go ahead and start with whatever fantasy turns you on:


I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when I got home from my after-work run and found a sex toy on the couch.

It was a pale pink, six-inch dildo that I had never seen before. My boyfriend and I occasionally have used items that came into our relationship in a cardboard “toy box” that spent most of its time on the top shelf of his closet, but had not reached into it in months. Still, I knew that this had not come from there.

My mind ran over possibilities. Had he been playing on the couch and then called away suddenly? Was he sending me a message? If so, what was it? Maybe he wanted me to try it out on him. Maybe he wanted to use it on me. Maybe he had had a guest (ours is an open relationship) who had left it behind.

I looked around for a note. There was none. I checked my phone to see if I had missed a call or a message. Again, nothing.

There was one other possibility, and this unexpected find having made me even hornier than usual, I went for it.

I had already kicked off my sneakers as I had come in the door. I lay back on the couch and ran my left hand along the inside of my thigh slowly, feeling both the hair that grew there and the sweat from my run. Each time, my hand moved further, pushing under just the edge of my shorts at first and then, bit by bit, reaching the point where the straps of my jock met the pouch, just above my target.

I braced my feet against the couch and arched my back to slide my shorts off. With my legs spread, my fingertips could move better across and around the entire area, I continued to rub my leg, but also my butt, constantly circling closer and closer to my waiting hole. When I found my way there, it was hard to focus on anything else. If it hadn’t been for the fact that my arm was also rubbing across the front of my jockstrap, waking my dick to life, the entire world might have been contained in the pleasure that I was finding in that one spot.

And then I heard the door open.


I was a little nervous about going to the house of a woman I had never met in person, just online on Craigslist who had invited me over to her house to, as she put it, “slowly slide my pale pink dildo inside my wet pussy, and maybe more”. You never know if you’ll meet someone crazy online. But, I was horny from not having cum for several days, and she looked pretty hot in the pictures she posted, a little chubby and dark skinned like I like women, so I followed her instructions to not knock, just “cum right in, the house will be open”. I took off my shirt and shorts in the hallway just inside the door as she had instructed, and walked naked into the living room …

and oh my god, there’s a naked dude rubbing a dildo against his butthole. What the fuck?

I should just grab my clothes and get the hell out of there, but then he looks up at me with his eyes glazed with lust, and I freeze …


As I heard the door open. I quickly inserted the head of the toy into the entrance of my ass. I found myself smiling for two reasons – what I was feeling and what I knew I would feel.

Then around the corner walked a naked man I didn’t recognize at first.

He was worth looking at. He had a really good chest. His pecs had obviously been worked on, and his nipples perched lightly on them. His belly was flat, also obviously the object of some care. The thin, dark trail of hair that ran from his navel downward spread out just below his hips into an inviting shape. His dick stuck out straight in front of him, quivering as his blood pulsed.

I could see that this was going to get interesting. Even more interesting than it already was.

Before I did anything I slid my toy in and out two or three more times and watched as he wondered what to do.

He stood there, looking confused. He looked confused, but his hand had moved to his dick.

He looked familiar. One more time, in and out, playing for time to remember, Or maybe just playing. And then I knew who he was.

“Hey! You’re the new guy at my boyfriend’s office. He was just talking about your eyes, and your ass. And wanting to see what was in your pants. I guess I beat him to it. He said you were totally straight.”

I must have smirked a little bit as I licked my lips, and my eyes move down again where his cock was getting harder and harder as he stroked it.


I should be bolting out the room. I should be royally pissed off at being lied to and deceived like this.

And I really, really shouldn’t be stroking my cock and feeling it get hard in my hand while looking at a man fucking himself in his ass with a toy and looking at me with lust in his eyes – except, I tell myself, if a woman was doing the

exact same thing I would totally take escort osmanbey advantage of the situation and take my pleasure, fuck her in the mouth or pussy or ass or maybe all three.

God, what am I thinking? That’s so gay. I’m not gay.

But then he licks my lips and I realize my cock doesn’t care, my cock wants some lips wrapped around it, and so despite all my trepidation I obey my body and walk over until my cock is almost touching his lips, moistened from being licked

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but fuck me I want a blowjob so bad …


My tongue reaches out to the tip of his cock. I taste a sweet, sticky drop of pre-cum that is waiting for me. I love that taste. I reach out for his shaft and smear the liquid across my lips, then pull back just enough to run my tongue from one side to the other, both taking in the pre-cum and moistening my lips for the next move.

And with that, I lean forward to take his dick into my mouth in one, smooth motion that rubs his head between my tongue and the roof of my mouth until it reaches way back toward my throat. I feel his pubic hair against my face and can smell the unmistakable smell of a horny man. I hold still for a second to take it all in, but his hand has found its way behind my head and he is holding it still while he thrusts his hips.

He is fucking my mouth. He has closed his eyes and thrown his head back and is bucking in and out. I swirl my tongue around his cock the whole time. He was hard when he began but now he is throbbing. As he pulls back I lean forward so that when he thrusts forward again I will deepthroat him.

When he has pushed deep again into my dick-hungry mouth I clasp the globes of his ass to hold him in place. I want to savor every moment of this, and every pulsing vein of the organ that presses against my lips. I’m grunting and gasping and enjoying it, wanting more and more, wanting him to shoot, wanting it to go everywhere.


OMFG, it feels good to buck and thrust and fuck his face. Actually, “her” face, because with eyes shut I’m imagining it’s a girl I’m facefucking. Except no girl I’ve ever talked into blowing me would let me do what I’m doing, grabbing the

back of her neck and jamming my cock all the way inside her throat, roughfucking her face without a care of her feeling cheap or sad afterward because there is NO afterward here, just gonna cum and leave.

So I reach down with the hand not jamming the back of “her” head forward onto my shaft and grab her hand and place it on my balls. And she takes the hint and starts kneading them while pulling her lips off my shaft and applying suction to my cockhead…

And I tentatively open my eyes, afraid I’ll be turned off by the sight of who is blowing me, but it’s actually kind of hot, forbidden fruit to see a man’s face taking my thrusts as I grunt and feel the cum start to back up. And it’s kind of

hot how his hands are grabbing my asscheeks with his fingers slipping into the buttcrack on some of my rough thrusts, just hanging on to my ass muscles to steady himself and push my cock aaaall the way inside, ready to spurt from the ball kneading and the wet friction of his lips pistoning on my cockhead and then taking it deep, all the way inside, oh fuck I don’t think I can hold back, but I don’t want to shoot my cumload just yet …


Obviously, he wants me to play with his balls because his hand guides me to them. They’re big. I fondle them. The skin is rough and covered with the same silky hair I feel with my face when my nose is buried in it as he presses himself deep inside my throat.

I start to think about what those balls would sound like if they were stopping against my own, while he plowed my ass.

My throat closes a little bit around his dickhead. It’s not like gagging, not at all. It’s more like my body wanting to draw him in, and drink.

My hands wrap around his ass cheeks as if they were made for each other. At the same time, he presses my face hard against his groin. He grunts insistingly.

One of my fingers finds its way into his crack and rubs against his anus. He twitches. So does my dick. He pulls back slightly and now once more my lips alone encircle him. One last lick; I open my mouth and, sliding down slightly, replace his dick in my mouth with his balls.

The warmth of my mouth relaxes his scrotum and my tongue rolls them from side to side. I watch his shaft moving across my field of vision every time.

Then I let them go. They fall out of my mouth and I take the finger that has been playing with his sphincter and stick it in my mouth before returning to its place. I want it to tickle. I want him to squirm. I want it to make his cock

jump and rub against my face.

I can feel my own hole twitching and expanded by the way I had been playing with it when he came in.

The blood is singing in my ears. I am getting close.


I almost shoot my load when he rubs his finger against my asshole and puts escort güngören my balls in his warm mouth. He lets my balls slide out from between his lips and rubs harder against my butthole, and I’m on the verge of letting go and filling his mouth with my cum, but then it occurs to me as I grunt and push my cockhead against his lips and slide inside and facefuck his mouth:

What would I do if this was a woman who would let me do absolutely anything I wanted to her, someone who I would get to fuck anyway I wanted and fill with cum anywhere I wanted?

Would I settle for a blowjob?

Would I even settle for cumming in her pussy?

No … of course not …

“Stand up” I order.

He obeys.

“Turn around.”

He looks at me with questioning eyes, and obeys again.

I grab him by the neck and bend him over the couch. From behind he looks slim and girlish, like a teenaged slut, and his asshole is shiny with lube and inviting. So I rub my cockhead against his hole. He moans, and I’m about to cum

again, but I want inside this tight girly asshole, so I grab his neck harder and push my cockhead against his hole, so tight, so very hot and tight. My cock bends and starts to hurt a bit from the resistance, so I yank his hair and tell

him to relax and open up, open up so I can fuck, and he grunts and moans and my cockhead pushes inside the tightest hole I’ve ever been inside before …

And it crosses my mind that this is kinda gay, but maybe not as gay as the one taking my cock, and besides I’m imagining I’m fucking a teenaged girl, which would be about manly as it gets, making a young girl submit every hole she has to my invading pole …

I’ve only got the head of my cock in his ass, so I start to thrust, trying to get the shaft deeper inside “her”. She’s squirming and moaning in pain, and I tell her to shut up and take it, be a good little bitch and take my dick inside her tight ass, and as I fuck her I remember the one other time I’d sunk my cock in a guy:

I’d responded to an ad on Craigslist by a woman who said she was curious about sucking the cock of an anonymous stranger while she was on vacation. Except, on her second email to me, “she” kinda shamefacedly admitted she was in fact a married guy who had fantasized about doing it, about submitting to a man, being dominated and made to take a cock between his lips. And I was about to bail, because I was looking for a woman not a man … but then he sent in a couple of nude pictures of himself, and he was muscular and fit and blonde and young, and I thought, what the hell.

A blowjob is a blowjob

So I met him in his hotel room, and he was even better looking than in his photos. And pretty soon I had him on his knees and I started fucking his face and asking him if he liked being my girlfriend, and between mouthfuls of cock he

said yes, he wanted to be my girlfriend, and asked him what his wife would think if she knew he was on his knees in a hotel room letting a stranger’s hard shaft slide a few inches inside his wet slutty mouth.

And he said she would divorce his ass if she knew, but he had to try it, he’d been so curious for so long.

So I grabbed his blonde hair and shoved my cock deeper and deeper in his mouth, bucking against his throat, and he was gagging and looking distressed, but when I pulled out and asked him if he wanted me to stop, wanted me to leave, he said no, he’d hate himself if he didn’t take my cum like a good girlfriend, if he didn’t give his boyfriend whatever he wanted.

Anything? I said.

Anything he mumbled between thrusts of my cock. Anything. I’m a good girlfriend. I’d make it hot for you.

Stand up, I said. Pull down your shorts and I’ll lick your cock.

So he did that, and I bent down and gave his cock a quick lick, but then pulled his shorts off and spun him around and pushed him down on the bed of the hotel room bedspread, on his stomach.

He looked over his shoulder at me and said, what are you doing?

I took a bottle of lube from my pocket. “I’m going to rub this on your ass. It’ll feel real good.”

“Please no. Please don’t.”

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, but …”

Then he gasped as I got my legs between his and pushed his thighs apart and rubbed lube on his hole.

“Does that feel good?”

“Oh my god yes. That feels amazing.”

“Are you ready to be a good girlfriend?”

“Yes. Yes.”

And so I rubbed my stiff cock against his asshole, and he moaned and pushed back, slid his butt crack up and down against my hardness.

“Are you ready?”

“I … I’m not sure.”

I positioned my cock against his hole and held it there. “You gotta say yes. You gotta consent. Say yes or I leave right now.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes … please?”

And with that I pinned him to the bed and started bucking and trying to get inside him.

“Ow!” he said. “Ow, that hurts. Please stop.”

“So you don’t escort çapa want to be my girlfriend?”

“I do … but …”

“Say yes again. Say you want me to fuck you. Then shut up and take it like a good slutty girlfriend, just moan and make noises and don’t say no.”

“Yes. Fuck me. Make me your girlfriend.”

So I fucked him. I fucked his ass, while he cried and whimpered and took it, took it like a good girl takes it, and then he started saying no, please stop, but when I whispered in his ear did he really mean it, or was he role playing not wanting it, he whispered back the truth … “Keep fucking me. Make me your slutty girlfriend. Take my virginity.”

And god help me, it turned me on, to fuck this anal virgin hard and deep while he said no and said stop and said please don’t, but then when I reached the point of no return the please don’ts became just please, please, and I came inside him, came so hard and strong, and then lay gasping on top of him with my cum inside my “girlfriend’s” tight little ass, whispering in his ear that he had made it so hot for me …


It was amazing. I’m not sure what happened but all of a sudden he came alive. Pulling his dick out of my mouth, he reached down, lifted me up off the couch, spun me around and bent me over the back of the sofa.

I licked the sticky fluid from my lips and braced myself.

My ass was sticking up, asking for him. He knew that. He was counting on that. There was not any hesitation, in one motion he pushed himself against my butthole. I took a breath as he plunged into me.

There was that one blinding second when I was ripped open by his rock hard organ and then came the rush as he slammed up against me. One hand grabbed the back of my head, fingers in my hair, and pulled back. He was riding me now.

“Fuck, girl! I want your pussy…fuck it! Your cunt is mine!”

The sweat from his belly, mixing with my own, trickled between us. As I lost control I panicked. I whimpered a little bit and yet in between heard myself saying, “Yes! Yes! Do it! Do it! Yes!”

And he did. His cock pressed in and out of my ready asshole. The head rubbed against my prostate time time again, until I went into that state where it was all I could think of. There was nothing around me but the sound of his balls swinging against my scrotum, his grunting, and my crying, “Oh yes! That’s it! Oh baby, Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

It was like I even forgot my own dick rubbing up against pouch of my jockstrap and the soft back of the couch, until by chance his hand rubbed me as he gripped my waist. I moved my legs farther apart, hoping he could go even deeper.

“Yeah, you’re a little pussy girl. Little pussy girl that loves it. Little pussy girl right here,” and he gave an extra little shove.

With that, I leaned into his thrust. He wasn’t moving as much now, but every motion was more and more intense. All I could do beyond that moment was pant.


He’s bent over the back of the couch, ass up and head down, helpless to stop my thrusts even if he wanted to, though from the “Oh yes! That’s it! Oh baby, Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” coming out of his mouth, he wants it.

And I have a momentary bit of hesitation at the weirdness and gayness of slamming my dick into a guy’s ass, so I pretend again that this is a girl taking my cock, and I tell her to take it in her pussy, be a good girl and get fucked, talking dirty and thrusting hard and oh god she’s thrusting back and I can’t stop I have to cum. And then the denial bursts and I admit I’m fucking a guy’s ass and it feels so good in a dirty, nasty forbidden fruit kind of way and I want to cum, so I grab his hair with one hard and his hip with another so I can plunge as deep as possible inside him, and I start to spurt inside him, filling his slutty hole with my cum, unloading more cum than I can recall shooting out of me in a long time, spanking his ass and calling him a fucking slutboy …


This was it. No more holding back.

He wrapped the fingers of his right hand in my hair and with his left hand he gripped my waist.

“Fucking slut boy! ” He said it over and over like some sort of incantation. It worked for me. I wanted to be the sluttiest fuck he had known. I wanted to be the insatiable ass that would service him and demand to be treated without mercy. I ground myself hungrily against his thighs and his cock surged into me in response.

“Fucking slut boy!” And with that, his throbbing organ gave it up and began to spurt. His cum filled me.

He slapped my ass. That was what put me over the edge. My balls tightened and in a blinding flash of pleasure I shot.

He pushed against my asscheeks to pull out, still half-hard and dripping. He rubbed himself on my back to clean up a little and with one last slap he turned and walked away.

I hung over the edge of the couch and panted while I heard him dressing in the hallway. As the door closed I realized I was dripping cum – his from my ass and my own from my dick.

I smiled.

I was both exhausted and exhilarated as I rolled over and shoving my T-shirt under me lay down on the couch to catch my breath. I rubbed my palm against my soaking-wet jock and then stripped it off so that I could lift it to my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32