Cylinda and the Wind

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Cylinda felt really good about herself when she walked out of her apartment building and onto the sidewalk that breezy spring morning. Wearing a light sweater and a pair of shorts and walking shoes, she exited through the front door and turned left. The shorts hung slightly below her hip bones, with a very loose fit, and the dark green material was so thin that she could feel the wind cutting right through it. Other gusts swirled up the legs of the shorts, which were so loose, they flapped around her hips. In itself, that wasn’t unusual, but she felt the wind more acutely than she otherwise would have, because Cylinda was completely naked under her outer garments.

She had chosen that day to go without her usual panties and bra, and she felt deliciously naughty, as the breeze penetrated the fabric, tickling her pussy, which she had shaved just minutes earlier. Cylinda was glad she was wearing her glasses; otherwise the strong breezes would have made her eyes water. Walking slowly, wanting to receive the maximum pleasure, she headed fully into the gusts, which caressed her in that most sensitive place, or swirled up the legs of the shorts to fondle her bare pussy from a different angle. Other gusts of wind massaged her breasts under their almost non-existent covering, turning her nipples hard, and not just from the chill. Within a few minutes of starting her trek, Cylinda could feel juices trickling from her pussy, warm and pleasant at first, but cooling quickly when the wind focused on them.

Immensely enjoying her walk, especially what the breeze Akbatı escort bayan was doing, she turned left at the first corner and hurried down the short block to the next intersection, where she would turn left again. Cylinda couldn’t feel any breeze tantalizing her when she was on the narrow side street that connected the two main thoroughfares, and she wanted, as quickly as possible, to get to a place where she could. That breeze, and the effect it was having on her private parts, was her reason for being out on the street wearing skimpy clothing with nothing but her bare skin under it.

Once she had made the second left turn, the breeze began sending thrills through her body again. This time it was blowing directly against her ass, which was just as naked under the shorts as her pussy was. A few tendrils of more adventurous air even swirled between her cheeks, caressing her rear hole and adding to the feeling she had of being wicked and wanton, as well as adding to the flow of her pussy juices. The wind and that feeling were so erotically pleasing that she bent slightly from the hips, reveling in how much better the strong breeze blew through the fabric and swirled up the legs of her shorts, to do what she wanted.

Cylinda glanced behind herself, saw nobody there and, still bending forward, reached back with her hands to spread her ass cheeks, helping the wind to do what she thought of as its job. Some of the gusts took advantage of her assistance, and tickled her crotch while swirling between her legs to Escort Aksaray caress her pussy from the doggy approach. She felt and smelled even more of her juices trickling from her pussy but these, being mostly out of the direct wind, stayed warm and wet.

Wanting to enjoy the ministrations of the wind as much as she could, but not wanting to walk ridiculously slowly, Cylinda finally reached the next corner. She turned left again, and hurried to get clear of the street where there was, once again, no wind to fondle and caress her where she wanted its attentions. One more left turn, and she was on the street where she had started, less than a block from her front door.

It immediately became the best part of her stroll. Just as she turned the corner, a sudden strong gust plastered the thin fabric of her shorts against her pussy, surprising her at how wet they had become from her juices. Cylinda smiled at her foresight in wearing the dark shorts, so nobody could see the wetness in front. The knowledge of what she was doing, and how she was getting away with it, multiplied her feelings of naughtiness.

She walked slower than ever while traversing the last few yards, not caring that others might wonder why she was moving so slowly. Cylinda didn’t care what they thought; she only cared about what the breeze continued doing for her. It grew even stronger, blowing right through the light material, caressing her bare pussy and increasing her flow of juices. Some of them were even trickling down her legs. As she stopped, Ankara escort and stood with her legs spread, the stronger swirls of air eddied around her, feeling up her ass and her pussy and her breasts with a thousand fingers. Some of them took advantage of an even more un-hindered route, under the loose-fitting legs of her shorts, to simultaneously fondle her hairless, unprotected pussy and her equally naked ass. Cylinda stood outside the front door for a few final minutes, legs wide apart, letting the wind have its fun with her, knowing that the first of what she hoped would be several orgasms was only minutes away.

By itself, the wind would not make Cylinda cum. However, it had made her wet and horny, and had made her feel like an extremely naughty girl, even though she was over 21 years old. The wind on that breezy morning had done exactly what she wanted. The rest was up to her vibrator. Cylinda knew the toy, with fresh batteries, was waiting on her bed where she had folded down the sheets just before shaving her pussy. As she hurried up the stairs, she wondered whether a short skirt, of equally thin fabric might work even better on a windy day, and if the (not) inadvertent flashing, which would be certain to happen, would add to her enjoyment.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Cylinda had already, and is going to be having momentarily with her vibrator. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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