Cynthia’s Mom

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I have a severe problem. I’m a normal twenty-year old college student with friends of both sexes and an active social life. To save money, I go to college near my home and live with my mom, who is single. She is forty-two and good looking. She caught my dad screwing his secretary and booted his ass out of our life. She could find a new man in a minute, but hasn’t. Says she is too busy making money as a real estate agent to mess with men. I’m not sure how much of this I believe. She is a very attractive woman who used to have an active sex life. You should have heard them going at it almost every night. And she does come back from those real estate seminars looking and sounding as though more went on than sitting in a conference room all day.

The problem is that every time I go out on a date with a new guy, she tells me she wants to meet him, just to make sure I’m not getting in over my head. Whatever that means.

When I try to be a good daughter and bring the guy around, she is all of a sudden back to her own college days, making eyes at him, wearing suggestive clothes that show off her fabulous tits, and generally making life tough for me.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to take it any more and am planning revenge. My new friend Alec is coming to dinner next week and she is going to get what she deserves.

Alec is tight end on the football team and a very nice guy besides. He helps me with my psychology papers and my atrocious spelling. How could a football jock be one of the best spellers around? I have to admit that he’s usually got his hand down my front when I ask him for spelling help. The deal is he gets a bare skin grope for every correctly spelled word he provides. One time, we were in his room at the fraternity and I was working on an anthropology paper. Almost every other word I needed help with. God, my tits were really getting a workout. I thought it was very distracting and said so.

“Cynthia,” he said, “I have an idea, what if I got access to more skin than your magnificent boobs?”

Oh no, I thought to myself, here’s where Cyn loses her final treasure, her hymen.

“Alec, is that a good idea? We might get carried away, and then that big thing between your legs is going to be inside me. I thought we agreed our relationship included making out, but not fucking?”

He pulled me onto his chest and rubbed my back. I kissed him and was getting all wet and emotional.

“Cyn, I really like you and I’m not into forcing anyone. No fucking means no fucking, unless we both change the deal.”

I hugged him and kissed him again. Our tongues fought a little duel. I was getting hot. I could feel his big cock underneath me. Maybe I was holding out too much. I was going to get laid sooner or later, why not now? Then he could make sure I get an A on this paper.

A sudden brilliant idea entered my mind. A truly bimbo idea. My dad used to say that you should kill two birds with one stone. This was perfect.

“Alec, I really really have to finish this paper tonight, so no more fooling around. But I have something you need to help me with at home, and as a thank you, I’m going to make you a home cooked dinner. What about Sunday night?”

“Annie, is there a little loving to go with that dinner?”

“Alec, you won’t believe how much better you are going to feel after coming to my house Sunday”

Loving indeed, I thought.

On Saturday morning, I told my mom that I had invited Alec to dinner Sunday evening and I would do all the cooking. It never entered her head that maybe she should get lost so her daughter and boyfriend could have an intimate meal? Not a chance.

I did say that it would be nice if the pool could be cleaned up and the heat turned on. She agreed and went to call the pool service while I did some shopping.

One of the women’s lingerie shops in town has a little section in the back where certain devices, lotions, creams and so on are available. I made a lengthy stop there on my way to the grocery store. I had to ask Sheila, the tall, curvy woman who had charge of the “special” section about my needs. “Restraints?” she said, “sure, we have a good selection.” After crossing that item off my shopping list, I bought some other things that I was sure Alec would appreciate, and then let Sheila talk me into an extremely slinky set of crimson silk underwear.

I decided the dinner should have all the right qualities; red meat, creamed vegetables, vinaigrette salad, and fresh cherries with ice cream for dessert. I knew that after the pre-dinner entertainment, Alec and my mom would be very hungry.

Sunday was sunny and warm. Perfect for a morning run and some pool time. I gave Alec a ring and invited him for a swim and refreshments at four, followed by my home cooked dinner.

I made sure that there was a late, long run and a late lunch. Mom and I run every Sunday that we can, usually a 10K or something like that to get the kinks out. I was really full of energy and doing my best to keep anticipation out of my voice Güngören escort bayan as we did our run. Mom wanted to know why we were pushing it so hard, and I apologized, saying the good weather had me jazzed up. Then I inched the pace up some more.

I told mom to cool off in the pool with ten laps while I fixed lunch. There was fresh shrimp salad with avocado, my special wine cooler, and fruit for dessert.

Mom was anxious to help with dinner, but I told her that after a hard week and a good run, she needed a nap. I went to the kitchen and did some preliminary fixing of things before quietly climbing the stairs to mom’s bedroom. She had dropped her suit on the floor and just climbed in under the top sheet. This was going to be so much fun. I pulled the sheet back and poked at her thigh. No response. I leaned over and twisted one of her nipples. Still nothing. This was going so well. My lunchtime wine cooler with special ingredients had put her out for at least a couple of hours.

I retrieved my bag of goodies from my bedroom and went to work. First the silk cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Then the tiny but super strong nylon lines that ran to special pulleys on the ceiling beams and on the wall. I gently tightened these until her arms were lazily draped above her head, and her long, beautiful legs with etched muscles from running were arched toward the corners of the foot of the bed. Nothing too tight just yet.

It was three-thirty and time to get her ready for the show. I tweaked her boob again. Still a sleeping angel. Before she got too close to waking up, I needed to make some special applications. A small jar from the bag said “Liquid Magic” on the top. There was a small narrow nozzle to be screwed in place. Then I cautiously spread her nether lips apart and squeezed a generous amount into her vagina, closing the lips and applying a clothes pin after. Then another jar with “Excitement” printed on the label. The contents were viscous and smelled divine. Another generous smear under her hood and around the well used clit. A larger bottle with a larger nozzle was meant to slide into her anus. It took some care to get in there and empty half of the bottle into her rectum.

Her arms and legs were beginning to twitch. I was running out of time. From the bag came a head harness with a special holder for the penis shaped lollipop. I draped the harness over her head and kissed her. As her lips opened and the pink tongue slipped out, the lollipop went in. Her head thrashed a bit. Before the eyes opened, I hurriedly attached a blindfold to the head harness. I tightened up the lines again, just in time to see her mouth flex and her limbs pull at the restraints. Time for me to leave while she discovered what had happened during her nap.

I slipped into my room and put on the new underwear. Very skimpy. My shorty white pool wrap didn’t hide much. The mirror showed a grinning young tramp with total mischief in her eyes. My flushed chest was heaving and the view down the cleavage of my breasts was perfect.

I just reached the bottom of the stairs when the bell rang. I waited for the second ring and went to the door. I opened it and there stood a six foot vision of male perfection. Chocolate skin everywhere. A not too wild Hawaiian shirt and pressed jeans. Seeing both of his hands holding things, I leaned forward and kissed him gently.

“Alec, you look great! I hope you know my mom is dying to see you and check you out.” I glanced at his crotch, which was already showing signs of action, then led him into the kitchen. The wine went into the fridge, and the box of chocolates on the counter.

“Shall we sit on the patio for a bit? Let’s have some of mom’s tropical punch and relax.”

Alec was doing his best to get a look at my body under the pool wrap, but I wasn’t uncovering skin just yet. I thought I heard some thumping from upstairs but told Alec, “Mom’s just freshening up and will be down in a minute.”

“Cynthia, this is fabulous. I didn’t know you had a pool like this out here.”

“Mom got a couple of big commissions last year, and decided it was time for the pool she always wanted. We swim almost every day. Are you a water bug?”

He looked at me, eyes gleaming. “I am, sort of. We grew up in the hill country of North Carolina and there was a pond to swim in close by. Never had any heated water like this, though.” He was kneeling at the edge of the pool feeling the water temperature.

“We can swim any time, but I thought maybe after dark would be nice. The moon and the stars…”

He interrupted, “and me?”

He came back to his chair but before he could sit down I walked into his arms. “Hey, lover, thanks for coming over. You are sure saving my butt in school.”

His hands were on my ass, kneading deeply and sending tremors right through my pelvis and up my spine. He was doing more than saving my butt.

I wanted mom to be totally frantic before the next part of my plan started. So Alec and I relaxed Escort İnnovia and talked about little school things for fifteen minutes or so. Mom’s window was open just above us, so I knew she could tell Alec was here.

I casually took Alec’s hand and put my finger to my lips, silencing him. I led him into the family room and closed the door.

I dropped the wrap on the floor and clinched with him, rubbing my silk underwear on his front.

I whispered in his ear, “Honey, you are here for more than one reason. My mom has been a bad girl and has to be punished. You don’t need to know what she did right now. We are going to go up to my bedroom and take our clothes off. Everything off.” I pinched his hardening cock in his trousers.

“Until I tell you otherwise, you are not to say anything, not one word. Just follow my directions exactly. Do you understand that?”

His eyes said no, but he nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

I slipped off the lacy bra and put his hands on my high, firm breasts and stiff nipples. You have to give a guy some motivation for following orders.

He had to let go or we wouldn’t have got up the stairs. As it was, I got a hand up between my cheeks helping me rise from step to step.

I closed my bedroom door behind us and dropped the world’s tiniest bikini briefs. His eyes were riveted on my pussy, which had gotten an extra special waxing yesterday. I helped him off with his shirt and pants, then pulled the jockey briefs over his beautiful hard cock. Oh my god, this was getting better and better. I took the top off a jar on my dresser and handed it to him.

“I need some of this in and around my pussy. Your treat.”

His eyes bugged out a further mile and he went to work, smearing first one way and then another. He wasn’t even finished before I gushed on him.

I gave him my best slut look and said, “Taste it!”

He brought his fingers to his mouth and slid them in. The odor was special, part me and part the “Cream for Lovers.”

“Oh god, Cynthia, I have to have you. Look at what you are doing to me.”

His cock was super hard. I’d never seen it this big before. When he jammed that thing into me, I was going to scream, cream or not.

“Are you ready to help me with mom’s punishment?”

“Do I have to go in there like this?” He looked unhappy at the thought of upsetting mom.

I hugged him and said, “You especially have to go in there looking like that! Follow me.”

I opened mom’s door and there she was, struggling mightily. She was shining with sweat in the late afternoon sunlight. Her gorgeous tits were bouncing with each shake of her torso. The nipples looked like tiny daggers. Her bikini wax job was as good as mine and her pussy was gleaming with all the goo and creams I had used on her. Her pelvis was moving around in wild jerks. I thought I knew why, with what I had put in her. Altogether, she was the most fuckable thing I had ever seen. I wanted to jump her myself. Alex was standing at my side, his prick thrusting toward mom. I looked at him and mouthed, “You like?”

He leaned over and kissed me hard, his hand rubbing and pinching my tit. Just like he wants to do to her tit, I thought.

I reached back and slammed the bedroom door.

“Oh my god, mom, what has happened to you!” I rushed over and grabbed her wrist. “I don’t understand why you are tied down. And you are all sweaty!”

Wild groans and attempts to talk were coming from behind the penis gag.

I reached down and gently undid the head harness and removed the gag and blindfold.

She screamed, “Let me loose, get me out of these!”

I motioned to Alec to close the windows. “Not so loud mom, you’re going to make the neighbors wonder what is happening over here.”

“Why are you naked, why is he NAKED, what is going on?”

“Mom, please calm down. We were just changing for a swim when we heard a noise in here and came to investigate. Doesn’t Alec have a nice prick? He’s gotten all hard from looking at you. You’re not going to try to steal him, are you?”

Mom was still writhing on the bed. When she stopped shouting long enough to look at Alec, I could tell the huge erect prick was making a definite impression.

She looked at me, “Has he used that thing on you, poor baby?”

“Mom, let’s not talk about my sex life right now. Why are you tied up like this? Did one of your boyfriends trick you into some kinky stuff?”

I reached down to the floor and picked up a pink and yellow vibrator that had goop on it and looked recently used.

“MOM, what is this doing on the floor next to the bed?” I sniffed it and said, “I’m no expert, mom, but this smells like your pussy.”

Her eyes were wide as could be with shock. “No, it can’t be, my vibrator isn’t pink.” Her mouth snapped shut as she realized she had said too much.

“Oh mom, you mean you use these things? I thought that was only for sluts.” Alec and I looked at the vibrator, which was actually pretty. Kağıthane escort The head of it was almost as big as Alec’s. I sat on the side of the bed, put my hand firmly on her thigh next to her pussy and slid the vibrator all the way in with one firm push. Hidden in my other hand was the remote, which I switched to the low setting. Mom jerked and moaned.

I said, “I don’t know mom, it went in there just like it belonged.”

“No, Cynthia, no, please, no, get it out. This isn’t right.”

I reached down and picked up another item from the floor. It was a pair of nipple clamps strung on a gold chain that I had lifted from mom’s jewelry box.

“Mom, I’m pretty sure you were having sex in here this afternoon, look at these. That’s the gold chain I gave you for your birthday a couple of years ago.”

“No, no, I wasn’t. I couldn’t have, could I?” Her eyes were unfocused, trying to remember, trying to understand how the clamps could be dangling there around her chain.

I leaned forward, slipped the chain behind her head and down around her neck, then carefully attached the padded clamps to her fully stiff nipples.

She jerked, screamed and shouted again. As she pulled her head back, the clamps pulled her breasts up close to her mouth. It was a truly beautiful sight. I turned the vibrator up one more notch.

Sweat was now leaking from every pore on my mom. She was shaking, almost foaming at the mouth. I was sure the aphrodisiac in the lollipop had done its work.

I bent down and brought up for her to see a spectacular shiny black butt plug, very generously sized. It also showed signs of recent use.

“Alec, what do you think? We come in here and find her tied up, smelling to high heaven of sex, and then discover her sex toys on the floor. I know she is interested in sex, but she told me she didn’t have time for a man in her life. Can we believe her after seeing all this? You don’t suppose she pulled a train in here this afternoon, do you?”

“Cynthia, where in god’s name did you learn that filth? Nice people don’t use those awful toys. Get them out of me and throw them away immediately.”

Her breathing was labored, and she looked like an orgasm wasn’t far away.

“Alec, if she’s telling the truth, then this thing won’t go in her ass. I’m going to hold her legs back and I want you to please see if she is lying about the plug.

Mom was moaning and crying, not able to shout any longer. “Please, Cynthia, don’t torture me, this isn’t fair. I’m entitled to my own sex life, just like you are entitled to your own.”

I settled myself at her head and reached for her legs, pulling them irresistibly upwards and backwards, opening both of her holes completely to Alec’s intent gaze. He had found the K-Y and was giving the plug a special coating of grease. His right hand reached out and covered her mound, pressing down. She couldn’t see what his other hand was doing, but I could. He looked at me and smiled. Mom was babbling. When the tip of the plug easily entered her puckered hole, she screamed, “No, no, no!”

All of which meant nothing as Alec slid the plug easily into her up to the anal flange which locked it into position.

I let her legs down and looked at her sternly. “Mom, the evidence doesn’t lie. These toys are yours. You had sex here today. Why won’t you admit it?” I turned up the vibrator yet another notch.

She was quivering, moaning, really just a mess of tortured sexuality. And hadn’t had an orgasm yet. I was sweating and dripping myself. I could smell it, and I’m sure mom could too. Time for the next event in my plan.

“Alec, come over here and sit with me. We need to let mom tell us her story, minus the lies. I’ll get a cloth and clean her up a little. Would you please make sure she is happy with the toys? And give her a nice kiss too. She would appreciate that after all this stress.”

When I came back with a wet cloth and a towel, mom was moaning and kissing Alec as hard as she could. He was thrusting the vibrator into her cunt none too gently, and she was jerking her pelvis into the air every time.

“Oh, oh, oh, please more, please more.”

“MOM, I thought you said this was all bad, that nice people didn’t do things like this. I’m gone for one second to get something to clean you up and you are humping my boyfriend for all you are worth.”

She never heard the end of what I said. Her body was taken by a monumental orgasm. She quaked, jerked, shivered, screamed and went on for several minutes.

I smiled at Alec and pulled him up on the bed next to mom and me. I crawled on top of him, leaving his drooling prick sticking up between my thighs. I kissed and nuzzled him. He massaged my back and pressed me into him.

I whispered to him, “Are you a needy lover? Has all this terrible sex with my nasty mother gotten you worked up? Now that she has gotten hers, do we get ours?”

Mom didn’t hear any of this. She was totally passed out, looking gorgeous. Sex juices were everywhere, the only problem being that none of it was from a male.

I whispered very quietly in Alec’s ear, “Now’s when you get lucky. You get to take my cherry, right here, right now.”

There was a sharp intake of breath under me. He pressed his mouth to mine with a gentle lover’s kiss, his eyes asking, you really mean this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32