Dad and Mom Teach Kids How to Fuck

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All characters are fictional and at least eighteen years of age. The setting lf this story takes place in the 1960’s.

Tim came home after a long, trying and very successful day at work. His division in which he was the senior manager just secured a contract with a very large industrial company.

He took two steps at a time and heard some grumbling coming from Judd’s room as he headed into his room, dismissing it he took off his jacket and tie and slipping into his comfortable smoking jacket was about to head downstairs and tell Maggie about his great news.

As he passed by Judd’s room again he heard Barb, his oldest daughter bellow out; “My god Judd, please be a little gentler please, your fingers are dry and it’s hurting me. Yes, now that’s better, aw shit Judd, don’t bite it, just use your tongue. Stop, stop, don’t suck so hard you’ll leave hickeys all over my legs. Now stop, no more, if you’re not gonna listen, I’m not going to help you, you’ll just have to try it on your girlfriend without learning from me!”

“Aw come on Barb, just let me put it in you, I’ll try to be gentle. It’s just you are so friggin’ hot, I can’t control myself!”

“No sorry Judd, you broke the mood and I’m not interested, maybe we can try again later!”

Timothy Anderson, their father was fuming when he heard what was going on in Judd’s room. He was upset for several reasons, first that his two oldest children, Barb and Judd were experimenting with sex under his roof. Second because Barb would try to show him what to do and not have enough patience to follow through and last but not least because Judd didn’t understand enough to a listen to his older sister and follow her directions

He bellowed out; “Princess, Judd, get your robes on and get your sorry butts down in my office, you have five minutes to get there and don’t you dare dress up!”

He stormed downstairs and found Maggie his lovely wife in the kitchen preparing dinner for her family.

Maggie heard him come through the door and turning she threw her arms around Tim’s neck and gave him an open-mouthed kiss. It almost made him forget the problem he heard through Judd’s bedroom door. He let out a groan and kissed her back when her tiny hand reached down and encompassed his half-hard long, thick cock. “Mmmmm, you know exactly how to make things better Maggie, but we have a problem and we have to take care of it. I heard Barb and Judd messing around in his bedroom!”

“Oh Tim, I think you’re overreacting, they’re young adults now, Barb is 22 and Judd is 20 and they are just experimenting, don’t you remember how you and I used to fuck like rabbits in my room when my parents were out before we got married?”

“That’s different Maggie, we were responsible and we weren’t siblings. The worst of it Maggie is that Judd was fumbling around and from what I heard may have been hurting Barb. Not only that but Barb wasn’t concerned enough to be patient with Judd and she shut him down. I know we can’t blame her completely, but if she’s going to agree to help his, she can’t be cutting him off in mid-stream, you know how damaging that can be to a young man!”

“Well when you put it that way Tim, I can understand we don’t want Judd with blue-balls now do we, so what is your plan?”

I have them coming to my office, I want you to join me as soon as you can, you don’t have to hurry, just come on in after you have dinner going so we won’t have to wait to eat later.”

“Sounds good Tim, please be gentle with them. I don’t want them scarred by you pressuring them. I’ll be in there in about ten minutes.”

Tim headed onto his office and found Judd there sitting on the edge of his desk in his flannel plaid robe. “Get off my desk Judd! If you’re going to sit, use the chair or sofa!”

“Sorry Dad!” He took a seat in his father’s high-backed desk chair.

Tim turned to Barb who was still blushing her tight permed dark hair was down slightly and barely brushed her shoulders. She sat on the sofa, her legs together sitting almost side-saddled. Her quilted robe was secured about her tight petite body; it was completely covered from neck to ankles. He smiled and patted her on the knee as he looked into her dark worried eyes.

“Don’t look so upset Princess, I’m not upset that you were experimenting with Judd, what I’m upset about is that neither of you were adult enough to take things slow and for you to walk Judd through things without getting upset and shutting him off!”

“But Father, I was trying to show him, Judd was like a bull in a china shop and wouldn’t listen to my directions.”

He turned to Judd who had his feet up on Tim’s desk and his hands behind his head, a smug smile was on his face; “Judd get your feet off my desk and wipe that smug grin off your face! Is that right Judd? Was Barb trying to give you direction and you wouldn’t listen?”

“Well sort of Pop, but you have to realize, I was a little excited, just look at her, when I saw how gorgeous she looked, well I couldn’t control myself!”

Barb bursa eskort bayan smiled; “Aw Judd that’s sweet, but regardless, you have to learn to control yourself. You won’t always have someone like me to slow you down. It could be a problem if you start with your girlfriend and you push things and she panics, you could be in a world of hurt, or worse!”

“What could be worse Barb?”

“How about jail, charged with rape!”

Judd’s mouth hung open; “Could that happen Pop, is Barb telling the truth?”

“I’m afraid so Judd, listen to your sister, she has experience!”

“Hey Father, now you’re making me sound like a slut or hussy, I was just trying to help Judd, I’m not that experienced!”

“Exactly Princess, that is why we’re all here in my office, to set things right and your mother will be in here soon to assist. Now Princess open your robe, I want to see what Judd did to you to make you yell so loud earlier up in his room.”

“Father I can’t do that, that’s so, so wrong. I can’t let you see me naked!”

“Oh, so it was okay to let your brother see you naked, but not your father, am I right”

“I guess not, but daddyyyyyyyyy!”

“Now Princess, open it and lean back, I promise I won’t hurt you like Judd did, if anything you’ll love what I’m going to do to you!”

She took a deep breath and lowering her eyes, she slowly undid the belt holding her robe secure. She parted it and biting down on her lower lip; Barb parted her legs and looked up into her Father’s smoky eyes.

Tim looked down and then looked over to Judd; “How could you Judd, I could just kill you, you never treat a woman this way, haven’t I taught you to treat people better than this”

“I’m sorry dad, I just got so excited and carried away, I just lost control.”

“Exactly Judd, this is why we are here right now and I do not plan on leaving this room until you got it through that thick skull of yours. WE will teach you how to control your urges and how to satisfy a woman!’ Looking at Barb he continued; “And you young lady we will teach you how not to get a man so excited he can’t control himself, we’ll also teach YOU how to really satisfy a man and learn more about your body and what excites you, are you both ready?”

They both whispered; “Yes Father.”


They both said a lot louder; “Yes Father!”

“Alright Princess just lean back and relax, Judd just watch and learn. Afterwards I may let you try out Princess here or maybe Maggie can teach you a thing or two!” Tim removed his smoking jacket and shirt, leaning in he planted a soft tender kiss on Barb’s lips. Her lips slowly parted and her tiny pink tongue darted out and flicked along Tim’s lips and returned to her mouth.

Tim moved to her cheek and along her jaw line. His tongue darted out and left hot saliva along her neck and to the nape of her neck. He started nipping and sucking lightly on the sensitive skin and goose bumps broke out all over her body.

“Mmmmm daddy you’re making me tingle all over, I’ve never felt this hot with any of the guys I’ve been with in college.” Looking over at Judd her eyes rolled back in her head as Tim began squeezing her incredibly firm tits; “You see Judd, this is how you make a woman hot and ready, no fumbling!”

Tim’s mouth followed his hands and planted wet kisses alone her upper chest and began sucking and licking at the upper slopes of her “B” sized tits. Her nipples and areoles were the size of large dark buttons and she arched her back anticipating her father’s mouth on them.

He kissed and licked every inch of both breasts, but neglected her nipples. He hovered over them and alternated from blowing a stream of cold air on them to puffing hot air on them.

Barb rolled her head from side to side and moaning she grabbed her father’s head in her hands and directed them downward onto her nipples. She let out a long low groan when Tim finally flicked his tongue out and began to run the tip around and around until it was covered in his saliva. He did the same to the other tip. Satisfied they were totally teased enough and puckered; he lowered his head and closed his lips around one stiff bud.

Barb scream out in satisfaction and a bolt of pleasure shot from her nipple directly to her pussy and she came without it even being touched.

Maggie came into the study and locked her eyes on her husband and daughter. She looked down at Barb’s dark wirery bush. It was dripping with her pussy juices and as Tim continued to move to Barb’s other nipple, his hand drifted down to her pussy and covering her pussy with the palm of his hand, Barb arched her back and started cumming again.

Maggie’s hand went to the hem of her dress; her hand slid beneath it and began to rub her moist slit. She pulled her silky panties aside and slid one finger into her pussy. She licked her lips as she continued to watch Tim’s mouth suck more and more of Barb’s tit into his mouth.

Tim let go of her pussy mound and his long slim fingers bursa otele gelen eskort bayan began to slide up and down her long, slim legs. His nails scraped down the top of one leg and dipping to the inside, slowly drug his nails back up the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. Skipping over her drenched pussy bush, he moved to her other leg and did the same as he did to the first leg.

Barb was moaning and groaning constantly. Her entire body rolled and bucked up and down as she nearly jumped out of her skin. She had never been this turned on before and she begged her father for another release; “Please, please daddy, make me cum again. You got me so hot, if you don’t I may combust!

She looked up across the study and all she could see was her mother’s head as it bobbed up and down over Judd’s lap. She nudged Tim’s shoulder and whispered to him; “Look Daddy, Mother is performing fellatio on Judd! Please Daddy could you perform cunnilingus on me!”

Tim lifted his head and kissed his way down to Barb’s pussy and again blew a stream of air on her sweet smelling pussy alternating from hot air to cool air.

Barb arched her back and whispered to Tim; “Please daddy, please do it!”

Tim smiled up at her; “Only if you call it what it is Princess! Maggie is giving Judd a blow job, just like you’ll be doing to me before I fuck you! What I’m about to do is called eating pussy! Now if you want to do that to me and if you want me to eat your pussy you have to say that!”

“Oh daddy that’s so dirty, I couldn’t!”

He knelt up and slipped off his pants and shorts. He stroked his huge cock, as tall as Tim was it made sense, it had to be at least nine inches long and thick, but not as thick as Judd’s, whose cock was about two inches shorter. He continued to stroke it; if you want it you have to say it or I’m going over to Maggie and fuck her doggy while she sucks on Judd’s cock!

Maggie popped her mouth off Judd’s cock, it was dripping saliva from her mouth. She continued to stroke it and looked across at Barb; “You better say it Barb or there will be more for me, I win either way!”

Barb groaned out; “Oh mom I can’t! How do you win either way?”

If you don’t I get both cocks at once, if you do I get to teach Judd nice and slow and I get to watch Tim eat you and then fuck you, it’s a win win!”

“Oh father, you win; please eat my pussy while I watch mother suck on Judd and give him a blow job! After you make me cum, I want to give you a blow job, will you teach me how to suck your cock daddy? After I get you nice and hard and I’m all wet from you eating my cunt, will you please fuck me; fuck my pussy nice and hard? Maybe I’ll get to see Judd eat mommy’s pussy and see her take his nice thick cock!”

“Oh yes Princess, spread those slender thighs for me, you’ll really have to shave this pussy if you want me to continue licking and eating your pussy. Wait till you see Maggie’s, it’s completely bare and very, very easy to eat.”

Judd started coughing while Maggie continued to suck his thick, stiff cock; “Hey mom, I never saw a bare pussy before, can I see it?’

She popped her mouth off his shaft and smiled; “All in good time Judd, all in good time, now shush and let your father and I teach you two a thing or two!”

Tim chuckled; “Or three or four Maggie! Now lay back Princess and hold on!” He leaned in and spread her thin tightly closed slit. His thumbs parted them and he let out a tiny moan when he stared at the pink glistening inner lips, her thick goo began to trickle out and he didn’t want to waste a single drop. Letting out a loud groan he buried his face in her cunt and began lapping away at like a tiny kitten did to a bowl of cream.

Barb let out a high pitched screech and began thrusting her hips upward to meet her father’s incredible tongue. Her fingers dug into his thin hair and held him in place, even though he wasn’t going anywhere!”

Across the study, Maggie let out a giggle and a scream when Judd started cumming; her flawless face was covered from forehead to chin in Judd’s thick, hot cream. She scooped up as much as she could and licked her fingers clean.

When Judd saw this, his slightly deflated cock instantly grew stiff again.

Maggie giggled; “Aw to be young and twenty again, look Tim, Judd already came all over my face and he’s stiff again.”

Tim mumbled something and flicking Barb’s clit back and forth, up and down, he heard her let out a blood curdling groan and let out a stream of female juices, she squirted and covered his face with her goo.

“Oh my god father, forgive me, I’ve never done that before, I thought at first I was peeing, but I didn’t, I’m so sorry daddy!”

Tim rose from between her thighs and gently patted her bush covered cunt; “Don’t you ever apologize for squirting, it’s an honor to make a woman squirt. I haven’t made Maggie squirt since before you were born!

Barb pulled her father to his feet and began raining kisses all over his bursa eve gelen escort face and neck, lapping up her own juices as she went along.

This made Tim’s cock even harder and standing tall, now he leaned forward and without saying a word he felt Barb’s hot, wet mouth envelope his long shaft. She coughed and groaned as inch after inch slid down her throat.

Her lips popped off Tim’s saliva coated cock and smiled up at him; “Fooled you didn’t I father? I’ve had a lot of practice sucking cock in college. I even sucked off the entire basketball team last month after winning regionals. Now get ready for a blowjob to end all blowjobs!”

Gripping his tight ass she pulled him forward and opening her mouth she took him deep into her throat. She smiled around his long shaft as his tightened ball sack rested on her chin. Her tongue immediately went into action as it whipped around his shaft and stabbed at the ball sack grazing her lips.

Tim gripped her dark brown wavy hair and fisting it, he began fucking her mouth as if it was her hot, tight pussy. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, but unlike Judd, even though he dreamt of doing this for years, he knew if he blew his load down her throat, he’s be done for the evening and he promised Barb and himself to fuck her hairy cunt and deposit his load deep in her womb.

Mustering up all his strength, and at the moment there wasn’t much left, he pulled reluctantly from her hot oral cavity and slipping to his knees, gathered up her long slim legs and throwing them over his shoulders, buried his cock deep in her cunt.

Her cunt was so wet and tight, it made a slurping, suctioning noise as he slipped deeper and deeper. Her legs slipped down and wrapped tightly around his back, she locked her ankles together and began bucking upward meeting him thrust for thrust!”

He smiled down at her; “Well done Princess, you’re a lot better at this then I expected, we’re going to have one hellava fuck!” He crushed his mouth to hers and their tongues fought back and forth, just the way his cock was pumping in and out of her foaming pussy.

Across the room Judd was stroking his thick cock while he watched Maggie unbuckle her belt around her tiny waist. Reaching back, she deftly unzipped her tight dress and tugging at the sleeves it dropped from her shoulders. She gave it another push as it settled around her waist and as it puddled about her ankles she kicked it aside.

Judd stared up at his mother dressed in a sexy matching pair of black lace panties and bra. Her black garter belt held up her beige stockings and he looked at the fleshy C sized tits spilling over the tops of her brassiere. A smile crossed his lips as he watched her reach back and with the flick of her fingers her bra loosened and fell from her body. His hand sped up on his cock and she shook her head and he knew he had to slow down or he’d cum again.

He stared at her tits and they were a lot bigger then Barb’s. Although Barb’s were firmer and stood higher, for a woman in her early forties, hers were magnificent. They stood pretty high and were large and fill. The nipples grew stiffer as Judd gazed at them.

He pulled Maggie to his body and his lips closed around one stiff bud. His hands cupped her firm ass and mauled her ass cheeks.

Maggie pulled away and shook her fingers at him; “Judd you need to slow down, you’re not putting out a fire, you’re supposed to be creating a fire in my belly and below. She slowly lowered her panties and kicked off her heels and planted her bare ass on Tim’s desk. Spreading her thighs she looked up at Judd; “Okay Judd, now take your time, I’m not going anywhere, make me happy!”

Judd dove right in and started stabbing his tongue in her bare pussy and started licking deep and fast.

Maggie grabbed him by his hair and pulled his face away; “What the fuck, didn’t I tell you to take your time! Slowly, start with my legs and work your way slowly to my pussy, now start again!”

Judd took a deep breath and slid his hands slowly up and down her stocking clad calves and knees. Up and down he kneaded her silky skin and planted tiny kisses on bare thighs.

Maggie let out a sigh and whispered; “Now that’s more like it Judd!”

He slid his hands back up one leg and popped open the garter clips and slowly slid the one stocking down her leg. His lips and fingers followed the bare skin. When he reached her foot, he pulled the stocking off and began to suck at each and every toe.

This caused Maggie to squirm and gasp. Arching her back she smiled down at Bud; “Now that’s more like it Judd, just keep it up!”

He licked and kissed his way up her bare leg and when he reached her inner thigh, he moved to the other leg. Unclipping the other stocking he slid the silky stocking down her leg and again followed the bare skin to her foot. Sucking on the toes of her second bare foot he licked and sucked harder and he felt his mother let out a low groan and she began to squirm more and more. Looking up he noticed her bare pussy lips. They were swollen and glistening with her juices.

Judd slowly worked his way up her bare legs and when he reached her pussy, he inhaled her musky scent and slowly ran his tongue from the bottom of her pussy upward to her button sized clit. Letting out a groan he dove in and started sucking and lapping away at her like mad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32