Dad/Daughter Date Ch. 03

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There was something about connection. Something I had not experienced before. It was something I had been longing for and never knew it. Ok maybe I did, but I didn’t realize how close to me that connection was. My dad knew me-since birth. He was more than a friend, more than a boyfriend even. This realization unlocked new parts of me that I never knew were there. I needed that deep connection.

Dad was kind, generous and sweet to me. He was always everything I wanted, but now I realized something more. He needed me the same way. He didn’t just need someone or something-he needed me. There was something about the desire in his eyes that lulled me-no that is like hypnosis-more like drew me to him. The pleasure I saw in his face was unlike anything I knew existed. I know guys cum and I know they like it. But this was more than that. When Dad was cumming it was like he was giving me something of himself each time.

I knew Dad liked cum. It was a fetish I guess or something. He told me how gorgeous I was with some of his cum on me. I had never felt prettier. After I blew him he finished his shower and I took one as well. There was no weird feelings that I usually have with guys. That feeling like should I have done this and what if he is an ass hole? This was different. I knew my dad. Now our relationship had just progressed to something new.

I was out of the shower messing with my makeup when Dad knocked on the door.

“Sweetie before you get all ready can you help me for a second.”

I loved this.

I opened the door.

Dad was naked with his hard, gorgeous cock staring at me. I looked at it then at his eyes. “Yes, Dad?”

“This might be weird,” He started.

“Don’t say that,” I cut him off. “Not between us. Ok?”

He nodded.

“What is it?” I asked reaching for his cock.

“I want to cum on your face,” he said.

I smiled.

He reached to me and pushed me down to my knees gently. “Can you take your towel off? I want to look at you.”

I let my towel down and looked up at him. “Like this?”

“Yes,” he said starting to jerk his cock. “Your chest is gorgeous.”

“You mean these tits?” I asked flirting. I pressed them together with both hands for him.

“Yes…” he whispered jerking faster.

My dad looking at my tits and jerking off was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I played with them for him as he stroked his cock. After a few seconds he was jerking fast and moaning.

“Yes, honey,” he said, “Open your mouth for me…fuckkkk”

As soon as my mouth opened his perfect dick started spurting cum. He leaned toward me as the first spurt hit my neck. The next couple hit my face and then my mouth. He found my mouth with the tip of his cock and finished there as I sucked on the tip while he squeezed the rest out. He stroked slowly and evenly and I sucked it down.

Then he stopped and we held like that for a perfect moment.

“Thank you,” he said finally. “You are so beautiful.”

I let his cock out of my mouth and smiled at him. His cum ran down my cheeks.


Dad bursa escort bayan had to run out to deal with something when I was washing my face. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew he was trying to clear the rest of the weekend for the two of us.

I put on some makeup and got dressed in a bit of a daze. I was happy. Genuinely happy. Perhaps for the first time. I loved doing what he needed me to do. I loved being the one that would meet his deep needs.

Then I had an idea.

I was going to meet his needs. All of them.

I went to his room and found his laptop. After some fiddling with his web browser I figured out what porn site he liked to go to. To my surprise he had an account that auto logged in which was perfect as I had NO idea what he may be into other than the video he had on yesterday. I clicked through the profile and noticed a couple themes very quickly.

First almost all the videos were of college and/or 18 year old girls. Most of them well..they looked like me. Long brown hair, big boobs and…I smiled. Dad watched a bunch of Dad and daughter porn. Interesting. I wondered how long he had thought or felt this way. I clicked through more, my curiosity growing with each clip I watched. I wasn’t sure what to make of some of the videos and then I realized I should take it slow. These just gave me an idea of what he liked. I needed him to tell me. He needed to open up to me.

After clicking through a dozen or so videos I decided I needed to go shopping for a bit. I wanted to surprise him somehow.


Some girls go with Halloween costumes. I got why. They were cut to be kinda slutty and that really didn’t take much in terms of thought outside of knowing what you are going for. I am not saying that is bad, I am just different. I guess what it came down to was this wasn’t an act. Like getting a sexy nurse costume or something was just for the night and more about the idea of it than the real thing. That wasn’t me. Yes I was looking for some things to entice my father, but these were going to be legit outfits.

The first stop for me is always the young section in stores. The shirts always fit in a fun sexy way and they were fun in a sort of punk rock way. I picked out a couple tops that hung well off my boobs and moved on. Bra shopping was imperative. It was just time to get something more fun anyway and now that I knew Dad loved my tits-well that was all the motivation I needed.

Finding a bra that fit well was a challenge. The issue was how much I had grown and I was still figuring out what my size really was. First world problems I know. So I went to a few places and let the girls size me. I settled on a couple nice more sexy bras. The truth was I didn’t really know how to be sexy. I mean, I know I am cute but I really didn’t know much about lingerie or good underwear.

I made it home a couple hours later. Dad was back and on his computer. He looked like he was working.

“Hey Dad,” I said walking in with my shopping bags.

“There you are, I gorukle escort wondered where you went,” he replied looking at me over his screen.

“Oh I was just out doing some shopping,” I said with a smile.

“I got pulled into some work while you were out,” he said looking back at his screen. “Kind of an issue that I need to deal with for a bit.”

“Ok,” I replied frowning. That didn’t sound good. I went into my room and set the bags down. I pulled out the cute shirts, bras, pants and skirt that I bought. I wasn’t sure what to wear first so I just slid back into my back yoga pants and sports bra. I gathered the clothes again and then smiled to myself. “May as well try,” I said to myself.

I put on one of my new bras. It was sheer, lacey and a bit see through. It gave me a bit of lift and really gave me some nice cleavage. I pulled off my yoga pants and got into the matching thong. I felt like a woman in this outfit. I thought about putting on the skirt but decided not to. Now just need to see what Daddy does…

I walked out of my room and casually walked past his open door. “Dad, do we have anything to eat?”

“You are such a teenager!” He called out playfully. “Check the fridge!”

I got out a drink and walked back in front of his door still in my underwear. I leaned against the doorframe. “How long are you gonna work for?”

“I..” he started then stopped when he looked up.

“Do you like these? I just got them.” I said with a smile.

“Wow,” he said. He glanced at his computer. “Shit, my boss is about to call,” he said lifting up his phone.

This would be fun. I decided to get down on my knees and started to crawl toward him.

“Uh, hello?” he said into his phone. “Yeah I am online. Looks like things were reversed…”

I got to the edge of the bed and looked at him. I pushed his computer to the side. He let it slide to the left.

“Yes,” he said into the phone. “I understand I can…ok go ahead.”

I undid his zipper and pulled his pants down to his ankles. His dick was already semi-hard. I leaned forward so he could see my chest and gripped his dick with my right hand. I started to jerk him off, making him harder and harder.

“”I…” he said into the phone. “I know. Yeah everything is fine I just need a bit to figure it out. Yeah can I call you back? Oh they are? Now?”

He tried to push my hand away and gave me a bit of a panicked look. I let go of his cock, leaned onto the bed and took it in my mouth. I sucked on the tip while he tried to push me away. I loved how big the tip got in my mouth. I let it flop out of my open mouth.

“Yeah I am here,” he said into the phone. “Go ahead.”

“Daddy,” I whispered to him. “I am hungry.”

He looked down at me. I could see the desire in his eyes. He nodded and fed me his cock. He gripped it while I took the tip in my mouth and sucked it. It felt like I had been holding my breath all day and now I could breathe again. I felt the tip get very big in my mouth and I kept sucking, pressing my lips against his gripping bursa merkez escort bayan hand.

“Yes,” he said with a bit of a struggle. “I understand what you are saying. I will look into…ok go ahead”

He let go of his cock and I took it in. I felt his hand on the back of my head, then he gently touched my cheek.

I looked up at him as I sucked.

His look was so tender. I could tell he was barely listening to whomever it was that was yelling at him on the phone.

I held his gaze and continued to suck on him. I worked my tongue over his dick in my mouth and gently started to stroke him at the same time. He kept his fingers on my cheek and I could tell it was coming.

“Yeah,” he said. “Can you hang on one second?” He held his hand over the mic on his phone. “Yes…honey…here it comes…”

Suddenly my mouth was full of his hot seed. I gulped it as it came. Our eyes were locked as Dad was feeding me his cum. He gave me several gulps before he was finished then shushed me gently and I stopped, just holding his softening dick in my mouth.

“Sorry, I am back…” he muttered into the phone looking at me with love.


I sat in the floor for a bit while Dad was on the phone. I loved how he looked at me. I was in love with him. I didn’t want to go anywhere else. He smiled at me as I played around with my lacy bra. I rolled to my tummy then crawled out of the room. Now let’s be clear. I have a great ass. I work hard for it. I knew Dad appreciated it.

I decided to model my little girl outfits for him. I walked in with a almost too small cartoon shirt and a cute skirt. He smiled big as I walked around the room let him drink it in. I followed that up with some cute jeans and another small shirt. He could see my tummy and as much cleavage as possible. The next outfit was decidedly adult. It was a dark lace teddy with a garter and stockings and high heels. The whole deal.

As soon as I walked in Dad’s jaw dropped. I was very pleased to see his dick getting hard again. I did a spin for him.

“Yeah what I think is…” he just hung up the phone. “Let them think we got dropped.”

He stood up and walked toward me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. This was the first time our lips had ever met. I slipped my hand down to his dick.

“Honey,” he said tenderly. “I need to be inside you.”

He picked me up and set me on my back on his bed. He immediately slid down my body and started to kiss my legs. His lips were warm and wet as he made his way up my thigh and slid my thong off with his fingers. Suddenly his mouth was on my pussy. I realized almost instantly that the few guys that had gone down on me before had no idea what they were doing. Dad kissed and sucked, searching then finding my clit.

“Oh Dad!” I cried out as he sucked hard on my clit.

I couldn’t control myself and I started to grind against his mouth. A sudden heat washed through me followed by such intense pleasure that all i could do was arch my back and gasp. I was having a real orgasm. Not the fact sort of feels good things I had with my boyfriends. No this was real. My eyes watered and I cried out as another one washed over me. Each time Dad seemed to suck and nibble me harder driving me to another peak of pleasure. Dad was eating my pussy and I was in ecstasy.

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