Daddy , I Share Something New

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It was a rainy Saturday and I was already up, preparing a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon for Dad and me. We planned to go into town for groceries and a movie later in the day. But at the moment, I had other things on my mind.

Recently, I had read about people using “fisting” as one form of sexual play. I was so amazed at the idea that I had to read the article twice! “Imagine,” I thought, “HOW do people DO that?” Because of my small size, and being only 18, I knew that Dad couldn’t possibly fit his hand inside me. At the same time, I realized that I could give Dad the treat of a lifetime … and I rather looked forward to the opportunity to practice what I had read. In fact, I had already hidden a can of Crisco beneath his bed, just in case.

Dad came down the stairs in his robe, whistling softly. “Well, well … what have we here, Baby? The house smells delicious!” “Sit,” I said, and I placed a hot plate of breakfast in front of him. Yawning a bit, and stretching, Dad then focused on his surprise breakfast and cleaned his plate. “Now, Baby, what shall we do with this cloudy, wet day? I, for one, could go right back to bed.” With that last statement, Dad winked at me and tweaked my nipple.

Slowly rising from my chair, I allowed my terry robe to slip to the floor, offering Dad my lovely tits for dessert. Clutching both of my breasts gently, he pulled me to him and began sucking on first one and then the other. Something about the way Dad sucked my tits caused my cunt to come alive and my clit to start throbbing immediately. “OOOOOOOHHHHH DAD!!!!! Yes, yes ….!” Opening his robe, Dad showed me that he, too, was fully prepared for play. Caressing his cock, I moved it toward his stomach and straddled his lap, forcing my now wet pussie tightly against his cock and nuts. Dad groaned with pleasure and sucked harder, sending shivers up and down my body.

I kissed his neck and probed my tongue into Dad’s ear. Then my tongue circled around inside his ear till he finally let out a cross between a bellow and a growl, stood up holding me in midair, and carried me upstairs. Tossing me onto the bed, Dad then pounced upon me and began kissing and licking and nibbling … he licked up one arm and down the other … across my bare stomach … back up to my neck. I was growing increasingly excited and knew that I wanted his cock deep inside bursa otele gelen eskort me. My breasts were swollen from Dad’s attentive mouth and I could feel my insides churning with need.

Squirming every which way, I tried to align my steaming, very wet pussie with Dad’s tool … but he maneuvered away from me each time, teasing me more and more. Kissing and licking down the back of my neck did it, however, and I began begging “Pleeeeeese, pleeeeeeese FUCK ME Dad! I can’t stand it … you’re driving me nuts!” I even tried reaching for his cock, but Dad continued to scoot just out of reach.

Finally, as I was panting and gasping for a breath, Dad said “Baby, I want to RIDE YOU like a fine mare … roll over onto your hands and knees and show Daddy your beautiful little ass … that’s right, wiggle for me … oh, Baby … do you know how much Daddy wants his little girl? How horny he gets when he can’t be near you? Sometimes my cock is so hard that I have to stop what I’m doing and head for home!”

“Daddy is going to spank his Baby … cuz Daddy loves to see bright, red, hot buns when he fucks his precious daughter …” With that, Dad began spanking me hard with the flat of his hand. I hated it! And I loved it! His hand stung like fire as he smacked me harder and faster. I begin to sob … my bottom was starting to hurt. And Dad knew how spanking affected me … so he continued for another minute or so as I buried my face in the pillow and cried. I was getting more and more turned on with every smack. My clit seemed to swell each time Dad’s hand smacked. My buns quivered as they accepted our special foreplay. Dad stopped spanking me and reached for my cunt with his fingers. He smeared my huge glob of precum all over my little pussie. I thought “I can’t stand another minute!” and I begged him to fuck me. Then, without warning, Dad RAMMED his fat cock inside my pussie from behind! He began fucking me so hard and so fast that I grabbed the headboard to keep from falling over.

I gasped … stretching my lungs for air … at the same time meeting Dad’s wild thrusts with hard slams of my own. God! I couldn’t believe how HUGE Dad was! He must have saved his morning hard on for me! “AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh, Baby … FUCK DADDY …. Fuck me Baby!” Dad’s thumb found my anus and he began teasing bursa eve gelen escort bayan it. I shrieked with joy! Next, Dad rolled me over with his cock still buried inside me. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders so that he could penetrate me to the maximum. With Dad so deeeeep inside me, my body began tingling and feeling that funny little feeling, that only girls understand, just before a climax. Pinching my nipples and feeling Dad’s warmth fucking within me, I worked his cock till I came … a nice, jolting climax that I hadn’t expected so soon.

Now standing on his knees, Dad continued ramming into me, fast and furious. Even though I could barely move or catch my breath, I reached for and grab Dad’s nuts. I squeezed them … I knew what would happen. I rhythmically squeezed his hard nuts in my hand and sure enough, within seconds, Dad EXPLODED inside me. “Baby, oooooohhhhh Baby!”

Now Dad was super relaxed. Just the way I wanted him. I was anxious to try my new knowledge out and see how Dad would react. Easing Dad’s cock from inside me, I rolled him onto his side and curled him into the fetal position. He never wavered, trusting that I had a surprise for him and that he would enjoy it.

After coating my hand thoroughly with the Crisco, which I retrieved from beneath the bed, I began massaging and playing with Dad’s anus … it was already relaxed and a bit dilated. My finger darted in and out of Dad, pushing in more Crisco each time. Dad sensed what was coming and he grabbed his cock, took a deep breath and said “Baby, DO IT! DO IT!” I sensed that his asshole was pleading for my plundering and as I eased several fingers inside I could feel Dad’s sphincter begin to relax. He began stroking his cock and panting as I slipped the rest of my fingers inside. I massaged my fingers around and around inside Dad and watched as his hole enlarged before my very eyes. “OH YES Baby! OH YES!!!!” I’d never seen Dad so totally excited … I watched his toes curl. He clutched a pillow tightly beneath his head with one arm and continued stroking.

“Dad, am I hurting you?”

“Yes, Baby, in the best way possible … pleeeeeese, go for it!”

Watching Dad’s anus open to accommodate my hand made me very wet, and my other hand found my pussie lips, opening them and fondling my clit. bayan eskort bursa It was as though I could feel Dad’s opening trying to suck me inside with a sort of vacuum. His breathing was excited and labored, as he panted and gasped and wriggled on the bed. Dad’s hole now grew larger and larger and I seized the opportunity – pushing my entire hand inside him! He reacted by thrashing and moaning and crying out my name as I buried my arm inside him up to my wrist. By now Dad was howling with pleasure and pain … I could feel his warm insides (thank goodness he had taken a high enema the night before). His intestines were slippery, soft, smooth and very, very exciting to me. He squeezed his sphincter around my upper arm tightly as I twisted and turned and wiggled inside him.

Suddenly Dad turned into a wild animal … bucking, thrashing, stroking, screaming “YES Baby … Yes! Yes! Yes!” He began pounding the bed with his free hand. I couldn’t help but start to climax as Dad neared his orgasm. I slid my fingers deeply inside my pussie as I continued tormenting Dad’s rectum with my hand and arm. Then I felt it … it started in my clit and traveled through my own intestines … a sort of creeping, crawling, enormous explosion. My clit was vibrating and it HIT! I shuddered all over. I gritted my teeth together. Then I came hard, releasing buckets of cum. I almost forgot about Dad for that second. It felt so fucking wonderful!

Sensing that Dad was ready to join me, I began thrusting my arm IN and OUT, IN and OUT, deeper and deeper each time, clear up to my elbow. Dad SCREAMED! A scream that will be etched in my memory! I saw him stroke hard one more time and then watched as an incredible stream of cum shot from his cock … clear across the bed and onto the floor! He kept spurting and spurting and gasping and panting and moaning as he released every drop of cum in his body. I realized that he was cumming internally, too. All of a sudden my hand and arm were soaking wet and I knew that Dad would never forget this experience either.

Curling up together, and hugging tightly, it took us both a long time to come down from the intense orgasms that we had just experienced. Every now and then an involuntary shiver would run up and down one of us. It had been wild. It had been wonderful. Dad had praised me in every possible way. I was proud. Dad promised that when I grew a bit and became more of a woman he would fist me, but not till then. We loved each other so very much.

I realized that every time I gave Dad a new joy or a really special experience, I’m the one who felt really, really good inside! As we fell asleep, I wondered if there would ever be a man who could replace my Dad.

The End.

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