Daddy Next Door

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Nick was just a regular 19-year-old guy, he was pretty lean with a completely smooth swimmers tanned body. He also happened to be gay and had been dreaming about his next door neighbor for weeks, since he had moved in.

James was a single 34-year-old big muscular man who lived alone. He had decided to move in to that neighborhood because it was closer to work than his old job. After he moved in he realized that moving there also had other benefits. He loved seeing his next door neighbor Nick in his swim trunks swimming in his pool practically everyday. He knew nick was on the swim team at School, and also knew that to be on swim team he had to wear Speedo’s at meets. He hoped that Nick would start practicing in his speedo at home as well.

James had heard that Nick was gay from murmuring around town. He was hoping and dreaming that some how they would come to realize what they both wanted and get to it.

One day Nick was getting ready for his daily swim at home, he wanted to make his time as accurate as possible so he decided to wear his speedo that day. He took off his T-shirt and Jeans, then he remembered his speedo was in his duffel bag he used at school to carry his swim supply, which was outside. He went out to his back yard in his boxer briefs and found his bag. He dug through all the stuff in his bag and way at the bottom he found his newest pair of spandex speedo’s, they were white with Green stripes at the side. He looked around to both sides of his yard, he didn’t think anyone was around to see him so he slipped off his boxer briefs and stood there naked for a minute to enjoy the breeze, the vivid sun shone down on his body. The sun felt so good that he decided to keep his speedo’s off and jumped in the pool.

James had been staring at Nick since he walked out of his house with just his boxer briefs on. He had been getting hard since he slipped them off and saw nick naked for the first time, He was smooth all over with a firm tight bubble butt, and had amazing abs. He was lean and tall and had an uncut cock, it looked amazing under the sun. James wanted to fuck his ass so bad. He knew that this was the perfect opportunity to get things started with Nick.

A few minutes later while nick was lying out in the sun naked after his swim. He heard his front gate open and a few seconds later he heard his doorbell ring. He knew it couldn’t be his parents because they had gone to a town a few hours away and knew they wouldn’t be able to be back that quickly. He threw on a towel around his waist, and walked into his house all 4 k porno the way to the front door. He looked through the peephole to see who it was. It was James! He got all nervous and yelled “hold on!” He ran to throw some clothes on, than he thought about it and decided to stay just the was he was. He walked back to the front door and opened it.

James stood there with one hand against the porch wall and the other on his neck. He stood there looking so damn good Nick could hardly stand it. James was 6’3 with broad shoulders and an Adonis like body. He had a strong jaw and face he had a cocky smirk on his face and had the scruffy look on his face, he looked like he hadn’t shaven in 3 days and Nick liked it.

“Hi Nick” said James

Nick replied “hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, you?” said James while he was making it perfectly obvious that he was looking Nick up and down.

“Same here, just finished with my swim” said Nick with a gleam in his eye.

“I saw,” replied James “You looked good out there…and now too.”

“Wanna come in James?”

“Yeah boy, and that’s daddy to you.”

They both knew that this was going to be exactly what they wanted. James started to run his hands down Nick’s side until he got to his towel, he moved his hand to Nick’s back and took the towel off in one swift movement. He started rubbing Nick’s ass.

“Is this ass mine boy?” James said with roughness in his voice

“Yes…yes daddy.” Nick said with excitement in his voice

“That’s right boy, but before that you’re gonna suck my cock”

“Yes daddy” said Nick

He reached over and started taking off James’ gray T-shirt. James had a hairy chest and stomach. Nick ran his hands through the light brown curly hair and kissed and licked James’ chest. He started getting on his knees and took off James’ Work out pants, he saw that nick wore Navy Blue briefs, and could feel and see James’ big hard cock through his underwear the head of his cock was poking out through the bottom of them. James’ legs were big and hairy, Nick loved hairy guys, He took off the briefs.

“mmmmmm your cock is so big daddy, I want it in my mouth so bad.”

Nick gazed at James’ big hard cock. It was thick and cut. It must’ve been at least 9 inches long.

“Well you’re about to take it down your throat bitch”

Nick started licking James’ balls and took them both in his mouth.

“MMMM daddy!” He said with the big balls in his mouth. He took them out of his mouth and stroked his hard cock for 7 dak porno a second, he put his tongue on James’ balls surrounded by pupes, then he squeezed his tongue in between James’ legs and started licking that area between the cock and James’ Slightly hairy ass.

“Yeah boy ooohh yeah come on boy put daddy’s cock in your mouth.”

“Okay daddy.” replied Nick

Nick started sucking on the head of Daddy’s cock and rotated his head left to right while he was sucking and swirled his tongue around James’ big head.

“Yeah bitch, suck that cock!”

“mmmmm daddy I love your cock!” He started to take daddy’s cock deeper into his mouth, when He felt the head of that cock touching the back of his throat he started making a humming noise with his throat so that his daddy’s cock would feel it.

“Ahhh yeah boy yeah oh god yeah!!” screamed James

Nick kept on sucking his daddy’s cock, he could feel it swelling up in his mouth, and he was ready to take daddy’s cum.

“I’m gonna cum boy, uhhh yeah you’re gonna swallow every last drop of it boy!”

Nick replied by sucking James’ cock harder and taking more in, James took that as a definite yes.

James grabbed the back of Nick’s head and started fucking Nick’s face while he was screaming “Yeah boy ohhh shit I’m gonna cum aahhh, shit you’re so hot, ahhh suck my cock!!”

Nick braced himself, he knew that when daddy cam it was gonna be a big load, and he was gonna have to swallow it all up. As Nick was holding on to His daddy’s big strong hairy legs, James was screaming louder and louder and after a few final thrusts of James fucking Nicks face he shot a huge load of how white cum into Nick’s mouth, the cum that wouldn’t fit in Nick’s mouth dribbled down his chin, he tried to lick it all up, he also soaked the excess off of James’ cock.

“aaaahhh boy that was amazing, Did you like sucking daddy’s cock?” James said while Nick could feel James’ muscles starting to relax again.

“Yeah daddy, I love sucking your big cock.”

“good, you think you’ll like my whole cock in your tight little ass too boy?”

“yes please daddy!”

James started stroking his cock so that it would harden up again, It started getting hard right after he started stroking. He grabbed Nick by the waist and turned him around.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard boy, I’m gonna fuck you over and over again, but first I’m gonna fuck you so hard, doggy style first.”

“I like it like that daddy, fuck me daddy fuck me please!”

James alman porno immediately grabbed Nick’s neck and bent him over like that. He slapped Nick’s tight ass.

“Ohhh I love your sweet little ass, I’m gonna fuck it so hard!”

“Ohhh daddy fuck me, I love it when you spank me.”

James lubed up, even though he was still pretty lubed from Nick’s blowjob. Then he lubed Nick’s hole and ran his fingers around it.

“oohh boy your hole is so tight, are you sure you want all of daddy’s hard cock in it? It might be too much for you to handle boy.”

“I don’t care daddy,” replied Nick with a sort of desperation in his voice “I want all of your cock inside of my tight hole, Fuck me however you want daddy please!”

James took his fingers out and smacked Nick’s ass with his cock, he then squeezed it in between Nick’s ass.

“You ready boy, you’re about to get what you’ve been begging me for, Daddy’s so hard boy.”

James smacked Nick’s ass with his hand and before Nick got a chance to say anything James thrusted his cock 4 inches into Nick’s ass at one time.

“Ugghh, daddy yeah daddy yeah!”

“okay boy, get used to this, mmmm, it won’t hurt for too much longer boy.”

James started stuffing more of his cock into Nick’s ass, Nick was so tight that even his cock felt constricted.

After a few minutes of getting Nick used to his cock in his tight ass James started thrusting harder and faster.

“uhhh daddy yeah, fuck me hard daddy!”

“you want my cock boy? Huh? Ohhh boy, your ass is so tight bitch, I love your ass!”

“mmmm daddy I love your big cock!”

James tilted his head back and started moaning, he started going even faster and harder, and started spanking Nick.

“Ooohhh daddy spank me, daddy ohhhh spank me yes harder daddy harder!”

“yeah you like that boy don’t you, you like daddy spanking your sweet ass…MMMM, I’m gonna cum boy, you ready for daddy’s cum?”

“Cum daddy cum in my ass!”

James started thrusting harder and faster, he kept on spanking harder as well. He was getting closer and he was sweating more than before.

Nick could feel his daddy’s cock swelling in side his ass and he started moving his hips to James’ thrusts.

“I want your cum daddy!”

“I’m gonna cum boy I’m gonna cum!!!”



yelling James grasped onto Nick’s hips.


James came with 4 final thrusts a few thrusts later Nick cam too. James turned Nick around and kissed him on the mouth and neck

“You ready for more boy?”

“Yes daddy.”

They spent the rest of the day with each other, James fucked Nick a few more times, and jacked him off. James left that day knowing that there were a lot more similar days to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32