Daddy No!

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Standing in the middle of the bus depot, I began to shiver. Odd, considering it was the middle of August and the temperature was well over 90 degrees. As I paced back and forth, I rubbed my bare arms and smoothed out my skirt. I had to keep reminding myself that mama was dead now and I had no other choice but to go live with my daddy. I hadn’t seen daddy since I was twelve. I wondered if he would recognize me six years later. Or, if I would even recognize him.

It was starting to get late and I was scared. Sitting alone in the bus depot, I was beginning to attract the attention of some surly looking men and I wished daddy would hurry and get there. I moved to a row in the back and slipped down on the bench, hoping to be left alone. I finally dozed off and I slept for a few hours. I dreamt of my early childhood. How mama and daddy and me would go down to the beach during the summer. Those days were just a blur to me now. I was startled out of my sleep when an angry looking man began shaking me and calling my name.

“Lacey! Get up girl! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

“Daddy? Is that you?!”, I asked.

“Who the hell do you think it is, the president? Get your ass up and get your shit. I’m running late as it is and I don’t have time for this.” he bellowed.

Tears stung my eyes as I hurried to get my bags. Daddy was already several yards ahead of me and moving quickly. It was all I could do to keep up with him. As I stepped out of the bus depot, the bright morning sun blinded me and I realized that I had spent the entire night alone in the bus station. Daddy was getting into a beat up old pick-up truck with more rust spots than paint. He motioned for me to put my stuff in the back. I then crawled up into the front seat of his truck. The floor was covered in beer bottles and empty cigarette packs. It smelled of dirt and sweat and make my stomach lurch.

“So,” daddy said, “the bitch finally died, huh?”

“Don’t call my mama a bitch!” I cried, “She was the best mama in the world and I miss her!”

Daddy slammed on the brakes and sent me flying into the dash. He grabbed me by my arm and yanked me around to face him.

“Listen up and listen good. I didn’t have to take you in! You’re eighteen now and you should be on your own. I am only doing this for your grandma. She hasn’t seen you since that bit…since your ‘dear mama’ ran off with you and left me high and dry. You’ll do well to learn your place now! Do I make myself clear to you?” he said.

I could only nod. My throat was tight with the tears I was holding back. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I should have known better. Daddy smacked me across my face and said, “Answer me, child!”

“Y-y-yes daddy. I understand.” I whimpered.

Daddy sat back with a smug look and began to drive back down the road. We drove for over an hour until we came to a small town and daddy stopped at the gas station. He told me to run in and get him a coke while he used the bathroom. He said, “You might wanna get you one, too. We’ve still got three hours ahead of us ’til we make it back to my place.” I did as daddy said and waited back at the truck. I decided I should probably use the bathroom too before we left. I went around back to the restrooms but only found one door. Thinking it had more than one stall, I walked in without knocking. It took me a second to realize what I was seeing. Daddy was standing there with his jeans around his ankles and his hand wrapped around his penis. His head was tilted back and I think his eyes were shut. At first I thought he was using the bathroom, but then I saw him moving his hand up and down on it and I knew he was masturbating. I couldn’t take my eyes off his enormous penis! I silently slipped back out the door just as daddy groaned and I am certain I heard him say my name as he did. I ran back to the truck and waited for daddy. When he returned, he told me I should probably use the bathroom before we left. He started putting gas in the truck as I went Bahçeşehir Escort back to the bathroom.

We got back on the road and neither of us said anything as we drove. We finally made it to his house shortly after 1. Daddy told me to get my stuff and he would show me my room. He led me upstairs to what looked like an old attic made into a bedroom. It was actually much prettier than I had expected. He told me that his mom was excited about me living there and had fixed the room up herself. He told me that my grandparents lived just behind him and we would share our meals with them.

As he left my room, he said “I’ve got to go to work. I’ve already lost half a day and can’t afford to lose the rest. You get some rest but I expect dinner on the table no later than 6 o’clock. Prepare enough for four. Food is all down in the kitchen. Tonight after dinner we will go over your list of chores. I don’t want you to think that you’ve come to the Taj Mahal! You’ll work for your keep like the rest of my hands.”

So that was it. Daddy didn’t look at me like his little girl. I was nothing more to him than a stable hand. It was then that I decided I would bide my time and scrape and save until I had earned enough to go back home where all my friends were. I was not going to live here and be treated like the hired help.

I threw myself on the bed and cried myself to sleep. I woke with a start at 5:30 and knew I had less than 30 minutes to get dinner ready. I ran down to the kitchen and luckily found enough stuff to make a quick dinner. I was just finishing up the ice tea when daddy walked in with an older couple. I recognized them right away as my grandparents. My grandma had tears in her eyes as she held her arms out to me. She held me tight and suddenly I felt very safe. Then I turned to my grandfather. He was looking at me with what I assumed to be total disregard. He didn’t smile or hug me or anything. He just turned to daddy and told him it looked like he had found a cook. He and daddy laughed. Grandma helped me serve the plates and we ate in silence. After dinner, they went into the den as I cleared the table and began to wash the dishes. Just as I finished up, daddy came back in the room and told me he wanted to go over my list of duties. He pulled out a piece of paper that had a long list of chores. He had written up a schedule of when each chore should be done and how long it should take me to do. As he finished with the list he looked at me like no daddy should look at his little girl and he said, “This is just a partial list. I will add to it as I see fit. And, you will do each chore as I wish without any complaint or you will be out of here so fast it will make your head swim. Got it?!”

“Yes, daddy.” was all I could mutter.

“Good. Now you best get some sleep. You have a long day ahead of you.” daddy said as he left the room. Little did I know how long the night ahead would be.

I went upstairs and took a long, hot bath and washed my hair. After drying off, I picked up my list of chores and began to go over them. I didn’t want to make any mistakes and anger daddy anymore than he already was. I fell asleep on top of my bed before dressing in my nightgown and slept there until sometime in the wee hours of dawn. That’s when my world crumbled. I woke to find daddy standing over me. I could see his face in the glow of the moonlight from my window. He looked strange. He didn’t seem angry, but had an intense look on his face. I was scared and I sat up and pulled my quilt around me. Daddy laughed and said, “Please girl. I’ve seen you naked before.” And with that, he yanked the quilt from my grasp. I screamed but daddy told me there was no one to hear my screams. I was shaking as I watched him pull his t-shirt over his head. As he began to unzip his jeans, the reality sunk in and I began to plead with him, “Please daddy, no!”

Daddy laughed as he said, “Oh yea, daddy likes it when you beg him like that. ‘daddy, no! daddy, no!’. Well, sweet Lacey, you’d Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan better get used to saying ‘daddy, yes!’ because you are mine now.”

Daddy crawled up on my bed and I could see his thick manhood hanging between his legs. I had only seen a penis once before today and it was in a sex ed book at school. As scared and repulsed as I was, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Daddy asked me, “Have you ever sucked a cock before?”. I shook my head no and daddy seemed pleased. He said, “But, I bet you’ve let some pencil dick boy shove his puny cock in you a time or two, right?” I was shocked! “No, Daddy! NEVER!” Daddy moaned at my admission of virginity. He was still on his knees and I was back as far as I could go against the headboard of my bed. I watched his cock grow and become thicker and harder. He was lightly stroking it and telling me how glad he was that he would be my first. I kept shaking my head no as I tried to think of a way out of the room. Daddy was a big man and I knew that I could never over-power him. Daddy saw me looking for a way out and he told me, “Don’t even try it, Lacey. I’m going to have you…tonight…and there is nothing you can do to stop. It can be my way and you might even like it or you can try it your way and then I will have to force you. Either way, you WILL suck my dick and I WILL fuck your pussy AND your ass. Now, which will it be? Do you want to come over here willingly or do I have to make you?”

My shoulders slumped with the resolve that there was no way out of there and Daddy smiled. He told me to stand next to the bed so he could look at me. He reached out and cupped my full breasts. I had always been shy about the ample size of my bosom. At 18, I was a 36 D. Daddy stood next to me and bent down so he could take my tit into his mouth. I gasped at the feeling of his warm mouth on my erect nipple. Daddy moaned as his mouth went from one nipple to the other. His hand found it’s way between my legs and he moaned again when he saw that I was wet. He then sat on the edge of the bed and pushed me so that I was down on my knees in front of him. I wasn’t sure what he wanted so I just looked up at him. Daddy got this wicked look on his face as he whispered, “Suck it, Lacey!” I began to cry and pleaded with him again, “Daddy, no! Please daddy! Anything but that!” He grabbed me by my hair and I screamed out as he forced my face toward his now throbbing cock. When I screamed, he shoved his cock into my mouth. He told me I better not even think about biting him or he would beat me to within an inch of my life. Somehow, I knew he wasn’t joking. I gagged as daddy forced my head up and down on his cock. I couldn’t even swallow because he kept shoving himself deep down my throat. My spit ran down my chin and that seem to spur him on.

“Oh sweet Lacey! Suck your daddy’s cock! That’s my baby girl! SUCK IT, BITCH! Suck Daddy dry!”. he grunted as he fucked my mouth. Despite my fears and revulsion, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter between my legs. The moisture began to drip down my thighs. He would pull his cock out of my mouth and rub it across my lips and then shove it back in. I was getting more aroused and I began to grunt and moan with Daddy.

“Mmmm daddy’s baby likes it, does she? She likes the taste of her daddy’s meat.” he growled. I could fell his cock getting thicker and harder in my hot young mouth. The more he forced his cock in , the more I wanted it. He knew he was having this effect on me and it turned him on, too.

“Look at me. Lacey. You look at your daddy when he fills your hot mouth with his sweet cum. Don’t you miss a drop of it. You swallow this entire load. Here it cums, baby. Here cums daddy. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Fuck yes!! Suck it baby! Suck your daddy’s cock! SUCK IT!!”

Daddy was going wild as his cock shot load after load in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking him even after he quit spurting his jizz in my mouth. His cock stayed hard in my mouth and he finally had Escort Bahçeşehir to pull me off him.

He threw me onto the bed and moved between my legs. He said, “I was going to get a taste of that sweet stuff, but I need to make sure you know who is in control. You think you are right now because daddy came so quick and so hard in your mouth? You better guess again, little bitch!” And with that he thrust the entire length of his 9″ cock inside my virgin pussy. The pain was unbearable and I screamed and thrashed and begged daddy to stop. I felt myself tear inside as he ripped me open with his massive cock. He told me again and again, “Scream bitch! There is no one near for miles!”

His pounding went on for what seemed like an eternity. He told me that he could go on forever since he’d already shot a load in my mouth. The pain eased some but I was still begging him to stop. He slowed just long enough to pull out and turn me over onto my knees. He entered me again from behind and started his assault on my cunt. We both heard him enter the room at the same time. I turned to see my grandfather standing in the door of my room. While humiliated to be found in this position, I was relieved to know it would now end. Grandfather said, “Frank, what the fuck are you doing?” and I just knew daddy would stop. But daddy just laughed and said, “Yea, I know dad! I promised you the first go at her. But, when I came up here to check on her, I found her laying naked and I couldn’t help myself. I’m almost done. You just sit back and watch and then you can have your turn!” They both laughed as daddy started his thrusting again. Daddy made me look up at my grandfather while he fucked me. He said, “Tell grandpa how much you like this, Lacey. Beg grandpa to fuck you, too!” When I didn’t answer as soon as daddy wanted, he smacked my ass hard three times and said “DO IT!”

I looked up at my grandfather who was by now stroking his cock and said, “I love the way my daddy is fucking me! His cock feels so good! I want to feel your cock too! Please grandpa! Please fuck me!”

This was too much for him and he walked over and shoved his cock in my mouth. “Hell yes!,” grunted daddy “Fuck her hot mouth, dad! She sucks cock like a fucking Pro!”

Here I was, on my knees with my daddy fucking my pussy and my grandpa thrusting away at my mouth. I began to enjoy it despite myself and daddy could feel my pussy loosen up as it got wetter.

“That’s it you little slut! Take all this cock! I’m going to fill you up with all this hot cum, baby! Ooo yea! Daddy is gonna shoot a load deep in his baby’s cunt! Here it is baby…here I CUM!! TAKE IT!! FUCK!! Damn your cunt is so fucking tight! SQUEEZE THE CUM OUT OF MY COCK, BITCH! Fuck me! YES! FUCK ME!!”

I could feel daddy’s balls emptying inside my sweet virgin cunt. As he came, grandpa started to shoot his load in my mouth. Daddy backed off so grandpa could finish. Grandpa grabbed my head and moaned and grunted like an animal as his cock shook and jerked and filled my mouth up. His load was more than I could take and it dribbled down my chin. I lapped at his spurting dick and licked his balls. I couldn’t seem to get enough of this cock sucking! Grandpa finally pulled back and fell back on the bed. Daddy said, “Oh you’re not done yet, old man. Lacey hasn’t cum yet and that’s YOUR job.” Daddy pushed me down on my back and told me to spread my legs. Grandpa smiled as he moved between my legs. He said, “Damn son, look at the mess you left. Guess I’ll have to go in and clean ‘er up!”

And with that, his head moved down and I could feel his tongue on my throbbing clit. He gently sucked and licked my pussy clean. His tongue went from my ass up to my clit and back down again. I felt a tremor start in the pit of my stomach and it grew. I was a wild child on that bed. Bucking and thrashing and holding grandpa’s head as I ground my cunt into his face. I came over and over again. I wanted to scream out like daddy had done but I was too shy. All I could do was whimper and moan. Slowly, the tremors stopped and I was left there on my bed in that position. I heard them laughing as they left my room. Daddy looked back and said, “That was just a teaser, Lacey. Wait until tomorrow night!” I fell asleep before I could think too much on what he meant by that…

To Be Continued…

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