Daddy Urges 3 (revised)

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“We have to talk!”
Words spoken by Jenna’s mom as I walked into our bedroom. Fear erupted in me with a mixture of confusion, mother and daughter had previously had a conversation. Jenna had smiled at me as we past each other on the stairs so I was caught off guard by my wife request.

“She told me she had a great weekend, especially on Friday night.” said my wife.
“That’s great, I am glad she did!”
“Did you have anything to do with it?” Alice said.
That was a loaded question I thought. “What do you mean?”
“C’mon Tom tell me what you did?”

“Well, amm…” These are the only words I can muster as my heart is beating really fast and my body is getting the chills.
“I can’t do this anymore.” she replied with an angry stare.
There was a silent pause between us, it seems like an eternity. Then she smiled.
“Sit down honey before you pass out.”
I sat on the bed next to her.

“I know that you and Jenna are having sexual relationship, she did not tell on you. I am not angry at you.”
I was caught off guard again, in astonishment I replied. “You knew and why are you not mad with me, not that I want you to be, if I am making any sense?”

“Let me explain.” Alice said with an amused smile.
She told me she was aware of how an attractive young women with a gorgeous body can be a difficult temptation for most men even one who is their dad.
“After all Jenna takes after her mom.” she proudly said.
“Not that I am justifying acting on those temptations”
“The circumstances you found yourself in was not your own doing.”
“What do you mean?” I replied.

Alice told me that she knows that I will not hurt her or do anything against her will. I know that Jenna’s first sexual experience so far with her boyfriend has not been enjoyable or a pleasant experience. When Jenna’s grandmother visited and she had to give up her room, I seized this opportunity .
Knowing how you like ‘sleep sex’ I knew this was a way for both of you.
“I did noticed those intimate hugs you both gave each other.”

The tension I had built up was slowly retreating. “Oh my!” This was all I can say a bit stunned.
“You are probably wondering why I am so accepting of this taboo sex?” Alice said.
“Yes, please!”

It was night time, as she reached into my my boxer briefs and placed her hand on my limp cock and started to message it with her soft fingers.
“You know my brother and I are really close, well, we are closer than most brothers and sisters.” My wife said.
“Yes, since he is you only sibling I know how you both care for each other.” I replied.
“Darling husband, I don’t think you understand what I am revealing to you?”

“HUH!” I responded.

“My brother was the first man to fuck me! It was a wonderful experience for it was done with the right mixture of love and sexual lust.”
“I wanted Jenna to have the same experience with you.” She said applying more rapid stroking of my cock.

“I understand” was my reply. She looked at me surprised.
“Your cock is so hard!'” This kind of talk is arousing you?”
She was right, my cock had now tented my briefs.

Alice stood up and slowly took of her nightie in a striptease, gyrating her body.
She was not wearing any bra, she cupped both breasts moving them upward to her mouth, darting her tongue out at the erect nipples.
“Do you want to suck on these big breast? Yes you do, I know you want to?”
She moved a hand down into her Sex hikayeleri panties and began to stroke her pussy, up and down.
“Does Daddy want to see my pussy?”
She turned around, “Or my ass?”
“Daddy’s thick cock can have both.”

My briefs were lying on the floor as I stood up, my hard precum dripping cock sticking out. Her back was towards me as she bent over teasingly peeling off her panties.
When it was on the floor, still bent at the waist her succulent ass cheeks hanging out. I placed my hands on her hips and rubbed my cock between the valley of the twin peaks of flesh. The precum provided the lube to fuck her deep ass crack.

“Did he fuck you in the ass? Did your brother fuck this ass?” I said in a commanding tone.
“Yes he did, but not the first time, just like you did with Jenna, the second time.”
My body shudder at those thoughts.
“She was tight for you Daddy, Jenna’s ass squeezed this big cock.” My wife now in total lust.
I could not stand it anymore, I picked her up by the waist her ass jammed in to my crotch. I awkwardly carried her and threw her down on the bed. Face down, I spread her legs and climbed on her for an anal pillage.

She reached back and spread her ass cheeks as the pulsing cock head made contact with this still tight opening. In one forceful stroke I buried all that I got into her depths.
“AHHHH.” “OH…OH…oh.” “So BIG, so deep.” Alice groaned.
I remained still for a minute loving the feeling of her hot interior, I can feel the spasms of her ass muscles responding to this foreign intrusion.

“C,mon Daddy, fuck me!” “Give it to me, hard, that’s how I want it.”
So that’s what I did, like a man possessed I fucked her hard, deep and wide. When I momentarily pulled out, her asshole had gaped wider than my cock. This was a new level of sex, it was spontaneous, dirty and taboo driven.

“That’s it honey, keep fucking me harder, ride me in heat, slap my ass.”
“Oh!” “My pussy is so wet!” Alice squealed in delight.
Then it happened, my body went rigid as I felt the surge through my shaft.
“I’m gonna cummm!” I yelled.
“Yes! Daddy, do it, Fill my hole with your creamy cum.”
I collapsed on top of her ejaculating my semen in her chute.

After we lay on the bed catching our collective breaths. Alice remarked that was intense sex and she loved it, I replied as well.
“As you know John went through a bitter divorce and he has been very discourage about life lately. Mom thought it would be a good for him if he spends some time with us instead of being alone.” Alice said changing the conversation abruptly.

“Did you speak to your brother about this?” I replied.
“Yes I did, he was reluctant to visit but after I bribed him with the idea of home cook meals and someone to take of care his needs for a little while.” said Alice
“Taking care of his needs? I see where you are going with this.” I said smiling.
“Yes, he did mention that he has not gotten ‘laid’ in a long time and we know he does not do well dating.” said my wife.

“So he is expecting you to sleep with him?” I said.
“Of course not, he knows I am married and that was in the past.” Alice replied.
“I still feel you are unsure of this.” I said.
“Well, we were both turned on by our taboo affairs and the sex was great, was it not?” Alice remarked.
“Yes it was.” I agreed.
She then told me of the plan she was thinking off.

John arrived on Thursday night. Alice and Sikiş hikayeleri I had to work on the Friday and Jenna had 1/2 day of classes, so we asked her to take her admired uncle for lunch and some sightseeing.
Later that evening Jenna and John came home. Alice had prepared a wonderful dinner, we had a great time of talking, laughter and too much wine.
After dinner we were in the living room, Alice turn down the light to a soft glow and played one of her romantic songs.
“John would you like to dance with your little sis?” Alice asked.
“Sure sis” John said.

They embraced each other and started to dance.
“C’mon you two, join us” Alice said to Jenna and I.
The wine had loosen us up.

Alice drew in John closer to her large breast and started to press her crotch into him. He looked nervous and I heard him tell her what was she doing, as planned Alice would let him know I am okay with it. I was to do the same thing to Jenna.

As the slow dance progressed I dropped my hands to Jenna firm ass and began to squeeze it.
“Dad, what are you doing, Uncle John and Mom are here.”
“It’s okay, your mom knows about us, Uncle John, he will understand soon.”

Alice wasted no time in her seduction, she had unbuckle John pants he was now in his boxer briefs.
I did likewise and remove my pants, Jenna and John were now surprised and confused.
Alice came over to Jenna and whispered to her for about a minute.

Mother and daughter started to strip for the men who sat on opposite couch taking in the show. Naked Alice then knelt between her brother’s legs and started to blow on his cock, Jenna did the same for me. After a few minutes I heard Alice asked John to fuck her, she got up and turn on the lights to be brighter. Alice then knelt on the couch away from him as he stroked his cock between her pussy lips, getting her wet. Jenna was bobbing her head up down my cock slurping along the hard shaft.

“Give me that huge cock” Alice commanded.
“Are you going to fuck me too Daddy?” Jenna asked.
Not verbally responding, I motion for her to bend over the armrest of the couch. I too stroked my cock a few times between her pussy lips and slowly penetrated her the tight opening.

John was fucking his sister with rapid piston like thrust, she is moaning and groaning with a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs.” I picked up the pace stroking more vigorously into Jenna.
“I want to ride you” Alice said after about five minutes of John’s pumping.
She moved away and John turned around, both Jenna and I had uttered a small gasp at the size of his cock, it was about 9 inches long and thick. Alice squatted over him wiggling her hips and got the big head in her dripping pussy. She got half of it in when she yelled out.
“Fuck! It’s stretching me so much, how did I manage to take this cock when I was 18.”

“Oh my god” grunted Jenna.
“Dad fuck me hard, give it to me, don’t stop.” Jenna demanded.
I granted my daughter’s request and in a couple of minutes she had her first orgasm. We then sat on the couch watching .
Alice managed to get 3/4 of that cock in her pussy, her faced had a strained look, her eyes looking like they want to pop out. But she was in ecstasy as well

As that final moment of complete entry, Alice started to ride her brother like a wild horse. Looking down she can see John’s thick long cock enter and disappear into her steamy pussy that was tight for this cock. It was so hot Erotik hikaye for all of us that Jenna was fingering her pussy and I stroking my cock as we watch.
” Oh, yes! Keep pumping! Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. OHhh!” she repeated. “I love the way you’re fucking me! Use me up, John! Fill my pussy with your big cock! ” Alice cried out as she came a few minutes later and then dismounted from her brother’s still hard cock.

“I want to fuck Jenna’s sweet little pussy?” said John in a bold and confident tone. There was silence in the room.
“Sure Uncle John, you can.” responded Jenna as she walked towards her uncle and perched herself on the couch spreading her legs open.
John wasted no time in getting between his sexy niece’s legs, stroking his thick slab of meat and guiding it to her sensual opening. As the folds of her pussy lips was pushed apart ,Jenna became tensed with a cringe facial expression as she looked down to see the size of the cock that was about to go into her.

“Ahh! AHHH! AHHHHHH!!!” she screamed as John entered her.
“Wait! Slow! Slower!!” I feel so full Jenna stressed.

John sensing that it will be difficult to get full penetration with a few trust began to slowly fuck with only a few inches inside her. In a few minutes her pussy will get use to his cock and will be able to take more meat. John quickened his trust as Jenna began to relax and was enjoying the steady pounding on her inner walls, the friction building up releasing lubricating juices and erotic bliss.

He was almost there as John forcefully pushed the last inch into her as his cock felt like it was swelling enough to split her in two. Jenna began coming in very long wracking waves in orgasmic delirium, arching up against her uncle’s hard cock. Jenna limp body was sprawled out on the couch as John got off her still saluting that big cock. Alice had been riding her husband cock as they lay on the carpeted floor. John approached her wanting more.

“Sis, I want your ass?” asked John.
“Oh my, now, let me finish with Tom” Alice told him.
“Can we do you together? John asked.
Alice looked at her husband and he nodded in agreement.
“I never had two cocks in me at the same time, well, there is always a first.”

John got behind Alice and lubed up his dick. She paused bounding up and down on her Tom’s cock and laid flat on top of him, pushing her ass up into the air as high as she could without letting her husband cock slip out of her. Tom reached behind his wife and spread her cheeks as brother teased her hole with his cock before slipping it into her ass. “Oh god, yes. I love the feel of your two cocks in me.” She said.

A new rhythm was found by us and Alice was grunting now as both of men pounded her for a while.
“Give it to me. Give it to me.” She kept repeating.
“I’ll give it to you.” Tom replied.
“Take my cock up your tight cunt, while your brother fuck you up the ass.
“Yes.” She implored. “Give it to me. Give me your cum. I want you fill my pussy with your cum.” She said to Tom.
“I want you to fill my ass with your cum.” She repeated to John.

Tom could not hold back any longer and screamed “I’m cumming. I’m cumming” as his cock pulsed and shot his cum deep into her pussy. This sent John over the edge too. He unloaded and filled her ass, as Alice also was cumming. They all paused, not able to move as their combined orgasms raked over their bodies. Alice collapsed on top of her husband and her brother’s cum leaking from her ass down her crack and over her pussy.

On the other couch Jenna had just witness the double penetration scene and thought to herself, what a unique an exciting family.

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