Daddy’s Anal Daughter Ch. 02

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“Daddy, I want you to keep playing with my bottom!” She said through her cum covered mouth.

“Okay sweetheart. Go sit backwards on the stool and stick your bottom out nice and good for me.”

She got up and didn’t bother to wipe the cum from her face, but got up on the kitchen bar stool and arched her big ass over the edge.

Daddy admired his daughter’s plump and willing rear. He knelt below her and held her cheeks spread, looking up at that deep big anal dimple. She had a wonderfully cute, pink anus that was hard to imagine any dirt shit coming out of.

Jenny felt her father’s hot wet mouth on her asshole and his tongue penetrating her anus. She moaned with pleasure as Daddy ate out her fat rear. He started sliding his fingers in and out of her when he asked, “Why don’t we see what we have around the kitchen that we can put up here darling.”

“Oh yes Daddy! Please! We have those big hot dogs, and the boiled eggs too!”

Daddy got those things out and put them on the counter. “The hot dogs are a little cold. Lets warm ’em in the microwave.”

It only took a few seconds and he had three big quarter pound hot dogs for his daughter. He got behind her and pushed the first one up her little bottom. He pushed it in and out a few times, then pushed it all the way up her bowels with his thumb.

“Oh gosh Daddy! That feels so good!”

He grabbed two more hot dogs and pressed one halfway up her shit pipe. “Do you think you can take two honey?”

“Daddy, I’ll take anything you want to put in my butt!”

He pulled the second hot dog out and used his fingers to stretch out her rear, still holding the first in her bowels. Then he grabbed two hot dogs and pressed bursa escort bayanlar them into her gaping butt until she had them both in. He fucked her with two hot dogs up her butt. Then he pushed the second all the way up her rear, and then the third. He got up and looked at his cum covered daughter’s wrinkled, full expression.

“Just hold those in dear until I say so, Okay baby?”

“Yes Daddy…” she moaned.

Daddy went over to the pot on the stove and grabbed a hard-boiled egg. He got some butter on the table and smeared the egg. He stood next to his sweet little girl on the stool, reached down and pressed it against her anus. Her upper lip snarled as he pushed the egg up her ass. It snapped in and her butt closed around it.

Then Daddy got down behind her and took a look at her full bottom. He could see the white of the egg when she puckered her bum.

“How does that feel baby?”

“Mmmm, It feels so good Daddy! But I don’t know how much longer I can hold it.”

Daddy was massaging her big ass in circles. “Alright baby. When you want to, PUSH real good for me.”

She grunted and her asshole flexed back and forth. The white of the egg was trying to make it through her butt. “Uggghhh!” She let out a long grunt.

She reached back and stretched her ass open. Then with another push the egg came through her sphincter and fell on the floor. Daddy looked at her gaping ass and could see the hot dog making its way out. It slid out quickly like a big log of shit, and the second hot dog followed. She was crapping out all this stuff her daddy had put in her ass. Finally the last hot dog came out and it had poo all over it. bayan sarisin escort bursa Her ass seemed emptied, except for her moan let him know something else was coming.

“Daddy, oh I have to go poo.”

“That’s alright sweetheart, just hold out your bottom and let it all out for me.”

Her face contorted and a small dark turd fell out, then a long brown log quickly spilled out of her anus and onto the floor. Daddy watched as his daughter shat out another log over a foot long into a pile on the floor. She looked back at him when she was done, her ass puckering back and forth.

Watching all this was enough to make Daddy hard again, and Jenny was very happy when she felt him slide his big cock back up her rear. Daddy plugged away at his daughter’s fat ass on the stool.

“Oh yes Daddy! I’m your little butt slut. That feels so good, your cock feels great in my bottom.”

He stood behind his daughter, cock up her rear, pinching her puffy nipples.

“That’s my little butt slut. How did you like all those hot dogs up your ass?”

“Oh Daddy, I love it. And I love your penis up my bottom right now!”

“Good sweetheart. Now I’m going to train you to milk my cock with your ass.”

“Ugh. Ugh,” as he plugged her rear. “Okay Daddy.”

“Squeeze my cock with your butt honey. Pinch it real hard.”

He held his cock motionless in his daughter’s rectum and felt her sphincter squeezing him slightly. With each pinch he flexed his cock-meat, stretching back her anus. They got in rhythm and went back and forth this way.

“Oh, Daddy, yesss…” she moaned.

He pulled out his shaft with a popping sound and stepped bursa eve gelen eskort aside to show his daughter. She got off the stool and down on her knees next to the expelled pile of shit and hot dogs on the floor and tasted her ass on his cock.

Daddy’s little girl bobbed her head sucking his meat. Her tight body and wide hips looked good from that angle.

Daddy removed all his clothes as hid daughter greedily sucked on his sausage.

“You little but slut. What do you want Daddy to do next?”

Suddenly she got up and jumped in his arms, wrapping her legs around him. Daddy held on to his little girl by her plump rear.

“Just stick it up my butt!.” she said in a cute teenage voice.

From that position daddy’s cock fit right between her round cheeks and snuggly back up her ass. He held his teenage daughter looking at her sweet eyes while plugging her shitter with his dong. She rode her daddy’s pole in his arms, holding on by his neck.

“Your butt feels so good baby.”

“Oh Daddy, I love your cock. Fuck it. Fuck me in the ass!”

They fucked in that position until getting tired, and then she got off him and went to her knees on the floor lifting up her big ass. Her butt hole was juicy and gaping, a pink fleshy hole. Daddy stuck three fingers back up her.

“Put those hot dogs in your mouth sweetheart.”

She grabbed the three quarter-pound dogs on the floor next to her and wrapped her lips around them. Daddy straddled his daughter and began dipping his penis in and out of her rectum as she moaned and sucked the dogs.

“I bet you wish that was a cock in your mouth while you got your bottom fucked?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she moaned.

“You want some more cock baby? How ’bout I call one of my friends over and we both fuck your ass and mouth?”

“Ohkhy,” she mumbled, sucking her hot dogs.

Daddy pulled his dick out of his daughter’s ass. “Alright, dear. Go get cleaned up and when Mr. Johnson comes over we’ll give you a good reaming.”

“Oh, thank you daddy!”

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