Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut Act 03

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the third part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.


“Let’s go up to the bedroom first, it’ll be much more comfortable.” You say.

“Okay!” Ana grins, and totters out of the kitchen. You follow her up the stairs, staring at her bouncy bubble butt as it wiggles its way up the stairs. Due to the angle and the shortness of her mini skirt, you can see her lovely young shaved pussy, glistening wet from her arousal.

She goes into your room and jumps on the double bed excitedly. She immediately gets on her hands and knees, her back bent downwards and her big ass stuck up in the air, like a stretching cat. She looks back at you.

“Do you want me like this daddy, like a whore?”

“That’s tempting as hell but… later honey. I want to fuck your hot pussy first, and I want you to sit on it.” You say.

She bounces up, a beautifully happy smile on her face the like of which you’ve never seen. “Okay daddy, screw my silly pussy before you get to the main course.”

You lie down and quickly strip. She starts to do so as well, but you hold out your arm and stop her. “No, I think I want to fuck you in that slutty party outfit to begin with… Especially…damn… especially that hot little miniskirt.”

“Let’s be honest, it’s more of a belt really!”

“Too right… wearing nothing but a little belt to cover your big round teenage ass… what kind of a slut are you?” You ask rhetorically.

“A daddy’s slut of course!” She smiles, crawling across sexily and climbing onto you.

Your hard cock is pointing straight up and she presses it at her pussy lips. You feel the warm wetness of your daughter’s private parts and breathe in deep.

“Are you ready to fuck your little girl daddy?” She whispers, pouting her full red lips and giving you her sultriest fuckdoll look yet. “You ready for your big…hard…cock… in my tight…little…pussy?”

“I was born ready.” You steadfastly reply, every part of you geared to go now, and you place both hands on her asscheeks.

You think to yourself, ‘no going back now’ as your thick cock pushes against her tight pussy, but as wet as it is it still seems like it’s going to take some force to get inside. Ana grinds up and down on her daddy’s big cockhead, and it slowly starts to disappear bit by bit inside her. Her hot slutty face is getting redder and redder and you are almost groaning as you feel your fat cock force open your little daughter’s hot wet cunt.

Finally you are as deep as you can go, and you start a fucking rhythm, squeezing Ana’s sexy ass and sliding your cock in and out of her cumsqueezing pussy.

You pull down her halter top and unhook Avcılar Escort her push up bra, allowing her gorgeously sexy rack to come free. She leans forward to push her huge sweaty tits in your face, whereupon you proceed to devour them with your mouth and tongue, sucking on the big hard nipples and their soft surroundings, savouring the hot wet meat.

“Fuck!” Ana exclaims. “Suck my big tits daddy. Do you like how busty your daughter is?”

“Oh yeah honey, having such big boobs is so slutty, I love it.”

“How couldn’t I be a slut with these tits and this ass?”

Your cock is pounding her hard now, her mouth open in pure arousal as your hard meat pumps in and out of her juicy pussy.

She bites her lip as you bite and suckle on her tits.”Your huge warm cock feels so fucking good in my hot pussy… I wish we’d fucked before now, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on my daddy’s cock for so long!”

You move a hand to her hair, grabbing it tightly in your fist and using it as a force behind her head to pull her towards you as you pound away with increasing vigour.

“Mmm, fuck your slut, fuck your dirty whore daughter.” She breathes hotly into your ear, her eyes semi-closed. “Your huge fat cock feels so good in my tight little cunt. My hot, wet, pussy always ready to be stretched open and filled with cum.”

Fuck her dirty talk is sexy, you think to yourself. You take off her top and bra properly, tossing them aside, and roughly turn both of you to lie on your sides, pausing only to pull both her legs up and over each of your broad shoulders. You move both your hands to her back, wrapping your arms tight around her and clasping her to you as close as physically possible, her full breasts crushed into your chest.

“Use my hot little body, use it to jack off.” She continues, her full sensuous lips panting hotly away and sending the occasional drip of warm saliva into your ear. “Masturbate yourself with your new favourite fuckdoll. I’m the sluttiest, most cum-hungry fucktoy you’ll ever use daddy, and I badly need a big thick load of hot jizz spurted inside me. Use my fucking body to cum daddy!”

She can barely move now and you are doing most of the work, fucking her furiously to the sordid tune of her fucktalk. Right now you can’t offer much in the way of replies to her; the immense aroused satisfaction – the pure sexual nirvana – you are finally achieving is so glorious after so long waited for that you can barely function beyond the sheer depraved mechanics of piston-fucking your daughter’s tight cunt. All the pent up frustration you’ve suffered from for so long is now streaming out of you in relief and creamy prejizz, all going deep into the warmest, sexiest feeling pussy you’ve ever entered.

You can feel yourself on the edge.

Ana seems to sense it too. She starts to work her pussy muscles, clenching them around your cock and bucking away as you hammer deep into her. “I’m gonna make you cum in my pussy daddy!” She whispers excitedly.

You tremble, your cockhead disappeared deep inside her, your shaft coated with her abundant juices which have run all over your balls and legs, wet her mini skirt and even soaked the bed.

“Mmm yeah, cum in your young Avcılar Escort Bayan daughter, cum in my tight cunt. Don’t worry about knocking me up daddy, I don’t mind. Just fill me up with your hot sperm. I love the feeling, especially if there’s a lot of it.”

“Oh there’s gonna be a lot of it, don’t you worry.” You pant, and only a few seconds later you ecstatically empty yourself into Ana in thick long spurts. You hold her throat with one hand, choking her a little, and use the other to slap her face several times as you cum hard.

This is enough to send her over the edge, and as she convulses in her own powerful orgasm you see her face go deep red and her eyes burn with the fires of degraded whorish lust as she gets her face abused while she is being pumped full of her father’s cum.

Eventually, what seems like an age later, as you slow your deep thrusting to a standstill, you release her throat and she gulps in air thankfully.

“Oh god, I came so good.” She whines. “Just feeling all that daddy cum in my wet pussy, I swear there was like a gallon of it!”

“It felt that way to me too, I can’t remember the last time I came so much.” You breathe hard, your cock still rock hard inside her, stuck in a pool of your own thick jizz.

“Thanks for slapping my silly face as I came daddy, it made it so special!” She smiled and kissed you on the cheek.

“No problem, I thought you’d like that.” You grin, and tousle her hair, looking at her sweating, sexually flushed face, and thinking she’s never looked hotter.

She looked cheekily at you. “So what’s next daddy? I hope you’re not done!”

You chuckle. “Honey, we’re just getting started.”

“Yay! What about my bottom, daddy?”

“What about your bottom?” You tease.

“Maybe you could play with it some more.”

“Get back in that slutty position you first had.”

Ana obediently gets on all fours on the bed, her arms down on the duvet and her head resting on her arms. Her back is arched up to her round miniskirted butt, which, blossoming out from her slim waist, is held up high in the air, eagerly presenting itself to you for inspection.

You kneel behind her, placing a hand on each of her soft, large asscheeks, drinking in the sight of her dripping little shaved pussy, already closed despite its recent accommodation of your fat cock. You put one of your fingers in your mouth to lubricate it.

She looks back at you both anxiously and adorably, and parts her buttcheeks with her hands for you, revealing her beautifully bulbous brown rosebud.

You place your hand at the entrance and lightly rub her moist virgin backdoor with your wet finger. Her bottom shivers a little in response.

You push forward, and she instinctively pushes outward, and her asshole opens up to your finger, blossoming outward in a widening and stretching ring, an alluring and licentious display. If her fat cinnamon ring had looked exciting before, it looked even better thickly bulging out for you.

You imagine that it must expand in this tantalising way every time she bears down on the toilet. You wonder if those protracted moans, grunts and groans you often hear are any indication of her satisfying pleasure of straining Escort Avcılar and stretching her butthole in this nasty way. You can’t wait to make it gape later.

Your finger is disappearing inside her. It feels dirty, sticky, and warm — oh so warm — inside her clutching, wetly sucking anus.

“Does your daddy’s finger feel good in your tight asshole?” You ask her, in a breathy voice.

Ana murmurs assent indistinctly, but pushes back at you, her ass swallowing up the rest of your finger.

“That’s not good enough slut.” You say sternly, taking on a more dominant tone, and you start to move your finger slowly in and out of her, pumping it between her full cheeks. “I wanna hear you say it, tell me you like your daddy’s warm finger in your tight bottom.”

Ana is squirming, succumbing to your dominant tones with obvious pleasure.

“I like my daddy’s warm finger in my bottom.” She replies, slightly strained.

“In your tight bottom.” You say again.

“In my tight bottom.” She repeats.

“I’m glad.” You say, pushing your finger in as deep as it can go. “Because I like my finger in there, it feels nice and warm and tight around it, so I think I’ll keep it there. Do you mind, baby?”

“No daddy” She replies, groaning a little.

“You don’t mind your daddy keeping his finger stuffed in your dirty ass?”

“No, I like ittt.” She whines.

“Good, because you don’t have any choice anymore. How dirty is your bottom, honey?”

“It’s dirty, daddy.”

“It feels it, silly slut. An asshole isn’t an asshole unless it’s dirty. I’m not pushing my finger in you for nothing, I expect to get it warm and filthy and I will be disappointed if it’s not.”

“It’ll get really nasty daddy, I promise. And I’ll keep it dirty for you.” Ana is breathing harder now, as your finger picks up the natural sordid wetness in her ass, allowing you to pump in and out with increasing speed.

“You better.” You breathe, and stuff your finger up to the hilt again. You start to fuck her moist, steaming butthole hard, shoving your finger in and out as her ass sucks away on it. She begins to hump back against your hand.

“Your bumhole seems to like sucking on my finger, baby. Tell me, how does it feel to have your daddy play with your filthy bottom?”

“It feels so nice, daddy.” She groans. “My bottom feels so hot and sexy.”

“That’s because you’ve got a bottom that wants to be played with all the time. And from now on I’m going to play with your bottom whenever I want.”

She moans, realizing with utmost pleasure that you will be doing this more, forcing your finger — or more – in her tight ass at every opportunity, whether she wants it or not.

“Oh yes.” You smile, thoroughly enjoying yourself. “My little daughterslut’s poor bottom won’t feel empty too often from now on.”

As you talk you are jacking off on your cock, which is leaking precum in anticipation of what could come next. “Push your fat bum back against my finger now. Do you like your daddy fucking your bulging bumhole with his finger?”

“Mmm oh yeah daddy, finger my tight wet bum good, get it deep in my dirty butthole.” She moans harder, turning herself on with her own words and bucking back against your hand, both of you losing yourselves in the depravity of it all.

“Do you want another finger — you wanna stretch your fat ass?”

“Yes please daddy!”

“How much do you want it?”

“More than anything, daddy!” She begs. “Please stretch my slutty butthole more!”

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